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It was Friday afternoon at the end of the week. Jeremy didn't have any more classes, so he decided to take a trip to the factory. When he entered the sewers, he noticed two scooters leaning against the tunnel walls. He idly thought that Aelita and Hopper left them here so they could get to the factory faster. He turned and jogged towards the factory's manhole cover, which took about 13 minutes on foot.

He entered the factory walls and slid down the ropes. He took the stairs down to the lower levels again. If he took the elevator, Hopper or Aelita might notice it missing if they came down. It took him a few minutes to find the way again, but he got there eventually. Jeremy sat at the chair and pulled out his laptop.

All week long, he couldn't stop thinking about the supercomputer. He wanted to know more about the supercomputer. What could it do and what was it's purpose? He knew what he was doing is an invasion of privacy, but he couldn't let it go. He connected his laptop to the supercomputer via cable and accessed it's files. This was safer in case there was something in the foreground he shouldn't mess with. He pulled up the files and perused through them.

Two hours later, he now understood what was going on. This was a real supercomputer. It supported a virtual world that had 5 sectors. Each sector had a small collection of towers. Towers could be activated to give programs more power to function. One floor below him, were scanners that could 'virtualize' a person onto Lyoko. But why was it here? Jeremy found some documentation files and a video journal. After an internal debate, he downloaded all of the files to his computer and packed up his stuff, making sure to delete the activity logs and that nothing else was left behind. Not a moment too soon either because he heard the elevator coming down.

Quickly, Jeremy climbed up the ladder on the side wall and crawled through the opening. After he hid, he looked back in and saw Hopper walk into the room with a thermos in hand. Hopper sat down at the computer and started typing away.

Jeremy quietly slunk away and got back to the factory's entrance. He hoped he didn't run into Aelita on the way back to school. Fortunately, he didn't. He opened the access door that connected to the basement in the school's gym. He quickly ran to his math class, which he shared with Aelita. They were friendly, academic rivals and sometimes sat next to each other in their shared classes.

He entered the room just as the bell rang. Since he has a perfect record, the teacher didn't say anything, but waited a moment for him to sit down. The only open seat was next to Ulrich Stern, the star soccer player at Kadic. He gave Ulrich a quick nod which was returned. He tutored Ulrich, so the two of them were good acquaintances. Behind him sat Aelita next to the class clown, Odd Della Robbia. Odd, Aelita, and Ulrich were all friends. Odd and Ulrich were friends with each other by default because they were roommates. Aelita somehow got lumped in with them when she arrived at Kadic last year. But she didn't always hang out with them. Jeremy sometimes wanted to join them but was too shy to just approach them.

Jeremy sat in class impatiently, waiting for the bell to ring. He glanced at the clock several times. Even Ulrich noticed how anxious Jeremy looked.

At last, the bell rang. Jeremy was quickly packing up his stuff. He wanted to go back to his room and view the files he downloaded. Ulrich raised an eyebrow in curiosity.

"What's the rush Einstein?" Odd called him Einstein a few times and the name kind of stuck. He liked it.

"I have some work I need to finish."

"Are you still able to tutor me tonight? I'm going to need help for this math test on Monday." Ulrich asked nervously.

"Sure. We'll meet after dinner." Jeremy easily replied. He saw Odd and Aelita were waiting for Ulrich and decided to take his leave.

"Wait!" Jeremy heard someone half-shout. Looking back, he saw Aelita looking at him expectantly.

"We're going to get some food from the mess hall. Do you want to eat with us?" She asked kindly.

Jeremy debated this for a moment. On the one hand, he really wanted to see those files. On the other hand, he was hungry, and he wouldn't mind sitting with others for a rare change. Deciding that the files could wait, he joined Aelita and the others at the mess hall. He felt a little guilty because he was snooping around Hopper's work while enjoying the company of his daughter at lunch. That feeling was shortly replaced by disgust after Odd dug into his food. Seriously, that boy was an endless blackhole. Still, he enjoyed eating a meal with the others. They were a fun bunch.

After eating lunch, he said bye to the others and went back to his room. Dinner was over at 7:30, so he had until then to finish going through the files. No way he wanted Ulrich to know what he had done. He sat down and got to work. Before long, he had read most of the notes Hopper had and viewed most of the video files. Hopper created the supercomputer to combat project Carthage with a multi-agent program called XANA. The XANA was a success and destroyed Carthage, shutting the project down. But XANA eventually went rogue and evolved from his original programming. He broke free from the supercomputer and Lyoko. He did this by kidnapping Anthea, who held one of the keys to Lyoko. He possessed her body and escaped into the internet, taking her with him. Aelita and Hopper had been tracking down Anthea for months now, with little progress. XANA wanted to destroy humankind, believing it to be too corrupt to exist.

He laid down on his bed as he pondered about what he learned. He needed some time to process all of this. A little after 7:30, Ulrich came by his room for tutoring. They decided to study in Jeremy's room for tonight, which Ulrich was fine with. The session also helped Jeremy get his mind off the factory until Ulrich left near lights out. Then, Jeremy once again found himself lying in bed, wondering about the supercomputer. He didn't know what to do with what he learned now. All he could do now was go to sleep and figure it out later.

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