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Summary: In order to make a hero, one has to endure a life full of suffering. These words have never been so true. Especially for one hero in particular, Raven Roth of the Teen Titans. The half-demon hybrid who was foretold to be a portal for her father into her dimension. She has been dreading this day ever since she met her father. As Raven comes to terms with herself and her destiny, a particular memory comes to her about a hero. A hero that even Trigon is afraid of. One that her mother told her stories about and how he would help if Trigon ever escaped. And maybe possibly, he would help seal Trigon once again. Three-SHOT

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"Regular speaking"

A different language

Phanotm's End

"Mum?" The figure in the chair turned to see a little child poking her head from around the door. Her cheeks were stained an obvious signal that she was crying. Her violet eyes looked up into her mother's full of fear.

"Oh my sweet child, what is wrong?" The child's mother asked as she put her book down and turned to her child with a worried look.

"I had a nightmare." The child whispered as her mother scooped the child into her arms. She kissed her child on the forehead.

"Was it the same one?" The child nodded meekly as her mother sighed. "It is perfectly normal to have nightmares, little one." Her mother wiped away her child's violet bangs from her forehead. "Would it do you some good if I told you a story." The child's face brightened, but then immediately frowned.

"But I already read everything in the libraries." Her mother chuckled and shook her head.

"This story cannot be found anywhere, but in memories. For this tale goes far beyond any book and changes history forever." The child blinked and brightened once more.

"This story is about a hero known to tame the scariest of beasts and brave through the toughest of storms. But he was known to have the kindest and purest of hearts. One even mentioned that he was the balance between life and death." The mother started as the child's eyes widened full of wonder and curiosity.

"Really?" The child asked as the mother smiled gently and nodded.

"Of course, they weren't wrong. It would be more appropriate to say he walked a fine line between life and death. No matter, they called him Phantom." The child scrunched her nose.

"Such a weird name." The mother laughed softly.

"Compared to many names out there, it is not so weird." The child nodded and allowed her mother to continue the story. "Phantom, although he was a hero, had a tragic past. He lost his family to a fearsome enemy. Swearing revenge, Phantom trained day and night. He gained mentors that believed in his strength. Soon enough, Phantom was ready to face the murderer of his family.

"He slashed through armies with numbers well over a thousand, single-handed. When he reached his final enemy, they had a great battle. It lasted for days, months even. But in the end, Phantom stood victorious for he disarmed his enemy and held him at the point of his sword. But Phantom was kind. He could not take a life, even if that life belonged to the person who killed his family. So Phantom walked away.

"For years, Phantom chose to travel the world. Helping others who were in dire need. Until one faithful day, a beast with great power and wickedness appeared before Phantom. The beast was a god who killed and pillaged anything that moved." The child gave a frightful gasp. "The evil god heard about Phantom and his unmatched strength and decided to best him in combat. Phantom, fortunately, knew about the evil god.

"He knew the people were suffering underneath the god. The god challenged Phantom who accepted. Their battle was great. Many watched in amazement as Phantom relentlessly pushed the god back, but knew that this battle would not end since the god was immortal. So Phantom ripped open a portal to another dimension and shoved the god into the portal and quickly sealed it up.

"Many rejoiced knowing that the god would never harm them again. Few noticed Phantom walked away with a frown on his face." The child blinked.

"Why, mum?" The mother sighed.

"I do not know child. I believe it was because Phantom knew that the battle was far from over." Her mother replied as the child nodded.

"Mum, who was the evil god?" The child watched her mother shiver before looking down at her.

"The evil god was...is your father, Trigon the Terrible." The child started to tremble in fear at the mention of her father's name.

"M-My f-fa-father?!" The child was about to cry once more, but her mother quickly intervened.

"Do not fear your father, child. If Trigon was to get out of his dimension once more, we can believe that Phantom will come to put a stop to it. As he has done many of times before." The child's blinked the tears away and looked with confusion at her mother.

"What do you mean?" The child asked as her mother hugged her child closer to her.

"Before I had you, I was a pure maiden. I was chosen out of all the women in the village to become a sacrifice to Trigon. As I prepared myself, Phantom appeared to me. He asked me if I wanted to go through with meeting Trigon, with becoming a sacrifice." The child gasped.

"You met Phantom?" The mother giggled and nodded at her eager child.

"Yes, I have." The mother answered as the child smiled. "But I told him that I wanted to go through with this since it would protect my village. He gave me a sad smile, not one of pity as many of the villagers were already giving me. He then gave me a necklace." Her mother reached behind her neck and pulled out a dazzling necklace. The chain itself seemed to glow around the silver. In the middle was a black pendant with the symbol DP. "He said it would call for him whenever I was in trouble, and now I give it unto you child." Her mother placed the necklace into the palm of the child's carefully.

