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Summary: In order to make a hero, one has to endure a life full of suffering. These words have never been so true. Especially for one hero in particular, Raven Roth of the Teen Titans. The half-demon hybrid who was foretold to be a portal for her father into her dimension. She has been dreading this day ever since she met her father. As Raven comes to terms with herself and her destiny, a particular memory comes to her about a hero. A hero that even Trigon is afraid of. One that her mother told her stories about and how he would help if Trigon ever escaped. And maybe possibly, he would help seal Trigon once again. Three-SHOT

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"Regular Speaking"

Different language

Phantom's End

Blood stained everything. His clothes, skin, hair. But it wasn't his, it was their's. The thousands of bodies that littered the streets of a place he used to call home. He killed them all. Men, women, and children. He ended all their lives. It was only the leaders next. Those religious pieces of shit. He walked as if possessed towards the church.

"P-Please...s-spare..me." He looked down to see a woman still alive. She was staring at him with pleading eyes, but all he saw was hatred in them. That same hatred everyone in the city looked at him with. It was all the same with them. Begging and pleading for forgiveness when they planned to stab him in the back. He walked toward the half-dead woman. He gripped the sword in his hand tightly and faked a smile.

"Spare? Where was that when you threw rocks at me?" He brought down the sword and watched her head roll around the ground. He stared as blood surged out from the wound. It created a pool around his feet and stained them further. "May your God be with you." His attention was focused on the church and he grinned menacingly.

"Oh may god bless you~" He sang was he walked through the bloody streets. "Oh may god protect you~" The religious anthem he was taught since he was a child. "Oh may god love you~" He was on the steps of the church with soldiers aiming their weapons at him. "Oh may god adore you~!" He finished as he stood there grinning at him.

"Monstrosity! Go back to where you came from and God will forgive you." There they were. The Twelve members of the church. The grand bitches to their god.

"God? There is no God. Unless...you're talking about him." He tossed something across the field for all to see. Some of the soldiers threw up seeing it and many of them paled. It was a rotting head. It was the same head they carved statues of and worshiped. "Your GOD doesn't exist anymore. FOR I HAVE KILLED HIM!" He laughed loudly scaring everyone.

"You are truly a monster." One of the twelve whispered, but he heard it clear as day. He stopped laughing and stared at the twelve dead in the eye.

"Monster? May I remind you who made this monster?" He pointed his sword at each of them. "You brought this upon yourselves. If I'm a monster, does that make you, the whole city, evil incarnate?" Their eyes widened. "Though I don't suppose you remember me." The smile slid off his face as he turned serious. "This time, I'll make you remember me."

With a single swing of his sword, he cut through hundred of rows of their army. Screaming filled the air as mages started to cast their magic. He grinned as adrenaline pumped through his veins. Coursing through his body, deviating the pain to somewhere else. But oh the RUSH! The sword cut through flesh, muscle, and bone like butter. He made his way into the chapel where the biggest statue of their god stood.

"You." He pointed his sword to the stone statue. "You ruined my life! You took away everything. You made me like this!" He swung his sword cutting up the stone into smaller bits of stone. His vision blurred and his eyes burned. "You took them away from me. My friends...my family." He fell to his knees, crying. Then he felt a hand on his shoulder.

"Even if you killed God, he will never turn his back on you." He didn't move. His body shook with rage, not that any of the twelve knew. He smiled and chuckled.

"Turn his back on me?" He shook his head and stood up. And looked to the stained glass window. It was shining light on his body as if he was a god. Maybe he was, but he bled just like any other. "He turned his back on me first...*deep breath* then I killed him." He lashed out a series of blows on the twelve, killing maybe half of them within the first minute.

But the rest weren't going without a fight. To him, they put up quite the fight. Magic and physical attacks simultaneously was hard to dodge or parry. Many of the attacks injured him, but he dealed out his fair share of attacks. In the end, there was one clear victor.

He sat upon the dead bodies of the twelve. He wondered what he should do now. He had gotten his revenge, but felt empty. Something was missing. He had killed their god and destroyed their culture. What more could he possibly do? He stood up and began to walk out of the city. He looked left and right only to see the bodies of the people he's killed.

