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"What! But dad you know we don't get along!" The high pitched shout coming from Rachel was painful to Percy's ears, he watched on as the desperate daughter tried to avoid what he could assume would only end as another big problem that he would undoubtably be hearing the complaints about for weeks to come.

The problem was that the Bei Fongs were planning to host a party of all the top families of Gaoling in the coming week and unfortunately for them that also included the Dare family something that Rachel definitely didn't enjoy. While Percy had never actually seen the infamous family feud in action he had heard a lot of anger from Rachel about the Bei Fong heiress, although Percy had never quite understood what it was that Rachel had a problem about.

"Dad you know we have never got along with the Bei Fongs so why do we have to go! Surely there is something else we can do that day and just say that we are too busy." Rachel started looking around her fathers office looking through all the useless items likely for something that would distract her father from going to the party. Then she turned around and looked at him and from the look in hert eyes Percy knew that she had an idea.

"Hey dad how about we have Gao and Percy fight, we haven't seen them fight since Percy's birthday and I heard you complaining to mum a couple days ago about how you have been really looking forward to see hoiw much Percy has improved in the past 3 months with all that trainining he has been getting. Surely that would be worth missing that stipid Bei Fong party."

For a second Percy saw that look in Mr Dare's eyes and he almost thought that he would agree to it but then the glazed over wishful look that he had suddenly stopped, "Sorry dear but for the sake of the company we have to go to that party even if we all don't want to go ourselves, I know that you and young Toph never got on well but I want to remind you that the poor girl has lived her whole life never once being able to look at her father or mother like you take for granted everyday even now. So please be kind to her even if it is just as a favour for me don't cause any arguments, in fact I am willing to accept the idea of Percy coming with us if you are willing to not cause any problems.

"Uhhhh Fine! I will only agree to this if you can also get Percy here and Gao to also do a fight in a few weeks I'm also kinda curious whether Percy can findly kick Gao's ass." Even with Rachel not facing him Percy could tell that she was practically grinning from ear to ear.

"I'm sure we can arrange something can't we Perseus? Don't you think you'd like to showcase to Gao how much you've improved over the time, maybe even this time'll you'll finally get that win you were desperate for."

"Sorry to say Mr Dare but Piandao has told me that until he deems the training to be over and my sword created I won't be allowed to show anyone my skills, it's something he decided to do with me after I told him about mine and Gao's weekly fights, he thinks that it will result in an even greater victory when the time comes that we can fight again."

"Well thats a shame but I guess I'm not going to be able to get Mr Piandao to go back on that, sorry Rachel it seems that we won't be able to have that fight any time soon but please I beg you can you still not cause any trouble at the party, this could cause a big problem if you were to cause a fight in such a public place."

Percy could see the look on desperation as he looked at his daughter who justs seemed to stand there frozen in place unsure what to do. Percy decided to but in and finish the situation while he could. "Don't worry sir I'll make sure to take care of her and make sure she doesn't cause any problems. I assure you that next week we'll be as thick as theives with Toph Bei Fong and whoever else will be attending that party."

With that Pery took Rachel by the arm and slowly took her out of the room and then out of the house overall until they were in the part of the garden they would usually go whenever they had time. It was a small flower garden that Rachels mother did herself and it homed some of the most beautiful flowers he had ever seen.

"Hey Rachel are you ok? You seem really distracted, even more than normal? Did something your father say upset you, I know how you don't like it when he asks me to look after you because it makes you feel like a child but you do need to realise that he is just worried about you, for whatever reason you and Toph Bei Fong don't seem to of ever gotten a long so it wouldn't be completely out there to think that you might do something to try and annoy her when you have the opportunity."

When Rachel didn't answer him or even make any reaction to what he said Percy moved to stand in front of her and found her still staring forward with glazed over eyes as if she was in some far off place in her head. "Rachel?"

"Hey Rachel are you alright?" With a sharp shake from Percy Rachel was back as she looked back at Percy and gave him a weak smile.

"Yeah you don't have anything to worry about I'm fine, but I'm going to go inside so I will see you later okay?" With that she walked back towards the house leaving a confused Percy who was unsure whether to leave her alone or not.

"R-Rachel?" There was no reply as she continued to walk off likely back to being unaware of everything around her.

~Time Skip~

"So Perseus what are your first impressions of the party? It must be pretty exciting for you to experience this sort of thing for the first time." The voice of Mrs Dare barely reached him over the loud sound of people talking in the next room where the party was being held. "I'm sure that my daughter has plenty of plans to drag you to that dance floor over the next couple hours so I hope that you are a profficient enough dancer."