"Wow..." The child inspected the necklace and put it on. A weird sense of calm rushed over her. "I feel it." The mother smiled and kissed her child on the forehead once more.

"Now, go to sleep, child. We shall speak more of Phantom's exploits tomorrow." The child hopped off her mother's lap and rushed into her room. Her mother chuckled and leaned back.

"I pray that you may never see Phantom. For when that time comes, all hell may break loose. But Phantom if you hear me, please watch over my daughter. Please watch over Raven."


Phantom snapped out of his reverie and looked towards the horizon. The sun was slowly rising making the sky change from a dark blue into violet and light pink. It was mesmerizing and one of the things that he fought to protect in this world. His sister always loved the sunrises, but sadly the was one of the only things he remembered about her. It has been such a long time since the murder that he doesn't even remember what his sister, mother, or father looked like.

Phantom sighed as he stood up. The air was crisp, but it didn't bother him at all. In fact, he reveled in the cold. It reminded him of home and the loneliness he felt from time to time. He turned to see big skyscrapers, as if reaching to touch the gods that lived in the skies. Which many of the gods have challenged him. But Phantom wasn't looking for a fight, he was going with the flow. He was a protector, not a he took every opportunity to hone his skills.

Then a sudden breeze took his attention. It wasn't any breeze, it was a warning of what was to come. Phantom looked down and sighed. He was not the same person he was centuries ago, but he would try. It had been years since Trigon tried to break out of that dimension so why as he trying something now. Was there something special going on?

Phantom picked up his backpack and quickly threw it on. The winds were telling him to go west, where he will find the reason as to why Trigon is trying to escape. Phantom allowed himself to become weightless and float off the ground. He had to be careful, the world has become different while he stayed. Heroes roamed around protecting the innocent, but with heroes came villains. Villains that hurt and killed the innocent. And if he were to be found out, both villains and heroes would be on his case wondering who and what he was. He wasn't ready for the public just yet.

Phantom turned invisible and soared into the air. It was funny how he ended up this way. Living yet dead. Mortal but immortal. Powerful yet weak. He was the perfect balance between life and death. He was the one who cheated death yet was cheated by life. Some stories about him told of how he made a deal with the devil or was somehow a god reincarnated. How funny.

Phantom watched below the busy life of the humans who were oblivious to their protector. Not that he ever wanted to be in the public eye like some heroes. Phantom shook his head. The things that some humans would do for fame and popularity. Phantom witnessed it himself what it was like to be in the spotlight. So many people looked to you and if you did a simple bad thing they would paint you in an immoral light. Phantom didn't want any of that. It would be too much and for him eventually lead to his family's death.

The scenery changed as Phantom flew past big cities to small cities. He passed the country side with some of the animals looking up at him in curiosity and wonder. Animals always did have a second sense for the powerful and spiritual. He didn't stop or rest, he didn't need it. Trigon always came first and he was sure that if he didn't stop it quickly, no one would get to rest.

He continued to fly, farther and farther until he reached the west coast. Phantom chuckled a bit. He had helped the original pioneers of America to travel from sea to shining sea. What he didn't expect was the killing of Native Americans and the slavery of African Americans. He had tried so hard to put an end to it, but it only became a bigger flame.

Phantom broke out of his thoughts as he passed a sign. 'Welcome to Jump City'. Jump City, if he was correct, was the home place of the Teen Titans. The team consisted of powerful people and fought to protect the lives of everyone in this city. He would have to visit and maybe they might help with crowd control while he deals with Trigon. So Phantom made a beeline towards the very noticeable T tower.

The sky was still dark in Jump City and almost everyone was in their own realm of dreams. But one person in particular wasn't having a very nice dream, it was more of a terrible nightmare. Her eyes shot open as she took large gulps of air. She was shivering, not from the cold, from the fear and anxiety. A red glow engulfed her room and she looked down to see red runes on her body.

"No..." She whispered as she spotted them all over. It couldn't be today. She curled up in a ball and shook. It just couldn't be today She took a deep breath to calm her emotions before her powers grew out of her control. She unfurled herself and slowly got out of bed. She quickly put on her purple cloak and looked outside. The sun was coming up slowly and painted the sky a different mixture of colors.

"Azarath Metrion Zinthos." She chanted as a black portal opened in front of her. She stepped through it and found herself on the roof. The end was near adn she couldn't do anything about it. Her father, Trigon, was coming to take over the world and she was powerless to stop it.

"Raven?" Raven turned to the see Robin, the leader of the Teen Titans. "What are you doing up so early?" She could sense the worry from him.

"I could ask you the same thing." She replied getting a grin from the boy wonder.