The stench of death was strong in the air, but he grew used to it. He did not notice his hair slowly growing white and his right eye slowly changing from blue to green. Then he felt a burning sensation on his chest which brought him to his knees. He gasped in pain and clawed at his chest. Something was wrong...TERRIBLY WRONG! Then he heard a voice, though it was in a different language.

"You have caused the death of millions, both corrupted and innocent." His vision was getting blurry and his conscious was slowly fading, but the voice in his head sounded as clear as day. "You were once an innocent child, but your city forced your hand." He fell on his side as if that would try and alleviate the pain. "But you have caused the death of a grand god. And thus, according to the ancient rules, I must place this upon you." He saw feet in front of him just before he lost consciousness.

"The curse of Phantom. You will walk the rest of your days in a state of limbo, never fully alive or dead. I shall not claim you nor will Life. Face your punishment."

When he woke up, he was in an unfamiliar place. He put a hand to his chest only to notice that his heartbeat was almost none existent. Then he remembered the voice. This was a punishment for killing a god. A god who fucking turned his back on him? Now was he to face punishment?! He growled as he peeled off the covers. He stood up shakily and leaned on the wall for support.

He walked through the corridor until he reached a room where five people sat around in a circle. They were talking in hushed whispers and stopped as soon as he was in the room. All eyes fell upon him as if studying him.

"Where am I?" He was surprised by the sound of his voice. It was raspy and scratchy. The cloaked man smiled as he stood up.

"Welcome, young one. It is good to see you awake." The cloaked man just dodged the question. He needed his answers.

"Where am I?" He repeated as a man in a weird suit walked up to him.

"Hm...A realm where time and space has no affect." Time and Space? A different realm? He felt his legs give out, but he was caught by a rather fat figure.

"Be careful." He nodded as he was set on the ground.

"Who are all of you?" Everyone except him smiled at each other and nodded. Then the Cloaked man spoke up.

"We are the Endless. The holders of the multiverse. I am known as Destiny for I have the power to change one's fate." Destiny said. He immediately knew. The Endless were immortal figures that made sure the balance was correct.

"F-Forgive my intrusion then." He said bowing his head in respect as the suited one chuckled.

"There is no need. The Presence allowed us to interfere with your life after all, you are immortal now as well." Immortal? He was immortal now?

"H-How?" He was sure that he wasn't immortal. There was no way. He got hurt and came close to dying.

"That was Death. He placed a curse upon you, but only cause you killed a god. Which takes big balls." A girl said as she grinned at him. He gulped as he felt the glares of her brothers on him. "I like that." She ran a finger over his bare chest and purring at the feel.

"Um...thanks. But why is it that I was curse because I killed a god?" The girl stopped running her hand over his chest and sighed.

"It is part of the ancient rules. You are the second person in all of history to ever kill a god. But you are the first one to gain the curse." Then it all came rushing back to him.

"The curse of Phantom..." He whispered as another one nodded.

"Yes..." Another one said sleepily.

"What does that mean for me then? What do I have to do to get rid of this curse?" He asked as they all looked to Destiny.

"It will be a while until you can get rid of your curse." He deflated. Will he not be able to see his family in death? "But you still have purpose in this world. As long as you have purpose in this world, you will not lift your curse." Was that a little hint? If he had purpose then he will continue to be cursed. But it he didn't have any purpose then he would die? That was going to be a long time then.

"What should I do?" The Endless smiled at each other before lifting a hand. He wondered what they were doing until he felt something warm in his chest.

"We have given you power to transverse through the multiverse and a little something for your protection. You will do great things no matter where you are. Be safe, young one." Destiny explained as he felt himself being ripped from this world.

"Don't forget to visit from time to time." That was the last he heard before he was thrown into darkness.


The Titans were beginning to get tired from fighting their Nega-Titans knew all their attacks and were somehow stronger than the original. Robin was bruised and possibly had multiple broken bones from the way that Nega-Robin was beating him with his bo staff.

"Weak. How can you be a leader when you can't even face yourself." Nega-Robin said with a grin on his face. Robin growled and launched himself at his opposite. Starfire was plucked out of the air and smashed int the ground by her opposite self.

"I laugh at your pain! Ending your existence is most amusing." Neg-Starfire said as Starfire slowly got up.

