As soon as Dashboard Light finished, the crowd went wild. The New Directions all stood totally exhausted, before the thundering sound of applause filled the air as everyone went crazy whistling, clapping, and cheering. Once the lights lowered, everyone ran off stage, giving each other high fives, and laughing over the natural high they were all feeling after performing. Quinn threw her arms around Joe as he lifted her off the ground and spun her around. Laughing, she giggled holding onto him tightly. Breathing hard, Quinn locked eyes with Joe and suddenly remembered every single moment of last night in the hotel room. How amazing it felt with Joe being inside of her, and the stunned amazed look in his large hazel eyes as she rocked back and forth as he firmly held onto her rocking hips. Looking at him, she took a deep breath before leaning forward and firmly kissed her boyfriend's lips, overwhelmed by everything. Joe responded, kissing her back, and tightly holding her against him, before finally they withdrew, lips slightly parted, breathless, and flushed.

"You were amazing out there."

Joe said staring at her. Quinn smirked.

"Was I?"

Joe nodded, before he tilted his head and started kissing her even harder while Quinn moaned and ran her hands through his drawn back dreads. Santana meanwhile stood off to the side with Brittany, grabbing water before she laughed and nudged Brittany.


Brittany turned before she smiled as Santana and her gave each other a look.

"Man...get a room."

Santana mumbled, before Brittany laughed, holding onto her arm as they grabbed water bottled off the side table, and began making their way back into the audience as they awaited the next performance.


Vocal Adrenaline were in the middle of their very elaborate performance, leaving The New Directions stunned in their seats. Joe sat next to Quinn, holding her hand. Their stomachs dropped the second they saw the flips, and jaw dropping dance moves. Nervously biting on her bottom lip, Quinn looked over at Joe who glanced down at her. Sighing, Quinn stared at her boyfriend, before he smirked and leaned down before whispering...

"They don't have anything on your dance looked like an angel up there."

Quinn stared up touched, before she leaned in, and nuzzled his head. Together they continued watching, holding hands, heads against each other.


It was less than two weeks until Quinn's due date. Quinn stood in the nursery that Joe, Sam, and Will had been working on for the last few months. The two cribs stood side by side as thin sunlight drifted in through the white curtains. Joe was out for a few hours to help Sam at the high school playing music with him for a new assignment for the kids. She knew Joe had been juggling quite a lot lately with night class, working, and keeping an eye on her, making sure she had everything she needed, the house was taken care of, the cooking, cleaning, lawn work, as well as taking Quinn to her appointments. He seemed exhausted, but truly happy. Last night Quinn laid in bed, her blouse open as her huge swollen pregnant stomach painfully stuck up as she laid her palms against her stomach, feeling the babies kick and flutter inside of her. Joe had come home after a long day of class, work, and after getting everything that needed to be done around the house, he showered quickly before collapsing into bed with her, before he asked if he could say hello to the girls?

Quinn unbuttoned her blouse, and laid back wearing her bra as Joe slowly kissed her belly, before resting his ear against it, lightly drumming his fingers against her skin, before the babies started moving. Joe smiled, truly looking happy as Quinn softly hummed, stroking her husband's wavy hair. Today Marley had stopped by, having moved back and now working herself on becoming a teacher's assistant. She was off today and tomorrow while finishing up class with the online classes she was taking in order to earn her degree. She had become close with Quinn through Joe over the years since they were both in Glee roughly around the same time. Sadly both had been bullied by Kitty, and had remained friends over the years. Marley had become good friends with Quinn, and while Joe was busy it gave him sound of mind that somebody was home with Quinn keeping an eye on her. Marley's mother had knitted a bunch of clothes for the babies that she was dropping off, and both planned on having tea on the back deck. Marley had to take a phone call and while she was talking in the kitchen, Quinn went upstairs to grab her own phone to see if Joe had texted her.

