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WARNING! Some things will be alluded to and not described in excessive detail. I'm not a doctor or any medical professional. This means there will be some creativity with the scenario to fit my goal. If something is a trigger for you. I apologize, this story will reference abuse, rape, and domestic violence. There is a great deal of drawing your conclusions on those fronts. Thanks, y'all for sticking with me. I am hoping to regularly schedule an update. I'm trying to get my life together LOL! Please remember this story is IN PROGRESS. I know it isn't finished. The arraignment chapter I was having a few issues with and it is being proofread. This is sort of my peace offering since I'm a hot mess.

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Stephanie POV

Ranger came downstairs as I was setting mugs in front of the guys. "Do you want marshmallows Ranger?"

"No thank you. We have a problem though," he said.

I tilted my head, "What's going on?"

"Tank called, Morelli found your lake house," Ranger said and then proceeded to outline everything he had been told.

"How did he find it? Nobody has ever come up there. Will anybody else find it?" I rambled.

He came around the island, "Tank was contacting your father and Morelli is in our custody. Don't worry we will take care of it. We have a helicopter that can get your dad there before we can get to the landing strip and up there."

"I hate the things that crawl out of that town. It's like their goal in life to taint everything in the world."

Lester and Bobby grabbed their drinks and slipped out of the room.

Ranger grabbed my hand, "Let's head outside if you still want and we can have dessert. Then get ready to take off early in the morning after we get some rest. Unless you want to pack up and leave now."

I thought about it, "You are sure nothing can be done now?"

He shook his head, "Other than driving to the nearest airstrip and chartering a helicopter no."

Exhaling, I grabbed the mugs and headed towards the deck, pushing the door open with my hip.

Once on the deck, I settled into one of the two lounge chairs with a table between them. The salty air was always calming.

"Here is your dessert compliments of Tia Ella," Ranger said as he placed the bowl of chocolate goodness in my lap.

I took the first bite and moaned, "Please can she adopt me? I think I am in love with this."

Before long I had polished off my drink and plate. With a full stomach, I knew it wouldn't be long until I drifted off to sleep.

"Come on Steph, let's get you upstairs. We've got an early start time." He stood and held out his hand. Motioning for me to leave the dishes. Hand in hand we headed up the stairs towards my room.

"If we leave by 8 then we can get to our destination after lunch. Get some sleep." He tilted my face up to look at him. "This was fun. We will be doing it again." I nodded in agreement.

In a flash, he brushed his lips against mine.

Steph POV

Walking up to the front door my stomach twisted in knots. That safe haven feeling I usually got was gone. That I did not enjoy. This was my home. I stood in my living room and everything smelled like smoke. My home had been violated in a way I wouldn't be able to easily ignore.

"What's the damage Daddy?" I asked out loud.

It felt like we were just standing and waiting for something to blow up.

"Most of your bedroom is a loss. The smoke damage is going to be difficult to get out of the rest of the place. Ranger's company recommended somebody that can clean it but we will have to see. I'm sorry, pumpkin," Daddy said.

"Not your fault we know who to blame. I guess there is no point in trying to salvage anything right now." I questioned out loud

"Steph, why don't you wait to see what they say when they evaluate for cleaning? Is there anything of value we need to take now?" Ranger asked.

I shook my head, "There is a bank in town I keep a safety deposit box at under dad's name. I keep papers and a few pieces of jewelry there."

Ranger nodded, "Okay, Do you want to go to a hotel or stay at my place? There is enough room for all four of us. A few of the guys will also be crashing in the bunkroom.."

"Your place works for us Ranger, Whatever my daughter wants really." My dad answered.

"Morelli isn't anywhere near here right? I know I still shouldn't be scared of him but he broke into here." I asked worriedly.

"You're safe Babe and Hector has him en route to be handed off to the officials and we are making sure that he will never bother you again. Hector is good at that."

"Why don't we go to that place you love to eat in town Pumpkin? I've got some good news and some Burg gossip."

"I'm eating dessert first. I'm going to need to order more clothes for my meeting next week with my publisher. I have to go sign the paperwork." I reminded my dad about my schedule.

"Well, I'm starving. Let's head out. You don't want to keep an old man waiting." Uncle Joe said.

I rolled my eyes, "You are far from old Uncle Joe."

Lucille POV

Daddy called Valerie Morelli is having a bit of trouble with her children and custody. It is appalling. How can a woman act so important but have a very messy life. Vinny said it wouldn't hurt if I pushed the information along faster. It isn't that we don't mind visiting Steph near her home but we do think she would benefit fom being able to freely come in and out of Trenton.

Picking up the phone I dialed Father Bianchi first. That would make for a fun Sunday mass. The topics she would know were directed at her.

"Hello Father Bianchi, I need your help. Do you have a moment?"

"Anything for you child?"

"My cousin Valerie is having a problem. I do not know how to help her without upsetting her."

"I'd be happy to help. What do you need?"

"With everything including her mother getting out of prison, her husband escaping and her learning who her father really is."

"I'm confused she is Frank Plum's daughter."

"Actually, her mother had an affair with Anthony Sr."

"That would mean…"

"Yes, Father. Do you think you can go can put a sermon together that would really help give her guidance?"

"Of course, I will get right on this. Thank you for coming to me."

"Thank you father, I will see you Sunday."

Once I hung up I cackled and skipped off to go tell Vinny what I did.