"This is almost too easy now" Yumi said as her fan made a return trip from destroying a crab.

"XANA really has to up his game" Odd said as he scored direct hits on three Kankrelats.

"Odd!" Jeremy, Aelita, Ulrich, and Yumi yelled at him.

"XANA can hear you in there. Do you really want to give him more ideas?" Franz asked into the microphone.

"Sorry." Odd said, slightly embarrassed. "I'll try to remember that."

"Yeah right. Like the time you remembered what you were supposed study for that Physics test?" Ulrich shot at him.

"Hey! I didn't do so bad!" Odd shot back.

"That reminds. I need to speak to you about that test, Odd" Franz said into his mic.

"Someone's in trouble." Yumi smirked in amusement.

Odd tried to think of a distraction. It was tough talking about school when your teacher could hear every word you said. You could hardly even say anything about said teacher or their colleagues. That's why he preferred Jeremy at the helm. Plus, Jeremy had a slightly better sense of humor.

"Hey Aelita, you should hurry and deactivate that tower. It's all clear now" Odd said as he nodded towards the red tower.

Aelita and the others rolled their eyes at his obvious attempt to change the subject. No one said anything however and Aelita ran towards the tower. A few moments later, the tower turned back to it's normal blue hue.

"Great! Now let's go get some lunch. It's meatballs and spaghetti day!" Odd exclaimed in hunger.

"It's also the day you come to my office after lunch" Franz told Odd.

Odd groaned while the rest of the kids laughed at his misery.


The kids grabbed their lunches from the line and sat down at their table. They started to dig into their food. Literally in Odd's case.

"You know Odd, the faster you finish your lunch, the sooner you have to meet with my dad" Aelita joked in amusement.

For once, that got Odd to stop eating and nibble on his food a little.

"Well what do you know? Miracles can happen" Ulrich joked.

The group quietly chuckled at Odd.

"So, how did you guys do on your science test?" Yumi asked, somewhat changing the subject.

"Jeremy and I did pretty well. My father actually let me peak at both of our grades." Aelita responded.

"Really?" Jeremy asked curiously. "What did I get?"

"Guess" Aelita responded with a smile.

"Knowing Einstein, he probably aced that test" Odd responded and continued to eat his food.

"He did." Aelita stated.

"What did you get-" Ulrich started to ask.

"Oh Ulrich Dear!" an annoying voice declared from across the mess hall.

The Lyoko Warriors groaned. Here comes Sissy. And she was approaching their table.

"Oh Ulrich. My father is hosting a school dance in two weeks. He's going to make the announcement today." Sissy told him while ignoring the others. "And you have the great honor of going to the dance with the most beautiful girl in the school."

"Great." Ulrich muttered sarcastically. He did take a small glance at Yumi though.

"Me!" Sissy declared loudly.

Odd decided to take pity on his roommate. "Come on Ulrich. We need to go talk to Professor Hopper about the science test."

It took Ulrich a moment but he caught on and picked up his tray.

"I'll go with you" Jeremy spoke.

"Yeah, me too." Aelita quickly said.

"Me three." Yumi rushed out.

The five of them left the mess hall, leaving behind a confused Sissy staring at them dumbly.

"Well that was fun." Odd said as the group got away from Sissy.

"So what are you guys up to now?" Jeremy asked.

"Aelita and I are going to go have some girl time. Too much testosterone with you guys." Yumi told the guys.

"I have to go talk to Professor Hopper" Odd said, downcast at the idea.

"I don't really have anything to do" Ulrich said.

"Want to just hang out in my room?" Jeremy asked him.

"Sure" Ulrich shrugged.

With that, the group split and went off to their destinations.


Ulrich was lying on Jeremy's bed reading a comic book. Jeremy was sitting on his computer, working on a new program for Lyoko.

"Say Jeremy." Ulrich said, lowering his comic book a bit.

"Yes?" said blond queried, still working on his program.

"How are you going to ask Aelita to the dance?" Ulrich asked.

A series of misspelled characters appeared in Jeremy's line of code.

"What?!" Jeremy turned towards Ulrich and exclaimed.

Ulrich repeated his question. "How are you going to ask Aelita to the dance?"

Jeremy just sat in his chair, frozen for a few seconds. He eventually looked away from his friend.

"I wasn't planning on asking her. I wasn't even planning on going." Jeremy quietly said.

Ulrich stared at his friend in shock. "Jeremy, why not!? Aelita wants to go with you. She likes you!"

Jeremy blushed at hearing that. He still didn't face Ulrich, but he did cross his arms.

"School dances aren't really for me." Jeremy said with a bit of sadness. "I'm just one of those kids who drinks punch and stands in the corner watching others have fun." Ulrich frowned at hearing that. He never liked it when people were left out like that. "Besides, Aelita doesn't like me. To her, I'm just some nerdy kid who broke into her lab, stole their files, and is now helping them fight an evil computer virus." Jeremy was now sullen.

"Even before all of that, Aelita still had a crush on you. Maybe you didn't notice, but she would glance at you whenever she thought no one was looking." Ulrich countered.

Jeremy processed that and shook his head in denial. "That's just because I was as smart as her. I stood out. She wasn't showing any interest in me like that."

Ulrich shook his head at Jeremy's lack of self-confidence. They really needed to work on that.

"Jeremy, I'm telling you! Aelita does like you. She said so. She's probably waiting for you to ask her right now. If you ask her, she will say yes."

Jeremy looked surprised at hearing that. "When did she tell you?"

"That she likes you?" Ulrich confirmed. Jeremy nodded his head. "She didn't tell me exactly. She told Yumi, and Yumi told me."

Jeremy didn't know how to respond to that. Ulrich just rolled his eyes.

"Jeremy, do you trust me?" Ulrich asked.

"Of course." Jeremy responded almost immediately.

"Then trust me on this." Ulrich said. "We need a plan. I'll help you out. We should bring Yumi and Odd in on this too."

"Are you sure about Odd?" Jeremy hesitantly asked. "He doesn't have the best track record with girls."

"It's alright Jeremy. He's managed to go out with plenty of girls. He just hasn't been able to follow up on them after the date. We just need get that first step in the door." Ulrich reassured him.

There was a knock on Jeremy's door. "It's me." Odd's voice came through the door.

"Come in!" Jeremy yelled.

The door opened and Odd walked through, closing it behind him.

"Hey" Ulrich greeted. "How'd it go with Hopper?"

"I'd rather not talk about it. What's going on here guys?" Odd asked.

"Nothing!" Jeremy responded quickly.

Ulrich crossed his arms and faced Odd. "I'm trying to convince Jeremy to ask Aelita out."

"That'll be easy" Odd casually stated. "She already has a crush on him."

Jeremy blushed deep red again. Ulrich and Odd were amused by this.

"We just need to help him make a plan to ask her." Ulrich told Odd. "Maybe boost his confidence a little."

"Poor Einstein." Odd shook his head. "He can face down a computer virus bent on destroying the world, but he can't ask a girl to a school dance. Oh the horror!" Odd good naturedly mocked.

Jeremy buried his face in his hands. He just didn't know if he could do this.

"Don't worry Jeremy." Odd put his hand on Jeremy's shoulder. "With us, you'll have Aelita on your arm for the dance by the end of the week."

Jeremy couldn't say any response. Partially from denial and from giddiness at the thought of going with Aelita. Another part of him was too embarrassed to respond. The sides that didn't want to go were winning in his subconscious. However, Odd and Ulrich combined were starting to overpower that side.

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