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Big Eater

"Bacon BBQ and pepperjack double-stack? Oh my god, that sounds soooooooo tempting."

"I'm sorry, ma'am, but that's from our Big Eaters menu."

Izzy blinked a few times, looking from the cashier to the menu and back again.

"What do you mean?"

The cashier motioned to a cardboard sign sitting on the counter:

Got a big appetite?
Love your food?


Get rewarded for your indulging
Ask your cashier for a Big Eaters card and fill it up as you eat
Unlock exclusive menu items or earn free food
as you prove your muncher bonafides

"So... I can't order any of that stuff unless I earn enough points or whatever?" Izzy looked up at the part of the menu in the top left corner, with the heading 'Big Eaters Menu'.

"That's it exactly!" the cashier said, beaming. She was a portly young woman, blonde hair and weighing at least 175 pounds. Her blue and black Burger Bash uniform was snug around her potbelly. Like the rest of the staff Izzy could see, she must have had a fair appetite herself. "Would you like a card?"

"Might as well. There's no monthly fee or anything, right?"

"Nope! You just have to bring the card in whenever you order."

"Sounds good. Don't know how often I'll come, I don't eat out that much. But I want to try that burger..."

"It's really good," the cashier assured her. "But my favorite is the Kahuna Teriyaki Tsunami. It's got pulled pork and teriyaki sauce and a candied pineapple ring."

"OK," Izzy said, feeling a little put off by the cashier's overly exuberant attitude.

She ordered a regular cheeseburger with fries and a soda, then, figuring it would get her more points, a slice of cheesecake. The receipt said she had gotten 35 points for the order, plus another 50 for making her first order. How many to go before she unlocked the 'Big Eaters Menu,' she didn't know.

I'll just come here now and then and eventually get there... she thought as she took her food to an empty table. She was 4'7" tall and weighed 140 pounds. Not skinny, but she carried her weight well, if she said so herself. She wasn't the type to obsess over her weight or count calories, but she did have enough restraint not to eat too much fatty food.

She had only come to Burger Bash because it turned out to be close to where she worked, a new place to hit for lunch or dinner now and then. But when she bit into her burger such thoughts went out the window.

"Oh man," she mumbled, mouth full of meat and cheese and bun. "This is the best burger I've ever had."

Come here once in a while? Izzy could already see she was going to make this place a regular destination.

When she finished her meal she went back to the counter and ordered another cheeseburger. It was more food than she usually ate (she already felt pleasantly full) but one bout of indulgence wasn't going to kill her.

"Hey, Izzy!" the cashier, Cheri, beamed. "The usual?"

"Double it today, I just sat through a meeting that went on all morning. I missed my usual doughnut run," Izzy said. Izzy now weighed a little over 200 pounds, and with her appetite she needed her mid-morning snack. She was surprised she hadn't passed out from hunger during that meeting.

"You got it." She swiped Izzy's Big Eaters card, then exclaimed "Hey! Looks like you've almost unlocked the Big Eaters menu. Just 10 points to go."

"Really?" She looked up at the almost accessible menu touting specialty burgers and sides, licking her lips. "How about you add a side of mozzarella sticks, large, and another slice of cheesecake?"

"Can do. And... that does it. Congratulations! You're a Big Eater!"

"With how often I'm coming here, I feel like one." She slapped her belly, making it jiggle. "But I'll wait to try the special menu until next time."

"Remember, the Teriyaki Tsunami is the best. But everything on the menu is worth double points. Now that you've unlocked that menu, you can start earning free food with your points."

"You're eager to keep me coming back, aren't you?"

Cheri shrugged, smiling. "We just like to know that people who enjoy food are able to."

Izzy took her tray of four cheeseburgers, two large fries, mozzarella sticks and three slices of cheesecake and found a free table. It was harder than it once was; Burger Bash had become quite popular, with several familiar faces already sitting down and eating.

"The food's good here, isn't it?" a 300-pound teen named Cubby sitting next to Izzy asked once she got settled. She recognized the face, but didn't know him personally.

"It sure is," she agreed. "I'm coming here almost every day."