"This is not the end!" Starfire sent a barrage of starbolts at Nega-Starfire who easily dodged them. Starfire took a glance at Beast Boy and Cyborg who were not doing as well as she was, but trying to hold it together.

"You should not throw your attention somewhere else." Star barely dodged and took to the skies with her nega-self right behind her.

"Most amusing indeed." Trigon leaned back on his makeshift throne. "You mortals provide excellent sport, though your fight, like your lives, is pointless." He watched closely and noticed a very familiar trinket on the alien princess's finger. " The ring of Azar may shield you from my wrath for now, but you shall soon be defeated by your own personal demons." Trigon chuckled.

"I should know. My father charmed that ring to make me more powerful!." Trigon grinned as he watched the Titans fight for their lives. Each and every one of them were getting beaten down harder and harder than the last. Beast boy panted next to his team.

"I hate to say it, but Four-Eyes has a point. My butt can't take much more kicking!" Starfire frowned as fire burned in her eyes.

"It can, and it will." She looked over her shoulder at Trigon. "We must keep the Trigon occupied." Cyborg nodded as Robin took a deep breath.

"As long as those all-seeing eyes are looking at us, he won't go looking for Phantom." Cyborg dodged a shot from Nega-Cybrog.

"Wanna bet?" Nega-Starfire took off and Starfire immediately followed after.

"NO!" But it was too late. Nega-Starfire had already reached Trigon and whispered in his ear.

"I know, but I can only see Raven. I cannot see my father at all." Trigon grinned as he stared down at the titans. "You really think that my father is on your side? Did he ever tell you what he did to his home city?" The Titans all looked confused as Trigon let out a huge laugh. It shook the ground and ended the fight between the Titans and Nega-Titans.

"Let me tell you the story about my father."

"Who...Who are you?" Phantom knelt down and smiled at the young Raven.

"I am Phantom." She peeked out from her hiding place and stared at Phantom.

"A-Are you here to help me?" He chuckled and nodded.

"Of course, young one. I am here to help you in anyway possible." Raven blinked and then a shy smile broke out.

"Thank you..." Her smile was soon gone. "But there are these fire bad guys that want me to stay here. They hurt me every time I try to go out." She pointed down the hall where Phantom had just come from and he looked back. He placed a hand on Raven's head.

"Do not worry. I have taken care of them. Come we must get to your friends." Raven blinked once more.

"Friends? I have friends." Did she forget everything? Phantom looked at the young half demon in disbelief and stood up.

"Do you not remember?" Raven shrugged and Phantom bit the inside of his cheek. This was going to be harder than he thought, but he kept up appearances. "Well, then. Why don't I introduce you to them?" Raven shifted a bit before nodding. He opened his arms and she crawled in them. He lifted her and looked around.

"C-Can you tell me about my friends?" It was like the word 'friends' was foreign to her. It wouldn't surprise him if the council on Azarth made her suffer for something she had no control over.

"Well. There're Starfire. She's an alien princess." Raven made a face.

"A princess? Does she ware a pink dress that I've always read about in books?" Phantom shook his head.

"No she has powers. She can fly, throw powerful beams from her hands. Though she does not understand human culture very well." Raven giggled. "Then there's Cyborg. A person who is half man, half machine. It is a wonder how far humans have progressed." He then began to walk through the empty cavern

"What can he do?" She sounded excited.

"Well...he loves to tinker. Build things that no one else has seen. But he is very strong and his arm turns into a blaster. He can also fly, but with the help of his machine parts." He felt Raven's grip tighten as they move closer and closer to the exit of the cave. "And we have Beast Boy. He can change into any animal on Earth." Raven had a look of wonder on her face.

"Can he turn into a bunny?!" Phantom let out a laugh which echoed through the cave.

"You will have to ask him yourself, birdeto." Raven tilted her head.

"birdeto?" Phantom nodded.

"It is your new nickname. It means little bird in Esperanto. For you are flying and free." Raven snuggled closer to Phantom.

"Is there more of my friends?" Phantom nodded.

"There is one more. His name is Robin, the boy wonder. He wears colors of bright red, orange, and green. He is like a traffic light. But he is strong willed and very stubborn. He cares for his friends like they are family." He felt Raven's grin against the back of his neck.