"I love sunrise. The promise of a new day, anything's possible." Robin explained as he looked out to the sunrise. No doubt that it was beautiful especially on the last day of the world. Maybe she should tell him? Raven shook her head. She wanted her friends to at least enjoy their last day on earth with her. Ignorance was truly bliss.

"You always so cheery this early?" Raven said with a hint of amusement in her voice. Robin chuckled.

"Pretty much. Looks like it's going to be a beautiful day." Robin said. So optimistic. Raven wished she could have that same view of the world around her. SO much easier to ignore everything that was going around her. When she was younger, she wanted to be like all the other regular humans. Going about in their regular lifestyle, not having to care about what villain to fight or becoming a portal to the apocalypse. Humans were truly lucky.

"Yeah." She answered and looked to Robin. "Hungry?" Robin looked at her curiously, but followed Raven inside.

Once inside, Raven made a beeline for the kitchen. There she used some of her magic to help her with stirring ingredients and placing the batter on a pan. She felt Robin watching over her shoulder as she picked up a spatula and tried to get underneath the gooey substance. The gooey substance burned on the on of the ends and stuck to the bottom of the pan, making it hard for Raven to remove it. Finally, she got it airborne which was heading towards Robin who caught it on a plate.

"Nice flip." Robin said, but Raven could tell he was put off on her cooking. This wasn't something Raven would usually do, but she needed to do this. After all, this would be the last time she saw her friends. She finally got the rest of the inedible substance on the other pate and turned around. There she saw the res of her friends, Beast boy, Cyborg, and Starfire. All three of them giving her incredulous looks.

"Morning." Raven tried to balance the pancakes as she stared at her friends. "Pancakes?" The four members all looked at each other with confused looks before Beast boy responded.

"Uh...thanks?" He asked as Raven nodded.

"What is the occasion?" Starfire asked as Raven shrugged.

"Can't I just do something nice for my friends?" Raven asked. Cyborg scratched his head.

"Um...yeah, but..." Cyborg started.

"...You never have before." Beast boy finished for him as everyone nodded. They all sat down at the table nervous at what thing Raven created for them. Beast boy gulped. "Guess there's a first time for everything." They each took a bite with the three boys taking the worse of it. Robin and Beast boy fell to the floor throwing up whatever it was Raven made while Cyborg fainted and fell off the seat.

Raven immediately began to feel bad. She wanted to do something for her friends and it completely backfired. Raven watched closely as her friends forced themselves to each her failure of a cooking. Robin gave her a forced smile.

"Don't you think it's nice of Raven to make us breakfast?" Robin asked as Cyborg poked his food after becoming conscious.

"Even though the girl has no clue how to cook." Cyborg muttered under his breath but Raven heard it. She just wanted to do something for her friends. Now she felt even worse. She didn't notice Robin jab him in the ribs. "Oops, did I say that out loud? Yum!" Raven wasn't having it though. She knew that her cooking wasn't the best, but she didn't think it was this bad.

"Burnt on the outside, yet runny on the inside. Just like the incinerated glorka roaches of my home world." Raven looked up to see Starfire chowing down on her food. It made her feel a little bit better. "More please!" She continued to chow down as the other Titans gave her their share. Raven couldn't smile, but she would if she could.

"So I was thinking -" But Raven was cut off by the sound of a doorbell. The Titans looked at each other curiously as Cyborg got up and looked into the security camera.

"It's just a guy." Cyborg told Robin who nodded.

"Let him up. He doesn't seem to do something wrong." Robin ordered as Cyborg nodded. Raven watched in curiosity as the elevator door dinged to reveal the one face she was sure was a myth.

"Phantom..." She whispered catching everyone's attention.

Something else was pulling him here. It wasn't just Trigon's inevitable escape, it was something else. Something familiar. Something old. He rang the doorbell to the tower and waited for the door to open. It opened after a minute or two and he stepped into the elevator. He waited and looked at himself in the mirror. His silver hair glowed in the mirror as well as his multi-colored eyes. One an electric green and the other an icy blue. Power swirled within them as he heard the ding of the elevator. He turned around to face the other doors as they slid open.

"Phantom..." He heard his name being whispered and he looked to the one who whispered it. He met a woman with violet hair and an unmistakable crystal on her forehead. It couldn't be. It had to be at least more than a decade.

"Arella?" Phantom asked as he stared at her. It had to be Arella. There were subtle differences of course. It had been about 17 years. Arella shook her head as Phantom walked towards her. "I had feared the worst for you when you became a sacrifice for Trigon. When you never used the necklace, I thought the worst might have happened to you." He placed a hand on her cheek, not noticing her flinch. He looked into her violet eyes and saw something powerful dormant within her.

"Raven? Do you know him?" Raven? He turned to face the boy wonder who was staring at Arella. Phantom looked back to her and now noticed. Arella would be in Azarath, not on earth. Phantom removed his hand and cast his eyes down.

