Consciousness was always a curse. It seemed like whenever the Norwegian was awake something bad happened. Considering this was the second time today he'd woken, (was it today? Or had he been asleep for more than a few hours) he knew it was probably facing his boyfriends. Opening his grey eyes to find Edd, matt, and tom talking worryingly over him he knew he was correct.

"Tord?" came Edd' shaky voice the moment he noticed Tord was awake. Tears already threatened to fall as he helped Tord sit up. "Tord, oh my god are you okay? Please tell me you're okay, you look horrible!"

Tord opened his mouth to speak, but the voices screaming in his head shut him up. You're a burden, don't worry them by telling them things they don't need to know. Knowing what you went through will only make it worse. Don't try to comfort them, you'll only hurt them more.'

"Tord? Tord please say something" Tom urged, only to be met with complete silence. Tord couldn't even meet his eyes so he looked down at his lap, half expecting to see the damage done earlier. Oh, Edd's hoodie was back. How nice, he would focus on that now. No blood, that was great, he'd hate to get this hoodie messed up too.

"Please say something, anything… Tord.." Edd's voice wavered dangerously. Still, Tord couldn't bring himself to speak. The voice was right, there wasn't anything he could say to help that wasn't a lie.

"What did they do, what did they tell you," Tom said suddenly, narrowing his eyes. "They had to say something to make you be quiet. What the hell was it!?" Tord tried to speak, to say something to ease their minds despite the voice in his own, but the only thing that left his mouth was a pitiful whimper. It hurt just to move his tongue!

"Are you not talking because you don't want to, or can't?" Matt asked, and the shameful glance away told him his answer. Matt was a lot smarter than he normally let on and it was that smartness that was going to be Tord's downfall.

"So they did do something… What? What the fuck did they do to you?" Tom looked close to tears. Actually, he did have tears in those void black eyes.

"Don't… cry my love" Tord slurred despite the pain, accent heavy. He held toms cheek gently as his lip trembled. Despite Tord's words tears still spilled down tom's face. It was painful to talk but he at least tried.

"At least there's less blood than last time," Edd said, trying to lighten the mood. Tord nodded in agreement. It was always a good day when the blood was kept to a minimum. If it meant it didn't worry them even more so.

"What did they do? I just want to know." Tom asked with a sniffle. Tord bit his lip slightly before sticking out his tongue. It was burnt and welted from the burning rod Tay had pressed against it. Even his taste buds couldn't survive.

"Oh my god.." Edd whimpered, covering his mouth. It must've looked ugly so Tord quickly put his tongue back in his mouth. He knew what they wanted to ask and gave them the answer.

"Hot... Hot coals.." Tord did his best to talk without this tongue, making his voice sound odd. Tears slipped silently down his face.

"It's... It's alright now my love. You don't need to talk if it hurts." Tom said, mimicking tord as he wiped the tears from Tord's face. Tord couldn't help the tiny smirk that spread across his face.

"My, how the… tables have turned." Tord smiled lopsidedly. Tom chuckled at tord's halfhearted attempt at humor in a time like this. He plucked Tord nose playfully, quiet laughter filling the small room.

"Oh hush." It felt weird, joking around and laughing when they were literally being held captive. It felt good though, to smile, to laugh, to joke. The last time they could so freely enjoy themselves was before Tord left the first time. Maybe… Maybe it wasn't a bad idea to have at least a little fun. Gotta keep your hopes and sanity up, right?

Opening his eye tord was once again in that horrible room. It'd been a while since the last time he'd been here, but he had no way of telling just how long. He didn't even know how long it been since he was first brought here. Looking around, he saw not much new, as tay was in a corner messing with something. He was chained to a chair, which was odd as normally they just let him be, and was missing his hoodie and shirt. He hoped that Edd's hoodie was okay. When he tried to move, he found he couldn't, not even his pinky.

"What the hell..?" Tord mumbled, confusion evident. This got Tay's attention as she spun around to face him. She must've seen the look of confusion on his face because she quickly answered the question he didn't even have time to ask.

"It's a sedative," Tay said matter-of-factly. "As much as I enjoy your spunk today's activities require you to be still." She was acting calmer than usual, and it was seriously freaking tord out. He wasn't about to comments on it thought of fear she'd change her demeanor.

"Activities? Do I look like a fucking toddler?" He said once her words registered fully in his head.

"Okay, let's make an agreement. You be good and I'll go easy on you since I'm in a really bad mood." Tay said, pinching the bridge of her nose. It was a tempting offer but tord's pride refused it. What kind of war leader would he be if he just gave in to his enemy's?

"Fuck you. I'll never submit to you." tord spat.

"Of course." Tay shook his head and went back to whatever she was doing. The room fell into silence, something that never lasted in this kind of environment. But somehow it did, tord thinking about his loves and Tay setting things up. That was until she was finished, and approach tord with a heated whip. It was burning white and promised pain to the unfortunate receiver was. In this case its be him.

"Get the hell away from me!" Tord screamed, trying desperately to move away despite the fact he couldn't feel his own body. Of course, she didn't listen, she never did. Instead, she harshly cracked the whip, leave a deep burn across tord's chest. She did this again and again, leave burns and welts forming across Tord's chest and abdomen. Tord glared at her with teary eyes when she finally dropped the whip, the heat having left it. He murmured 'bitch' under his breath as he did his best to compose himself.

"Such a dirty mouth. Why don't we fix that." She said, smiling for the first time that day. She skipped off to the corner again and tord finally notice what it was she'd been working on as she dragged it closer. A barrel of hot coals. The rod that stuck out of it was a reddish-white color, probably from the heat. Tay grabbed two metal rods that looked like big stapled and forced them onto each side of tords mouth, holding his mouth open. Tord made noises of disapproval the whole time, and for a short while after.

"Hm… Could've sworn that we had a cloth or something. I'd rather not burn myself.." Tay said, tapping her foot in thought. She began to search the room for something to protect her hands.

'Please don't find anything, please don't find anything' T ord thought desperately, watching her with wide eyes. Unfortunately for him, tay did find something, letting out a happy.

"Ah-ha!" Tay popped back up with a thick towel. Picking up a large set of pliers with one hand and the rod with the other clothed one tay stood eagerly in front of Tord. She grabbed his tongue and pull it out As far as it would go, holding the rod inches from his tongue.

In great suspension, she slowly lowered it, a fascinating smile on her face. A blood-curdling scream filled the air as the rod made contact with his tongue. She pressed down hard, holding it there until the metal went cold. She tossed it to the ground with a smile and pulled out a syringe filled with a pink liquid. "Night night tord! See ya soon!"