While walking back towards the stairs, she passed and stood in the open doorway looking into the nursery. It was perfect. Smiling, she stood there sighing. She was lightyears away from the selfish cheerleader she once was when she got pregnant with Beth. Here she was after all these years, married, expecting two little girls, and the happiest he truly thought she could be. That's when a pain suddenly ripped through her. Taking a second, she felt her breath catch, before the pain came again, this time ripping through her like a twisting knife. Feeling her heart start to hammer in her chest, she gripped the doorway, feeling faint, when the pain came again, this time even worse. Crying out, she suddenly couldn't breathe. Her hands went down, and she saw much to her horror thick dark blood dribbling down her legs and falling to the carpet.

Suddenly her knees buckled as she fell hard against the wall. Her hands pressed tightly against her stomach as cramp after cramp ripped through her. She heard the thundering sound of footsteps as Marley rushed in, eyes wide.


Quinn felt another cramp come, as things suddenly began to go numb from the waist down. Marley knelt beside her, eyes wide and frightened.

"Quinn?! What's wrong?!"

Quinn tried to focus on breathing, but was finding it harder and harder to do so. Weakly, she stared at Marley, feeling her lips start to tingle and go numb as the warmth of the bleeding from between her legs continued.



Joe was hunched over in the hospital waiting room. His head lowered, slightly rocking back and forth, looking a complete wreck. Sam and Marley both sat beside him, worried but not speaking a word. They had called Quinn's mother who arrived with her boyfriend and was nervously pacing across the way. Will had been called and raced from work and sat on the other side of Joe. Quinn had been raced in, it appeared that Quinn had severe internal bleeding. She had preeclampsia, and the hemorrhaging had ruptured. Marley had called an ambulance and then Joe, who Sam joined by racing to the hospital. Now they were waiting. Joe at first was only able to catch Quinn before she was wheeled in. The nurses and doctor racing her down the hallway towards the delivery room. One of the nurses was pumping an oxygen bag over her mouth and nose before Joe who had just raced in, skidding to a stop before seeing her.


He ran from Sam at the front desk and began running beside Quinn as they raced her down the hall.

"Who are you?!"

The doctor snapped. Joe squeezed Quinn's hand as he ran with them, hating how cold his wife's hand suddenly seemed.

"I'm her husband."

"You can't come in, we need to do an emergency C-section, both your wife and babies are dropping in pressure..."

"What?! No I'm not leaving her!"

Joe snapped before the doctor shook his head.

"I need room to work, there isn't much time Mr. Hart, now stand back or I'll have an orderly remove you!"

Joe stared down at Quinn unsure and frightened, before her eyelids fluttered open. Staring up she weakly nodded.

"Let me go, I'll be fine..."

She said barley above a whisper, pushing the oxygen mask away from her as she stared up at him. Joe squeezed her hand, looking so scared, before he looked around, eyes starting to fill his eyes.

"I'm not gonna leave you..."

He softly said, staring down at her. Weakly, Quinn smiled as she gave his hand a small squeeze.

"We're gonna be alright...I promise. Just wait for me okay?"

"We need to go now!"

The doctor snapped. Joe looked up sighing, before he sighed, leaned down and kissed Quinn's hand.

"I'll be right outside here okay?"

Quinn smiled and stared up at him.

"I love you..."

Joe felt tears roll down his face, so frightened, and so overwhelmed. Remembering her all those years ago in physical therapy, staring up at him, remarking that whatever they "were" it was something new. The same beautiful young girl he had fallen for and fallen for hard. He remembered at prom, nearly getting into a fight with Finn over her, and how proudly he stood watching her stand as she sung on stage, and how that very night they made it official and began dating. How they first had sex in Chicago the night before Nationals. How the summer before she went to Yale was one of the happiest of her entire life. Just them laying out on the hood on her car, holding hands, staring up at the star lit sky. The same girl who he nervously proposed to, shaking so badly he dropped the engagement ring, causing her to crack up completely. The same girl he had danced with during their wedding.

The same girl, he couldn't wait to spend the rest of his life with... Staring down at her, he looked down at her before she smiled, her eyes alert and totally calm.

"I'll see you soon."

Nodding, he hated it, but he let go before he watched them race her in and through the delivery room doors. Standing there, he tried to keep it together, but felt everything inside of him twist and ache. His parents were away on vacation and couldn't be contacted. Sure he had Sam and Marley here, but he was absolutely terrified for his wife, and honestly didn't know what to do. Now twenty or so minutes later, Will had arrived as Joe laced his hands together, head bowed as he prayed silently, his entire body rocking back and forth as Will rubbed his back, trying anything he could to be the tiniest bit of comfort for him. Remembering all those years ago when Joe and Sugar quit Glee club, Will hated himself for not trying harder in keeping them.

Instead as always he had picked favorites. Before it had been Rachel and Finn, once they graduated it was Tina and Blaine. He had seen the cruel remarks made by Kitty and Unique, but had never truly stepped in once. Sure over the years things worked itself out. He had been in Joe and Quinn's wedding, and watched them start this family together. He had been over constantly helping Joe out with the nursery, and they were always visiting, having dinner with Emma and him. He loved how Quinn had turned her life around, and could tell just by looking at it, she was head over heels for Joe. It always reminded him of them singing "Saving All My Love For You" and how even back then he could see sparks.

It was funny, anyone on the outside would have guessed that it was Rachel who he might have thought of as a "daughter". But it was Quinn who he looked at that way. He had seen her through the good and the bad, the highest and lowest points in her life. He saw her give Beth up, have her mini breakdown, her accident, then finding Joe, who he knew was her soulmate and the best thing to happen to her. He had watched them marry, and start this life together, but it wasn't until he stood up to that jerk of a father of his that he knew he loved her as if she was his own. He hated this, feeling so helpless as he sat rubbing Joe's back who prayed, a complete nervous wreck. He had just welcomed another child of his with Emma, and he was the happiest he had felt in years.

Still, sitting there, watching Joe, he couldn't help but feel just as scared as him.

Finally the doctor walked out, removing his scrub cap as everyone looked up. Will and Joe shot up like bullets. Joe's eyes bloodshot from crying.

Will stood there, and felt his stomach drop as the doctor gave them that look...the look he had dreaded. Slowly the doctor shook his head before Joe backed up, hitting the chairs behind him. He slowly shook his head as Quinn's mother started to scream and cry, held by her boyfriend. Marley began crying as Sam's face crumpled, putting his arms around her and holding her tight. Will stood as words blurred together, and everything slowed down. Joe shook his head, trying to push past the doctor, for the first time in his life actually looking wild. His eyes filled with angry tears, as she shouted that he wanted to see his wife.

Finally, Will stepped in, walking in front of the doctor and grabbing Joe. He fought him at first, struggling, before finally his body collapsed against his, burying his face against Will's shoulder, sobbing and crying as everyone sat back silent that weren't from their group watching. Will's own eyes filled with tears as he held onto Joe who sobbed screaming that he just wanted his wife over and over again. Standing there, Will snapped his eyes shut, holding onto him as tears ran down his face. This was just like when they lost fact it was so much worse.


Joe was able to see Quinn.

The babies were taken down to the nursery, he hadn't seen them yet but the doctor said both were healthy and absolutely beautiful. Joe had been offered to be given something to relax, in which he agreed. He sat there frozen as they rolled up his sleeve and injected him with a syringe. Quinn's mother had been given something as well, her horrible moans and cries being heard from the next room. Will never left Joe's side even once. Once the shot was staring to kick in, he asked the doctor if he could see Quinn before they brought her downstairs. The doctor agreed, and told Joe they had tried everything they could, and how sorry he was. Joe, who was clearly now stoned by the drug, slowly looked over to Will and asked if he would come with him? Will who felt like he could use a shot himself, agreed. Now both entered the delivery room. Quinn laid on the table, her eyes closed, and a sheet brought up to her chin. Will knew they had cleaned up as best as they could, trying to remove any sign of blood from the delivery. Quinn's pale beautiful face was the first thing Will saw. She looked as if she was sleeping, and it seemed so unreal that she was actually gone.