"I am sorry. You looked like someone I knew." Phantom said as Raven shook her head.

"Please don't be. It is actually a compliment to look like my mother." Phantom blinked.

"Arella is your mother?" Phantom asked as Raven nodded. "And Trigon is your father?" Raven nodded once more. "Then I assume your mother told stories about me?" Raven blushed but nodded once more.

"I'm sorry, but who are you?" Phantom and Raven were brought out of their own world and turned to face the rest of the Titans.

"Ah, please excuse me. I am Phantom." Phantom introduced himself as the four of the five members were still confused. Raven shook her head and looked to her friends.

"He was the one who first locked Trigon in his own dimension." Now this got the attention of the other titans.

"You were?" Phantom nodded and gave them a small smile.

"Yes, and I have come to ask you of a favor." Before anyone could respond the alarm started blaring in the tower.

"Guess Q&A is going to have to wait." Robin said as no one except Phantom noticed the panicked look on Raven. He placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Fear not for it is not Trigon. He is still in his dimension." Phantom assured which made the demon hybrid relax. She gave him a grateful nod and flew after her team. Phantom watched them go and then took out a drawing. It was him and a red skinned alien with four eyes. Phantom frowned as he stared at the drawing. He looked down to see a weird silkworm thingy looking up at him. He pocketed the drawing and knelt down, petting the weird silkworm thingy. He smiled as the thing cooed with his petting.

"You are a weird little creature, but cute nevertheless." Phantom stated as the silkworm crawled on him. He took the creature into his arms as it cuddled to him. "Very intelligent and hungry." Phantom took out an apple and fed it to the creature. "I wonder what your name is." Then he remembered that the heroes went to go defeat a villain.

"I should help them, shouldn't I?" Phantom asked the little silkworm who nodded. "Do you want to come along?" The creature nodded once more and Phantom took to the skies. He flew around until he heard screaming. He floated over to a warehouse where he spotted the Titans. He phased through the wall to see them battling a monster made of goo.

"A villain made out of a sticky substance, interesting." Phantom said to himself as the silkworm in his arms watched the battle, more importantly her owner, with wonder. "It seems that they are very strong, aren't they?" The silkworm nodded as the boy wonder was thrown to the other side of the room, only to have Raven save him.

"Thanks. I owe you one." Robin said as he went back to the fight. Phantom studied Raven. She looked unsure what to do with herself. He flew over to Raven and tapped her shoulder. She turned around ready to attack, but dropped it when she faced Phantom.

"You seem to care for your team very much." Raven nodded at Phantom's statement. "Then why hide from them?" Raven's eyes widened and Phantom knew now that something was wrong.

"I-I-..." Raven couldn't answer. To Phantom it was perfectly normal.

"It is a secret that you don't want to share and I respect that. I will not pester any further, but I shall help you." Phantom as he turned to the goo beast and held the silkworm with one arm. He used his other arm and touched the floor. His eyes glowed their respective colors as his free hand glowed blue. The floor immediately turned to ice and traveled towards the creature. The Titans were much too busy to notice the creeping ice until it completely froze the goo creature.

Once he was sure the creature was encased in ice, Phantom's eyes stopped their glowing and stood back up. Raven was looking at him with disbelief which he found to be a bit funny. He gave her a little smile as the other Titans joined them.

"Was that you?" Robin asked as Phantom nodded.

"Yes, cryokinesis is one of my common powers." Phantom answered as he turned to the frozen beast. "He will not be able to break out until I melt the ice or phase him out." Slowly the creature changed into a human male who was unconscious in the ice. "From beast to man, such an unusual transformation." Cyborg nodded.

"That's Plasmus. He only remains in his human form while he's sleeping." Phantom nodded as Starfire looked at the silkworm in his arms.

"You have brought Silkie, why?" Starfire asked as Phantom looked down at Silkie.

"So that is your name." Silkie cooed up at him as Phantom rubbed her head. "Forgive me. Animals always loved to be around me. It must be because of the spiritual aura I emit." Phantom chuckled. "But he is very intelligent and understanding." Starfire beamed as she also petted Silkie.

"Wait so Silkie is a dude?" Beast boy asked as Phantom nodded.

"Of course, did you not know?" Phantom asked as every one of them shook their heads. "It is very easy to mistake an animal for their opposite genders if you do not know what you are looking for." Beast boy nodded as Starfire took Silkie in her arms.

"You are very powerful, just like my mother told me." Raven said catching his attention.

"I wonder, what has Arella told you of me?" Phantom asked as the sirens caught their attention.

"Looks like the police is here. I'll give them Plasmus while you guys head back to the tower." Robin said as Raven opened a portal. Phantom followed Raven through without hesitation.

