6 Months ago...

Maketh walked down the Hallway of her Middle School, backpack on. The Middle School, known only as Reght Middle School, was a big Place full of humans and Aliens.

Though the Crowded Hallway was full of People and bright things, Maketh did her best to stay calm. She really didn't walk to make a Scene, this School was very strict. And her Mother would have been Ashamed...

"Hey, look!" Said a male voice that Maketh recognized. She didn't bother even turning around. Rok Lanny was a green Twi'lek who Bullied Maketh often."Maketh the Idiot!" He laughed.

Maketh tried her best to ignore the Twi'lek, but His Words always stung."I saw your Sister at the Lothal Capital today. She and her Friends made big Fools of themselves at one of their Protest."

Maketh's older Sister, Nova Tua, was one of the Lothlites that protested the Clone Wars on Lothal. The Fighting, thankfully, of the War had not made it to Lothal, but there were Republic and Separatist Delegations that were trying to convince the Lothal Government to join their Side. Nova and her Friends were protesting against the Separatist.

"You should have seen them! Almost everyone threw Fruit at them, especially your Sister, Niva, or something." Maketh felt angry for how he talked about her Sister."I even bought some Fruit and threw it right in her face!" Maketh clenched her Fist."It must be embarrassing having that kind of Sister. She's even more Stupid than you-"

Maketh quickly turned around, her fist Clenched, and punched the Twi'lek right in the Face.

Maketh was hyperventilating as the Chaos in the Market ensued. She put her hands over her Ears as the Blue and Red Lasers went by. She was in one of the alleyways, trying to hide.

Maketh had no idea that the Separatists were secretly on the Planet opened her eyes, but squinted because of the bright flashy Laser, to see if she could find her Mother. She quickly hit herself to see if she could turn down the loud noise that echoed in her head.

Loud...so Loud...

"Quiet!" She yelled loudly. Her yelling was nothing, drowned out by the Sea of explosions and Blasterfire. She hit herself, again and again. She just wanted to go home.

Home...Lothal...Mom...where is she...?

She noticed a white armored Clone Trooper go into one of the Spaceports. Maybe he could help me find my Mother.

She quickly ran out of the alleyway, dodging the Blasterfire from the Separatist Battle Droids. Maketh looked up to see another Separatist Ship coming out of Hyperspace, fighting the Republic Star-Destroyer.

She opened the Door to the Spaceport and ran in...only to see a Battle in the Spaceport itself. She saw a tall Man with black Facial and a B1 Battle Droid shooting at a bunch of Clones.

"Keep firing!" The Man with the grey Vest yelled to the Droid.

"Roger, Roger!" The Droid said.

Maketh looked at the Ship in the Spaceport. If she remembered correctly, it was a G9 Rigger-class Light Freighter. She learned about those Kinds of Ships in Class once.

Maketh had nowhere else to go except outside the Hangar and she really didn't want to be shot. She quickly ran to the Ship, dodging more Blasterfire, and climbed up the Ladder. She hoped she would be safe.