Joe slowly walked over as a nurse stood across from them, her eyes sad but calm. Will knew she was waiting for them to finish up before Quinn would be taken down to the morgue. This very thought turned his stomach. Will stood back and watched as Joe sat on a stool right next to the table where his wife laid. Will figured Joe didn't think this morning when he woke up beside Quinn, that he thought this was how he would end his day, a widow, with two infant twin girls. Will watched as Joe slowly reached and found Quinn's hand. He brought it up, and pressed it against his face, silent tears falling from his big eyes.

The nurse cleared her throat.

"You can take her ring off if you want, before...we take her downstairs."

Joe blinked, his responses slow, before he looked up at the nurse.

" see...the babies?"

The nurse sadly smiled.

"I did, they were taken down to the nursery. They are absolutely beautiful Mr. Hart."

"Did...she...was Quinn...did...she..."

His voice began to break as more tears rolled down his pale face. Will gripped onto his shoulder, knowing he better get him out of here soon.

Instead the nurse nodded.

"She did, she saw them both before...she flatlined. She told me to tell you to stick with her choices...I'm not sure what that means?"

Joe took a second, tears still trickling down his face before he gave a sad smile and nodded. Silently, he carefully took Quinn's engagement ring and wedding band off, his own hands shaking before he lowered his head and held onto his wife's hand. Will could hear him silently praying and crying. This went on for a few minutes before finally he lifted his head, eyes exhausted before he stood. Staring down, he leaned in and softly kissed her lips. Standing back, he turned and looked at Will, his eyes blank.

"I want to see my daughters please."

Will blinked his own tears out of his eyes before he nodded. Joe turned away, ready to walk out before Will stared down at Quinn's pale face. He hated that this had happened. Now for these little girls, for the rest of their lives...they would remember that on their birthday was the day their mother died. Sighing, he kissed his fingertips and gently touched Quinn's arm, before leading Joe out of the room. Later... Joe stood in front of the window over looking the nursery. In the center were the two babies, wrapped up wearing little knit caps. Sam had used Joe's phone to contact his parents, and Quinn's mother was still downstairs, she had settle down but was having a very hard time. Will knew he would need to call Emma soon. Standing by Joe, he watched as he stood there, his eyes blank and tired as he looked in on his two infant daughters.

"She's really gone isn't she?"

Joe said aloud. Will sighed, looking in on the babies before he nodded.

"Yeah. I'm so sorry Joe."

Joe continued staring blankly in on his daughters, before Will glanced over.

"Hey, what did the nurse mean earlier? To stick with Quinn's choices?"

Joe sadly smirked before he looked over at Will, looking so much like the young man that Quinn had invited to Glee club all those years ago.

"The girls' names. Joelle and Josephine. She was fixed on them, stating she wanted both named after me..."

Will sadly smirked putting his arm around Joe's shoulders.

"Make their middle names Quinn and I think those are truly beautiful names."

Sighing, Joe nodded staring in on his newborn daughters, all the while still holding her rings.

Two years later...

Joe carefully sat down in the soft green grass as Joelle and Josephine both wobbled around him. Both absolutely gorgeous little girls with light wavy blond hair, and green eyes. Both a perfect combination of both Joe and Quinn. Over the course of the last two years Joe was constantly told how absolutely adorable both girls were. Either bringing them to doctor's appointments, pushing them in the stroller at the park or mall, or picking them up from daycare, or his parents. Both had been a huge help after Quinn's sudden death, as well as Will and Emma. Quinn's mother had seen the girls a few times, but she ended up moving even further away following the funeral. Joe figured it was just as well, seeing he had never been close with Quinn's mother either.

