Joe nervously asked, sitting on the edge of the hotel bed as Quinn slowly began softly kissing his jawline, all the way down to his throat, and finally down to his collarbone, and shoulders. He was wearing a tank top, and her plump lips gently traveled over his golden tanned warm skin, allowing her tongue to gently flicker against his tattoos. She could feel him stiffen, sitting like a statue in the dark hotel room they had snuck into, having swiped one of the maid's pass keys. It was the night before Nationals, and currently the girls were staying in three rooms on the 14th floor, and the boys were staying spread out in another three as well on the 16th.

Quinn had been texting Joe ever since everyone headed back to their rooms after they all hung out in the rented meeting room Mr. Schuester had reserved for them to practice in most of today. It was here that a fight broke out between Puck and Sam as tensions were high. Mercedes was running a fever, and coach Sue was currently trying everything she could to prevent her fever from going any higher thanks to a pretty nasty case of food poisoning. Quinn was on edge ever since she was now told she was going to have to perform for "Edge Of Glory". Feeling unsure, and second guessing everything, Quinn wasn't sure if she could actually pull this off, seeing that she had just started walking normally just a few weeks ago. The entire time Joe had been there practicing, cheering her on, and whenever she stumbled, or messed up, she would look across and lock eyes with his. As always, just like in physical therapy, he was smiling and showing that she could do this. After dinner, and endless hours of practicing, everyone sat around taking about the last few years in Glee club, and how for once they actually felt this might be possible.

Quinn found herself sitting on the floor, laying against Joe, between his legs, mindlessly running her slender fingers against his tattooed arms. She knew some of them were watching, especially Santana. Ever since prom, there had been some unspoken thing going on between the two of them. In fact, when he drove her home the night of prom, she had given him his first kiss. With Joe, somehow things were different. He was unlike any of the other guys she had ever been with. Everything to him was new, and there was a certain kind of innocence that she loved in those wide hazel eyes of his. The entire bus ride to Chicago, they had sat together, listening to Quinn's iPod, and even held hands the whole time. Sitting right beside him, smelling the faint scent of his hair oil, and clean soap he used. She hated to admit it, but she found herself actually falling pretty hard for "Teen Jesus".

The very thought of her finally finding a decent guy with just less than a month left before graduation killed her. She knew she had Yale to look forward to, and yet another chapter to begin in her life. She had been given so many second chances. Beth, her accident, walking again, here she was graduating top of her class, and knowing she was a far cry from that selfish cheerleader she once was. In those few years she had grown up so much, and knew she wouldn't be on the verge of performing at Nationals if it hadn't been for Joe constantly helping her at physical therapy. He had never once given up on her, and she knew she had been too damn selfish and wrapped up with her own drama until she finally stood up on stage, singing for Finn and Rachel, and seeing Joe stand there proudly smiling and watching her. She hoped more than anything they could win Nationals, she felt they all deserved this, and somehow it would be the perfect way to say goodbye. Tonight she had texted Joe, asking to meet her. She had grabbed the card off the cart when she snuck out, wearing yoga pants, and a T-shirt.

When she met up with Joe he wore sweatpants and his tank top, his dreads pulled back in a makeshift ponytail. She knew he was nervous, but once they entered the dark hotel room and locked the door behind them, Quinn didn't want to talk. All she wanted to do let Joe know how she felt. She knew how strongly he felt about his beliefs, which she originally thought would be the main reason why they really wouldn't be able to go out. She was a physical person, even though she had paid the ultimate price with Puck when she got pregnant a few years back. Still, she was strongly attracted to Joe, and any excuse to sit close to him, or touch him send the most intense wave of sparks through her body. She figured this was what they called butterflies. To her, it was ten times more intense. Joe gulped, when Quinn told him to sit on the bed.


She shook her head, knowing he was nervous. Instead she stood before him, gently placing her hands on the tops of his shoulders, pushing him down as she stood before him, loving the childlike wonder in his wide eyes as he stared up at her.

"Trust me."

Quinn draped her arms loosely around his neck, before she began gently kissing him. It took a second to respond, but slowly he began kissing her back, and surprised Quinn that he was actually really good at it. She sat down beside him, kissing him down his neck and chest, before finally she brought her face up, flushed. She glanced down and saw the bulge forming in his sweats, remembering earlier knowing how he felt against her bottom as she sat against him talking its the others. Looking at it, she remembered that afternoon in physical therapy, how she had felt him get an erection, and the look of total embarrassment as he sat back.

"I'm so sorry..."

She took a deep breath and knew enough was enough, she didn't want to make him uncomfortable anymore. Sitting back, she tried catching her breath, her ponytail coming undone.


Joe gulped before he stared at her.

"Do...you have protection?"

Quinn blinked.


Joe stared at her, color filling his cheeks.

"I've thought about it for awhile, and prayed about it...and after talking with Sam, I know this doesn't make me a bad Christian if...I'm curious about using my body. I like you Quinn...a lot. I have no idea if we're going to win tomorrow, but I do know one thing for certain. I'm falling for you...and I want you to be my first."

Quinn could't believe it. Grinning, she softly laughed before, before she took a deep breath. She felt as if she was dreaming. She never thought in a million years this would be happening. Smiling, she leaned forward and cupped the sides of his smooth face.

"Are...you sure?"

Joe looked terrified, but locked eyes with her and nodded.

"Yeah...are you?"

Quinn laughed and nodded, before wrapping her arms around him tightly, and fell backwards with him onto the bed.

To be continued...