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Dear sir or madam,

If you are reading this letter then you are the chosen person of your world that meets the your worlds version of Taylor Hebert, the base version of the girl that is your counterpart in many worlds is a 15 year old girl who was bullied into getting super powers and then goes onto be both a bad guy and a good guy and saving the world. We do not know how much from the base line that world might be or weird that you might be. You could be male or female and you are version of the world that has been her counterpart. We are not sure how this letter will be appear to you, we have had some version that it was an email, some versions that is was a dream, a book, a letter, a computer disc, or it could be dropped off by an owl for all I know.

Who am I you wonder to be sending this letter that you might think of as a joke. My forum name is Maverick, I am the forum Moderator and the person who sends out the letter to those you and got to write this letter to you. MY superpower is that of changing into an older version that can also change into a fighter plane. Pretty weird power if you ask me. Not much compared to some of the powers that some of our members can use. The base line is very scary who can control bugs on a city wide scale and killed a few people who could not be killed that way by making them eat bugs and choke on them. As I said she can be pretty scary. I am not sure if you world might have movies and there is one movie that my powers are based on. Yes, the movie Top Gun.

What the forums are based on and what you can think about. We are different versions of the same person from different parts of the multiverse that have problems and we are here to support each other and help each with advice and ideas to help each other in our worlds. We can share videos and comments with each other and tell each other about our world and family and how we got our powers if you wish to share.

The reason this was formed was a ROB, a goddess had her version killed that she had as her champion and wanted to support other version with help and advice from other for trouble that they might get into. We have many different members that you can talk to and other that have posted lots, other posted once or twice and not been talking since then. You can post as much as you like or just watch and see what people have to say. We would at least like to post once with just an intro if you would. If not, at least say hello.

Thank you for your time and we do hope to see you on the forums.

Moderator Maverick