Percy looked at the woman who was now standing next to him, the two of them were standing in the corner of a large hall full of extravegant engraving littering the walls as well as a large statue of a badgermole at the end of the hall surrounded by golden ornate patterns. The whole room was then finished off by the tiled slate floor finishing off the very expensive vibe that it gave off. Overall, it was probably the most expensive room that Percy had ever been in and really he couldn't wait to explore it and the people it contained once he was finished in his current conversation.

"The party looks great actually and I can already guess with your daughter around I'll be very busy for the next couple hours, especially if she runs into a certain girl our age we both know that it cause some pretty big problems." Mrs Dare chuckled at the small joke. "As for the dancing I have spent many hours with Gao and Piandao over the last week practicing so I think I should be good enough to at least set your daughter apart from the rest may that be for the better or worse we will never know."

"Lets stick to for the better shall we I can't have my only daughter being the talk of the town now can I, especially if everyone else finds out that you are a adopted son of some of our staff it could cause some problems for all of us and I know that you don't want to cause any problems for Rachel so I think it would be in your best interest to keep it under wraps for now."

"Yeah. Yeah, I know Gao and Mr Dare have already told me how important it is that I keep it all quiet you have nothing to worry out. Plus why would I ever want to let the people here know that I am below them in some way, I have seen how some of them treat the people they view of as below them and I really don't want that situation to become my life so really I think I'll just stick to acting like I'm some high class friend of your family that came to visit for a while like we agreed on."

Mrs Dare nodded at his response and walked off leaving Percy to ponder why she was so desperate to keep him silent about his current staus in life. "Whatever I'll just go find Rachel." Percy cheerily muttered to himself as he walked away from his spot to look for the person in question.

When he saw Rachel he found her talking to none other than the blind girl herself, Miss Toph Bei Fong, the two of them were talking surprisingly calm for how Percy had heard their usual relationship was like. "Hey Rachel are you gonna introduce me to your friend here?" Both of the girls turned towards him as he spoke, Rachel had a surprisingly happy look on her face for someone talking to the person you have sworn you hate more than anything else.

"Ahhh Percy I wondered where you'd gone, this is Toph Bei Fong,"

"Oh yes the girl I've heard so much about, it's nice to finally meet you my names Percy... Though I guess you already know that." Percy could almost feel the tension as he spoke. He had no idea what he was supposed to say to the girl that he had spent hours of his life hearing complaints about from when her and Rachel were younger. But seeing her now Percy didn't know what to think she looked so small and fragile yet at the same time Percy felt and odd sort of strength coming from her as well as Percy undoubtably having to admit she had an odd beauty about her almost as if she was so confidant in herself that she seemed to glow. As he got closer he noticed how her eyes seemed to follow him.

While this normally wouldn't be odd for someone to do but the fact she was blind made it odd, how was she able to know where he was? Ignoring it as just coincidence Percy decided to keep talking to the new girl, "So what were you two girls talking about? I guess you weren't telling her about how great I was Rachel? Though I have no doubt if you were you wouldn't have plenty to talk about."

This got a small laugh out of Rachel while Toph just rolled her eyes at him before turning back to looking at Rachel. "No Percy, me and Toph here were talking about how we both don't want to be here, turns out both of us hate these events more than anything else." That one was definetly a surprise for Percy it almost seemed like Rachel liked this girl now, "So Percy are you willing to help us escape this hell hole or are you gonna wander off and flirt with some other girls like I'm sure you were just doing."

"Ouch Rachel that's harsh. If you must know me and your mother were just talking about whether I was enjoying this party or not, and I have to say I don't understand why the two of you don't like it? What's there to hate theres lots of food and drink. There's a good band playing so you can get all the music you could ever want what more could the two of you want from this?"

"Oh shut up, are you going to help us get out of here or not otherwise I'm leaving whether either of you help me or not." Toph's voice was surprisingly girly for her short and strong looking appearence.

"Hey Toph there's no need to be so rash, I'm sure Percy will come with us it's not like he really knows anyone else here so I don't doubt that an hour after I leave he won't really have much to do will you?"

"Hey I resent that I think of myself as a pretty sociable guy I'm sure I could make a few friends before I grew bored of being here." When no one said anything and Rachel just sent him a judging look Percy finally relented. "Fine. Fine, I'll help the both of you get out of here. To do that I'll need the both of you to help me to collect as much water as you can for me to effectively use it for our escape."

