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10 days.

10 days and absolutely nothing had happened.

Everything was so… normal and boring.

It was to be expected. The Gremory peerage was out on their pointless training trip and Sona had taken Sasuke with her to the Underworld to meet the other families.

Because of politics or something. Naruto couldn't be bothered to remember.

The only amusing thing was Kuroka acting shy around him ever since their date. It did freak him out the first few days however. He had to check she hadn't been replaced by some kind of shapeshifter.

Speaking of shapeshifters. Ophis was nowhere to be seen much to Naruto's worry. As powerful as she was, she was also very naive. Ridiculously so.

"Relax, Naruto. She's probably just thinking of different ways to get into your pants." Kurama tried to ease his partner's worries.

"I hope that is the case for once…"

"Anyway, are you going to open the letter?"

Right. The letter.

He had received a letter via a phoenix. It was a pretty cool bird.

He would probably look at the letter later… Probably.

"Hey, dobe." Sasuke stepped out of a portal, bringing the blonde out of his thoughts.

"Oh, you're back. What's up?"

"Let's go." Sasuke beckoned him to the hole.

"Uhhhh, where to?"

Sasuke rolled his eyes, "Gremory's wedding."

"Oh, right now?"

"Yes, you idiot. That's why I said let's go."

"Fuck you. Why do I even have to go?" Naruto groaned.

"You're my plus one and you were sent an invitation by the Phenex. Plus, I don't want to be around a bunch of cocky Devils thinking they're better than me. I need you there to prevent me from accidentally killing someone."

"Hmmm, sounds reasonable. Do I have to dress up too?" Naruto asked, noticing Sasuke's suit.

"Hn, if you want. I have to wear this since I'm Sona's fiancé." Sasuke fiddled with his tie uncomfortably.

"I guess I could put on a bow tie… Or something." Naruto muttered.

"Well whatever it is, make it quick."

"Naruto? Sasuke? Where are you guys going?" Irina poked her head into the living room sleepily.

"A wedding."

"Oh! I love weddings, can I go?"

"It's a Devil wedding."

"Awww." Irina wined, "I don't understand what the point of their weddings are. Most of them end up taking concubines, so what's the point of marrying for them?"


"Also, why are you wearing a bow tie with your tracksuit?"

"Because I don't like suits."

"Okayyyy. Have fun then!" She waved them goodbye before skipping back to her room.

"Cute pajamas. I forgot to tell her."

"Hn. Let's go."

"Yessir!" Naruto saluted him.

"Also, did you even read the invitation?"

"Uhhh, I may have forgotten."

"Oooooh, what a fancy place!" Naruto looked around in awe.


"I'm surprised you agree with me."

Sasuke rolled his eyes, "I'm going to go look for Sona. Don't wander around, don't break anything and don't start a fight."

"Why'd you even bring me if I can't do anything fun?"

Sasuke narrowed his eyes.

"Besides, you're the one who said you might kill someone."

"Fine. Do whatever you want." Sasuke walked away.

"Nice. I guess I'll have a look around…"

He looked left.

And he looked right.

"Hmmm, this is just a big hallway. Maybe I'll go get some food."

A few minutes later

"Jeez, if looks could kill I'd be dead several times over."

"Tsk! Bunch of weak and pathetic Devils trying to pretend to be better than you."

"Haha, take it easy Kurama. There's no harm and this is the most excitement we've had in 10 days."

"Hmph, I still want to rip them all to shreds…"

Naruto chuckled as he sipped on some wine. He was happy as long as nobody acted on their ugly glares.

Unfortunately, that's exactly what happened.

Naruto sighed, "Can I help you?"

The Devils that approached him growled, "What is a filthy human like you doing here?"

"I don't know." Naruto shrugged, "Care to guess."

"Heh, you think you're clever?" Another Devil frowned.

"I've been known to have my moments." Naruto tipped his glass at them, "If you'll excuse me, I'm going to find my friend."

One of the Devils grabbed his shoulder, "Where do you think you're going, filthy human?"

Naruto blinked, "I'm pretty sure I just told you… Or are you hard of hearing?"

"You wanna die, human?"

"Hmmm, no, not particularly." Naruto smirked as he got the attention of more of the party guests.

"What is going on here?" Riser, surprisingly stopped the small commotion.

"Lord Riser! We were simply going to show this unwanted human his place."

"Unwanted? What made you think that? It was Riser's parents who extended an invitation to him."


"R-Really?" The Devil stuttered, "I w-wasn't aware…"

"Why would you be aware?" Riser raised a brow, "No matter, Riser will appreciate that you refrain from making any further commotion or insulting Riser's guest."

"Of course…" The Devil and his posse bowed nervously before quickly leaving.

"I appreciate that. I could've handled it though."

"Riser is aware, but what kind of host would Riser be if he allowed one of his guests to continue to be insulted?"

Naruto merely hummed.

"Regardless of all of this, Riser hopes you enjoy yourself."

"I'll try, I'm not usually one for events like these."

Riser nodded, "If you wouldn't mind, Riser would like to introduce you to his sister."

"What a lovely surprise. He's not acting like a dick."

"Lead the way."

A few minutes passed before they approached a young lady flanked by two guards.

"This is Ravel. Ravel, this is Naruto. Riser will leave you to get further acquainted, along with your guards." The Phenex motioned to the guards to leave.

