I had just returned from a mission and was back in the Asian Branch. I flicked my blue wings back and forth and then deactivated my innocence as they drew back inside the skin of my back.

I rotated my shoulders, and relaxed. I hurried a flurry of action from the hospital wing, and I hurried over.

I have a weaker body than most exorcists, but I also have a special healing ability that is in high demand among my comrades.

I saw Fo resting, her head on the bed of an injured British exorcist. When she sensed me, she stirred.

"Kuri." Fo said. "Thank goodness. He needs your help."

I looked him over. "Fo...you know better. He's no longer of this world."

Fo looked up at me. "Please."

It was clear this boy, this Allen Walker, was important. But he had breathed his last, his heart had given out, so why not let him go?

When Bak entered and gave me the order; I swallowed my opinions and got to work.

I rolled up my sleeve to reveal three tic marks. I placed my hands on the boy's chest, and silver light flowed into him.

In seconds his eyes flickered open.


All was dark.

But the Moon was so BIG.

Allen reached up...he could almost touch it.

But no, he couldn't die yet. It couldn't be over. The fight was...

"Allen Walker." A girl stood there on top of the ruins. She had pigtails like Lenalee, but hers were blue. Her eyes were violet, and she wore silvery blue clothes. Her skin sparkled in the moonlight, and she held a scythe.

Was this Death, come to take him to the Otherworld?

"I-I can't go with you." Allen protested.

"All warriors say that sort of thing. The fight will go on without you, Allen." The girl continued. But her eyes were full of sadness.

"But my comra—"

He stopped. The moon had opened up into a light. Was this the end? A hand reached out to him; a woman's hand.

"Interfering, Mother?" The girl looked pissed, and raised her scythe.

Allen grabbed the hand and was pulled back to reality.

He was so relieved that he kissed the girl who had brought him back.