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Percy stared at the empty ocean through the bars that confined him and all he could think of was the pain that water had brought him his whole life. From birth he was the least favourite child, his two siblings had each been a favourite of one of their parents which only left Percy with the feeling that he didn't belong. His brother the clueless boy that he was had always tried to tell Percy that what he was feeling wasn't true and that he was a true member of their family but all this did was to serve as a constant reminder that his sister didn't feel the same way judging from the looks she gave their brother everytime he said this.

His relationship with his sister was far more strained than it was with his brother for the simple fact that he was also a water bender, the fact that his sister had been the villages only water bender had been a source of great jealousy from the other tribe members before he was born. However as soon as the village found out about the fact that there was another water bender in their village they had switched their attention from solely her to the both of them.

Lets just say his sister didn't like this.

His father had always been an odd relationship to have, at the start the two of them had been very close with his father wanting to bring him up just like he had his brother and make him a strong and capable warrior that could protect their small village. But once his water bending had been discovered he had been more distant from Percy thinking that it was no longer worth teaching him how to fight like him and Percy feared the reason for this. Sometimes he had caught an odd look in his fathers eye that reminded him of when his father spoke of his own father who had died years before Percy's birth.

Once, his water bending had been discovered he had hoped that his newfound popularity in town would allow him to mend his shakey relationship with his Mother but for some reason it had only seemed to serve as a continued source of hatred from his mother. As a 3 year old he had spent quite a few nights questioning what he could of ever done to cause such animosity from his mother.

In the end that animosity had been the cause of his current situation.

-Flash Back-

A 6 year old Percy was lying just outside the walls to the village that he calls home daydreaming when a large bang was heard in the distance, it was a sound of a cannon firing. Percy being unaware of what the sound was went to investigate in the village, only to find the villagers in a blind panic grabbing their children and running into their houses desperate to get away from whatever had made the sound.

In the distance he could see his dad grabbing Sokka and was about to get Katara also before she moved out of his reach and ran in the direction of their house. Seeing that his dad had decided to get Sokka into a nearby house instead of chase after Katara Percy took it upon himself to stop his sister from running off possibly into danger. When he got halfway back to his house he heard the sounds of people shouting and the occasional sounds of screaming.

Ignoring it all Percy concentrated on running faster than he had ever gone on his small legs, he pushed himself as far as he could until he finally made it to his house to see his sister staring inside with a look on fear on her face. Percy attempted to stop his body so that he could stand beside Katara but instead he found himself tumbling over until he was face first in the snow... Inside the house.

In front of his face he found an odd pair of shoes that were slightly metallic red in colour compared to the normal brown worn out shoes he was used to seeing. When he looked up he was greeted with a face that would haunt his dreams for years to come. The man in question had dark green eyes that seemed to hold a flame in them that burnt like a forrest fire destroying all life that past it. The man also wore a horrible grin that seemed to make Percy shiver despite living in a literal snowy wasteland his whole life.

"Perseus! Perfect timing... T-This nice man here came looking for you." Percy sat up and turned around to find the sight of his mother, or at least he assumed that it was his mother but in all honesty it was difficult to tell. From the bright red circles around her eyes as well as the fountain of tears on her clothes and cheeks it was almost unrecognizable to the usual stern yet somewhat kind woman that she usually was.

"Are you telling me that this boy is the water bender that we were told about? I hope that you aren't lying here it would be a shame what we would have to do to him if we found out that you are." Percy looked into the mans eyes and even someone as young as him could tell that whatever he was warning his mother about wouldn't be pretty for him.

"M-mum what's going on? Who is this man and why does he want me?" Percy felt tears fall from his cheeks and he didn't understand why.

'why was he upset that this man had come here to see him. Why was he scared of what that man had said. And most of all why is it I had this horrible feeling in my chest when mum told this man that I was the one he was looking for'

"I'm sorry Perseus but this man is here to take you away, you are a danger here and we can't have you risking the lives of our family just because you are here." As every word left her mouth and into his ears Percy felt his heart break more and more. Not even a second after she had told him he was going to be taken away the man had grabbed the both of Percy's hands and put them into some metal chains and forced him to stand up.

He felt the snow soak his clothes as he was dragged to his feet, and for the first time in his life Percy truly felt the cold. He wasn't sure whether what he was feeling was caused from the snow or from his mothers words but all he knew was that he felt numb all over and all he wanted was for this dream to end and for him to wake up in his nice warm bed never to think of this again.

Every step he took Percy slowly felt the hope drain out of him like water slowly draining through the cooking equipment he had often seen his mum use. Until finally all the water was gone and all Percy felt was the hard floor of a wooden boat as he was pushed into the prison cell of the boat.