To go by the other corpulent customers, she wasn't the only regular. Part of her thought about making small talk with some of them, but she was more interested in enjoying her food than chatting. There was something about Burger Bash's food that made everything else seem less important.

"Hold the elevator!"

Izzy huffed and puffed as she waddled for all her might to catch the elevator. The man already inside held an arm out to keep the door open.

"Thank... you," she wheezed, catching her breath.

"No problem," Trevor said, looking her over. Izzy was almost 250 pounds now, her weight gain commented on by many in the office. Trevor was no exception, but he had been watching her a distance; they didn't work in the same department, so he had only been aware of her as 'that quiet girl who was getting chubby, now fat.'

Up close she didn't look too bad. Her face was round, but not sagging with multiple chins, and her middle was bulging out, drooping over her waistband, but Jesus, look at those ta-tas straining her blazer. And that ass. He could just picture himself taking her from behind as she knelt down on her bed, that huge peach jiggling as he pounded her.

"Izzy, right?" he asked, flashing a toothy grin. "Do you want to get a drink?"

Many days had passed since they met in the elevator.

"Can we get a bite to eat first?"

Trevor stifled a groan, giving Izzy a side-eye glance. "The movie starts in less than an hour."

"Oh, I won't order too much," Izzy promised. "There's a Burger Bash on the way. I have a couple free combos on my card, we could each have one. Or if you're not hungry I'll just have one and save the other for later."

"You sure you don't want to eat both of them yourself?" Trevor asked, his voice sharp.

"What?" Izzy laughed lamely. "No... I just... I'm hungry."

Another, longer side-eye. In the couple months they had been going out Dora had put on more than 150 pounds, bringing her to 400 pounds and morbidly obese status. At first Trevor had been fine with her mams growing fatter; he loved motorboating them, or just resting his head between them as they laid on the couch together, watching TV.

But as time progressed, she grew bigger than he expected her to, her belly and siderolls had kept growing more than the rest of her, and her once barely-noticeable doublechin had filled and gained a third. He couldn't look past her flab anymore. Even her tits were too much for him, a red-blooded breast man. Fat watermelons jiggling and shaking with the slightest provocation, not the pert, firm pillows he craved.

"Why am I not surprised?" he asked. "Are you ever not hungry?"

"Yes. I'm not some pig."

But she couldn't muster any conviction behind her words. She wasn't blind to her rising weight – she'd had to replace her wardrobe several times over already, and she was spending as much time at Burger Bash as she was her own apartment – but she had always convinced herself she wasn't like the other regulars at the restaurant. They were fat, they were gluttonous. She... was a big eater.

A 'big' eater... she thought, looking down at her belly filling her lap. Her top, which she had bought just a couple weeks ago, couldn't cover her middle anymore. A sliver of bare flesh peeked out at the bottom.

Trevor didn't hold back as he tore her down over her weight, her appetite, her apparent indifference to her appearance and, worst of all, to how embarrassed he was to be seen with a hippo like her. She heard but did not listen; she was already recriminating herself for the state she was in.

Things didn't improve the next morning, where she was called into her manager's office first thing. Like with Trevor she listened and nodded along as he told her that her size had become a liability for the company's insurance policy, and was creating problems for them in terms of furniture and accessibility.

Her ears perked up at one point

"Now, because of the ADA and other government regulations we cannot fire you for your girth, but we are offering a very generous package if you will resign willingly. You will receive three years' worth of your salary, a sign of how much we appreciate your work to date, and we'll gladly give a letter of recommendation to help you in your search for employment elsewhere."

But even that did not lift her spirits entirely. As Izzy waddled back to her cubicle and gathered her personal belongings she could feel everyone's eyes on her, could hear the whispered comments.

It wasn't until that afternoon, after she had deposited her last paycheck and gone back to her apartment to change into sweats and a tee, that the dam finally burst. She collapsed in a puddle in her bedroom, crying her eyes out for over ten minutes. When the tears stopped she stayed on the floor for an hour, until her belly started to grumble. She may have been despondent, but that couldn't stop her from being hungry.

