I own none of the intellectual properties held within, not even the Jumpchain idea is mine. The only thing I can claim is the Self Insert and perhaps my characterization of Jumper-Chan. This is an unbetaed story being written by someone who has never written a long story. I post this looking for criticism and in the hopes of improving. Story will be rewritten and reposted at a later point.

I was wasting time between trying to write, watching a movie and talking to a friend of mine about various fictional universes. I was in the middle of writing a Worm CYOA, I had written myself into a corner and turned it into a preachy discussion about philosophy.

I enjoyed how dark Worm was and how it dealt with many of the tropes of generic hero setting. My friend thought it was way too dark, with little to no hope. Personally I think it makes more sense than DC and Marvel. They have a reason to keep powerful villains alive.

Eric was telling me about Jumpchains, another idea that could make for some compelling reading. While he was telling me where he would jump first, I was looking up the rules and different jumps. I was half listening so when he asked me where I would go I immediately said "Harry Potter, you can easily derail canon by taking parselmouth and finding the vanishing cabinet in the first year before it's broken"

Everything stopped at that point, everything around me plunged into darkness for a second and then I found myself in an office with seven screens. All but one were following people. "My name isn't important, but you can call me Jump-Chan. I brought you here because I have a spot available and for once it isn't Pokémon or a jump that guarantees immediate death."

I knew that if this were an anime my eyes would be sparkling and three times as large. "Yes, yes, yes a thousand times yes. This is going to be awesome."

Handing me a form she smirked. "Keep it interesting, and stay alive"

I quickly filled it out and passed it back. Jump-Chan read through my choices, looking up at me every so often then back down. Drumming her fingers she commented "You got the math wrong on some of it, and you took extra flaws."

Holding my hand out for the form I said "Sorry, I'm really excited and I don't think I was paying enough attention. I can fix that so we can get started, originally I was thinking about doing both Harry Potter jumps starting with 'Fantastic Beasts'.

"How interesting, I've never seen someone want to do two jumps into the same place at the start. That could be fun and the synchronization would be incredible, why didn't you do that?"

"I wasn't sure how entertaining that would be for you Jump-Chan, isn't the point of this to keep you entertained?"

"Sure thing, but not many people are able to surprise me and you did a few times even before your first jump" Ripping up my first sheet she handed me another.

Name : Esteban Fernández

Age : 31

Height : 182.88 cm (6')

Identity : Magizoologist

Education : Castelobruxo

Perks (-1000)

Draco Dormiens Nunquan Titillandus : -200

You will occasionally have very real and potentially game changing breakthroughs and moments of inspiration that seem mad until they work

Herbology Hero : Free

At a glance you can detect special qualities in plants and fungi. You are also able to harvest plants with such efficiency you seem to get more ingredients

Apparition Ace : -400

You can apparate extremely quickly and efficiently. You can apparate far further than the average witch or wizard crossing countries, oceans and seas and even continents with ease.

Conservationist : Free

You are adept at the disciplines required for protecting species, both in designing suitable artificial habitats and in breeding programs

Special Qualities : -100

You can almost immediately discern the special or magical abilities of fauna and can nearly always think of a myriad of clever ways to use them

Talk with the animals : -200

You and beasts just get along. They almost seem to understand human speech and they seem unusually inclined to make friends with you. Even when their nature is vicious and aggressive. You also have a nose for when an animal or beast is being mistreated. Beasts rescued by you will recognize you as their saviour and will be very loyal

Baking : -100

Baking with magic takes a flick of the wand as long as their are ingredients

Items (-500)

Wand : Free

Ebony with a Thunderbird core, 9 ¾ long

Bakery : -150

A small but popular bakery, a small staff can run it easily but you can take part. In following jumps you will start with it

Wardrobe : -50

Endless amount of 1920's clothes

Journal : -100

A self-updating journal of the animals and beasts you've encountered, provides facts about their behaviours, diet, habitats and notes on how to care for them

Case -200

A briefcase that's far bigger on the inside with various habitats for beasts, each habitat magically adapts to best suit any beasts inside. Has a muggle worthy switch

Beasts (+/-400)

Thunderbird : -300

Murtlap X2 : -50

Drawbacks (+500)

The long haul : 0

Murtlap Poisoning : +300

Don't you know anything? : +200

"I'm not sure how exciting this one is going to be for you to be honest, if all goes…" Jump-Chan stops me by grabbing my sheet and looking it over.

"Don't tell me, show me in a few minutes." With that she puts my character sheet into my screen and I immediately find myself sitting beside Newt.

The best part of this is there is no discomfort at all, I clearly remember my entire life before this point as if I had lived it. I'm from a long line of South American wizards, I'm the first of my clan to travel. Unfortunately this has put me at odds with my family, they think I should stay at home and expand the family business and influence. Thinking quickly I shield myself from view and snap off a tracking charm on Newt's suitcase.