-Flash Back End-

Since then it had been 3 months of travelling by boat and Percy hadn't had the strength to do anything to escape being trapped in such a dark and dirty prison cell had caused him to feel weaker than he ever had even in the harsh cold snow storms that had hit his village at least once a year. The only source of light in the prison cell was the single window in the centre of the wall furthest from the door. However when he says furthest from the door he still only means 3 metres away at most.

The room was small being only 3 by 6 metres making the room big enough for roughly 5 people at most without it becoming overly cramped. The worst part of the whole prison cell was the horrible cell from the slightly moldy walls that seemed to suck away at the very joy of the people that were inside of the room. It left him feeling worse about everything that he otherwise would of.

Becuase of this most days all he felt was that neverending pain, which was only being intensified by the horrible pain in his nose, of what he had been told was betrayal. He had been told this by a man that they had picked up from somewhere in the Earth nation, the mans name was Tyro and he was an Earth bender that had been taken because he had used his Earth bending to save someone.

Tyro was a kind man that had quickly become appalled by what his mother had done to him that day 3 months ago, the man had helped Percy in ways he hadn't expected in a place like this. He helped Percy in simple ways such as teaching him how to read and write, a skill that not many in the water tribe got taught until they were in their 20s. He also helped Percy by simply filling in the parental role that he had always wanted someone to have since he was young.

Despite being in a fire nation boat on the way to a fire nation prison to spend the rest of his life Percy was the happiest he had been in a while.

"Hey Percy snap out of it, isn't it time for our lessons? Come on this is no time to be daydreaming!" Percy blinked rapidly as he came out of his daydreaming haze, he looked up to see the smiling face of Tyro and Percy couldn't help but give the man a smile in return. While he may feel that pain of betrayal Percy knew that this man would always be there to wipe the frown from his face.

"Yeah~ yeah~. I'm coming no need to get yourself so excited, its only a reading lesson its not like we're gonna be getting out of here anytime soon.

"Oh come on Percy. You can't say such sad things at you're age, you sound just like my son whenever he's down." Percy brightened up at this, for some reason he always liked it when Tyro compared him to his son and he knew that by now the man also knew it and was just using it as a way to get him to do things that he otherwise wouldn't of.

"Alright I'm coming no need to use that on me~" Percy pouted at the man which only cause Tyro to laugh and ruffle Percy now shoulder length black hair making Percy pout more in protest. "So what are you going to have me read now, I don't think the fire nation guys are gonna give us anymore books. I think they're starting to get suspicious about the fact that we keep asking for more and more books from them."

"While thats true I was able to convince yesterdays guard to sneak me in some ink and parchment so I think today you are going to write you're own story, you've spent enough time studying the words from the books so I think its about time that you learn to write yourself."

-Time skip-

It had now been 5 months on the boat and Percy was starting to feel even happier with his new passion in full effect Percy had begun trying to develop his writing skills. They had also been able to convince one of the guards to keep supplying them the ink and parchment they needed for this as long as the guard was able to read the stories or anything else that Percy ended up writing.

From what the man had told Percy and Tyro he had a child at home that had also found writing as a hobby but the guard had been forced out into this war before he was even able to read a single one of his childs works. This some how made the man want to pretend that Percy was some messanger from his own child and made him feel like he was reading what he had been missing.

To Percy it was both a nice sentiment and slightly creepy, especially the fact that the man seemed to have a daughter from the way he sometimes treated Percy when he started pretending that he was his own child.

In the last two months they had also gained a new roomate in the form of another Earth bender called Gao and according to Tyro from where the teen had come from they would be approching Gaoling within the next couple weeks where'd they'd probably pick up another one or two people before they probably headed to the fire nation prisons.

While this had worried Percy at the start he was quickly able to forget about their impending time in a proper prison infavour of trying to get to know their new prison mate.

Gao was tall for his age of 19, he was quite small in build which was unlike the usual Earth bender of his age. However, it wasn't like he was unfit more like he was more of a agile person than someone that had heaps of muscle all over their body like Tyro had told him most Earth bending fighters often had. Gao had bright green eyes similar to the colour of grass, his brown hair was up to his chin with one of his eyes almost always being covered by hair.

Percy's first impression of him were... less than stellar to say the least. The young man had told his story of how he was a theif that used his Earth bending to sneak into the upstairs of people houses and grab all their personal items. So to say that Percy was scared of the man after he had been told this story would of been a MASSIVE understatement.

However, when he saw Gao use his sharp tongue and wit to convince the guard to give them the supply of ink and parchment Percy had to admit that he was impressed by the his capabilities. Even if said sharp tongue had got that same guard to treat Percy like he was his daughter.