"What the hell are you going to do with water? Throw it in the guards faces? That isn't going to do us a lot of good is it, Rachel I thought you said that this boy would be able to get us out of here no problem. He just sounds like an idiot."

"Well he needs water as he is a water bender and 9/10 that is the thing they need to water bend." This seemed to catch Toph off guard, her head snapped in Percy's direction as if she was able to see where he was standing.

"Wait you are a water bender? Why the hell are you out of your water village or where ever you people are hiding out these days? I thought all the water benders were being eliminated how come you are still here?" Percy didn't know what to say to the blind girl, it wasn't like he could just tell her that he was an escapee from a fire nation kidnapping? That would likely cause many problems down the line. Problems that he realy didn't want to deal with in this situation where he couldn't even figure out whether Rachel was pretending to like her or if she was suddenly a big fan of Toph.

"Ah well he's the son of the water tribe chief who was sent here to help us with the impending fire nation problem, so trsut me when I say he is very capable in water bending and can get us out of here easy if we just get him what he wants. But don't worry I'll get it all myself with your condition and everything I don't want you to risk hurting yourself just to get out of here."

Percy nodded at what Rachel said and sent her off to get the water for them to escape and turned back around to face the girl only to find her standing there glaring at Rachels back while her fists were balled up so tight her knuckles were white. "Whats Rachel done to offend you? It sounded like to me she was just helping you out and being kind to you? Have you got some problem with people helping you out?" Percy looked at Toph and found himself jump when she suddenly turned towards him and grab him and push him against a wall.

"Yes. I have a very big problem with her of she decides that it is up to her to babysit me and make sure that I don't hurt myself. I may be blind but that in no way makes me incapable, I mean look at us right now who's the one with their back against the wall and who's the one that would win the fight if we started right now?"

"I think you'll find that would be me on both accounts actually, while my back may be against the wall right now that doesn't mean I'm just going to let you get angry at my friend for just wanting to help you because of you eye sight. She has done nothing but offer to help you and I can't imagine why you would have a problem with that, hell she even roped me into this to help you get out of here."

This didn't seem to bother Toph as she continued to glare at him and if Percy was going to be honest it was starting to annoy him. But before either of them could say anything Rachel interrupted them. "Hey you two what are you doing, we are supposed to be working together here why are you trying to kill each other? It's barely been 10 minutes since you met and you are already at each others throats."

Toph let go of Percy and straightened herself up and looked at Percy, "So anyway have you got all the water?" This was answered by Rachel passing Percy a large clay pot full of water to Percy who slowly carried the pot to the nearest out of sight window for the three of them to escape to. "Right it's time for me to get to work then, step back ladies it is time for your escape to start." With that Percy raised his arm and slowly used his water bending skills to rise the water in the pot and create a stairway from the window to the floor 20ft below.

"Well then after you."

Rachel gave Percy a smile as he held his arm out towards the window motioning for the two girls to go first. On the other hand Toph's reaction was to simply grab Percy by his clothes and threw him out of the window past the watery stairs. Rachel shrieked as she saw Percy flying out of the window accelerating to the hard ground, out of nowhere before Percy hit the ground the ground came up and met him.

With a loud thud Percy hit the raised ground and Rachel just watched from above scared that he might be seriously injured from the large fall. While Rachel was scared for her friends life Toph calmly jumped out the window onto the water stairs as she calmly walked down despite her just having thrown someone out of a 20ft drop.

By the time Rachel had come back to her senses Toph was already at the bottom of the stairs, "What the hell Toph why did you do that? What did he ever do to you?" Rachel felt infuriated at seeing her best friend being thrown out of the window like that.

"Whats wrong Dare? He's fine isn't he? And maybe next time he won't be so damn annoying and deserve to be thrown out of the window?" Before Rachel could respond she was interrupted by a very angry Percy.

"What the hell was that for! What in the name of the spirits could of ever given you the idea that I deserved to be thrown out of the window? I have never done anything to hurt or go against you yet you still feel that it is alright to treat me like rubbish and throw me out of the window. Here I was thinking that maybe you might be different than all the other rich full of themselves children yet here you are still looking down on me just because you don't know me."

"Oh shut up it was just a small fall get over it"

"Small! That was a 16ft fall how is that small! I could of broken bones if I hadn't been careful to keep a small amount of water not used for the stairs with me."

"You're such a wuss surely you can take such a small fall like that." The mocking laugh from Toph angered Percy even more so with a few flicks of his wrist he used the water stairs to grab Rachel and bring her on the ground with the two of them and then used the rest of the water to throw it on Toph's face. He burst out laughing at the look of shock on her face as she dripped with water from head to toe.