Naruto waited for them to leave before smiling at the girl, "It's a pleasure to meet you, Ravel." He offered his hand to shake.

Ravel took it swiftly, "Your friend did not do you justice when describing you…" She told him with a blush.

"Oh? What did he say?"

"He failed to comment on your… good looks." She said as she looked at his whiskers, "He also made sure to get across how much of a 'dense idiot' you are."

"I'm surprised that's as far as he went. He didn't brag about being stronger than me or something?"

"He said you were around the same level of strength."

Naruto smiled, "So… What's with your brother's hospitality? Don't get me wrong, but he didn't strike me as a person who respects humans."

Ravel nodded, "He doesn't, but you and your friend are not ordinary humans and my family respects your strength."

"And the reason for meeting you?"

"Ah, well… My family would like to invite you to have dinner with us to discuss something."

Naruto nodded, "Sure, just tell me when. It'll be interesting to see more of the Underworld."

"What happened to not giving an advantage to any Faction?"

"It's only dinner, Kurama."


Ravel smiled, "Great!"

Naruto smiled back, making Ravel blush and cough in embarrassment, "I mean… We can't wait to have you and we hope you enjoy the wedding."

"Thank you. Can't wait to see you again."

"R-Right…" Ravel scampered away with a light blush.

He took the time he had to look for Rias' peerage who he assumed would also be attending, albeit they would not be pleased about it.

He found them shortly after, chatting with Sona and a brooding Sasuke next to her.

"Hey, guys. How's everyone doing?" Naruto walked to the group with a smile.

"Where the hell have you been?" Sasuke asked.

"I was having a chat with Ravel. She invited me to dinner with her family."

Koneko frowned, "What does a chicken want with you?"

"I've got a guess." Was all he said.

Koneko didn't say anything further, opting to close her eyes to drink in his presence.

"She seems to like the feeling of your chakra a lot. Who knew you'd be such a ladies man." Kurama snickered.

"Pervy Sage would be crying in joy I bet."

"Good to see you, Mr. Uzumaki." Kiba nodded at him.

"Ah, please don't call me that outside of school… It's weird, I'm barely older than you anyway." Naruto scratched the back of his head, "Where's Issei by the way?"

"The pervert got injured in the rating game pretty badly." Koneko said, inching closer to Naruto.

"I see. It must suck not being able to help your friend any further."

"Don't count us out just yet." Akeno smiled cryptically.

Naruto hummed.

Mere minutes later, Riser introduced himself and Rias to the entire room. The dress looked nice on her but it probably would've been better if she actually enjoyed wearing it.

Shortly after that, Issei burst into the room. Unsurprisingly.

"Do we have to stay here?" Sasuke asked Sona, "I don't particularly want to watch their fight."

"What makes you think they're going to fight?"

"This is clearly a last ditch effort to 'save' Rias from her marriage. Even Naruto could figure that out."

"Screw you, dick."

Sasuke frowned when Sirzechs showed up and explained he had been 'underwhelmed' by the previous showing, "Honestly, it's pathetic how he's using his position to manipulate things like this. Way to remain impartial."

"We're going home?" Naruto asked.

"Unless you want to stay here, I can leave you if you want."

"Ah, no. Take me with you, I'm not really interested in this…"

"Hn." Sasuke nodded, opening up a portal.

"See you all later, don't forget your homework." Naruto reminded the teenagers as he stepped through the portal with Sasuke.

The last thing he heard was a groan as the portal closed behind them.

"No goodbye kiss for your fiancée?" Naruto asked with a grin.

"Shut up, manwhore."

"Manwhore? Where did that even come from? I've literally only had sex with one girl here."

"So? You're gonna end up doing it with pretty much all of them here. So you're a manwhore to be."

"You're just jealous girls like me better in this world."


"Yeah, I got girls who genuinely like me while you got yourself a bunch of fan girls when we were younger."

"Hn, don't remind me. Fan girls really ruin the image of women in general."

"Don't blame it on them. I bet you'd barely pay attention to women in general, regardless of whether or not you had fan girls." Naruto smirked, "Are you sure you're not gay?"

"I will castrate you." Sasuke frowned.

"Need I remind you that Sasuke was your first kiss?"

"Shhhhh that's all in the past, Kurama. No need to bring it back up."

Kurama snickered.

"By the way, the Heiress of the Astaroth house wants to meet with you and Asia whenever you're available."

"Really? I assume they lost a lot of their privileges and respect after what happened with Dorito."

Sasuke rolled his eyes at the name but nodded, "She most likely wishes to apologize and possibly start good relations."

"I guess I'll just have to see what kind of person she is then."

"Hn, I'm going to bed now. We'll talk about this some other time."

"Have a nice nap!"


The Dimensional Gap…

"If he somehow finds his way here, it could start a lot of trouble… I could try closing the way but that would just alert him of which one it is and he'd force it open again soon after. There should be plenty of time before he even tries to get here." Ophis looked on with a small frown.

"Hey, midget Dragon! Whatcha doing over there? Stalking other worlds again? Isn't that the third one? Bwahaha! Do you have nothing better to do?"

"Great Red… Such a loud nuisance."

"Come over here! I got a few new flips to show you!"

Ophis ignored him as she made a portal to Naruto's house.

"Hey! You ignoring me?! Don't ignore me! Get back here so I' can beat your ass!"

Super short arc, hope it was still an enjoyable chapter. This was really just to set some things up for the future more than anything else.

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