Summary: My take on why Glimmer seemed unable to use any weapons when we meet her at the tracker jacker scene. This is inspired by something I read. Told from Glimmer's point of view. Not sure if this is what you're looking for, but whatever.

Disclaimer: I don't own the Hunger Games. Suzanne Collins does.


I feel adrenaline coursing through me as the metal plate rises, lifting me into the arena. I blink a few times, taking in the golden Cornucopia and the supplies and weapons next to it. Then I hear Claudius Templesmith announcing the start of the 74th Hunger Games. This is it, I think.

I look at the supplies to see if there is anything of worth. Among them, a tent that can withstand strong weather, some food packs, and blanket rolls. All useful, especially the tent.

Next, the weapons. I catch sight of a bow with an arrow already strung, dozens of knives, a few spears and lots more. But no crossbows. At least, I can't see any from here.

Crossbows are my best weapon (and only weapon I can really use.) The Training Academy at home tells us to focus on one particular weapon throughout the years, to hone our skills. Marvel's the same. His specialty is spears. But spears are more common than crossbows, and are practically in every Games.

Cashmere said that there has to be at least one crossbow, as the Gamemakers know that most Careers specialize in just one weapon. I've shown my talents to them in the private training session, and they'd never let all those years of training go to waste. I've tried using other weapons, but I'm just not made for them. With a crossbow, however, I can shoot bolts accurately up to 200 feet. That's why I got picked to be a tribute. That, and of course, my natural beauty. I'm easily the best-looking person in the whole Academy.

I glance at the tributes and see Marvel opposite me. He mimes shooting something and points at me. Oh. So there is a crossbow. The Cornucopia must have blocked my view. The minute will be up soon. I position myself toward the tent, as it's close and the most helpful.

Five seconds later, the gong sounds, and I immediately dash to the tent, not wasting even one second, unlike the girl from Twelve, who is just standing there. I grab it in a swift move, before getting a few knives lying nearby as some kind of protection. Just because I'm not good with them doesn't mean that I can't use them. Everyone at the Academy has to have a basic knowledge of them, as it's the easiest to master and the most common weapon in the Games. I stab a boy coming to me in the stomach and get splattered by warm blood. No time to check whether he's dead or not. Better keep moving.

I see a dagger being thrown at me and instantly drop to the ground to avoid it. Good thing I'm trained. I reach out to pick up a backpack. I check if anyone's nearby, to find that all tributes are otherwise engaged. For now.

I get up to see a boy running away with a crossbow and some bolts, toward the forest. A crossbow that's mine. There's only one, and he just stole it from me. How dare he? That's when I get really angry — no, livid. I throw a knife at him, even though I know it'll miss. I'm no Clove. I'm tempted to chuck another one at him but deep down, I know that it's too late. He's reaching the treeline and too far away for me to have a chance of hitting him. And I can't chase him either. That would mean I leave the Careers, and I will have no way of getting food. The Training Academy does not teach how to hunt. I'll just have to watch them out for him, and get it if I see him.

I head back to the others and instantly get attacked by a girl, from Seven, I think. She's wielding an axe and trying to kill me. She slashes it at me, and I just narrowly avoid it from hitting my heart. I wrestle with her for a bit, making sure the sharp edge does not hit my vital spots, and finally I manage to lodge a knife in her throat. By the time I pull the knife smeared with her blood out, the other tributes are already dead, killed by the others. The only ones still at the Cornucopia are the Careers and the boy from Twelve, who for some reason wants to join us. I notice that the boy from Four is missing, and they tell me that he get caught in the back at the bloodbath. Well, it's not as if he's much use anyway. His talents overlap with his District partner.

We gather the remaining supplies and clear out, so they can collect the bodies. I see Marvel coming to me, and he asks if I've got my crossbow or not. He knows how good I am with them. I shake my head no. Cato sees us talking (kind of) and tosses a bow to me. He says he saw the girl from Twelve trying to get it. It's probably her weapon, and I agree that we should keep it away from her. Then he asks if I can use it. I say no but he replies that I may as well get used to it.

Without my weapon, I'm nothing but a pretty face. So far today, I lost both my token and my choice weapon. I try using the bow and arrow, which is the only weapon left that hasn't been claimed, but even after I get the hang of it, the chance of me hitting the target is like, never. I'm dead, I think. And this is only the first day. Now I have no weapons. Except knives, which I have some experience with, but I'd be hard-pressed to get Clove to give me even one. She would think of it as a waste, because I'm not that good with it, unlike Loverboy. Let's just hope that I'm beautiful enough to get sponsors to send me a crossbow. Otherwise, I'm pretty much a goner. Well, if I am, maybe my death will be quick, nice and relatively painless.

You can probably imagine how I felt when I died of tracker jackers stings a few days later.

I was rereading the book and wondered why Glimmer seemed to be so incompetent. District One is a Career District and would never have allowed her to enter if she's just pretty but can't wield any weapons. If she was reaped, there would be others volunteering to take her place for the glory and honor, but the fact that Glimmer is actually a tribute makes me think that she volunteered. I have this headcanon of Training Academies telling potential tributes to choose a weapon and stick with it, and I think that maybe Glimmer just lost her best weapon at the bloodbath. The chance of every tribute being able to get their choice weapon is very low, and Glimmer might be one of those unlucky people. So she isn't useless, just unlucky. Very unlucky.

Another thing: Some are probably wondering why I chose a crossbow instead of some other weapon. The answer is, I don't know. It just came to me. I think it fits her, though. It doesn't really take much physical strength, which I think suits her fine. She just needs to have a good eye to use it.

Author's Note: So, what did you think? Do you agree with me and if not, why? What do you think of Glimmer? And please, respect others' opinions.