Author's Note: Hey, guys! It time to see how Jake, Izzy, and Marina deal with their tragic losses of Robert Adrien Andrews, and Stormy Mermaid, as all three of them have a funeral for their two best friends. Get tissues ready cuz this Chapter is going to to leave you in tears. So sit back and relax, and enjoy!

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Chapter 3 Cubby and Stormy's Funeral

Marina's POV

It was a bad rainy day, because my little sister Stormy had just died cuz of the coronavirus. But it wasn't just her that died, it was also Cubby who passed away. that's why today we're holding a funeral for both of them to honor them to cherish, them and to thank them for everything they did.

"Is everything ready?" I asked Jake.

"Yeah, come on." Jake said to me as we all headed to the church tent where Cubby and Stormy's coffin was being shown open.

We decided to place Stormy with Cubby, because I thought it would be a nice idea and plus they looked cute together inside the coffin.

"Has anyone seen Izzy?" Jake asked us.

"Yeah, she's still inside the Hideout." Pip the pirate genie." said to him.

"Thanks Pip." Jake said as he went to check up on Izzy.

Jake's POV

As I went back inside the Hideout, I checked our room to see if Izzy was in there. and luckily for me, she was on Cubby's old bed, crying. So, I climbed up and comfort her as I knew why she was crying.

"Hey, Izzy, you okay?" I asked her.

"I just miss him, Jake I really miss Cubby." Izzy said to me while crying on my shoulder.

"I know, Izzy I know." I said to her as I rubbed her back.

"But he's in a better place and he's not alone, because Stormy's with him." I said to her.

"Yeah, but it won't be the same without him." Izzy said to me.

"True, but we well always have each other to take care of." I said to her while placing a kiss on her forehead.

"Thanks for the Kiss Jake." Izzy said to me as I blushed.

"You're welcome!" I said to her.

"So, do you want to come to the funeral?" I asked her.

"Well, I came back in here to not go to the funeral in the first place but, I'll give it a try." Izzy said to me as we went back to the funeral tent.

As we arrived, we were in the middle of Peter's and Marina's speech about Cubby and Stormy.

Peter was up first and he said the most nicest things about Cubby. How he was always trying to be brave, how he saved me and Izzy from that cage, and everything else. But most importantly he talked about the first time he brought him to Neverland when he was just a little baby. And that touched our hearts the most for me and Izzy. Because it was the first time we all met and became friends.

"Cubby, was an amazing person to all of us here today. He would always try to be brave when he wanted too, he did Jake and Izzy from that cage from what Captain Hook did. Bit most importantly, I will never forget the time I first brought him to Neverland. Jake and Izzy where only two years old my name brought the little infant into their lives. And I knew, that they would become best friends forever. Cubby you will be missed thank you." Peter said as we all clapped our hands.

"Thank you, Peter that was so sweet of you." I said to him as I gave him a pat on the back.

Marina was the next one to go up an say somethings about her little sister and also Cubby.

"Stormy was my best friend. Not only she was my little sister, but a friend. She was a helpful person to everyone and She was also a little sister to Izzy. No matter who's litter she is, she always going to me a treasure to our hearts. Now for Cubby. Cubby was the best big brother to Stormy but also the beat little brother to Jake and Izzy, if they ever got lost, he always had his nap of Neverland and shortcuts. He was the best in all of us. We are going to miss these two heros deeply. Cubby take care of Stormy for me. we love you both, thank you!" Marina said as she was done with her speech.

Izzy's POV

After everyone has done their speeches, I couldn't take it anymore I had to leave.

"Jake, I'm sorry I, I can't do this." I said to him as I just left crying.

"Izzy wait up!" Jake said to me as he followed me.

"Jake just leave me alone I can't do this I can't after Marina's speech, I just lost it." I said to him.

"You feel pain, in your heart has been broken in two millions of pieces." Jake said to me as I nodded my head.

"I understand, your pain Izzy. You are not the only one that's going to miss Cubby, I'm also going to miss him too but, he won't be alone, he has Stormy to keep him company." Jake said to me.

"Yeah, but why did the coronavirus had to kill Stormy first, and now Cubby. I'm just going to miss him so bad." I said to him

"I know, come here." Jake said to me as he gave me a tight hug.

As I was crying, Marina came towards me.

"Izzy, I think I need a hug too I'm going to miss my little sister." Marina said to me as I gave her a hug along side Jake as we all started crying...

"Guys, it's time." Peter said to us as we went to where everyone gathered around their coffin so we can watch them go down.

As Cubby and Stormy was going down I throw Cubby's map on top so he can remember Neverland.

As we said our goodbyes, we all went our separate ways.

Inside our hideout, I was making dinner with Cubby's cook book, as Izzy was reading her book.

"Izzy, dinner's ready!" I said to her as she came into the dinning room.

"Hey, you doing okay Iz?" I asked her.

"Yeah, I just miss Cubby." Izzy said to me.

"Yeah, me too." I said to her as I started to eat our dinner.

Cubby's POV

As Stormy and I woke up we were not in Neverland anymore.

"Stormy where are we?" I asked her.

"We're in heaven Cubby." Stormy said to me.

"Oh the coronavirus killed us?" I asked her.

"Yes, and there's nothing we can do." Stormy said to me.

"Oh man. So, there's nothing we can do?" I asked her.

" No. Sorry, buddy." Stormy said to me.

" I wonder how Izzy Jake and Marina are taking it?" I asked myself.

Izzy's POV

Once I was done with my dinner, I excused myself from the table and went back into our bedroom to cry.

"I..MISS..YOU...CUBBY!" I said to myself while crying.

Jake's POV

As I heard Izzy's scream, I ran into our bedroom, and held her tight.

"Shhhh shhhh it's okay Izzy, it's okay." I said to her as I rubbed her back.

"Thanks, Jake your so sweet." Izzy said to me while I started to blush a little bit.

"Thanks, Izzy." I said to her as I looked into her eyes.

Once I was looking into her eyes we pulled in close and started to kiss, for 15 minutes.

After 15 minutes, of kissing each other, we pulled away and just looked at each other again.

"That kiss was fun." I said to her.

"Yeah huh." Izzy said to me.

"Izzy, I love you." I said to her as I covered my mouth.

" I'm so sorry." I said to her as I covered my mouth again.

"Jake, shut up and kiss me." Izzy said to me as I kissed her again.