"Amazing, your powers have great potential." Phantom said as he exited the portal into the tower.

"R-Really?" Raven asked nervously and Phantom nodded.

"Of course, though you seem to be holding yourself back." Phantom said while the other three titans walked through. Raven kept the portal open and not too long Robin walked through. Raven then closed the portal and looked to Phantom. But before she could say anything, Robin spoke up.

"You needed a favor?" Robin asked as Phantom nodded.

"Yes, as you know I was the one who put Trigon the Terrible into his own dimension. There was a high cost to doing so. I became Trigon's warden or so to speak. I make sure that he doesn't escape." Phantom explained while the titans listened carefully. "Trigon has a plan and is putting it in motion soon, I don't know what he is doing and I don't want casualties for innocent lives." The Titans looked to each other and nodded.

"What would you say to Trigon building a portal?" Cyborg asked as Raven looked down.

"It wouldn't be surprising. Last time he built a portal was when he infiltrated someone's mind and made them build the portal for him. But I destoryed it before anything could happen. I believe you call it Stonehedge." Beast boy brightened.

"Woah! Really?" Phantom nodded.

"W-Well, Trigon has a portal." Phantom looked at Raven who seemed very nervous.

"Raven, you don't have to." Robin said much to the confusion of Phantom.

"You already know of the portal? Is it something personal to you?" Phantom asked as four out of the five titans nodded. Raven just sat there, trembling. Phantom looked at her and then all the pieces fell into place. "I should have known Trigon would stoop so low. I am so sorry, Raven. This is all my fault." They looked at him. Raven shook her head.

"No this is mine. I didn't tell anyone." Raven looked to her friends who all had confusion written on their faces. "Today is the end of the world."


Raven didn't know where they were going. Robin just jumped up and told her and Phantom to follow them. As soon as one of the doors opened, Raven felt pain surging through her. She heard someone gasp then strong arms wrapping around her. Raven felt weightless and weak. She could feel her power sapping away to fuel the portal.

"Okay, everyone. Just as we planned." She heard Robin say as confusion took over.

"Where are you taking me?" Raven asked weakly as Robin smiled at her.

"You said there was nothing we could do. We didn't agree, so we've been preparing for this day." Robin answered as Phantom chuckled. Raven felt the deep rumble of his laughter somewhat comforting in an odd sort of way.

"You have taken precautions then I hope?" Phantom asked as Starfire nodded. "Runes from Azarath and other planets." She heard him whisper. Raven turned to her friends with awe in her voice.

"You did all this for me?" Raven asked as they nodded.

"We're ready to take on Trigon." Robin said with determine laced in his voice. Raven sighed and shook her head.

"No. You can't be. Just go. Save yourselves." Raven said as Phantom looked down at her.

"No one will be safe if Trigon appears. I commend that you are trying to help your friends, but if you want to save them you will need to believe in them." Phantom said as Raven stared at him.

"Isn't your job to defeat Trigon?" Raven asked as Phantom nodded.

"I cannot defeat him, only seal him back into his world. But now there is a huge difference." Phantom said cryptically. She could tell there was more to what he said, but he wasn't going to reveal that so soon. "You have friends for a reason Raven Roth of Earth, believe in them. Don't let them give up." Raven's eyes widened.

"We're not giving up. Neither are you. Our plan is simple. Raven, you are the portal. Trigon needs you to take over the Earth." Robin said as Cyborg smirked.

"But if Trigon can't get to the portal, then he can't take over." Cyborg said as Raven sighed.

"So all we must do is keep the Trigon from getting to Raven." Starfire said and Phantom placed Raven in the middle of the room.

"Amazing, runes from Azarath. I have not seen these in a long time." Phantom said as Starfire nodded.

"Yes, from your books, Raven. We drew them on the walls and the floors just in case." Starfire added and Raven gave her a small smile.

"You'll be safe in here. Everything's ready. I've installed all the latest state-of-the-art technology. Nothing alive is getting in here." Cyborg stated as Raven looked around, then she sighed.

"This is all great, but it's not gonna make a difference." She looked down. "Today the prophecy will be fulfilled. Trigon is coming. There's no stopping him." Phantom knelt down in front of her.

"Then I shall stay with you. Surely, that will make a difference." Phantom said staring straight into her eyes. Something in them made her feel strange, almost giddy like. Maybe it was because she was meeting her hero. The one who took down Trigon. The one that made everything in this world possible.

"Maybe..." Raven whispered, her face heating up.

"There's never been a villain we couldn't stop before." Robin said with full confidence as Raven shook her head.

"Trigon isn't a villain. He is the incarnation of evil, the source of all darkness. The-" Raven was cut off.