The shock of losing Quinn had been hard, on top of being a single father to twin girls suddenly. Still, as always his friends stepped up and were a huge support system for him. The funeral had been nice, small, and nearly everyone flew in. What got Joe through those next few weeks were the girls. Even with them screaming crying at all hours of the night, he had something to focus on, as well as prayer. He didn't quite understand why God had taken his Quinn away from him when he needed her the most, but each night as he prayed, he would look up struggling with tears as he asked Quinn to look after him since he honestly had no idea what he was even doing. His mother had stayed with him durning all of this, helping out with the girls, showing him little tricks, and remarking how wonderful he was with both of the girls. It had been hard, but he made it work.

The girls grew, and every Sunday he brought them to mass. Today was the girl's second birthday. He was planning on bringing them to his parent's later for cake, but decided to swing by the cemetery first. Sitting, he smiled as his two little girls dressed in matching powder blue dresses, their beautiful blond hair done up in pigtails. Both approached the headstone, before they turned both smiling.

"Mamma." Joelle said. Joe sadly smiled and nodded.

"That's right honey."

The girls then became distracted by some flowers that were growing near the headstone. Both leaned down, picking them and giggling. Sitting there, Joe sadly smiled. Following Quinn's death, he had in fact questioned his faith more than once, but in the end through the strength of his family and friends, he continued onward, even though some nights he missed Quinn so badly it hurt. It seemed as if any milestone that happened with the girls, even though his parents were there, he missed that Quinn wasn't there to hear the girl's first words, see their first steps, or anything else that constantly made him watch these perfect little girls that were spitting images of her. Some nights when it got real bad, he would sneak into the nursery, and softly hum, thinking back all those years ago when he fell in love with Quinn, having absolutely no idea this is where life would lead him.


Joe raised an eyebrow and looked behind him, only to see Puck standing there wearing a leather jacket. Instantly Joe's face dropped. He hadn't seen Joe in years, not since a bunch of them went to the Air Force base to speak with him about his behavior. He had stayed in contact with Beth after Quinn, emailing her every few months. She had met the girls and was crazy about them. Joe stared up at him before Puck put his hands in his pockets and smirked staring down at the girls.

"These your girls?"

Joe glanced at the girls, fascinated by the tiny patch of flowers. Looking back up he nodded.

Puck smirked.

"They're gorgeous man, remind me of Beth when she was have you been?"

Joe waited for a second before he shrugged. Still keeping his eye on his daughters as both were squatted down right next to Quinn's marble headstone, giggling and talking in their perfect babyish gibberish along with the whooping list of words they knew how to say which grew each day. Joe remembered it was Josephine who said her first word nearly a year ago, sitting in her highchair. His parents were over, both in the living room. His mother helping to fold the never ending piles of laundry that came with raising two little ones that young, and his father currently hunched over the toaster that Quinn and Joe received from Quinn's second cousin as a wedding present which had begun to make a strange humming noise. He had his screwdriver and was in the middle of looking it over to see if he could fix it. Joe was in the middle of opening up fresh jars of baby food to go along with the apple sauce he had poured out. Sam was over, sipping a beer and sitting at the table with Joelle bouncing on his knee. After Quinn's death Sam and him became very close. He was visiting tonight to help Joe with his car. There was a wobbling sound in the rear tire on the driver's side, and Sam was actually quite good with cars. Quinn's live insurance had paid out, but Joe put a huge portion of that into what he hoped could be the girl's college fund. Joe was making decent money, able to make his mortgage payments, buy groceries, and keep his girls enrolled in one of the best daycares in the area. Still, things were tight, soo Joe applied for help from the state, and received two decent checks that went towards the expeensives that came with raising the girls. He always took a small portion of this money putting it into savings, as well as into the girl's college fund, knowing he needed to be smarter than ever with money. At first accepting the state's help, he felt ashamed, knowing there were families that were far worse off than him.

