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Return to the Past Now!

Jeremy opened his eyes and bolted out of his bed onto the floor. After reorienting himself with his surroundings and realizing he was back in his room, Jeremy felt angry.

XANA's latest attack had not been pleasant and he hadn't enjoyed almost drowning to death in the sewers. He swore he could still smell whatever gunk was in those waters.

"That's it! We are definitely going to talk about this. Tomorrow!" Jeremy quietly yelled to himself in his room.

Classes had ended an hour ago. Franz had stayed behind at school for a bit to get some work done and socialize with some of the staff. Jeremy and Aelita had gone ahead to the factory and get started on their work. It really was a time saver having two more people to help out. That thought brought up the idea of bringing more people in on his secret. He quickly shook his to get rid of that notion.

Bringing in more people was a bad idea. Who knows what they could do if he exposed the supercomputer to them? Especially if they did something outside of the range of the Return.

Franz entered the elevator and went down to the scanner room first. He wanted to check the scanners for metal fatigue and make sure the hardware was operating correctly. Upon reaching the room, he could hear voices coming from the lab upstairs, through the access hatch.

"We can handle it Jeremy." Aelita said.

"We're doing okay, but it can't last forever" Jeremy replied with slight annoyance in his voice.

Franz's curiosity was peaked and he decided to listen in. Sure it was rude to eavesdrop, but this is his daughter so there was probably some kind of exception there.

"Jeremy, we've been doing this for a while now and there's hardly been any problems" Aelita tried to soothe him.

"Aelita, we need more people. Most of the time, you're relatively safe, but that's not true for all of us. I was drowning last time!" Jeremy exclaimed.

A silence extended for a few seconds. "You think you're the only one whose been hurt Jeremy? Everyone has in some way!" Aelita argued back.

"That's why we need to bring in more people to help us fight XANA. The last few times he attacked us have been close. Both on Earth and Lyoko. And you know who I want to bring in." Jeremy's voice sounded firm.

"Yumi and Odd." Aelita simply responded him.

"And Ulrich." Jeremy continued. "He's been there a few times as well and really helped us out. The three of them would be great fighters. Ulrich and Yumi practice Penkat Silat. Odd's recklessly brave and has that spontaneity thing going for him."

The silence returned again. Franz waited patiently. He wanted to hear Aelita's thoughts on this. The two times she had brought it up, he had strongly shot her down without hearing her out. Maybe she would tell Jeremy what she wasn't telling him.

"You're right. You're right." Aelita admitted. "We can't do this alone, just the three of us. Even if the both of us went to Lyoko during an attack, there's still the danger here on Earth to deal with. Without my father at the computer, fighting XANA on Lyoko gets a lot harder. But if he stays, then he could get hurt, or worse. But I've tried before Jeremy, and he won't allow it. He always shuts the idea down before I get started."

Franz couldn't see, but Jeremy walked closer to Aelita and held her hand.

"Maybe not alone, but the two of us together might be able to convince him." Jeremy told her softly.

Franz felt that he had heard enough and backed away from the access hatch.

Maybe Jeremy was right. It was time to bring in more people. But he still wasn't comfortable bringing only children to fight an evil AI. They needed another adult too. But who? Maybe Jim? He's always been a reliable guy, if somewhat loud and clumsy. Still, the man understood subtly when it was needed. Franz the others would have to feel him out. For now, the children should be fine.

Franz walked upstairs and decided to let Jeremy and Aelita know that he would allow the other three to be brought in. After they gave him their argument. Might as well have a little fun with them since they didn't know he had overheard everything.

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