The night of the supposed robberies, the supers divided themselves into teams of two. One team, consisting of Mr. Incredible, Frozone, Reflux, Voyd, