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Frank POV

I stayed at Joe's last night rather than going back to my house. This way I was close if Stephanie needed us.

"Hello?" I answered the unknown phone number.

"Mr. Plum, I have Vito Grizzoli for you. Can you hold please?"

"Yes, I can hold." I started to rack my brain on what Vito would want with me.

"Frank, I apologize for this call. There is an issue I came across and I wanted to make you aware of it." I straightened up.

"I appreciate it but what is going on?" I heard him audibly sigh on the other end.

"My men overheard a conversation between my Teresa and your eldest daughter. She scheduled a meeting to hire our services. I won't offend you with the payment arrangements but I wanted you to be aware as she never discussed who the target was."

I plopped down on the chair as he continued.

"I know there is some bad blood between your daughters. You as their father deserve to be aware. Teresa is leaving the organization and I will be making the meeting to withdrawal our services indefinitely." Vito concluded.

"Vito, can I be straight with you?" I heard him grunt on the other end and took it as an urge to continue. "Between you and me I recently discovered that Valerie is not biologically my child. I love my grandaughters but I know it won't be long before that news comes out. My only concern is Stephanie and shielding those girls from the generational curses."

There was silence over the line for a minute.

"The meeting is scheduled for 9. Would you like to join me and we can find out who she was gunning for?"

"Thank you, I'd appreciate that. Could I bring someone with me?"

"I'd assume you'd bring Mr. Juniak." He inquired confused.

"Stephanie has become friends with a Ranger Manoso. I think this would be something he should assist with. My gut is telling me that I won't like what she has to say."

"Yes, I've dealt with Ranger and his company. They are very efficient. I will meet you at the Morelli's."

I ended the call and headed for the kitchen.

"Morning Frank, you don't look so good," Joe said.

Snagging a cup of coffee I leaned against the counter.

"Vito Grizzoli called me. Told me Valerie had hired his niece for a hit on someone. They were scheduled to have a meeting this morning. He invited me to join him. I was going to call Ranger."

Joe leaned back in his chair and whistled. "What is wrong with this town? I think it is time we put our retirement plan into action. My wife has been gone quite a few years and I'm ready to leave this house. That was why we purchased that plot of land next to the lake near Stephanie."

I nodded in agreement. "I've always loved that lake house. I wonder if she would let me build her a new house and I can take that one?"

"Ask her, that girl loves you more than anything. You better call Ranger and get ready to go. It is just past 8."

Ranger POV

"Yo?" I answered my phone.

"Ranger, it's Frank Plum. I have a bit of a situation and was wondering if I could borrow you for about an hour?" I turned and walked back into Tank's office, gesturing with my hand to silence Tank, Bobby, and Lester.

"You're on speaker Mr. Plum. How can we help you?" I asked.

"Call me Frank, Ranger. Vito Grizzoli called, he told me Valerie reached out to Terri. She wanted to hire her services to get rid of someone. He ensured me that he was taking the meeting instead and enforcing the fact he will not be doing business with her. I asked Vito if I could bring you. Just have a bad feeling." He rambled out.

"What time and where?" I asked.

He rambled off the time and address.

"We will swing by and pick you up. I agree with Vito that he was right to call you. We will see you in 15." We disconnected and I looked at my three best friends.

"You don't think she would hire a hit on her sister do you?" Lester asked.

"You've heard the stories and saw them in action. Of course, they would," argued Bobby.

"What is the plan Rangeman?" Tank cut off any further arguing.

"Lester and Bobby are going to stay here and ensure things keep going smoothly. Also to distract Stephanie since this will push back us heading to her beach house. Take her to Abuela Rosa. Tank you're with me. Let's roll."

Tank and I double-timed it to the garage. He hopped into the driver's seat and I gave him our destination. Pulling up to the curb of Juniak's we found Frank pacing outside of the house. He hopped in quickly and we continued.

"This is going to be bad. I know it. I've always loved both my daughters. Sometimes I didn't like Valerie but I loved her because I thought she was mine. Now to find out Helen lied. What else has she lied about? Those poor girls." Frank said.

"What are you going to do? I asked.

"I don't want to hurt my granddaughters but I know after this showdown. I won't be allowed to see them again. Not with Helen out and especially if Valerie was trying to do what I think she was." He answered.

We pulled up behind Vito's vehicle. As we exited the back door to his opened and out he stepped. Frank headed up the path right behind him and his men. Bringing up the rear we decided it was best to let Vito start the meeting. Once Vito hit the steps the door opened and there stood Edna Mazur.

"What is the meaning of this? We don't associate with criminals." She hissed.

"Valerie Morelli called this meeting and since my niece Teresa was unable to make it, I cleared my schedule to keep it. Let's go inside." He gestured her to step back.

We watched her face twist in anger. The closer we got to the threshold, the more we saw of the home's occupants. Not only was Edna there but also Helen with Valerie.

"Frank, have you come to grovel. I'll take you back but I have conditions." Helen stood with her arms crossed.

"Oh Daddy, That would be wonderful! You and mom getting back together. Imagine what the Burg would say." Valerie added.

We heard Frank bark out a laugh. "It will be a cold day in hades before I went crawling back to you. We are here because of Valerie."

"Are you here to give her the money for her wedding? A father should pay for her daughter's wedding. It is only right Frank. Imagine how she felt being embarrassed like that." Helen continued on.

"The three of you. Sit down and shut up!" I barked.

It was then that they realized Frank wasn't alone.

"Vito, if you'd like to proceed before they start yapping again." Frank gestured.

"Ah, Valerie it has come to my attention you were attempting to hire my niece to take care of somebody for you. Who was it?" Vito posed the question to her.

Valerie's eyes shifted from Vito to her father and then to us. Then she started to fidget.

"Honestly, Valerie is a good Burg wife and she would never do what you all are claiming she would do," Helen said and Edna nodded emphasizing the point.

"It was your sister wasn't it Valerie? That's why you offered up your husband as payment to Teresa? You knew she'd take the job. The thing is she is no longer with the organization. We will not be doing any business with any of you." Vito informed the women.

"What has your sister ever done to you Valerie? The lot of you hated her for breathing." Frank boomed.

Edna was suddenly feeling brave. "Frank, Valerie was the perfect child and you have been doting on her while she was growing up. Not that horrible girl. Valerie was your perfect daughter."

A shiver ran up my spine as Frank started laughing and those three witches looked confused.

"Are you going to tell her or am I, Helen" he growled.

"I don't know what you are talking about," Helen spat back crossing her arms defensively.

"Fine, I'll do it." Helen opened her mouth but I shot her a look and she froze. " Valerie, I found out last week I am not your biological father. I'm sorry you had to find out like this but actually, I don't think I am. You tried to have a contract out on my daughter." Frank shouted the last part.

"Mother, this isn't true right?" She whispered.

"Go on! Tell her Helen! Tell her who her father is! She deserves to know! HELL, we all deserved to know decades ago!" Frank continued knocking over the end table.

When it crashed to the floor we watched them jump.

"Helen, What is he talking about?" Edna demanded.

"Nothing, Frank is wrong. He's your father Valerie." Helen assured them.

"Actually, I've even seen the tests and you, Valerie is not the daughter of Helen Mazur and Frank Plum." Vito inserted into the conversation.

Helen looked increasingly more nervous and Valerie started to cry.

"Who is my father than mother? I deserve to know. Why couldn't he be there and instead I got stuck with this lump, who only loved that trash of a sibling I had." She glared at Frank.

"It's a lie, Valerie. Frank is your father. He just wants out." Helen pushed again.

"Helen, what does Mr. Grizzoli have to gain by lying about her paternity. Unless it is him, nothing." Edna interjected.

"I can answer that too." Vito sat up adjusting his shirt and building suspense. For a mob boss, he was quite entertaining. "Anthony Morelli Sr is your father."

Usually, I'm good with keeping a blank face. However when the youngest shrew darted towards the bathroom and the oldest both went pale. Both Tank and I chuckled. We always enjoyed watching people get knocked for a loop.

"You didn't Helen? I told you to stay away from those Morelli boys. Look what you've done now! Do you realize what you just did? Why me? Why couldn't you stay away from them?" Edna yelled at her daughter.

Tank elbowed me, "This is getting good. Santos is going to be pissed he missed it," He whispered. I nodded in agreement.

"What's the big deal, Mother. Frank was away and Anthony and I were in love. Valerie is a product of love." Helen shot back.

"No Helen, Valerie is the product of her mother and mother's half-brother sleeping together."

"What?" Helen screeched and Vito cackled.

"I had a long-term affair with Giuseppe Morelli. He's your biological father. Harry could never father any children and he didn't really care. His boyfriend kept Harry happy." Edna revealed.

"Frank, I'd like to offer my condolences for this mess you never realized you walked into. I hope your daughter is safe and I ensure protection for her from the Grizzoli's. Boys, let's go." Vito headed back out the door while we stood there with Frank.

"This is all that girl's fault. Don't you see what she did to this family Frank?" Helen yelled.

Edna nodded her head and agreement and Valerie did as well from her spot near the bathroom door.

"NO!" Frank bellowed and stepped towards her. "This is all on you three. Nothing Stephanie ever could cause this incestual mess you've created. The hate you have for my daughter is all of your own doing. Stay away from her. She's done nothing to you." He finished in a growl.

"No, she deserves everything that is coming to her and I am going to see to it. That she gets it." Helen replied looking smug.

Frank motioned towards the door as he pulled the phone out of his pocket. Looking Helen dead in the eyes he pressed a number on his phone and held it up to his ear.

"Vinny, do you think Lucille has time to make some calls for me today?" He spun on his heels and headed towards the door. The only sounds we heard as it closed behind us were screaming and glass breaking.

I held out my fist to Tank. We knew it was going to be a good day. Pointing the SUV towards Haywood, we listed to Frank give his nephew details to share with his wife.

Tank and I debated who was going to enjoy this story more Lester or Stephanie.

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