Chapter 1: We Arrive at Valhalla

I awoke gasping, every muscle in my body tingling with alarm.

I rose to a familiar scene. I remembered this place perfectly. After all, coming here had given me another life after death. My friends gasped. They were still getting accustomed to the place.

Suddenly, Chaos appeared. Annabeth gasped. "What are you doing here? What if someone sees you?"

"Don't worry, Annabeth. Only the four of you can see me," Chaos replied.

"Okay," Nico said. "But why are you here?"

"I wanted to tell you guys that you are now einherjar. At Valhalla, as Percy may have told you, people often die and are revived. If you were to enter the hotel as normal demigods, you would most likely not even survive a day," Chaos explained.

"Wait," Leo said suddenly. "Don't you have to die to become an einherji?"

Chaos nodded.

"So we've all died on the way here?" He asked.

Chaos sighed, and nodded again. "Technically, yes."

"Of course," Leo said sarcastically. "Silly me."

"I also want to say, talk to Odin as soon as possible. Primos won't stay quiet for too long, and you also have to go to the Egyptians." With that, he disappeared in a flash of light.

We walked into the hotel, confused about what to say. We had no Valkyrie that had brought us here, and we weren't sure whether Chaos had thought of this. However, the hotel wasn't in its normal state. It seemed that a celebration was going on.

Helgi stood in the front of the party, making an announcement. "Due to their great bravery, Blitzen and Hearthstone shall now be made honorary einherjar! However, you two should note that you do not have rooms, or minibar keys, or any sort of immortality, so you should act accordingly and avoid any sort of flying projectiles." Two people, who I assumed were Blitzen and Hearthstone, were handed helmets which read "HONORARY EINHERJI".

With that announcement and a couple more, the party started to break apart. By this time, we had managed to slip into the crowd, hoping to talk to Helgi alone without encountering any einherjar that had seen me before. But my luck obviously wouldn't hold. Immediately, Mallory ran into me. Like literally ran into me. As she looked up, probably to yell at me, she saw my face and was shocked. "Percy?"

A/N: If you haven't realized yet, this scene is from the Ship of the Dead. I know that technically if Magnus wasn't there when Percy came to Valhalla a few weeks ago, it should be impossible that he arrived and completed his adventures in that short time, but just go with it. This is necessary for the plot. Please review, follow, and favorite! Information on my new updating schedule for this book: there will be another chapter or two up tomorrow (hopefully), and after that it will be weekly updates (again hopefully) of however many chapters I get done.