Author's Note: Hey Guys, I have decided to write a coronavirus story but this is a sad story it's not like any other stories I've done over the past but don't worry I'm working on those anyway.

So this story will me about what if Marina the mermaid got the coronavirus and Stormy suffered a tragic loss. You just have to read this and find out here is Chapter 1, enjoy!

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Chapter 1 Stormy gets the coronavirus

Stormy's POV

it was just a normal day at mermaid in lagoon, but I wasn't that normal until Stormy started to cough.

"Stormy are you okay?" I asked her.

"yeah I'm I'm fine, it's just I'm coming down with a cold, or something." Stormy said to me.

I swam over to her and felt her forehead, and she was burning up.

"Come, on let's get you inside." I said to her as we went back home.

"Queen Coralie, Stormy doesn't feel well." I said to the queen.

"Come on Stormy I'll take you to your room." Queen Coralie said to her as she helped swam to her room.

Jake's POV

Jake, Izzy, I were inside The Hideout for at least a long time. ever since the Coronavirus started, everyone's been getting it.

"Hey Cubby what's on your mind?" I asked him as I walk into our bedroom.

"I'm just worried about Stormy. Jake, what if she gets the Coronavirus?" cubby asked me.

"Cubby, Queen Coralie is taking good care of Stormy, and Marina. They'll be fine." I said to him.

"Thanks Jake, you're the best big brother ever!" Cubby said to me.

"Cool!" I said to him.

As I left Cubby alone, I went to see how my girlfriend Izzy, was doing. And yes, we're dating.

"Hey Izzy, what are you doing?" I said her.

"Just reading a book!" Izzy said to me.

"That's great!" I said to her.

So I guess my crew are doing just fine, and if your wondering about Skully? He's on Sky bird Island with Winger. ai thought it would be safe for him to stay with her, til this whole thing is done, and over with.

Stormy's POV

I was in my room, sneezing, coughing a lot and really really hot.

"Queen Coralie what's going on with me?" I asked her.

"Stormy I hate to say this to you sweetie, but you have the coronavirus." Queen Coralie said to me as I was shocked.

"What? Can I die from that?" I asked her.

"Well, let's not get into that, cuz I don't want to worry your big sister just yet." Queen Coralie said to me as I understood.

"I understand!" I said to her.

Marina's POV

While Stormy was getting treated by Queen Coralie, I started to get worried about her.

"What if she's got the coronavirus? what if she dies?" I ask myself these questions as I started to cry as Sandy the starfish was worried about me too.

"Don't worry Stormy, Marina will be fine." Sandy said to me.

"Thanks Sandy, you're the best." I said to him.

But as time went on, things got worse. one day I was in my room with Sandy watching Austin Ally. Until Queen Coralie, came in my room.

"Stormy, honey, I have some bad news to tell you, and and you're not going to like it." Queen Coralie said to me.

"What is it Queen Coralie? is Marina okay?" I asked her as she started to cry.

" This does not look good Sandy." I said to the starfish.

"Queen coralie what's wrong? did someone die?" I asked her as she started to cry even more.

"Marina, Stormy had the coronavirus, and she passed away last night." Queen Coralie said to me as tears came out my eyes.

"What my little sister is gone?" I asked her as she nodded her head yes.

"I am so sorry, I had to tell you this." Queen Coralie said to me as she left.

"No no Stormy... I never got a chance to say goodbye." I said to myself as I started to cry my pillow.

As I stop crying and stormed out of my room and up to the surface towards Pirate Island.

"Jake, Jake, I need to talk to you." I called for him Jake open the window.

"Hey Marina, why the long face?" Jake ask me.

"Well I just found out, that my little sister Stormy had passed away she got the coronavirus few days ago." I said to him.

" Oh my God, you must be devastated right now." Jake said to me.

"When's the funeral?" Jake asked me.

"In a few weeks, and I would like for you and your Maties to join me.'" I said to him.

"We would me happy to, Cubby is going to be heart broken." Jake said to me.

" Yeah, he is." I said to him.

" Hey, I'm going to tell him." Jake said to me.

" Tell me what Jake?" Cubby asked him while coming to the window.

"Jake, something's wrong, what happened?" Cubby asked him.

"Well, Stormy as moved on." Jake said to him.

"Wait, what do you mean?" Cubby asked him.

"Stormy had the coronavirus and passed away last night." Jake said to him as Cubby was now tearing up.

" No, no, no, STORMY...!" Cubby said out loud.

Author's Note: Hey guys Stormy had died, and now Marina is sad. What will she do now, since her little sister is gone Let me know in a review!