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"I know Tank, it was a long mission. Call if there are any emergencies."

I closed my phone as I walked down the stairs to the lower level of this lakefront cabin. Alright, the term cabin was a stretch. It was a large house on a private lake and I acquired it for an excellent price 3 years ago. My best friend Tank oversaw the renovations and upgrades. He knew the chances of us using this house without bulletproof glass windows was slim.

Cup of coffee in hand I slid open the deck doors to enjoy the crisp morning air. My injuries had healed enough Bobby had deemed me safe to travel alone and start back to my workout regime. As I sat down on the black wrought iron chaise lounge with gray cushions, I caught movement across the lake. When we looked at this house the proximity to a neighbor was not something I was comfortable with. Local real estate records showed the house was owned by a Frank Plum, divorced former military and Postmaster. The individual had just finished running from what I could tell.

Leaning back into the chair I thought about my recovery and how this was my last mission. Rangeman business was booming and never again would I be worried that I'd never return. Coming back this time, the transition was more difficult. With more visible injuries on top of the non-visible ones it has proved to me I was not wrong about my family. Their level of superficial was evident when I attended dinner for Abuela's birthday a few days ago. Bobby, Lester and Tank went with me that night. Even they were shocked at the level of disgust in their eyes. Making our excuses we booked it out of there before dessert.

Tia Ella was the exception. She hugged me so fiercely when I returned to the building and Louis told me how they prayed for my safe return. Everytime she brought a meal to the penthouse she kissed the bandage and reminded me how proud she was. When they came off, she looked at me, smiled and asked what I wanted for dinner. It is why I believed going to my parent's house would yield the same response.

Standing up, I drained the end of my coffee. At least now the monster on the outside matches the monster on the inside.