"What about you?" Phantom walked out of the cage with a thoughtful look.

"No one's ever asked me that." Phantom gave a small chuckle. "But my past it not something that approve of." Raven hummed.

"But if you regret what you did in the past, then how would you move forward." Phantom smiled and took a deep breath.

"Once more you are right, birdeto. Before I start my story, you must know about my culture. My people used to believe in a singular god whom we called Ordo. It roughly translates to Order. Ordo is the father of all the gods and goddess my people believed in. But they also believed he had an evil side of him. The evil was called Kaoso also known as Chaos. While Ordo was associated with bright colors such as white. Colors so pure it would hurt the evil. Kaoso was associated with dark colors such as black." Phantom explained as Raven listened with rapt attention.

"My people worshiped Ordo but scorned Kaoso and everyone who was affiliated with him. Everyone was born with light colored hair and eyes from a light blue to platinum hair. If a child was born with dark colors for their hair and eyes, it was only customary they kill the child." Raven gasped.

"T-That's evil." Phantom shrugged.

"They believed that for a very long time. I was born to two zemnieki." Seeing the confusion on Raven's face, he immediately translated it. "Or farmers." She nodded and Phantom chuckled. "I was born with the brightest color hair, or at least what my parents told me. My sister had light blue hair with golden eyes. But I was born with the brightest blue eyes and golden hair." Phantom ran a hand through his hair as if reminiscing it.

"I was allowed to live, but when I turned five, my hair changed. Right when we celebrated my birth, my hair slowly changed from the golden color to a dark black. My eyes had stayed the same, luckily." Phantom swallowed as he tried to hold back tears. Raven snuggled closer to him to give him comfort. "The priests had no explanation for the sudden change and couldn't kill me since I had grown out a stage which we call nemovlya. It wasn't proper to kill a child out of nemovlya." Phantom leaped across a chasm.

"But things changed for me. I wasn't the golden child anymore. Wherever I waked, people threw stones and hurt me in the most torturest of ways. I wasn't allowed to go to school or be around any of the kids. They were afraid I would infect them." Phantom slowed down to a stop. "But it wasn't the worst thing they did to me." Phantom took Raven off his back and put her on the ground. He took her hand and lead out into the open.

"My people follow a council of magicians and priests. Twelve of them in total. We call them the Paruru. When they heard of my predicament, they came for a visit to investigate. But I wasn't home at the time. I explored the fields in which my parents planted. That's when I heard the shouting and explosions. I rushed back home only to find my parents and sister stavroménos. Another word for crucified." Raven gasped.

"Were they going to do that to you?" Raven asked as Phantom shrugged.

"I don't know. I think if I had been home, my family would have lived. But I swore revenge. I was possibly twelve years old at the time. I cursed the one god who turned his back on me, Ordo. So I set out to find him. It had taken years, but through enough gruesome challenges, I had found him. He was waiting for me, watching me the entire time. I don't remember how long the battle took place, but in the end I came victorious and cut off his head." Raven gasped as Phantom nodded. He climbed over some debris.

"But if you believed in him, why did you kill him?" Phantom sighed.

"I was angry back then. If I hadn't changed, my family would have still been alive and..." He trailed off.

"But then you wouldn't be here right now. With me and helping me find my friends." He looked at Raven and truly looked at her. Though she was a shy little birdeto, she was very strong willed and powerful. A strong sense of pride overwhelmed him.

"Yes, you are right again. But I paid the ultimate price for it. I returned to my home city where the Paruru still ruled. I..." Phantom drifted off. He did not want to scare Raven. She squeezed his hand and gave him a gentle smile.

"It it okay. I have Trigon the Terrible as a father. He has done millions of things worse than you." Phantom's lips gave a little twitch at the sides.

"Oh yes, I believe he has." Phantom looked towards the T tower where Trigon could be seen sitting upon it. "I killed everyone. Every woman, man, and child. I left no survivors. I saved the Paruru for last. I killed them as well. When I left, Death placed a curse on me. He didn't to place it upon me, but it was part of the Ancient rules. He placed the curse of Phantom on me." Raven blinked and then laughed.