Despite Burger Bash being the source of her problems, Izzy didn't even toy with the idea of going somewhere else. Her spirits were lifted as soon as the blue and white logo appeared, and when she went through the doors and inhaled the scent of burgers, fries and more it was like she had come home.

"Welcome to Burger Bash," the cashier – not Cheri – greeted her. "Will this be for here or to go?"

"To go," Izzy said. Her plan was to get her food and slink back to her apartment, where she could be a fat piggy away from all those judgmental eyes.

But when she got her food, two sacks worth of burgers and fries and mozzarella sticks, she went to a free table out of habit and started eating.

And eating. And eating. And when she was done she went back to the counter and ordered the same thing again. She knew she was eating to fill her heartbreak, all of Trevor's insults from the night before still ringing in her ears, but since discovering Burger Bash food had become such a comfort to her; she didn't want to deal with her depression any other way.

It wasn't like she was full; her normal lunch was established on her one-hour break allowed by her old job. But she didn't work for them anymore; she had nowhere else to be, no limitation on how long she could stay here. And there wasn't anywhere else she wanted to be...

"Morning, Izzy. I was wondering if you were going to make it today."

"Don't I... always?" Izzy huffed. "Just had trouble with my car. Suspension is shot. I was able to trade it in for a van, though. Thing's built like a tank."

Cheri smiled while she listened, already punching in Izzy's breakfast order. She could believe her favorite Big Eater needed a new set of wheels. Since getting cut from her old job Izzy had been spending several hours a day at Burger Bash, stuffing her face around the clock. She always had room for the free food she was getting with her points, and if Cheri told her she was within reach of another complementary combo she wouldn't leave until she made it.

And all that food was making a mark on her body, as it had already been doing. The seasons hadn't even turned yet but Izzy was breaking the scales at 700 pounds and change, her multi-XL dresses getting caught inside the folds of her belly and hips and thighs and the insatiable glutton always catching her breath after she made the short trek from her car to the front doors.

There were other Big Eaters who came in on a regular basis; daily or thereabouts. Being a big gal herself – working for Burger Bash had more than tripled her own weight, the number on her scale plateauing in the 625 pound range – Cheri felt a kinship with them that she didn't with the other customers. But Izzy was the only one to really buy in to the Big Eater lifestyle. She was vast, she was hungry, and she was so cool with it.

Other Big Eaters had slowed down when they reached 400 or 500 pounds, some of them no longer coming by before they even got that big. But Izzy was as reliable as the sunrise, coming in to have breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day. Some days she didn't even leave between meals, she just noshed casually until her stomach had digested enough food and she had more room.

Cheri knew if anyone was going to want to hear the latest news, it would be her.

"Check this out," she said after sending Izzy's order to the kitchen. It was an email her manager had printed out detailing a second level of the Big Eaters program. Like the original it had customers earn points to unlock a special menu, the burgers and other items this time delivered in almost ludicrous portions. The sample ads showed a burger the size of a plate and a basket of French fries covered in cheese, special sauce, bacon and onions that looked like it could feed a family of four.

Izzy was drooling as she looked at the other specialty burgers being concocted for this new promotion. There were only pictures right now, but she could see piles of bacon, onion rings, different kinds of cheeses, even one with mozzarella sticks laid out in between the meat patties.

"Knew you'd love that," Cheri said. "Better start earning those points now."

"Let's see, we've got the Surf n' Turf Oahu burger, three chicken n' jack biscuit sandwiches, two orders of the chili dog fries with extra slices of hot dog in the chili-"

"I'm sure it's fine," Izzy said, hiding her impatience. "Just take the empty trays and let me have the new stuff. Please." As Izzy placed the two trays on her belly, a makeshift table, she continued eating with one hand, not breaking her flow.

The new hire did a splendid job hiding whatever shock he may have felt seeing Izzy mid-feast. When she had wheeled her motorscooter inside he had averted his eyes, not wanting to stare at the 1,400 pound behemoth so fat she hid most of the contraption carrying her. But when he was given serving duty (what fast food place had a dedicated waiter, he wanted to ask) he put on his best customer service smile and carried trays of food out to Izzy as the kitchen loaded them up.