"Okay. Bad dude. We get it." Beast boy said as Raven glared at him.

"No. You don't. You don't know Trigon." Raven told them as Phantom chuckled

"But I do. Raven, you have my word that I will protect everything you hold dear." Phantom said as Raven looked away and nodded.

"Even so, Trigon doesn't know the Titans. Stay here." Robin said as he pointed upwards. "We'll be watching from up there if you need us." Then Robin turned to Phantom. "You can stay here to protect Raven." Phantom nodded and looked at Raven.

"For luck." Beast boy said as Raven looked at the penny. She sighed as she stared at the penny.

"There is more to Trigon the terrible than you think, Raven." She looked up to Phantom's mismatched eyes. "And the reason he is the way he is now, is because of me. To pass the time, I shall tell you of Trigon the savior." Now this caught her attention.


Trigon wasn't all that terrible. Azarath as you know was a peaceful place. Not many had worries and problems. It as a time for peace and for joy.

Phantom walked down the streets of one of the temple of Azarath. Children were chasing each other. Vendors were bartering with their customers on their prices. Some too much and some too little. He watched in great amusement as the town square was bustling with people. Everytime he walked past, they would give him nods of acknowledgement, and he them.

It was truly a peaceful city unlike any other.

Even if it may seem peaceful, there was an ever lingering darkness. For you see, embracing the concept of peace all throughout Azarath, they would banish the dark parts of their souls. The parts where it led to pillage and murder others. They sent all that negative energy into the nether-realm.

Phantom stepped into a church where they were blessing a child. He saw things that many in Azarath didn't. He saw the dark leave the child's body and fly into the air. He gave them a sad look and shook his head. Darkness was a part of life, peace could be insured without casting away the darkness inside.

Phantom knew that it would be back to harm them all.

I had tried to argue with the council of Azarath, but they didn't want to listen. They wanted their own type of peace and so I lashed out at them in order to protect them.

"You are making a mistake! Your actions will only cause your downfall!" Phantom yelled at the members of Azarath. He could tell they were getting irritated with him, but he was speaking the truth.

"ENOUGH! You have drawn our patience to it's very last end!" One of them yelled as Phantom narrowed his eyes at them.

"Your patience? What does that matter if you do not listen to me?! I fear you will meet your end!" Phantom argued as another one stood.

"Meet our end? Azarath does not have any enemies, or did you forget we were a peaceful land, Phantom?" He reeled back at the tone of the council. They weren't listening. Like many civilizations he had encountered, change was too much for them.

"YOU'RE NOT LISTENING!" Phantom bellowed.


"Fine." He spat out. "But if you ever call to me for help, don't even bother trying to contact me. Deal with it on your own." And with that Phantom walked out of the room and out of Azarath.

I would later regret my words, but I was right. All their darkness formed and condensed in the nether-world. When I felt the darkness enter in this dimension, it brought shivers up my spine. I had to find where the source was. I traveled far and wide until I came upon a house.

The door creaked open and the stench of death and metal filled the air. He was used to it as he traveled deeper into the house. He heard crying belonging to one of a child. He rushed through the house and entered the basement. There he found dead bodies everywhere. In the middle was a child with four arms and eyes. Horns on his head and red skin.

The child's eyes glowed red, but returned back to normal after spotting Phantom. Blood was flowing from the bodies around the child. Phantom walked over to the child and picked him up.

"Poor child. I wonder if you have a name?" Phantom looked around but found nothing. He looked to the child who seemed intelligent and was just studying him. Phantom blinked and stared at the child. Then he smiled.

"Then I shall give you a name. How about the name Trigon?"

I raised him as my own. I taught him tactics, strategies, fighting. All of it. We defeated malevolent armies that oppressed their citizens, liberating them. They praised Trigon to be a savior, not a destroyer.

But I was blind not to see how Trigon savored blood and wanted more. Each day, Trigon grew more and more powerful. Then one day, he raised his sword against a family and killed them all, including an infant.

It all came back as he stared at the bodies. Trigon looked to Phantom waiting for the praise and recognition that he wanted. But Phantom only had a face of horror and, dare he say it, fear.

"Trigon...what have you done?" Phantom looked to his child who was confused. "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!" Trigon trembled and stared at his father.

"I-I saved this family. They wouldn't submit to me, so I saved them from the oppression of others." Trigon's eyes glowed a deep red. "Aren't you proud father? We could save this world by becoming their protectors. By becoming what they need most. We will become the RULERS!" Phantom was horrified. How could Trigon even think this way? Suddenly it was clear.

The darkness the day he found Trigon. The darkness Azarath sent away transferred into this one child. The pillageig and murder was all in this one child. He had to destroy the one thing that became his life. Phantom looked to Trigon.