"Really? Phantom? Is that why you call yourself Phantom?" Phantom grinned.

"Maybe. How long has it been since you came back to your right mind, Birdeto?" It was Raven's turn to grin.

"At the start of your story. But I understand what you are going through." Phantom kneeled down since Raven was still in her child form.

"You are so strong Raven. Just accept that you are." Raven looked into Phantom's eyes and he could tell she was looking for a lie. "I never lie, unless it's for protection." Raven giggled.

"Can you tell me one thing?" Phantom nodded. "What was your real name?" Phantom thought for a bit.

"My name was Ṭēṉi, though it was nickname. It translates to Danny."

Slade took a deep breath as he looked across the bridge. Phantom had left him, but not without words of advice. He took a step on the bridge as a voice boomed out.

"The hollow journey of your vacant vessel ends here. What you seek cannot be reclaimed." Slade grinned as a huge gray monster made itself known on the other side.

"Perhaps." Slade pulled on his mask. The demeanor of a cold hearted mercenary back on. He narrowed his eyes at the gray monster. "But it's not like I have anything left to lose." Then he ran across the bridge.


Slade was in locked combat with the faceless gray monster who summoned his own guards. Slade mentally sighed as he slashed at his enemies, desperate to get his own face back. But he wasn't as strong as all these monsters here.

"Your days have long since ended, mortal. Time to lie down with the rest of the mortals." Slade was forced to his knees as the faceless guard took in his victory. Slade looked up only to show that he had a crack on the side of his orange mask.

"You first!" He launched himself at the guard easily throwing his weight onto the creature. The guard stumbled back caught unaware. Slade continued to evade the attacks from the guard who was swinging his poleaxe at Slade. One of the attacks hit Slade on the side of his ribcage, making his armor break.

Slade mentally cursed as he held a hand to the crack and kneeled down. He had to think of something and fast. He looked around and soon a plan popped into his head.

"You cannot hope to defeat pure evil." The guard said as Slade held up a hand making the guard stop in his tracks. In his hand was a little trigger.

"Actually, I'm not such a nice guy myself." He pressed the button as his little bombs stashed all over the place blew up causing debris to fall on top of the faceless guard. Slade took a deep breath and his armor slowly repaired itself. He looked at the door the gray monster was protecting only to see that the frame somewhat fractured, causing little beams of light to pierce through.

Slade held his hand out to the light, letting it bathe in it. He took off his glove to see his hand fully restored.

"My own flesh and blood." He let his entire body be bathed in the light, allowing his body to fully come back. Once he was done, he walked towards the bridge which miraculously was still hanging. He looked down at the defeated guard and narrowed his only eye. "Don't get up. I'll let myself out."

"Well, this is my stop." Raven looked at Phantom who looked grim.

"What do you mean?" Raven could see the downcast look on Phantom's face.

"I can't face Trigon. I lied to him over and over again, for who knows how long. If Trigon sees me as an enemy, then he will unleash his anger." Raven stared in disbelief at Phantom.

"So you're just going to hide away?" Raven asked as Phantom looked at Raven.

"No, I'm not. Trigon already knows you're free, but not how. You need to act like your fighting me so that Trigon becomes afraid of you." Raven blinked. Trigon doesn't fear. She knew that. She knew that Trigon fears no one.

"How can Trigon be afraid of me? He's a demon." Phantom raised an eyebrow at Raven as she finally got it. "Trigon looks up to you and believes that you are stronger than him. If I play to defeat you, then he'll become afraid." Phantom nodded his head.

"Raven, you are strong. So strong that...I'm proud to call you family." This caught Raven off guard. Earlier he said that she's not his grandchild since they don't share blood.

"But-" He cut her off.

"I've lived a long life, Birdeto. I've fallen in love, but I have yet to make a family. I was just too blind to see that I already have a family. Your mother and you are the family I've been longing for." Raven felt a spur of emotions inside of her. "I am truly proud of you, Raven Roth. I am glad to have you as a granddaughter." Phantom pulled her into a hug and all the worries fell away.

This feeling of acceptance that she had never found on earth until her friends, gave her warmth. The doubt fell away as she hugged Phantom back.

