Summary: 2 years after her battle with Naraku, Kagome had finally settled down with her friends in feudal era. Sadly, she was dragged into a portal and transported into a different world. That world being... Wait what? Kagome what are you doing in my bedr- wait no stop don't touch my computer!

A/N: I was bored and covid-19 isn't helping me at all. Plus it's been way too long since I wrote anything so... why not?

Chapter 1: The one fic where she's tired of being transported around

It was a nice brisk morning. The streets were empty because of a giant pandemic, the sounds of sirens wailing every hour filled the city, and a writer was currently panicking as a fictional character had dropped down into her bedroom.

"Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit, what the hell is happening right now?" The writer had fallen out of her chair in surprise, unsure how to react to seeing one of her favorite anime characters in 3D. Is she dead? Is she alive? There's no blood on her floor or anything right (that stuff leaves strong ass stains) "Why are you in my room? Why are you 2d? How does that even work?"

The anime character in question was ignoring the questions thrown at her, and instead looking up at the ceiling in a contemplating manner. It seemed this was not the first time this has happened to her.

"Uh..." The writer stood up and slowly walked towards the fictional female on her floor. This was a surreal moment for her, and she was pretty sure drugs and alcohol had nothing to do with this (after all, she was a clean person, thank you very much).

Maybe this lockdown was making her go insane...

"Hey, Kagome? You're Kagome, right? Kagome Higurashi? Or wait... Japanese, so it should be Higurashi Kagome? Should I call you Higurashi-san? Actually can you even understand me? Ohayō? Uh, daijōbu desu ka? Sorry, that's all the Japanese I know."

The writer loomed over the young adult and stared down, though quickly jumped back in surprise when she noticed that her eyes were constantly changing colours at a rapid pace.

"What the hell!" She leaned in to look again, unable to conceal her look of awe when Kagome's eyes changed from brown, to pink, to blue, to purple, to gray, and then back to brown again. "Dude, what the hell?"

There was brief moment of silence. The writer fidgeted, debating if she should call 911 or the Covid-19 hotline for help (maybe this is a new symptom? Who knows). She poked the top of Kagome's head, to see if she was alive and not some random, soulless doll.


The writer stiffened, pausing in her current task of poking the anime girl.

"Did you do this?"

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh... You have to be more specific."

"You brought me here."


"Then you were writing a fanfiction about me."

The writer paused and looked back towards her computer, a story half written and half forgotten still lingered on her screen.

"I mean, yeah I guess?"

Kagome promptly sat up. She turned towards the writer and gave her the most murderous glare she has ever seen in her life.

"Delete it."

Before the writer could respond, Kagome stood up and marched towards the computer, the stomps of her foot vibrating the wooden floors.

"W-wait, hold on! Stop! Holy shit, do not touch my computer! Kagome, I swear to god I will hurt you!"

Said girl was ignoring the pleas and threats, leaning onto the desk as her eyes glazed over the chapter that was being written. It surprised the writer to see the red vein animation pop up on Kagome's head, though maybe it was because she was 2D? Whatever the case, the computer didn't seem to be an immediate danger right n- and Kagome is erasing and retyping the story.

The writer screamed and launched herself at the fictional character, forcing Kagome to bang her chin on the table top and fall over.

"You can't just randomly pop in here and touch my stuff! What the hell!"

"I'm so tired of you writers forcing me to out of retirement and back into action! I literally fought demons and got stuck in a world of nothingness! Stop throwing me into different fandoms!" Kagome attempted to struggle out the clutches of the writer, but was unable to do so.

"How was I suppose to know it actually happens to you! Come on! It's just a story! I'll even give you a nice vacation chapter with no problems! Please! The damn pandemic is making me bored out of my mind and this is all I can do to sate my boredom!"




This little scuffle went on for another 20 minutes. At the end of it, both parties were too tired to continue and agreed to a temporary truce.

"I can't believe you did a delivery order for bubble tea when the place is a 10 minute walk from here." Kagome sat on the bed cross legged, slowly sipping her drink as she watched the writer unbag the rest of her order.

"There's a lockdown, all delivery is free, and I don't trust you alone with my computer."

Kagome let out a hum in response, before letting her eyes roam around the room.

"The future really has changed..."

"I mean, I guess? Though aren't you in a lot of futuristic stories or like, the Marvel universe? Plus you're like... present day era right?"

She sighed and placed her drink down the table beside her, dragging her legs towards her chest and hugging them.