"Rulers? Trigon, is that what you really want? To kill others in order to further better yourself?" Trigon nodded. Did his father not understand what he was doing? He was going to save the whole universe like his father. Trigon smiled and Phantom nodded. "Go to sleep, Trigon. We shall talk about this in the morning." Trigon hugged Phantom, not noticing him flinch and walked away.

Phantom fell to his knees and let his head fall. What had he done? He had raised a monster. A killing machine of possibly unimaginable power. He had to stop him, but how.

I buried the family's bodies and silently prayed. That night while Trigon was asleep, I stood over the sleeping child and my sword in hand. Lightning crackled overhead as I raised above my head. At that moment, all the times Trigon and I shared flashed through my mind. I couldn't kill him. I couldn't kill the child that I raised. So I left without waking him up.

I think it sealed what he became. I left the universe and traveled to others. Soon the people who thought of him to be a savior, they began to call him Trigon the Terrible. And soon everyone forgot that I raised him. They didn't want to place him next to Phantom the Hero. Soon Trigon began to travel the other universes, conquering and pillaging innorcent towns.

Once I got whiff of it, it was already too late. People were killed, millions of innocent lives because of me. Because of the child that I raised. I sought him out. When I saw him, he was happy to see me. He was still that child that I raised. He wanted me to be proud of him. People begged me to kill him, but I wouldn't. I couldn't.

I'm coward. So I lied to him and told him to wait for me in another dimension. Everytime he came out, he became stronger and harder to put back. Everytime he became less and less focused on being praised by me and became more focused on surpassing me. So I made it my duty to place him back in the prison where he belongs.

Flashback end

Phantom looked up at Raven to see her staring at him with wide eyes. He didn't know what she was thinking. Possibly that he too was monster for raising a monster. Blaming that he was the reason why she was in this predicament. He waited for the yelling, the hitting. Anything.

"It's okay." Her voice was a whisper and he turned to her. She was staring at him with those crystal violet eyes full of understanding. "You tried to stop them. You tried your best, but maybe this is the day where Trigon gets free. Today is a day that you cannot stop." Phantom looked down and frowned.

"But I have to. I cannot fail once more. I made the mistake of leaving Azarath and caused their ultimate destruction." He heard a gasp and turned to Raven.

"She's dead?" Phantom shrugged.

"To be honest." He floated over to her and sat next to her. "I don't know." A moment of silence passed between them. A moment of understanding.

"So..." Raven said breaking the silence. "Does that make you my grandfather?" Phantom chuckled as Raven smiled.

"No, I don't think so. I raised Trigon, but we are not of flesh and blood. Besides, you are more powerful than Trigon by miles." Raven snorted and shook her head.

"I highly doubt that." Raven said as Phantom shrugged.

"Believe what you want, but I know that you are many times stronger than Trigon. Your sorcery combined with the darkness that Trigon possesses, is what will change the tide of the war." Phantom said as Raven stared up at him. "Just believe in yourself." Phantom felt a change in the air and looked to Raven who was curling in on herself. He kneeled down to her level and looked into her eyes.

"Go. I'll protect them." Raven blinked and nodded.

"Azarath Metrion Zinthos." A portal opened up and before she stepped through, Raven turned to look at Phantom. "Thank you." Phantom shook his head.

"No...Thank you." And with that she walked through the portal and left Phantom alone. He turned to look at the runes on the wall and chuckled.

"They forgot to power them."

Robin hated to say this, but they were getting their asses kicked. And by Slade no less. Robin took a deep breath as he put a hand on his side, nursing the painful throbbing there. He could tell Slade was grinning underneath the mask as he kicked their asses.

"Do you really want to spend your last day on Earth fighting?" Slade teased as Robin narrowed his eyes.

"This is not my last day!" Robin growled out as he launched himself at Slade once more. Slade held up a hand and ignited it. Robin looked to his other Titans, minus Raven, and saw determination in their eyes. Even if it cost them their lives, they would keep Raven safe.

"STOP!" Robin turned to see Raven walk out of the portal in the middle of the fight. No! She couldn't be here. Didn't she know they were protecting her?!

"Raven?" Cyborg asked. Robin restrained the urge to roll his eyes at such the obvious answer. Raven stood in front of Slade.

"I will go with you." Robin forced his aching body to move and stood between the demon hybrid and Slade.

"We won't let them take you!" Robin said as Starfire stood right by his side.

"You need to get back in the safety room! Please!" Starfire pleaded. Raven took a deep breath and shook her head. Robin couldn't believe this! He needed to stop her!

"I can't hide from my destiny any longer." Raven said as she closed her eyes. Robin immediately knew what she as doing.

"No!" Robin couldn't tell who said that as something compelled him into unconsciousness.

"Goodbye. Phantom will watch over you." Then everything went black.