"Thank you." She whispered and Phantom pulled back. He smiled at her, a genuine one, then nodded. She tapped into her power and looked to Phantom. She unleashed her power and watched as Phantom didn't struggle against the dark magic. In fact, he welcomed it. He stroked the black tentacle before he let the magic consume him. Raven looked to where her friends were fighting Trigon.

"Have faith..." She took a deep breath and started on her new path.

"Go forth and conquer! One by one, worlds shall fall, until every being in this entire dimension bows down to worship Trigon the Terrible!" The titans looked to each other as they hid from the fire demons that Trigon let plague the world.

"Where is Phantom?" Robin asked as they all took a breather from fighting.

"He's not coming." They turned to see Raven as a young child. She looked down and soon they all were brought back to the story that Trigon told them about Phantom.

"Did he attack you?" Raven hesitantly nodded as everyone's breath caught in their throats.

"If I ever find him, it's going to be my fist and his face." Cyborg said as Beast Boy nodded. Raven didn't say anything as she looked to her father.

"Raven, are you okay?" She looked to Robin and nodded.

"Yeah, but I can't use my powers." Raven looked to her hands as Robin smiled and placed a hand on her shoulder.

"It's okay, Raven. We can try to get your powers back." Raven sighed.

"'Least we still got that ring of Azar thingie so Trigon can't..." Beast boy started as Stafire held out her hand, grabbing everyone's attention. In the middle of her palm lay the ring, but now in broken pieces. "Oh crud." Robin looked to Trigon.

"Still, we can't give up. This is it. One final attack. Him or us." He looked back to his team. "All or nothing." Raven blinked away tears that threatened to fall. Then Robin turned to Raven and held an unwavering gaze. "This is your story, Raven. And I'm not sure what happens next. I know it seems hopeless,but I believe that when the time is right, you will know what to do." Raven's eyes widened. When had her team put this much faith in her? Was it everyday and she just hadn't noticed.

She thought back to what Phantom told her. This the beginning of a new path and she was the only one who could walk down it. Raven took a deep breath ready to say something, but the huge rick in front of them floated into the air, showing them to Trigon.

"What strange vermin cower beneath my rocks?" Trigon roared just as Robin gave the signal to attack. Raven watched, but she couldn't do anything in this useless form. She wanted to help. "I have endured your existence long enough." She watched as her team tried one last time to defeat her father. Your world is ended! Your time is-" There was a huge crack of lightning that got everyone's attention. Raven looked up to see Slade launching himself at Trigon. There was a flash of light and the next thing Raven knew was that Trigon's horn was severed.

She watched in amazement as her friends and enemy work together to take down her father. She closed her eyes and began to meditate. This was her chance.


Trigon sneered as he tried to batter these pests away. Their attacks were beginning to hurt and no one hurt Trigon the Terrible. NEVER! These pesky bugs werea nuisance, but he would still triumph over them. His pawn was even attacking him. He will learn the true meaning of pain.

"For the record, I'm nobody's servant." His pawn said as Trigon grinned. He had underestimated his servant. The human was strong, oh if only they were on his side. Maybe his father would join in on the fun soon when he dealt with his daughter. Then his head felt lighter. He placed his hands on his head, ready to find one antler, only to his surprise he only found stubs. His anger flared.

"ENOUGH!" His eyes glowed with power and soon released a blinding white power. He aimed at those nuisances until he reached one that was trying to run away. Trigon grinned as it reached him and sent him flying.

"NO!" He watched as his daughter flew over to the young man and tried to help him. "Get up! Robin, please! Get up!" Why was his daughter pleading? It angered and confused Trigon to no end. They have lost, so why did she still have hope?

"Farewell, dear daughter." He said softly, softer than he usual spoke, and charged up the attack once more. He fired the blast and once it was done, he was expecting a crater with no signs of life. But to his surprise, there was a white barrier surrounding his daughter and the nuisance.

" How...?" His daughter asked. Trigon decided to give her daughter the benefit of the doubt by explaining it to her.

"You may have retained some trace of my power, but you are still no threat to me, little girl. I am your creator, your master. You exist only to serve me. You survive only because I allow it." Trigon explained as he stared down at his flesh and blood. "What hope can a mere child have of defeating her all-powerful father?" Then Trigon felt a spike of power. He stared at his daughter only to see her bursting with power.

