Shards of broken mirror littered the floor, stained with blood. Kiku picked them up one by one, cursing under his breath. His hands had cuts on them. It hurt.

But he couldn't do anything. He was the personification of Japan after all. Honda Kiku, as he was otherwise called, was a man with a short stature and raven black hair. The first striking thing about him was however, his soulless eyes. They didn't have much of a shine to them. Like as if they were hiding secrets.

The tricks he used in WW2. The hate he had for most of the western nations. The regret he had for what he did to his family. His fear of bombs and cockroaches.

The biggest secret though, was the correspondence he had with certain supernatural elements.

The secret which right now, was causing him pain.

As the mirror from his hand collapsed to the floor a moment ago, he felt a strange discomfort as he watched it break.

And then the pain was worse.

It was like something possessed him. He couldn't think straight. He felt dizzy.

He knew what was happening. But he couldn't dare to have the others know. What would they say? What would they do?

So, he kept silent.

But it proved to be more harder, and more disastrous than he thought.