I was standing in a clearing, a battlefield. Corpses were piled at my feet, and I was covered with blood.

Oh no.

All of them were exorcists and finders and generals.

The air was thick with akuma, all following my every move, as if following orders.

I could hear the ringing laugh of the Millennium Earl in the distance.

Neah, the Fourteenth, walked towards me, and held out a hand.

I held out my hand. It was grey. The color of the Noah.

I screamed, and woke up in Allen's arms. But my eyes could see Neah inside him.


Allen tried to hold her, but Kuri jerked back from him.

"What is it?" Allen asked.

She stopped and relaxed. "Nothing. It's nothing."

Kuri pulled Allen close and kissed him.

"Would you love me if I was a monster?"