"You may have created me..." Trigon was not expecting the beam of power hitting him straight in the chest, sending him back into the water. "...but you were never my father." She grew back to the correct age and now her outfit was white. Her hair had grown longer and her eyes were pure white. Trigon's eyes widened. He had only seen this once.

"Wretched, insignificant-" Trigon tried to get up only to get bombarded with multiple white beams.

"Fathers are kind! Fathers protect you! Fathers raise you!" Raven screamed and Trigon thought back to his own father, Phantom. He thought about how Phantom raised him with the warmest of eyes and smiles. "I was protected by the monks of Azarath." She continued to attack him. "I was raised by my friends." He screamed in pain and tried to get away from his daughter. Oddly, a warm sense of pride filled him. "They are my family. This is my home. And you are not welcome here!" Trigon watched as she reached a form that he wasn't even allowed to become. A soul form.

"Azarath Metrion Zinthos!" A wave of power flew hitting everything.

"NNNNOOOO!" Everything was enveloped in white and once everyone got their vision back, Trigon was gone. Those who were petrified in stone, came back to life looking around wondering what was happening. The destruction Trigon had caused disappeared. Everything was back to normal, at least for the normal people.

Phantom watched invisibly as Raven interacted with her friends. He smiled and looked to where Trigon was. His son, his pride, his joy. Now somewhere where no one could reach him. Phantom flew down to the ground and took a deep breath. He lowered his invisibility and sighed.

"I have completed my mission." Phantom turned around to face Slade who was still wearing that one eyed armor. Phantom smirked and nodded.

"As it would seem." Phantom said as he turned back to the Titans who were messing around with each other. He gave a little smile and sighed. He turned back to Slade who seemed frozen mid sentence. Phantom waved his hand in front of his one eye, but got no reaction.

"It would seem that you have completed your fate." Phantom chuckled. After all these years, Death had finally made himself known. He turned around to face his old friend, Death.

"Hello, Death. It is wonderful to see you once more." Death chuckled. Phantom, since he had all the time in the world, was able to finally communicate in dead languages. "Time, as it would seem, has been good to you." Death removed their hood and there stood a beautiful young lady. Death smiled at Phantom and shrugged.

"Time just wants to be on my good side so it doesn't die." Phantom shook his head and smiled. "I have seen what you have done and I believe it was time for a change." Phantom tilted his head to the side.

"Change? Back to a mortal?" Death nodded.

"Of course, I would be happy to help you get on your feet." Phantom chuckled and looked to where the Titans were frozen. Raven's eyes were glowing a slight red and Beast Boy seemed to cower. Phantom's smile slowly fell off his face as he contemplated. Was this what he really wanted? To finally be free of life and accept death as a part of himself? He looked to Death who gave him a soft smile.

"If that is your choice, then I see no reason not to fulfill it. I hope you are happy." Phantom chuckled and Death gave him a hug. "Be safe please." Phantom laughed wholeheartedly and pulled away.

"Me? Ha...you must be joking. Trouble always follows me around." Death giggled and punched Phantom in the arm.

"You better get going if you want to meet those three brothers. Who were they again?" Death groaned and shook her head.

"The Peverell brothers. I don't know why I have to deal with this." Phantom raised an eyebrow.

"Because you are Death, personified." Death punched Phantom in the shoulder making him cry out in pain. Then she gave him a little kiss on the cheek.

"Just be safe." And with that she disappeared and time moved once more.

"I must get going before the Titans spot me. Goodbye Phantom." Slade said as he started to walk backwards.

"This may be the last time, I see you, Slade." But Phantom knew that Slade didn't hear him. After all, the little demon was running back to his secret lair. Phantom turned to the Titans who were on the move back to the restored Tower. Phantom floated over and smiled.

"Raven." He called out, but his voice made the other Titans on edge. Phantom rolled his eyes as he landed in front of the half-demon. "You did great." Raven smiled and nodded.

"Thanks for the encouragement and giving me hope." Raven responded much to the other Titans confusion.

"Wait, Raven. Didn't Phantom attack you?" Raven gave them a toothy smile and shook her head.