After a month of knowing him Gao and Percy had become almost as close as Percy was with Tyro, with Percy now taking lessons from Gao in learning how to use words to convince and escape people; though so far Percy's only use for said skills had been to somehow get Tyro to beg a guard to get Percy an ice cream which had left Percy and Gao rolling on the floor uncontrollably when they watched.

Percy had also taken the time to study how Gao moved noting that he always seemed to be trying to move as quietly as he could even when he was acting casual; this analysing had caused a game between the two to start, one of them would it sit face towards the wall while the other would try to sneak up on them going in a straight line while the other person had to guess what direction it was that they were coming from.

Percy had only won once and even then he hadn't been sure whether the ex-theif had just given it to him because he had felt bad about the 50 losses he had gained. Tyro had tried to join them but somehow despite them letting him have 3 guesses when they snuk up on him he still missed both of them so he had quickly quit not wanting to embarress himself ant further.

-Time Skip-

According to Tyro today was the middle day in the period of time that we were expected to arrive at Gaoling and from the small amount he could see the window of the boat he reckoned that we would probably arrive just before our meals that came at 19:00. So for the last couple days we had done everything we could to try make it more welcoming for the potential new people in the prison cell.

'why on Earth are we trying to make a prison cell look nice? It's not like the new people are gonna be any happier to be in the prison just because it was slightly less dirty as before'

Tyro had told him that he wanted to at least put some effort in as he felt that he had been here enough to call this basically his home, and he had always been taught that you should always try and make your home more presentable before you invited anyone in no matter where you were living. So through this twisted logic they had found themselves cleaning.

Soon seconds turned into minutes; minutes turned into hours, and soon they felt the boat lurched and the stop. This was it, the moment they had spent the last couple days cleaning restlessly for. Within the next few days they would have a new prison mate, for some reason Percy felt a sick giddy feeling at having someone else be locked up here.

He knew that it wasn't right for him to feel joy at another person being ripped away from their life and forced to go to a fire nation prison for the rest of their life. But he still couldn't help but feel excited at getting more company in this hell hole, it was sickening to think of how desperate for company he had become in these last 5/6 months.

Soon after the boat stopped all three of them agreed that it was probably best to sleep early and eat the food that they knew would be coming soon in the morning tomorrow. So they all quickly said their good nights before going to their respective dirty mattress that they had been 'kindly' given by their captors.

Percy lay there awake wondering what a new person could be like, he had so far met two people that by all accounts are complely different, from the sly theif to the heart of gold village elder.

'Maybe they would be a trained assassin? That'd be cool. Maybe a local warlord? Yeah probably not. How about a boy raised by animals? That would be awsome!'

Percy's mind kept wandering about who the new person would be his mind running a mile a second trying to come uop with more and more exciting and weird ideas to who it could be. His mind was going so fast it didn't notice as he slowly fell asleep too exhausted from a day of cleaning to even try staying awake any longer.


Percy curiously watched Gao walk back and forth in front of him, Percy wasn't curious about why he was pacing like he was - he already knew that it was because Gao was stressed because Percy had spent the last hour bugging him about convincing the guard to give them more paper. No what Percy was curious about was the weird way the he walked, it seemed as if he was trying to touch the floor for as little time as possible with as little of his feet as possible.

Each step he took Gao seemed to treat his foot like it was crescent shaped only letting one part of his foot touch the floor at any given time, not only did he do this but he also bent his leg at a 45 degree angle almost like he was half crouching on the floor, it was both ridiculous to look at and also very fun looking.

Being the child he is Percy couldn't help but let the stressed man know what he thought of his weird movement. "Hey Gao!"

"What do you want now you annoying brat!" Percy knew the teen didn't mean his harsh words, the two of them had grown close enough for Percy to know that the teen had precious few friends and the ones he did have he'd gladly give his life for and Percy had hope that he was part of that precious few.

"Well I was just thinking that... That you-"

"Oh come on just spit it out already!"

"Well I was gonna but you interrupted me you meanie!" Percy stuck his tongue out at the teenager. "Anyway I just wanted to say that you walk weird"

"Wait what! I don't walk weird, I walk normally"

"No you don't, if anything you kinda remind me of a rocking horse with how your feet move, my sister got one last year and your feet look just like it when you walk."

The look on Gao's face was hilarious, he looked completely and utterly stumped like he had nothing he could say back to the young water bender. "Dammit Kid why do you have to be so damn infuriating" Gao went back to his pacing this time much more intense and muttering like "stupid kid" and "a rocking horse! a frickin rocking horse!"

After that Percy was ignored by Gao for a solid week.

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