Can you believe it...? After many years, the sequel and third part in the Spider-Man 2 game universe is finally here! I can only apologise for never getting round to try and get this up, however so many things have happened such as my interest in writing for Spider-Man falling to the wayside as well I didn't know how to follow up from 'Fallen Friend' despite there being a lot of interest from many of you readers who like this series I have done.

Then recently when looking through my stories that I found both my Spidey stories were not only the most popular, but both were still getting favourite/followed years after I put them up showing me that I should've not given up as I did, it seems that everyone loves the idea of an alternate ending of the Spider-Man 2 video game. Now suddenly I along with perhaps many of you in the world find ourselves in lockdown and with me out of work, I miht do something useful to pass the time.

So with that said, here we are at last and I would recommend before you start reading is that if you are new or have read my stories before and a bit rusty with what happened, I would highly recommend you read both 'Chosen Path' and 'Fallen Friend' as not only will you get an idea of the setting, but also I have just gone in recently and done several tweaks to both stories to polish them up and fit better with this new story. So without further we go!

Chapter 1

Tempting Fate

Standing around in his quarantine room, John Jameson was a rather frustrated looking person. Of course going into quarantine after a long space trip from the moon was a routine he had gone through before with this being his second trip as the commander, however what he and his crew had found out there had turned the whole mission on its head.

The plan at first had been to lay the foundations of the long awaited moon base to begin an eventual settlement on the Moon, that was until that nearby their landing site, John and his crew had discovered this strange black, shiny slime substance that was unlike anything anyone had ever seen. This…thing, was not like a strange rock, but an actual living creature that seemed to have been found in a crater and was clearly not from the Moon but from somewhere out in the far reaches of Space. What were the chances of them finding such a thing right near their landing site?

Even though Jameson and his crew would have wanted to leave it alone and get back to Earth, the scientists back home upon hearing this news were on cloud nine at the thought of finally finding life out in space and ordered the crew to take the strange sample back to International Space Station for further study with the crew there, much to John and his crew's displeasure who weren't happy spending more time out in space.

It had been a difficult task trying to capture it as the thing seemed to be aware of the astronaut's actions as they tried to place it in a cylinder glass container that was originally built in the event they found any liquid on the surface of the Moon, now it had been repurpose for quite literally an alien task to perform. They managed to get it and began their long trip home, however on the journey back, the thing spent a whole lot of the journey trying break through the glass it was entombed in where the crew could never relax fearing that it might well break out and attack.

Indeed the closer they got to Earth, the more the black slime seemed more violent and Jameson's crew weren't sure if it had a mind of it's own or the change in temperature and gravity seemed to be having an effect with it. To make matters more frustrating for them for what should've a two weeklong mission quickly turned into a two-month mission as they had taking the substance on board the Space Station to study. It must be noted that due to the lack of knowledge of this thing proved to have less that desired results and thus in hindsight looked like a waste of time as they could finally return to Earth.

It was only when they splashed down in the Pacific Ocean, two months after leaving the moon, with the thing removed from their capsule was when the crew could breathe a sigh of relief of not having to deal with that thing again.

By that point when they got back, the news of their discovery had been all the rage with their being a major debate on whenever the thing they had discovered was evidence for aliens or if it was just some strange alien matter that was not like anything mankind had ever come across. John of course did not care as he had been in quarantine for the last two weeks upon returning to Earth and was by this point just a day away from being released. All he wanted was to get back to his wife, Mary Jane, who was now just over three months pregnant with their first child. She would meet up with him again though they were separated by a glass wall which just seem to add to John's frustrations.

On this day however, the good news for John was that in less than 24 hours he would be released from quarantine and finally able to get home, now nearly three months since his mission first started. Words couldn't explain how relieved he was at this prospect as throughout this quarantine stuck in this single room, he had had to talk to journalists about the crew and his discovery in which for some reason they always asked the same stupid questions about space flight and if he thought they had found aliens.

If he had to suffer one more question about this, he would break down that door and get out of there.

"Mr Jameson," Came a voice through the speaker into his room. "You've got a visitor."

"Please not be another guy from the press," John muttered to himself.

Much to his happiness, it was for once not a journalist, but a scientist he knew that had told him everything he had to know prior to this flight. Dr Curt Connors.

"Long time no see," Curt smiled as he stood on the other side of the glass as John walked up to face him on the other side of the glass wall.

"Same for you too," John smiled. "How have you been keeping? Still teaching I hear?"