"There's a difference." She started, eyes glancing at the PS4 and the small HDTV across from her. "I was born in 1982 and stopped aging around 2002. And even then most of my time in my present era stopped completely during 1998." She gave a soft chuckle underneath her breath, "I never had a cell phone before, and all I remember from them is that they looked like remote controllers for my TV. So being transported to a world with futuristic stuff like holophones and personal robots is a bit of a huge leap from what I originally had."

"So basically you don't want me to write you in the Transformers or Marvel universe."

Kagome looked away from the accusatory glare, smiling awkwardly as it intensified.

"I mean, it would be nice if you could write a story about me and Inuyasha on a relaxing hot springs trip..." She turned back towards the writer, giving her the most hopeful stare she could make, "Or oh! Maybe Shippō and I could go on a trip together, with no demons!"


"Well I'd like a nice, boring vacation!"

"Ugh, can't I just throw you in a world with hot people and you can befriend them?"

"This is an infringement on my free will and speech. This is slavery."


"And yet you wrote on your story that my father was half American." Kagome grinned smugly from her place on the bed, arms crossed and chest puffed out, as if she won the argument. Her ever changing eye colour slowly began to morph to a blue shade. It seemed that by finally determining her (fake) genetics, her eyes became a stable colour.

For now anyway.

The writer threw her hands up in a show of exasperation. She knew what was happening, it seemed that Kagome was very determined to have a boring and calming experience. A story without drama, fighting, and romance. A story that no one would read unless it had a strong comedic undertone.

"At least let me do a crossover!"

Kagome pondered for a second, debating if it was wise or not to let the writer have that much freedom. She gave a hesitated nod.

"But I get to decide which world."

"Deal! How about Persona 4?"

"I don't want to be caught up in a murder case, thank you very much."

"You'll be fine! I'll make it so you have a persona to prote-"



"Aren't they all 12 and younger?"

"I can deage you and you can join them in an epic adv-"

"Nope, next!"


"Muda muda."

Her smile was beginning to strained, on a verge of frustration towards the fictional girl.

"Kingdom Hearts?"

"Look me in the eye and tell me you understand Kingdom Hearts well enough to write a story about it."

The writer groaned in annoyance and began mumbling about how there were too many games for the series.


"Isn't that the old Disney cartoon with the planes and animals? I don't... What made you think I'd want to be shipped with animals? Also why would you even suggest that?"

"The ears." The writer lifted her hands and did a squeezing action. "You did it with Inuyasha, but now you can do it with more." The reader put her hands down and scratched her nose, embarrassed at being called out, "I've, uh, been on a weird old cartoon kick. You know, coronavirus giving me all this time and what not."

"I... No. Next!"


"Why are you suggesting animals again? No, just no."

"Boku He-"

"Nope! Rejected and thrown into trash!"

"How about One Piece! Tropical island, delicious wild fruits..."

"Pirates and an ongoing war with the government."

Valid point, if the writer was stuck in the One Piece world, she would probably experience the worst adventure. That world was not meant for those without physical abilities and a strong heart.

"Fine. Then what about the Kirby universe?"

Kagome leaned forward, slightly intrigued.

"You can have a nice vacation on planet Pop Star. And all you have to do is avoid fighting the monster of the week! There's no humans, just cute little creatures doing their own thing!"

She hummed. It sounded nice. And if she remembered the games correctly, the world itself was quite colourful and had a large variety of food. Most of the creatures she remembered were round little things that don't attack unless provoked. And even then, they were easy to avoid. Plus she could just rest in a relaxing part of the forest and hope no one would bug her.

"Relaxing forest, a lot of good food, cute things to hug, and if you have to include fighting, I want to do the least amount."

The writer smiled and held out her hand.

"Okay, let's shake on it and I'll start writing your relaxing vacation."

Kagome eyed the hand wearily, before finally sighing and extending her own hand to shake.

As soon as the two hands met and shook, a light erupted from their palms and began to cover Kagome's body. When the light covered her entire body, she began to slowly dissipate, starting from her legs and slowly going upwards.

"Remember the deal... or else I really will destroy that computer of yours."

With those final words, Kagome vanished from the writer's sight, leaving nothing to prove her existence.

The write fell to the floor and gave a nervous laugh. It felt like a dream come true to meet her favorite anime character and have her threaten her. It was unbelievable to have such a situation had happened in the first place.

"I wonder how mad she'll be if I made Marx and Kirby follow her around like baby ducklings?"

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