"No, he had me lie to you guys so Trigon would act like his father was still on his side. But he gave me the necessary encouragement to help defeat Trigon." With that said, the Titans lowered their stances and glance at Phantom.

"But you killed your whole civilization!" Robin accused as Phantom held one hand up.

"My culture was rotten and didn't deserve to live. They were like, as you say, nazis. They killed children who had dark colored hair and kept those who had bright colored hair." Robin grimaced. "I did the world a favor by getting rid of them. Besides, it did come with a punishment. Becoming Phantom." Realization dawned on them.

"So you're all powerful because you killed a civilization?" Beast boy asked. Phantom shook his head.

"You misunderstand. My entire family was murdered due to my culture. At that time, I wanted to die to join my family. You see, death is just another part of us, another stage in the world. My own death was taken from me and now, I am being lifted." Phantom said as Raven's eyes widened.

"No. You can't die! Not after everything. You're my family." Tears were streaming down Raven's normal stoic face. Phantom cupped Raven's face with his hands and wiped away the tears with his thumbs.

"And I will never leave you. Death and I have come to a little agreement. I will be here once more in the world, but I do not know when. The necklace your mother gave you, will draw me towards you. Be strong, birdeto. And hope that we meet once more." Phantom began to glow a soft blue signaling it was his time. He looked to the Titans. "Take care of Raven for me please." And with that, Phantom's vision went white.



"Congratulations! It's a boy!" The Doctor exclaimed as he held a wet and crying baby boy. He gave the baby to the nurse, who wrapped him up in soft blankets. "What do you want to name your new child, Mrs. Fenton?" A tired but happy Maddie Fenton looked her to husband, Jack Fenton who had a big smile on his face.

"Let's name him Daniel! It's a nice fitting name!" Jack bellowed as Maddie laughed.

"Daniel, Daniel James Fenton." The baby now named Daniel James Fenton, opened his eyes for the first time. They were a brilliant baby blue and one eye flashed green, but none noticed. Maddie took her new son into her hands and held him to her bosom. "Welcome to the family, my son."


"Danny, you'll be safe right?" Danny smiled at his sister and nodded.

"Of course, but trouble follows me remember?" Jasmine "Jazz" Fenton nodded and bit her lip.

"Just, don't let the people around you find out you're Phantom alright?" Danny chuckled and hugged his sister. Family always came first with him and now he was moving on to college, in California no less.

"I will. You can keep everyone safe in Amity, right?" Jazz pulled away and made a face.

"With the help of the Red Huntress, our parents, and Danielle. I think we all got it under control." Danny grinned and shrugged.

"I don't know with your clumsiness, I wonder how Danielle will fare around you." Jazz swatted at Danny, but he dodged and went towards the terminal. "Too slow." Jazz shook her head and rolled her eyes. "LOVE YOU!" And with that Danny went into the plane. Jazz rubbed her arm nervously.

"Good luck...Danny."

At the college...

Danny took a deep breath. This was it, after 4 years with his ever growing powers, he was at college. It might be a junior college, but it was something. Danny smiled as he walked through the doors to his new future. Orientation was terrible, people yelling and hurting his sensitive ears. Jostling him around since it was too crowded.

"At least, I got my photo taken." Danny said as he walked through the halls and because he wasn't looking, he bumped into someone. "Ow!" He stumbled back, but didn't fall due to his training in ghost hunting. He rubbed his forehead and looked to see a girl on the floor with all her papers all around her. "Sorry about that!" Danny held out a hand to help the girl up. The girl took his hand and he was met with familiar violet eyes. Suddenly a word came to him.

"Birdeto?" That caused the girl to freeze and look at him. Danny blinked and shook his head. Where did that come from?

"Phantom?" Danny blinked. Did she just say what he thought she said?

"What did you call me?" Danny asked as the girl shook her head and smiled and held out her hand.

"Nothing. I'm Rachel Roth." Danny smiled and took her hand.

"Nice to meet you, Rachel. I'm Danny, Danny Fenton." Her smile got bigger and shook his hand.

"Well, it's a pleasure to meet you, Danny." Danny chuckled nervously and scratched the back of his neck. What had he gotten himself into now?