"Not for long if some of these damn students will actual study and not try and wing it for once," Curt chuckled. "Must be a great feeling to know you'll be out soon."

"You don't know how great that does feel," John breathed. "Anyway, have you guys found anything new about that…thing we found? Kind of feel stupid for telling those press guys that I know nothing about it."

"Bet your Dad would be happy to hear you talking trash about the press," Curt noted.

"Like he'd care what I might say."

The scientist then pulled out a small notebook from his right-hand jacket pocket with his left hand to begin looking at a few notes. "But to get back on topic, yes, we have found some new information about it."

The astronaut crossed his arms and looked up with foreboding of whatever he was about it hear.

"First of, we still don't think it's an alien of some kind, but it is unlike anything we've seen before as with the tests we conducted it seems to have powers of some description."

"What kind of powers and…what is it then?" John asked looking visibly confused.

"Have you heard of the term 'Symbiote'?" Curt asked in which John shrugged his shoulders. "Well, we've decided to call it that as if it did come in contact with someone, it could have an influence on them."

"What kind of influence?"

Curt suddenly became silent, his face showing concern. "Power, negativity…we're only scratching the surface with this thing. I'm scared to experiment an animal on it, let alone a human."

The astronaut felt a wave of discontent flow through him as something was telling him that this Symbiote was something that should not be here and that these scientists were playing a dangerous game if this thing was to be used for terrible means.

"What happens now?" John questioned him.

"We're taking it to New York for further study," Curt replied.

John didn't reply at first and seemed to have doubts on the idea of taking it to New York of all places, let alone actually taking the Symbiote to somewhere else. He would respond by saying, "Why New York?"

"Isn't it obvious?" Curt said raising a hand up in defence. "It's where I work and also where many of the best equipment needed for the task for studying it."

"That's not what I meant though," John replied shaking his head. "I meant that place is not safe whenever someone tries to experiment something or the costume criminals that seem for some reason all seem to come from New York."

"I don't—"

"Sir listen, don't you remember to Mr Octavius when he tried that fusion experiment? He not only lost his mind but nearly destroyed the city and kidnapped my wife! If Spider-Man hadn't saved her in time…"

"Rest his soul," Curt muttered sadly to himself remembering his late friend. "I understand your concerns however—"

The good astronaut wasn't finished yet. "Speaking of costume characters, remember some of them like what was it…? Oh yeah, Shocker, Vulture, Rhino and of course that Green Goblin just to name a few. What if one of them or someone new decided to take the Symbiote, then what?"

"We'd always have Spider-Man to save us," Curt smiled. "Also don't forget he has that sidekick Black Cat. Quite the looker I hear."

"That seems to always be the case," John sighed as he pinched the bridge of his nose. Unlike his father, he didn't hate Spider-Man and why not? He had saved his wife of course from a horrific fate and John did seem aware that the masked vigilante had a purpose to protect the city. What he didn't like was how everyone seem to take him for granted that all their problems would be sorted, what would happen if Spider-Man wasn't there or worse…went rogue?

Before either of them could say anything, a beeping sound was heard which indicated that visiting time was over and it was time for the scientist to leave. "Well, I'll be seeing you there. Take care of yourself, John."

"Yeah…stay safe," John muttered as Curt Connors left the astronaut standing there standing alone with his thoughts about the Pandora's box this could evolve into.

On the other hand, Dr Curt Connors was feeling good about himself and it wasn't about the Symbiote but had he gotten the time to talk more about what else was going on, he would of have told John Jameson about his other upcoming experiment of a more personal matter.

Curt looked down at his missing arm and smiled knowing he could be on the verge of something big. One that if successful, could change not only his life, but perhaps many millions more who all had a missing limb like he had. How was he going to do it? By using the advice of what a lizard can do…

However little did he and many of the scientist colleagues of his knew at that very moment was that John Jameson's concerns about taking the Symbiote and experiments in New York would cause a nightmare that would change many people's lives.

Well then! What'd you think of that?! So yeah, it is hinted here that we have two villains soon to take part in here, however this taking place in the Spider-Man 3 game, or at least some elements of it, you kind of knew that. I know that game is pretty poor looking back on it, but it gives me the chance to try and 'fix' it to streamline and add things to make it better, such as one certain Cat lady!

And yes, John Jameson returns as I thought we needed a more believable way of how the Symbiote got to Earth and also to add to his character to show that he is more level headed than his Dad, haha! So next chapter we'll be catching up with our heroes and see what has happened to them since the end of 'Fallen Friend'. Until then, hope to see you guys later and stay safe!