Finally it was his reverend who sat him down, who had been a huge help after losing Quinn. He reassured him that he needed to accept the help, and that he wasn't taking advantage of the system at all. As always, he was putting others first and doing whatever he took for help, it was for the girls, proving what a truly amazing father he was. He had sat down with the reverend and his parents shortly after Quinn's funeral. They talked over what Joe wanted to do with the tiny little house Quinn and Joe had bought at the beginning of their marriage. Joe thought it over, weighing the options. He had fifteen years left on the mortgage, but finally said he rather stay here. This was where he lived with the girl's mother, and it held special memories for first few months had been hard, he was exhausted, barley slept, and couldn't say enough how grateful he was for having his parents and friends around to help. He worked hard, determined to finish school, and work harder than ever. The hardest part of boxing up all of her things. He donated a good amount of her things, but kept a small of things that he figured the girls might want someday and put it in the attic. As for her wedding ring, he kept it in his dresser and every once in awhile when things truly got too overwhelming he would take it out and hold the ring between his fingers, silently praying to Quinn asking for help. All he wanted was to be a good father and not let the girls down. He would often lay awake in bed, thinking back on the short span of years he spent with Quinn. How during her pregnancy he would lay his ear against her stomach and sing softly, feeling the babies kick and thanking God every single day for letting him walk into Quinn's life.


Puck squatted down, sitting a few feet away from Joe and watched the girls giving a sad smirk. Both sat in silence for a few minutes watching the girls.

"You didn't name them after anyone in the Bible did you man?"

Joe smiled shaking his head.

"No, this is Joelle Quinn...and Josephine Quinn Hart."

Puck smiled.

"Seriously man?"

Joe smiled shaking his head.

"I know, but it was Quinn's dying wish...literally."

"Yeah that sounds like Quinn, getting the last word in."

Joe sadly smiled as the two men sat in silence watching the girls before Puck sighed staring at the headstone.

"Sorry I couldn't make it to the funeral man. I...guess I was ashamed after how I acted back then. There was no excuse. After losing Finn, I guess...standing back watching you and Quinn I just couldn't wrap my head around it. Clearly Quinn and me had history, and...I always loved her and held onto the hope we would get a family with Beth someday. It was a stupid little fantasy. I'll never forget...watching you guys at senior prom, after she stood up while singing to Rachel and Finn. Remember that?"

Joe nodded as Puck went on.

"I remember standing back and watched you two dance at the end of the night and feeling so jealous. I somehow knew...Quinn and me were never going to happen. That's why I didn't go to your wedding either. I just couldn't watch you two be happy and have you get the life I always wanted with her. You were good for her Joe...and she was crazy about you. I guess when I found out you guys were pregnant it just hit me that I wasn't so special. That Beth had Shelby who's a truly wonderful mother and gave her the life she deserved...and...that Quinn and starting a family with her soulmate. It's hard to stand back and watch something like that happen and I acted like a jerk. When I first found out Quinn died I remember I was on my base and I flipped...badly. I blamed you and honestly wanted to kill you. I remember last year I even rode my bike into town, wanting to start up some shit when...I parked down the street and walked to the house. It was raining, and I remember I could see you through the front window. You were sitting on the couch, the girl's bassinets on each side of you. looked exhausted. I saw you all alone, gently rocking the bassinets, before you took one of the girl's out and held onto her as she screamed and started rubbing her back. I remember just standing there and it hit me...Quinn was the love of your life, and even after losing were taking care of these girls all alone. I guess it was a wake up call to me seeing that you're ten times the man I could ever be."

Joe sat in silence listening before he glanced over at Puck.

"I miss her...I miss her so much it hurts. Some mornings when the girls wake up and I hear them on the monitor, I think for a second I can feel Quinn laying in bed right beside me, ready to do rock, paper, scissors to see who's turn it is to go into the nursery. I can sometimes still smell her perfume, and swear I can hear her singing downstairs like she used to whenever she got up before me to make coffee. I know God works in mysterious ways but...I just want my wife back."

Puck sadly nodded before Joe motioned to the girls.

"But at least with Beth, and the girls...there's tiny parts of her still here on earth. It's not all I wanted...but I guess it will just have to do huh?"

Puck sighed sadly before nodding.

"Yeah I guess."