"Are you picking a fight water boy! Bring it on, I may be blind but even I can beat a wuss like you I bet you would cry with even the slightest chunk of rock hitting you." Rachel was shocked as Percy and Toph were getting at each others throats, she didn't know how her the only non bender of the three could stop the situation.

"Hey both of you calm down, Percy I am sure that Toph didn't mean to hurt you when she threw you out of the window and Toph in the future it probably isn't a good idea to anger people, especially those that are stronger than you."

Percy calmed down to the voice of Rachel and he slowly moved out of his combat trained stance and back into his usual casual stance. It seemed that while Rachel may have calmed him down slightly from his anger the same couldn't be said for Toph who's face had gone bright red in rage and looked at Rachel and him with what Percy recognised as killer intent. A feeling he hadn't felt since his time on the boat overwhelmed him, it was a feeling that he had been tormented by yet had also clung to desperately during his time of. It was his survival instincts.

By instincts alone Percy leapt to his right and was closely followed by the sound of a bang, what he turned back to find was a large boulder being just where he had been seconds before. "Percy!" It seemed that Rachel hadn't seen Percy jump out of the way as she desperately tried to claw at the large rock. Percy calmly walked up behind Rachel and tapped her on the shoulder. Her reaction was well worth almost getting hit by a boulder as she screeched in shock at seeing him uncrushed. "What the hell Percy you scared me!"

"hehe sorry about that I didn't really have the time to tell you to avoid it I don't even know how I knew it was there."

"I guess its fine as long as you are alright." It seemed Toph wasn't happy that she was getting ignored as the small stones and pebbles around us rose from the ground.

"How dare you ignore me like I am not even worth your time, just because I am blind doesn't mean I am a weak and desperate little girl. I can protect myself just like everyone else!"

"Yeah I can tell that was quite the large rock for someone your age to bend you must be quite the Earth bender."

"You bet I am! So why do you both still treat me like I'm just another blind girl."

Percy didn't know what to say clearly this girl was self concious about how everyone tries to be constantly looking after her and controlling everything she does just because she is blind.

"Thats because you are blind! Just because you have talent for Earth bending doesn't mean you would be capable of actually winning a fight, we are all just trying to help you." Percy hoped that Rachel realised just how ironic what she was saying was, for a girl that constantly wanted more freedom from her parents it was odd seeing her trying to do the same to someone as she always complains about from her parents.

"Rachel that isn't fair you can't just look down on her because of one disadvantage, there are many different things you need to rely on in a fight and your sight isn't the only thing you need to know where people are." This seemed to catch Toph off guard as all the rocks that had been lifted by her earlier all fell to the ground and when he looked in her direction he saw her looking at her questionably like she was trying to figure out some complicated puzzle.

"Whatever Percy I'm out of here if she wants to live in her dream of being some strong capable girl I'm just going to leave her to it, are you going to come with me or not?" Percy felt conflicted, while he never liked to go against what his friends said he couldn't help but feel curious about whether Toph could back up what she had been saying earlier about her being stronger.

"I'm sorry Rachel I have some questions I want to ask her before I go, I'll see you tomorrow alright?" Rachel sent him a quick glare before storming off likely to rant angrily about him to herself back at her house.

Once she was nowhere to be seen Percy started walking further away from the Bei Fong household and more into their gardens. Without either of them saying a word Toph followed behind him both of them going in complete silence. As the walked Percy searched for some body of water nearby to make an even fighting ground for them to use. After a few seconds of searching he found a large pond near the centre of the large garden making it perfect for an impromtu fighting arena for a water and Earth bender fight.

"So I'm guessing we both know why we are here, we both want to know whether I really am capable of beating you isn't that right?" Percy knew Toph was right he really did want to know whether the young Earth bender was capable of making up for her sight with whatever it was that allowed her to know where people were at all times.

"I guess you could say that, but before we fight I have one question I'd like to ask." Toph turned her head slightly curious as to what it could be that he had to ask her. "How is it that you are able to see like you do, I have noticed how you always seem to know where people stand at the very least."

"Ahh that, how about if you win this fight I'll tell you how it is I see the world around me in return if I win then you have to tell me who you are and why you were at my parents party. I've never met you in my life and I know everyone that they invited to that party so I have a feeling you weren't invited and were in fact snuck in by the Dare family."

"Sounds fair to me really alright I'm ready when you are"

"Say your final goodbyes then I'm going to destroy you water boy"

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