He had known Burger Bash had a reputation for attracting the fattest customers, but he had never thought someone like Izzy even existed. Shouldn't she have been bedbound, making appearances on daytime talk shows before getting radical liposuction and that surgery where they cut chunks of your sagging skin off?

Not that he would say any of this aloud; his supervisor was a door-blocking mountain of flab herself, and almost no one else on the staff didn't have at least some excess poundage.

They had nothing on Izzy. Before the 'platinum level' expansion of the Big Eaters program was unveiled she had grown to over 900 pounds. Never mind that all the points she accumulated before then wouldn't count to unlocking the second menu yet; all the free food she earned found a good home inside her belly, and it helped to condition her for ever-bigger meals for when the challenge really began.

It took a month for Izzy to reach platinum status, a month that saw her leap over the half-ton mark. And when she had access to the cartoonishly large burgers – each one priced like a meal for two at a restaurant, and having as many calories as a family of five would eat at a more traditional fast food place – her growth really took off. Izzy couldn't imagine going back to those tiny little burgers and meager servings of fries she had had to subsist on before reaching platinum status. They would be like popcorn to her.

The cycle had been set months ago: Izzy would eat herself silly, get fatter thanks to all the excess calories, and then need even more food to feel full. Now it was starting to spiral, with her growth and stomach's capacity expanding in surges.

Cheri, her weight having inched to 775 pounds and landing her a chairbound managerial role, joked that the day may come when Dora would eat the restaurant's entire store of food by herself. Izzy, the woman who had once been so deeply ashamed of being only 400 pounds, laughed a deep belly laugh and said, "I might try to do that on purpose now, just to see the look on your face."

It had been a joke, until it wasn't. Izzy's spiral continued on, her weight hitting new milestones in months, and then weeks. 1,500 pounds. 2,000. 3,000.

Actually weighing herself to know how fat she was was a logistical nightmare, so Izzy never bothered to get a solid number. She just knew she was always getting fatter; sometimes slowly, her stomach inflating bigger and bigger as she filled it but the rest of her staying the same size, and sometimes quickly, her body spreading out wider and higher seemingly before her very eyes.

At 4,000 pounds she needed a new motorscooter. Her old one broke when she was trying to go home one night; it had taken hours for emergency services to get her on a cushioned pallet and moved by forklift. During that time Cheri kept the supposedly closed kitchen running, Izzy greedily eating even as several firemen rolled her forward enough to slide the pallet under her.

That there was a model of motorscooter capable of carrying her would have surprised her, if her incredible gains had been unique. But Burger Bash was not a single restaurant; it was part of a franchise with hundreds of locations around the Midwest. All of which had the Big Eaters program, with participants just as eager as Izzy. Local news stations up and down the middle of the country had done several stories on men or women (or, in a couple cases, teens) grown to the same size as Izzy. Some were bigger, some were smaller, but all were titans of hunger and corpulence that had shattered preconceptions of how fat was 'too' fat.

As these stories had spread, a small but growing industry catering to the ultra-supersized had sprouted up. And one such product was a line of motorscooters designed for people even bigger than Izzy. She only had to spend one day stuck in her apartment, ordering takeout and having it delivered to her hands by appalled, and then blasé, deliverymen, before her scooter arrived and she could resume her daily trips to Burger Bash.

5,000 pounds, Izzy's body a pyramid of fat that rose as high as most people stood. Her new scooter could be steered entirely by the pedals under her flab-buried feet, leaving her both hands free to fill her face as she traveled.

6,000 pounds. Izzy got her second TV interview now. Not a local story (she had appeared on KTZZ when she had been half her current weight), but part of a national story on America's obesity epidemic. She was unflappably cheerful, ignoring the reporter's doom-and-gloom 'what about your health' concerns and becoming particularly animated when she was asked to describe her daily diet.

The report's effect was the opposite of what was intended. People across the country saw the impossibly fat men and women perfectly at ease with themselves, and a million anxieties about obesity and body image melted away. New Burger Bash locations opened on both coasts, the number of franchises tripling in less than a year.

