A/N: Prompt: "You are trembling."

Summary: Missing scene from Beyond after the final fight

Nyota ran to the drone ship the moment Len managed to set it down with only minimal roughness, though she still heard the men inside bickering over backseat driving as the hatch slid open. The bickering continued as she heard them begin to move around, the topic shifting to who was getting out first and with how much help. She rolled her eyes, her fears reluctantly assuaged by their typical childishness, and called for them to hurry.

The bickering died at that, and moments later, Spock popped out, gripping the ship too tightly, taking a moment to steel himself before half pushing, half lifting himself out. Nyota steadied him, bracing him when he stumbled, the strain between them forgotten in the simple light of being reunited on safe ground.

She guided him a few steps aside, giving Jim and Len room to get out, before drawing him into a hug, balancing the need to hold him tight with mindfulness of his wound. He leaned into her, favoring his injured side, and in that moment, with the rush of survival wearing off and him heavy and exhausted in her arms, it truly hit her how close she had come to losing him, to living with their final argument hanging over her for the rest of her life. "Are you ok?" she asked quietly.

"I will be." He lifted his head, looking at her with eyes dull from pain. "You are trembling."

She couldn't help but smile – of course he was still concerned about her. For all his Vulcan qualities, he had the sweetest, kindest heart she had ever known. "It's just the adrenaline wearing off," she reassured him, lifting her hand to cup his too-pale cheek. "I'm fine."

He studied her for a moment, searching for hints of deception, and believed her. "I am glad."

Like a lurking shadow, she could feel the awkwardness creeping up on them again. "Nyota-" he started.

She quieted him with a kiss, with the softest brush of their lips. "We'll talk," she promised in a whisper. She hadn't been able to promise that when he had first brought up potentially leaving Starfleet for New Vulcan, shocked as she was by the suddenness of it, hurt as she was by the implications of it. But after watching her crewmates die, after the race to escape and save the base, her perspective had been rather violently upended, and while she still didn't want to lose Spock, the ability to talk it over before possibly letting him go to find a different purpose in life was a much more palatable concept than finding his lifeless body on a cold alien world. "I promise."

His shoulders slumped a fraction, relief painted across his face, and he returned the kiss, lingering over the touch. She smiled into it, her eyes drifting shut, and though the future was still uncertain, the sense that everything would be just fine sent a wave of peace washing over her.

"For now," she eventually murmured, easing out of the kiss, "let's get you and Jim some treatment."

"Oh, look, she remembered us," Len said drily. "Thanks, by the way, for helping us out too."

Nyota's smile became mischievous as she turned, slipping her arm around Spock's waist to help bear his weight. "You're quite welcome, Leonard."

Len glared.