7:00 am User: EGO

I have to say that a lot of you goody two shoes on here have to deal with stupid people who call themselves Villains. They do not deserve to be called that. I mean really running a minor gang and being called a Nazi. I am what you call a SUPERVILLAIN! None of this running around just one town, when you can have bases around the world to fight the good guys. I have henchmen and even throw away henchmen when you can throw them down and they go poof and last long enough to fight the good guys and then melt. They even have a union also. And how do I pay for all this madness you ask?

Government contracts to supply things and then you can pay for the Super Villain act. It also pays to use the same gear that you sell to the government to help test things out and even sell to the black market. When you have a decent income coming in that the government pays you to use your stuff, then you can afford to have that hidden underwater base or the base in the Volcano or your own island with the white sand beaches.

You must be wondering who I am then, RIGHT?

I am the super Villain EGO all in caps. Yes, I do have a very large Ego also to go with my act. I mean, how else do you do anything without being a great actor and have an activity that makes you stand out among the world's Super Villain club. I do not have any powers at all and I do not have a great IQ even. I have decided at a young age that Super-Villains were the way to go and I worked my butt off from a young age to become one of the best. I am not the top one. But I am in the top 5 for sure. I have only needed to escape jail once. The good guys have only taken me to jail once and that way because Of a damn IRS Audit. That is one group of people to never screw with. I have used that tactic several times when I knew the Hero's were coming to bust up to one of my bases. I asked the IRS to come in and audit my books on that base. It funny when you greet them at the door and inform them that you cannot fight them today because of the IRS doing an audit. The look on faces is wonderful.

Ah yes. I knew I forgot to say something about myself and my world. My name Villain name is EGO. My real name is Taylor Anderson….yes. Make the Matrix jokes…I dare you…. I will say that that the role of Villain that I am is easy. I AM A MAD SCIENCE TEST DAMNIT! My age would be in my 70s I think. I have had to use clone bodies a few times after dying a couple of times. I was born a male and I have switched to a much younger female body right now. I mean if you going to do anything GO BIG OR GO HOME!

I have never bothered to be married, I have had a few kids though….raise them as seeing the world and fighting the good fight against the hero's….and what do they do…..sigh. One works for the Damn IRS as an agent… did I go wrong in raise here though. The other one works for the Hero's for god sake. She is the personal assailant to most of them. Where the heck did things go wrong in do things go wrong? Sigh, not much you can do except maybe time to think about having another kid soon. This time I can see what it's like having a child as a woman this time. Being a Super Villain does make it awkward to show up for X-mad dinner with my kids when they work for the Hero's. That is one time of the year we have a truce to set aside work and spend with family. No one does evil plots or hero work from just before X-mas to the day after New Year's.

I might just have to take a decent trip soon cause these End Bringers some of you get to fight to seem to something that would be fun to study. I have to wonder if they would stand up to a good old fashion Death ray or not? Nothing like a classic to start things off among the tools most super Villains have in their toy box. If nothing else it might be fun to show the powers that be in some of your worlds the true power of being a Villain for sure. Maybe I should have a fling or two with a hero out of work and costume. It also ways fun to let them know how good or bad they were in bed when you see them during a fight. The reaction is very fun, to say the least when you say something about it when their teammates are around to hear all about it. Just something else I use for dealing with the Hero's and keeping them off balance. Sending them thank you notes after a fight, love notes to their other half just before an event is great to make them think something else is up before they come after you. Mind games are part of the game in dealing with Hero's. But you never harm their family. Kidnapping is standard along with hiding them. But never any damage to them. Holding them for Ransom is also standard and if they do not pay, then you make them work it off somehow for a couple of months.

9:20 am User: Ranger

Good grief. A true super Villain to deal with that even has a super EGO. I would have to say I would have to try to arrest you. Not sure it would work or not EGO. Though it sounds like you would love to work something out with Poke Girl to do the science thing though and how her Poke girls work.

10:39 am User: Poke girl

You have to not be an asshole and go off and do the villain thing or steal my girls, I might think about letting you stop by because having a person who is not some kind of Tinker would be nice to help me understand a few things about my tech base. And no seducing me also. I am the same age as your grandkids that you did not make a comment about. I can blame one of my Angles for saying something about you stopping in and that you had grandkids. Still not sure how she made some comments out of the blue about you asking to visit soon.

11:49 am User: EGO

I would be honored to act with respect to you and your girls Pokegirl. I would also act with the utmost gentleman to your parents also even though I am female right now with this body. THIS WOULD BE IN THE NAME OF SCIENCE FOR MY VISIT TO PUSH THE EDGE OF IT AND MAKE IT CRY!

Ranger, it would be fun to face off with your team and see who would be the one in handcuffs though. I would answer with what army, but you have one underarm. So it would be a very fun battle against my toss away minions and their union.