Following casually behind I watch with amusement as Newt blunders along, I stop myself from outright cackling when he gets his ass kicked by the non-maj. I could stop this whole thing from escalating and let him keep his portable zoo, but I would really rather just take it for myself. Hopefully I'll be able to get them loyal to myself.

Tapping myself on the head I use the hand Disillusionment Charm and then silence the bottom of my shoes. As quickly as I can I follow Jacob and when he opens his door I stun him and then Obliviate the last few minutes just in case. The last thing he should remember is panicking and running towards his apartment, taking a moment to open my suitcase and put Newt's inside and go back out.

As I make my way out of the building I contemplate what I should do, I could easily bring the case back to Newt and continue on my way. Call it justification, but I don't really think he deserves it. This whole mess causes a metric ton of problems for the magicals in the USA, not including all the damage this causes to New York. If I'm being honest this plays right into my plan anyways, making a quick decision I visualize the entrance to Diagon Alley in my head and twist.

Apparition Ace for the win, and just like that I'm where every fan of the series wants to be. Nothing said I had to stay in the USA, but my drawback specially states American laws. I could go back and help the situation and try and make things go smoother, but I've done enough and gotten a nice reward.

Opening the way into the alley itself I had to take a moment to appreciate the beauty of it, nodding to myself I started wandering. The sweating was an annoyance, but it wasn't a big deal it was more or less like having a constant alcohol buzz. As I walk towards Gringotts I feel a sort of pull, so after looking at the poem I give a short bow to the guards and enter.

The bank is almost empty and one of the tellers saves me over, with a snarl he says. "You're late, Pickrot went over everything with your manager and she has all the paperwork in Hogsmeade. Next time you have an appointment with Gringotts don't waste our time, unless you have other business you can leave wizard."

"Until next time Goblin" Turning I walked back out, interesting I guess Jump-Chan did understand my intentions. Quickly walking out of the bank and start heading towards the exit, as soon as I start thinking about my bakery I get the image of a two story building. 'Quint'

With an almost silent pop I was standing in front of the bakery I had bought from Jump-Chan. There's a small balcony on the second floor, so I apparate and look inside. A business and a place to stay, time to take a look into my new case and take care of my new fantastic beasts. Hopefully this will be the start of my personal magic zoo.

I quickly take my new case out of my old and set them both on my bed, I go back into mine and take out my Thunderbird Angelica. It takes a while to feed all the animals inside, but with my perks it seems as though they will quickly forget Newt. I leave Frank with Angelica, they seem content flying and getting to know each other.

Back in my room I take a quick look at the ledgers, the business has been running for a few years and I can easily afford to take care of my portable zoo without much problems. After baking I would spend time with the animals, feeding and grooming the ones that enjoyed it. Do some exercise by jogging in different places with my spare suitcase. The best part of long range apparition is just how easy it was to get around.

One day I went to Ireland to explore and collect some mokes, they were relatively easy to find and secure in my suitcase. Another day I went looking for more murtlap, I felt as though I would have stable populations of most magical animals soon enough. The more magical animals I found the larger my journal got, I also started a journal on magical plants using my knowledge from school and things I learned as I traveled and collected books.

Which gave me an idea, if Newt could write a book about where to find them I could write a book on how to care for them. It would be more than that though, I wrote about favourite foods, habits and how to keep them happy with even different properties of magical animals and how to safely harvest them. Before long I realized I was going to end up with a series of books.

Months flew by as I got into my routine, everyday I got more and more comfortable this wasn't a game to me this was home. I had started taking time to mingle with customers and chat with people in Hogsmeade. Reading about Harry Potter was so much different than living it, magic had become casual to me an everyday occurrence. I didn't love it any less, I just completely understand how easy it was to dismiss no-majs when I routinely used magic for so much.

I had started writing the last volume of what I decided was going to be a five part collection when I sent the first off to be published. To fill out the first volume I added common wizard pets, but each book would cover one of the X classifications. I had come to the conclusion that there was no quick and easy method to attain wealth without massive amounts of crime, I had no desire to tempt fate in that manner though.

In frustration I put the problem of wealth onto the back burner and decided to go a different route, since my bakery could continue on as it was without me. I decided to sneak into Hogwarts since it was summer at this point and fool around in the Room of Requirement. It was much easier to get in than I thought it would be, the room much more adaptive than I had expected. I found a few dozen trunks ranging from good to perfect condition, it would turn out to be just enough for what I had planned.

I spent the next six hours cycling the room and filling up trunks, lost books, lost goblin made items, lost valuables, broken items and in what I considered a stroke of genius… confiscated items. Just as I was about to leave the door disappeared and felt the room change. Now I was in a massive room that was covered in runes, in the centre was a large glowing gem sitting on top of a platform made of goblin silver.