And Izzy, along with a couple others who appeared on the broadcast, became a celebrity gainer. The cultural shift implied by such a title even becoming a thing eluded her. All she knew was that suddenly people were calling her and emailing her, congratulating her on her size and offering her money so she could buy more food.

She liked the sound of that last part, and with Cheri's help she established a web presence – vlog, Snapchat account, etc. – so she could interact with her new-found fan base and court more donations.

It was Cheri who suggested what would become another exclusive perk for Big Eaters: the trough. The popularity of Burger Bash had exploded, Izzy's usual location doing almost too much business for its own good. Satisfying the demands of the other customers was taking so much energy and effort, keeping her fed had turned into a problem.

The solution: cut out a hole in the wall separating the kitchen and the dining area, and attach a chute leading down to a trough. Izzy would park herself at the trough and eat from it during her 18-hour eating binges. The kitchen would keep the trough full all day long, half the food they produced tossed down to the eager elephant. A webcam looking down the chute, down at the perpetually gorging Izzy, became one of the most popular streaming sites on the internet, and the donations continued to pour in. Some people even paid extra to specify what would be served to her.

10,000 pounds. People were coming to Izzy's restaurant to have their picture taken with her. Usually gainers themselves, Izzy still dwarfed the half-ton teens and ton-plus couples posing next to her. Sometimes the person would say they're planning to outgrow her some day, and she would double her intake.

20,000 pounds. She'd upgraded her motorscooter a second time, this time a gift from the manufacturer, who asked for nothing in return except that she film a commercial advertising the new line.

35,000 pounds. The restaurant had to expand its doors and expand them again to service Izzy. They've had to clear out more of the dining floor space for her. Some customers complain there's no room for them, but as America has grown fatter the idea of personal space has started to recede. People cram together, trays and bags of food resting in crevices of fat.

Izzy was still in a league of her own, fewer and fewer Big Eaters across the country keeping up with her gains. Cheri and the rest of the staff knew there was only so much they could do to make the place accessible to Izzy as she continued to grow. They hated the idea of losing their mascot, but the reality could not be denied.

A solution came from the head office. The corporation that owned Burger Bash had been following the national trend all this time, looking ahead at an ever fatter customer base. Izzy, plus three others, were chosen to test-run their new 'Burger Bash branded apartments.' Living quarters designed to embody the Burger Bash culture of quantity without sacrificing quality.

The building behind the restaurant was bought out and converted into a single space that was bedroom, living room and bathroom in one. It had more than enough room for Izzy to grow without becoming too cramped, with smart devices to keep her clean and entertained and in touch with the wider world via the web. And it had a new chute and trough direct from Burger Bash, which was able to expand its kitchens into the adjacent building, which had also been bought out.

For months this worked. Izzy was so hooked on eating that she'd fall asleep face down in the trough, grazing out of habit. Cheri, promoted to 'Big Eater Liaison' (a made-up title because 'The 2,400 pound woman can't fit inside her office anymore' wouldn't fit on a business card), was put in charge of Izzy's media presence. Burger Bash had made her an unofficial employee, paying her in free food as her growth continued to be the best advertisement the company could ask for. Two special hoses, one for soda and one for shakes, were strung along the trough to within reach of Izzy's mouth.

Two of the other Big Eaters given their own apartments stalled in their growth. At 100,000 pounds Izzy was in an unacknowledged rivalry with one other woman, a mother of three in Chicago. At 200,000 pounds both women were straining their accommodations.

Upgrades to their apartments were made. Walls were torn down and replaced with LEGO-style pieces that can be attached and detached as needed. And it was needed, because at a quarter of a million pounds Izzy complained that chewing took too much time and energy. She was sucking on her shake hose more and more, and soon she suggested to Cheri.

"Why not a single hose for everything?"

She left working out the logistics to others, but the higher-ups at Burger Bash loved the idea and are eager to see it through. Within days the trough was gone, replaced by a large tube with a garden hose-sized nozzle. Food was pureed and fed through the hose in a slurry, mixed with soda and shake.