Just then both Joelle and Josephine turned, both holding in each hand a bunch of picked grass and flowers. Both giggled, wobbling over before approaching both Joe and Puck.

"Dada we got flowers!"

Joelle squealed laughing as they walked over. Joe smiled, lighting up.

"You did?! Let me see baby!"

Joelle dumped the handful of grass, flowers, and pebbles she had accidentally scooped up onto the grass in front of Joe who smiled picking up a broken flower. He smelled it before smiling.

"Mmmm! Smell honey."

He offered it to her as she leaned in and smelled it before smiling, color filling her chubby little cheeks.

"It smells so good!"

Joe laughed before Josephine handed a flower to Puck.

"Want pretty flower?"

Puck glanced at Joe amused before he took it and smelled it making a funny face.

"Mmmm! That's like the best thing I've ever smelled!"

Josephine and Joelle giggled as Joe and Puck continued smiling at each other, knowing everything had been said, and that they had reached a truce. It's what Quinn would have wanted. Both sat there as the sun shinned down as the girls continued sorting through their flowers, both standing right in front of their mother's grave. Their mother who had dreamed of having these perfect little angels with the love of her life...


It was the morning of Nationals, everyone was in the dressing room, getting ready since it was almost ten minutes before showtime. They were all dressed in their black and red outfits, and stretching, and nervously checking their hair and makeup before waiting for the lights to flicker. Quinn had never felt more scared in her entire life. Her stomach twisted as she stood back, nervously twisting her hands together. She had been practicing non-stop, but wished more than ever Mercedes was here so she wouldn't have to perform. Sure she was walking again, but her leg muscles were still weak, and she had never truly been that great of a dancer. Scared out of her mind, she tried to breathe when suddenly she felt a hand on her waist. Smiling, suddenly any nervous thoughts drifted away as she turned slightly and saw Joe stand there, looking handsome in his outfit, his dreads pulled back.

"You okay?"

He asked, his eyes concerned. The same eyes that had looked down at her throughout her entire recovery process, and cheered her on the entire way. The same eyes that nervously stared up at her last night from the hotel bed as they had sex for the first time. She knew last night had been a big deal with Joe since he put his beliefs to the side, and allowed himself to trust Quinn. Now here they were, on the verge of competing on stage in front of all those people. Quinn knew The New Directions did't exactly have the best track record with these contests, and just prayed that she wasn't the reason why they lost if her legs buckled, or she stumbled and forgot a step. Sighing, she nervously smiled.

"Just...scared I guess. Look, my hands are shaking."

Joe smirked before slipping his much larger hands into hers, lacing his fingers against hers before he held them, and smiled locking eyes with her.

"You'll be fine. I know it."

Quinn sighed and nodded smiling.

"I hope so."

"You will be I promise."

Quinn started up at him before smiling.

"Whatever happens...thank you for last night."

She whispered the last part as Joe raised an eyebrow and smirked.

"For what?"

Quinn smiled.

"For letting me be you're first. I hope you don't have any regrets."

Joe shook his head.

"None. Thank you...for letting me be able to fall in love with the most beautiful perfect girl I've ever met. Whatever happens out there, all that matters is we're together, and as long as I live I'll never forget last night. Thank you for that."

Quinn was ready to make some joke, but instead stared deeply up into his eyes before smiling. Joe brought one of her hands up, still locked with his before kissing the back of her hand and giving it a gentle squeeze.

"Want to say a quick prayer before we go on?"

Quinn smiled and nodded.


Both smiled before they stood closer, still holding hands as they lowered their heads and began to pray softly together. Unknown to them Finn who was finishing up glanced over and smiled watching them. He had been so happy about Joe and Quinn, and knew that they were truly made for each other.

The cheerleader and Teen Jesus.

The End -

Hope you enjoyed my story! Sad I know, but nevertheless I hope you enjoyed it! Thank you for all of the kind reviews. Hoping to write one last story with Quinn and Joe and complete a trilogy I had planned with stories based off the two of them. - Thecricketsarecalling.