I could feel something communicating to me not with words, but with feelings and memories. Over the years all the clutter had begun sapping the castle of resources, since I had taken the vast majority of things the castle was in much better state. I saw memories of the castle being built and the wards being created, an undertaking that had taken a combination of wizards, goblins, and centaurs. It was awe inspiring and humbling, I knew what I wanted to do. I needed to recreate this for my home and magical sanctuary.

I spent more time in my bakery talking to people about my dream of a magical sanctuary where people would be able to see the true majesty of the magical world. Expanded barns that would have habitats that suited each species, greenhouses that would grow magical plants. I also planned on having barns to raise animals to feed them and greenhouses to grow food.

I spent afternoons sorting the different trunks, I expanded the space of two trunks putting the broomsticks in one and duplicated books in another. I made sure to spend time practicing different magic and expanding my repertoire. In the evenings I would go into the forbidden forest and carefully explore and collect various magical plants and a few animals.

I would often see different centaurs in the distance, but I left them alone and they didn't seem to mind my presence. I wanted them to get used to me and approach me in their own time. My days were filled and I was busy but I never felt stressed, what a change from my old life. I would often find myself amused by how fit I was being as a wizard and what a massive effect magic had on my body and energy level. No wonder they lived for so long, Dippet was over 300 when he died it made all the losses to come even more tragic and senseless.

With money rolling in from my book series I decided to start writing a book about three series. The first would be herbology, the second potions and the last thing the two together. I found that writing had helped me expand my knowledge while working on them. I started a journal of new potions and potion modifications that I kept for myself, time was starting to speed along nicely.

My third year here and I was meeting various educators, ministry officials all while mingling with customers. I kept baking because that was one thing I kept from my first life, I would always be a chef. What surprised me was that I now had three masteries documented by the MoM, my books would all be used at Hogwarts.

I was well known now in the magical world for everything I was doing, I had amassed a fortune through my efforts as an author and a businessman. I had more respect from the goblins due to that, which was good because I needed them for the next phase of my plans.

There was a group of seven islands in the North Sea that I wanted to buy and turn into a magical sanctuary. The plan was to use magic to transform them into one large island with my home in the centre. I wanted to create a more powerful version of the Hogwarts ward system to protect it. The island would ideally have a village made up of first gen magic users and half bloods that would work and build a life there.

I didn't think I would be able to create my own system of government, but I was hoping to create a place of equality from the rest of the British magical world could be influenced. A small island of self sustained equality protected from the outside world. I started exchanging letters with both Nicolas Flamel and his wife Perenelle, talking about my dream and getting his input.

Their suggestion of adding a repository of magical knowledge was amazing to me, and well thought out. I immediately added that into my plans, his help would prove invaluable going forward. The centaurs were getting used to me and I had talked to seven of them, they told me in their own way that I was respected due to my care of magical animals and visions of sanctuary.

The goblins were actually quite easy to deal with, I wanted to give them the goblin made items I had but it wasn't that easy. Wizards bought items while goblins only sold it for the buyers lifetime, this misunderstanding led to one of the many wars. The subsequent treaty gave a firm price for them to be bought back by the goblins and now it was pretty much impossible to get a commission from them. In the end I sold all but a pair of daggers and a short sword.

I was completely unaware of the fact that while I was moving forward with my plans the Flamels had bought the islands and gotten in contact with other sapient magical races. Vella, dwarves and even merfolk were all ready; the plans for the island were much further than I realized. Reforming and reshaping the islands was the largest undertaking the modern magical world has ever seen.

One hundred and forty seven witches and wizards working together, three groups of forty nine in a ritual at a predetermined time. It was worth it, the first thing built was what would become my home. While the creation of Hogwarts wards and ward stone took three magical species, mine would involve seven. A very significant magical number.

By my tenth anniversary here I had traveled the entire world and brought back a surprising amount of magical animals, books and crops. The island was thriving and people traveled from all over the world to visit and would often move there. I had succeeded beyond my wildest dreams, writing many more books. When Nicolas and Pernelle moved there I decided to tell them my story, of how I was a dimensional traveller who would leave soon and return a few decades later.

The three of us would often walk around the island to visit the different groups, there was a small volcano that a group of Dwarves lived in and under. It was the centaurs of New Avalon that convinced them my story was true, this island would be my legacy in this world and I was proud. To Pernelles amusement I declined the elixir over and over, instead spending time learning from them and expanding my knowledge.

During my last five years I fell in love, ironically she was one of the white sheep of the Black family. I finally stopped dashing around the world and settled down in marriage. I still kept busy caring for magical animals, expanding my knowledge of magic with the Flamels, keeping fit and writing. I went to sleep one night and woke up sitting back in front of Jump-Chan.

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