The Outer Rim planet Garel, also known as Garei, was a Planet controlled by the Republic. Like most Outer Rim Worlds, It wasn't important and it was a usual Backwater World, like Lothal.

Maketh Tua felt a little Uncomfortable leaving her Home Planet Lothal. She had been born and raised there and had never left it. This all felt...New.

She hated it. Her mother said it was great to get off Planet and explore new and interesting things. Maketh didn't really care. She wished she was on Lothal, reading one of her Holobooks, ignoring the News of the Outer Rim Sieges that were happening in the Clone Wars.

She just wanted to be Home.

The Star Commuter Ship the came into the Atmosphere of Garel and Maketh, looking away from her Holobook, looked out the window to see the Surface of this Planet. She Hated this Planet as well.

As the Starship headed to a Spaceport on Garel, Maketh's Mother spoke to her."Garel's a big Planet, wouldn't you agree?" Her mother smiled. Her mother was a tall woman who was in her early Thirties. She had blonde hair, just like Maketh, and brown eyes. She was wearing a green-colored Shirt (A Color Maketh just absolutely HATED) and dark Jeans.

Maketh was wearing a dark blue Shirt (A Color she loved) and grey Pants. Her blonde hair was a little tied at the back of her head. Maketh didn't respond to her Mother, instead choosing to look out the window. Out of the corner of her eye, Maketh saw her Mother Frown but say nothing.

The more Maketh stared outside the window, seeing the Deserts of Garel, the more she wanted to go home and see the Plains of Lothal. The reason why her mother was taking her to Garel was because she wanted Maketh to get out of her Comfort Zone."It'll be good for you!" Her Mother said excitedly.

I want to go home. Maketh thought. I want to go home.

Finally, the Ship then landed in one of the Spaceports but Maketh then heard the loud sound of Humans, Aliens, and Droid getting up from their Seats. Maketh cringed from the loud Sound.

Maybe to others, the sound and crowd of People walking wasn't really loud but Maketh it was. Maketh had a thing called Autism.

When Maketh was Diagnosed with Autism at the Age of Five, she and her mother had no clue it was. At first, her mother thought it was a Disease until the Doctor Explained that Autism was a thing that just made People think differently. Apparently, Autism in the Galaxy wasn't exactly rare nor Common and it seemed to have only affected Humans.

Maketh's Doctor said that Autism didn't make her Stupid, more like Challenged. Maketh didn't really care. She knew she was Stupid.

She put her Hands over her ears and did her best not to make any Noise to embarrass herself...or her Mother. She got a few confused glances from Humans and Aliens as the walked passed their Seat but that was it. Her mother tried to comfort her but Maketh pushed her away, not wanting comfort.

She only wanted to go home.

Finally, everyone left the Ship, Maketh, and her Mother being the only ones. Her mother sighed."Maketh...I know it's loud out there and there is a lot of People. Just know that I'm doing this for you. You can't just stay in the House and Read Books Forever."

But I really want to.

"Please Maketh, do this for me. I want you to be successful in this Galaxy. Who knows, you might be a Politician one day."

Pfffft, yeah right. Maketh doubted she would be a Political figure one day. And why should I listen to you? Did you forget what you did to me six months ago?.

Maketh wanted to bring up what had happened...but she didn't want to remember what happened at all. She nodded."Okay..."

They left the Starship and walked through the Crowded Market of Garel. Maketh took a few deep breaths, trying her hardest not Cringe or make a Scene. Two years ago, she would have been crying at the Mass of People and the loud noise, all of it overwhelming her. She was getting better...a little maybe.

Suddenly, all Hell broke loose.

Raybn Lundo, a Tall Man with black Facial Hair and a grey vest, accounted for all the Weapons in each Crate. Well, his B1 Droid did anyway.

"All Forty-two Blaster's accounted for, Sir." The B1 Droid told him. Raybn had never bothered to name the Droid. The Droid had been given to him as a Gift after doing a Kessel Run last year. At first, he thought it was an Insult, but Droid had been growing to him, even if he didn't bother to name it.

"Hey, you!" Came a voice in the empty Spaceport. Raybn turned around two see two Clone Troopers walking towards him. He put on a fake Smile as the two walked over to him.

They should be here any second by now...