Slowly the Titans came out of consciousness and they were still in the same place Slade had taken Raven. Robin looked down. He had failed again!

"Raven..." He groaned as Cyborg was the next to awake.

"She really packs a wallop." Cyborg said. Robin winced at the crack Cyborg made cracking his neck.

"Dude, we were only trying to help her." Beast boy said as Robin nodded.

"I fear it is too late to assist her." Starfire said as they didn't notice the figure floating in front of them.

"It's never too late." Robin said as he stood up.

"The gem was born of evil's fire. The gem shall be his portal. He comes to claim, he comes to sire, the end of all things mortal." They looked up to see Phantom floating above them. Anger surged through the group as Robin grabbed Phantom by the collar.

"You let her get away!" Robin said as Phantom smirked.

"Yes, I did." Phantom said as the group continued to glare at him. "But that means the prophecy is finally over." This caused confusion in each of their faces. Robin loosened his grip on Phantom.

"What do you mean?" Phantom phased out of Robin's grip and landed on the floor.

"The gem was born of evil's fire. Already happened." Phantom said holding up a finger. "The gem shall be his portal. Happening now." Phantom held up another finger. "He comes to claim, he comes to sire, the end of all things mortal." Phantom smiled. "If there is one thing about prophecies it would be r mean anything. Once Trigon comes the prophecy will be complete."

"Yeah, we know." Beast boy said as Robin continued to ponder on the thought.

"But it doesn't say for how long. It says he will come, but for how long." Phantom added as realization dawned on the team. "Some things are meant to happen, Titans. Whether you like it or not. Raven has completed the prophecy, now it is up to you all how to end this." Robin looked at Phantom and took a deep breath.

"Do you think we will be able to defeat Trigon?" Robin asked and Phantom scratched his chin.

"No." The team looked devastated. "I know so." They looked up to see Phantom smiling warmly at them. "Go. I will be right behind you." They smiled and nodded. They looked to Cyborg who was looking at his arm.

"She's making her way back to the old library." Robing nodded.

"Let's go." The team made their way as Phantom followed behind them silently.

They ran through the streets of Jump City as the sky darkened and the sun became black. Shots rang into the air and the Titans followed the sound. Phantom kept his distance in case something was to happen.

"Raven!" Robin called out catching her attention. Raven looked at them with sad eyes.

"It has already begun." She lowered her hood, showing the gem glowing with a supernatural power. "And there's no stopping what is meant to be." Wind was whipping around them forcing them to cover their eyes. Debris was flying everywhere and Raven was the center of it.

"You're willing to give up on everything, all because of some prophecy you heard as a child?" Robin asked. Raven closed her eyes and lowered her head. "What if it's wrong?" They could see Raven's resolve diminish, they just had to keep pushing.

"Robin, I know what I know." Raven countered as Robin shook his head.

"I don't accept that. You can take control. You can make it not happen." Raven looked pained. Her face twisted with the decisions that lay before her.

"I've known my whole life that this day was going to come." Raven flew around them trying to make them understand. This was her destiny! Why can't they just let this happen?! "I tried to control the dark side of me. I tried to do good things, to fight evil, and hoped that would somehow make up for the horrible thing I'm destined to do."

"But no one knows their destiny. There are things you can't possibly know." Robin pleaded. Raven stared at them and gave them a little smile.

"There are some things I didn't know." Raven started. Her face became soft as she looked at her friends. "Like how I would make such wonderful friends." Robin slowly walked to her. "All I wanted was to make your last day perfect." Tears sprung from Raven's eyes as Robin moved closer. "Instead, you spent it worrying about me." Finally, Robin was in front of her and he took her hand in his own.

"That's what friends do." Robin stated much to Raven's surprise. She looked down at their hands and took a deep breath. Robin felt her pull away and back up.

"And as my friends, you have to let me go." She then created a huge barrier to separate her from her friends.

"NO! RAVEN!" They all began to pound on the wall trying to get through. "Phantom can't you do something?" But Phantom was looking up into the sky. His cheeks were stained as tears ran from his eyes.

"He's here." They looked up to see Raven chanting the prophecy.

The gem was born of evil's fire. The gem shall be his portal. He comes to claim. She lifted her head, her eyes beaming white. Her voice was speaking in a different language that none could understand other than Phantom and Trigon. He comes to sire. The end of all things mortal. Phantom looked over to the Titans.

"Run." He gave them a simple command and their feet began to move. "I promised Raven, I would keep you safe. Hide and let Raven deal with this."

"NO!" Robin yelled as they ran farther and farther from Raven.

"Raven!" Starfire called out wanting nothing more than to go back and help her friend. Then a booming voice rang out for miles around. That day the earth became silent.


End of Part I