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Young a second time

Raquel Blue is only a week away from turning 80.

She is weak and stuck in a wheelchair all the time.

Her biggest wish is to be young and strong once more.

"What I wouldn't give for an opportunity to be young again..." says Rocky as she drink some wine.

For the past 12 years, Rocky has been living alone, dreaming about her past often.

Adam Westsummer, Rocky's husband, has been dead for 24 years and her best friend CeCe Jones is dead as well.

"Life's so sad. I can't do much." says Rocky.

On the other side of the cozy living room is a big display cabinet where Rocky store all her dancing awards that she's won during her long and awesome career as a dancer.

There's also a huge fancy portrait of Rocky in her sweet golden leather dance-outfit when she danced on MTV Masters of Dance - All Stars when she was 29.

Charles Redent from France was the one who painted the portrait of Rocky based on a photo.

Rocky cry when she feel how much she miss CeCe.

CeCe was killed by a Russian evil slut over 20 years ago.

"CeCe...wish you were still here..." says Rocky.

Since she's in a wheelchair, Rocky cannot even go to the graveyard and visit CeCe's grave, even though she wants to so much.

Before she ended up in wheelchair, Rocky would go to CeCe's grave every Sunday and pray there.

"Too bad I cannot go back in time to when everything was wonderful." says Rocky.

20 minutes later.

"Opsss..." says Rocky as she fart by accident.

This happens pretty often since she became old and weak.

Rocky want to become young again.

"I am worthless. And I used to be so sweet and happy." says Rocky.

She feel so much pain in her body and soul.

"Life as an old woman, not fun." says Rocky, who used to think being old wasn't so bad.

She hate the pain.

"Maybe the suffering is simply part of being an elderly." says Rocky.

Rocky think back to when she and CeCe danced a lot.

"We had so much fun." says Rocky.

She never forget when she and CeCe got to go to the White House and dance for President Melinda Warren's family.

"That was wonderful." says Rocky.

The memory makes her smile.

The next day.

"Hello, Madame Blue." says Annie Scarlet as she visit.

Annie is a sweet woman who stop by to help Rocky with things that Rocky herself is too weak and old to do.

"Hi, Annie." says Rocky.

"So, how do you feel today?" says Annie.

"Just as last time. Old and weak." says Rocky.

"Then I have good news. My brother's a scienties, as you know. And he and his team has developed something that can make you happy." says Annie.

"What did they create?" says Rocky.

"Chronometric transplatium." says Annie.

"Uh..." says Rocky.

"Time-travel." says Annie.

"Really? Wow." says Rocky.

"It can only be used to go back in time, but I assume that's what you'd love to do." says Annie.

"Yes. I'd love to be 20 again." says Rocky.

"Then this will work. There's only one thing I need to tell you. If you go back in time you cannot change your mind and go forward to this future again." says Annie.

"Not a problem. I wanna stay in my past." says Rocky.

"Okay. Let me help you." says Annie.

Annie put a special belt on Rocky.

Annie then gesture to the knob on the belt and says "That knob controls where you'll go. Turn it to where you want to go and then push the green button."

"Alright." says Rocky as she set the belt to when she was 20.

"Bye. I'll miss you." says Annie.

"I'll miss you as well, Annie. Bye." says Rocky as she push the green button.

In a flash of green light, Rocky goes back in time to a week after she turned 20.

Rocky finds herself in her sweet apartment in Chicago.

She look at herself in the mirror and get very happy when she sees that she's young and strong again.

"Yay!" says Rocky in pure bright joy.

"Hi, Rocky." says CeCe as she enter the room.

"OMG, yay! CeCe, I'm so happy to see you!" says a very happy Rocky as she give CeCe a big sweet hug.

"Wow, it's only like 2 hours since I was here, but I had nothing special to do so I decided to return." says CeCe.

"I'm still very glad you're in front of me now. You're my best friend." says Rocky with a cute smile.

"You're my best friend too, Rocky." says CeCe.

"Thanks." says Rocky.

"Anytime. I'll always help you in any way I can." says CeCe.

"Sweet. I'd do the exact same for you 'cause you mean the world to me." says Rocky.

"Cool." says CeCe.

"By the way, what song do you wanna use for our dance at Redent Hall...?" says Rocky.

"Hmm...I think 'White Isle' by Tanya Scarlet." says CeCe.

"Sounds wonderful." says Rocky.

"Yup. It's a sexy song." says CeCe.

"I guess so and it's sweet at the same time." says Rocky.

"And very easy to dance to as well." says CeCe.

"That's true, girl." says Rocky.

"Rocky, see ya later. I'm going to the mall. Need to buy something awesome to wear for the dance." says CeCe.

"Okay." says Rocky.

CeCe leave.

Rocky goes to the kitchen where she grab a sandwich and eat it.

"So awesome to be young again." says a happy Rocky.

22 minutes later, Rocky practice dancing so she's ready for the big dance at Redent Hall 3 weeks later.

Even though she's not danced in a long time from her point of view, Rocky's young body still remember the entire dance without even a tiny problem.

"Yay!" says Rocky, very happy that she haven't forgotten.

Rocky drink some tea.

"Yeah!" says Rocky, doing a backflip in joy.

Then she take a shower.

2 days later.

"Yay!" says a very happy Rocky as she put on her best dance outfit.

She and CeCe will be doing a photo-shoot later, that's why Rocky wear the awesome dance clothes.

Rocky is happy to be young again.

"I love this life." says Rocky in cute joy.

She dance a little.

72 minutes later.

Rocky and CeCe enter Studio 5G where the photo-shoot will be done.

The photographer is the famous and sweet Mariah Rosenburg II.

"Hi, girls." says Mariah.

"Hi, Mrs Rosenburg." says Rocky and CeCe.

"Over here." says Mariah as she lead Rocky and CeCe to a simple, but cute set.

"Let's do something nice and easy." says Mariah.

"Sounds cute." says Rocky.

"Yup." says CeCe.

"Wonderful." says Mariah.

Rocky and CeCe smile as they pose in front of a pink wall.

They wear their best dance clothes.

Mariah takes a few photos.

"I'm sure these photos will make it into Vouge very easy." says Mariah.

"Oh, that'd be so cute!" says Rocky in joy.

Rocky already know that will become true, since she still has all her memories from the original timeline and know that the same thing will happen again, unless she change the future and she doesn't plan to do that, at least not when it comes to that specific part of it.

"Yup." says CeCe, just as happy as Rocky.

"You girls are very sweet." says Mariah.

"Thanks." says Rocky and CeCe.

2 weeks later, the photos of Rocky and CeCe are in Vouge, just as Rocky remember it from the original timeline.

CeCe and Rocky are both very happy.

"It's so cool that we're featured in Vouge." says a happy CeCe.

"Yeah, awesome." says Rocky, just as happy as CeCe is.

"How do you wanna celebrate?" says CeCe.

"Simply a calm casual night, just the two of us." says Rocky.

"Awesome. We can eat something yummy and watch a sweet movie." says CeCe.

"Wonderful." says Rocky.

"True." says CeCe.

"Cute." says Rocky.

"Okay." says CeCe.

The next day when the sun goes down.

CeCe and Rocky sit in CeCe's living room.

They eat sushi and watch a cutie movie.

Rocky wear violet clothes and CeCe wear neon-green clothes.

It is clear that both of them are happy.

"CeCe, you're awesome." says Rocky.

"So are you, Rocky." says CeCe.

"Awww, thanks." says Rocky.

"Anytime." says CeCe.

The End.