Hey guys, back here with some Misato x Shinji, something I haven't written in some time. This may be shorter than usual since this is sort of a re-introduction fic. That will be all for now, Enjoy the fic guys!

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Hold Me Tight

By: Executor25

Wednesday Night

Shinji was currently sulking in his bedroom. He was tired, annoyed, angry, and just sad in general. His day had been outright terrible. School was already bad daily, made worse by Asuka. The synch test that followed tired him out and when he got home, Asuka berated him so more, he cooked dinner, ate, and retired to his room.

So Yes, Shinji was pissed.

He was listening to classical music on his S-DAT, thus not hearing the knock on the door.

The door then unlocked, the person slipping their frame into his bedroom.

Shinji was still unaware of the person's presence, still on his S-DAT and he was also facing the wall, thus not seeing them.

He jerked as he felt a hand touch his shoulders, small shiver going down his back. He tried to ignore the hold on him and tried to pretend he was asleep, but alas to no avail.

He rolled onto his other side to face the person and was met with a lock of lavender-colored hair. After a moment of thought, he looked up at the face of the woman and found it to be his guardian and frontline commander, Misato Katsuragi.

When he got up and unplugged his earplugs, he beckoned her to sit beside him, still confused as to why she was her.

"Hey, Shin-chan…" Misato started, her eyes laced with concern. "…I saw you were really tired before and after the synch test also Asuka seemed to be angrier than usual at you so: Are you ok?"

Shinji sighed, "I guess I'm just tired Misato, I—"

"Please Shinji, the way you look says you aren't just tired, now tell me what do you really feel" Her voice was lower than usual but was firm and decisive.

"Fine I guess since you won't take that as an answer…I'm just mad I guess at a lot of things, my dad, NERV, Asuka—well not that much, and my existence as a whole…"

Misato was initially stunned by his words, she hadn't expected Shinji of all people to harbor this kind of thoughts(not that she blamed him). It was only now that she realized that he never told her and anybody in particular how he felt, which meant he probably built up all these emotions in him.

"I'm so sorry Shinji, that I didn't think about how you felt…"

"It's not your fault Misato, I mean, to be honest, I'm not really the open type…"

Even in this situation, Misato managed a chuckle but that was short-lived as she thought of a way to help comfort him.

"Hey Shinji, how about this, after school tomorrow I'll treat you somewhere, just the two of us, how does that sound?"

"It's Misato, I'll just cook—"

"No, No Shin-chan, I insist"

"I-uh sure thing, but what about Asuka?"

"Synch Test after class"

Shinji smiled, with emotion this time, as he gladly accepted Misato's offer, he guessed he might as well go for it since this would probably be a one-time-only chance.

"Sure thing Misato…"

"Great, see you tomorrow Shin-chan"

"You too Misato…"

Just as she was about to leave his room, Shinji called out to her.

"By the way, Thanks Misato"

"Anytime Shinji, anytime" A warm smile on her face and she exited the room. Shinji now had completely forgotten about how bad his day was and instead decided to look forward to tomorrow, he would sleep contentedly that night.

Thursday Afternoon, Misato's apartment

Shinji had just recently arrived back from school, which was thankfully wasn't as bad as it had been the previous day. Asuka's berating had gone down a notch and the day had gone smoothly for the most part.

This had been the first time he felt eager to get home as he happily made his presence know by announcing "Misato, I'm home!"

"Hey Shin-chan, we'll be leaving in a couple of minutes if your fine with that"

"Sure thing"

He quickly waltzed into his room, unloaded his bag, and took a quick shower. When he emerged from his room once again, Misato was idling by the doorway, dressed in her usual outfit excluding the jacket.

"Hey Shin-Chan, you good to go?"

"Yeah Misato…by the way where are we going?"

"Didn't I say we were going to eat out?"

"I meant where are we going to eat out…"

"Oh that, that's a surprise"

He just nodded and they pair made their way to Misato's car. Soon they were on their way to Misato's mystery restaurant. The ride there didn't take long and was mostly covered by silence but eventually, they got to a small Italian restaurant that Misato had booked for them.

"Hey Shin-chan we're here"

"Huh, oh alright, this is it?"

"Yup, come on let's go!"

Upon entering they were greeted by a waiter who asked if they had any reservations, Misato gave him her name and they were shown to their table. They sat on either side and were handed the menus which they began to intensively scan.

A few minutes later, they signaled for a different waiter that they had made up their minds about to what to order and after he scribbled it in a piece of paper, he scurried off to get it prepared.

"So what do you think?"

"It's not bad and their food looks good so good job Misato-san"

"Thanks, Shinji, also do you feel better from yesterday?"

"Yeah, I guess today wasn't as bad…"

"Great to hear and—hey look it's our orders"

Sure enough, their food was on their way and was promptly set before them, water included. Soon they were enjoying their dinner whilst having small talk thrown in between. They even ordered dessert which they decided to share instead to cut the costs. They hung around the place for some more conversation, paid the bill and headed home…

…or that's at least what Shinji thought.

Instead, Misato drove them to the hill where she had shown him what he had saved.

"Uh, Misato-san…why are we here?"

"Just wanted to spend time with my favorite charge, why?"

Shinji smiles, his mind focused on the word, favorite, this was first for anyone to say that to him. He followed her out the car and onto the railing where they both gazed unto Tokyo-3 at nighttime.

"This is nice y' know, just the two of us, and one of the most important places I showed you…"


"Hey Misa-san, thanks…for everything"

"Your welcome Shinji-Kun" Then she walked over to him and pulled him into an embrace. Initially caught by surprise, he eventually returned the warm embrace and they stayed like that for a few moments. After this, they pulled away and furiously blushed.

They quietly made their back to Misato's car and they drove home in contended silence.


An Hour Later

After arriving home, they found out Asuka had chosen to stay at Hikari's place which meant that they were the only people for the night. They showered and then bid their goodnights as they each retired to their respective rooms.

Shinji was happy with the events of the day. The same could be said with Misato and soon they were both in deep into slumber, for once with happiness.


Hey guys, I hoped you guys enjoyed this fic. I'll be writing more EVA in the future but now isn't when that's happening. I'll see you guys in a few days with a B-Day fic for a certain daughter of Athena, Stay Safe Ya'll. : )