A single restaurant wasn't enough to provide all the food she needed now, but as she had grown the fast food industry had shrunk. Burger Bash bought out or drove away most of its competitors, buying up buildings to expand its preexisting locations or to build modular apartments for more and more loyal customers.

Izzy's gains exploded. 24-7 she had the nozzle clamped between her lips, sucking deeply the mix of flavors that only the greediest of gluttons could imbibe for more than a few seconds without being sick.

The Chicago mother was given the same set-up (the corporate offices weren't playing favorites with their gainer stars), but before she reached half a million pounds she started to flag. Izzy's growth didn't slow down, and after several weeks the only possible rival to her size supremacy has plateaued. One day they're both over 750,000 pounds, each gaining a ton a day, but the next the other woman only gains 1,800 pounds. Then 1,600. Then 1,100. And so on until she's only maintaining her weight, not adding to it.

And Izzy is gaining 2,300 pounds in one day. Then 2,500. 3,000. Most Americans still weighed less than a ton, but in time she would be gaining two in a day. She was the queen gainer, the single star of the new culture.

Her apartment was gone by this point. She had outgrown it. Her old Burger Bash restaurant had long since been buried under her flab, the employees relocated to other restaurants or ushered into retirement as they reached immobility status themselves. Three new locations had been set up around her to keep her hose providing slurried food, with a fourth under construction.

Each was bigger than the previous one, not just to satisfy Izzy's hunger but to keep up with the growing appetites of the community at large. Burger Bash had added five new levels to its Big Eaters program, the 'regular' gainers binging day and night to unlock ever more elaborate entrees and sides. Part of Izzy wished she could be eating those new concoctions like she used to, but her slurry is an ever-shifting rainbow of flavors. She was in her own exclusive tier.

The millionth pound came and was passed without any fanfare, as did the two millionth and three millionth. It was impossible to know just how much Izzy weighed, and instead the charting of her growth was done by eye – or drone camera. Footage of her spreading acreage drew millions of hits, especially when her fat pressed against another building and started to demolish it. The first couple times this happened it was slow, many cracks appearing and a couple walls crumbling before the entire building fell.

Things picked up speed the more she spread out. The encroachment of her flab happened quicker, her fat collided with buildings with more force, and the time between the first cracks appearing and the entire thing coming down grew shorter.

The city at large was evacuated, stage by stage. First those closest to Izzy were moved to the edge of the city, then those she was advancing on were moved out of the city entirely. Experts predicted that by the end of the year the entire city would be evacuated, with Izzy and the Burger Bash employees keeping her fed the only inhabitants.

But in the corporate offices of Burger Bash's parent company, plans were being made to speed up the process. Moving people who weighed several tons was not the problem it once was, but the certainty that Izzy was going to eventually engulf the entire city meant they needed to think longer-term.

They actually weren't looking far enough into the future, though. Jake, or Jacob Harold Hutchinson, owner and founder of Burger Bash, would spend hours watching the video feeds of Izzy. He had reason to be happy with how things had turned out; Burger Bash was the most profitable company in the world, having conquered the entire restaurant industry and moving on to dominate construction and textiles. The national government was on the verge of collapsing as the obesity epidemic reverberated and doubled back on itself, and Burger Bash peacekeeping forces were ready to oversee a smooth transition to the new, fat world order.

But when he saw Izzy covering a mere fifth of her home city, so many buildings still standing – many of them even taller than her – he couldn't help but frown.

All those other gainers, millions of people around the world, soon to be billions, meant nothing to him. He had found his supreme gainer, the one destined to be fattest above all others, but she was still so puny compared to his vision.

He had people working day and night to fix this. They were designing flying stations to hover above Izzy, kitchens running 24/7 and feeding her through more and more hoses. His nutritionists and chefs were synthesizing foods that had triple, quadruple the calories nature provided. He even had a team of occultists and paranormal researchers hunting for supernatural methods to increase her appetite and make her fatter faster.

She hadn't outgrown a single city yet. How could he proclaim her the ultimate gainer?

And miles away, swaddled in the square miles of her fat, Izzy's thoughts practically echoed his:


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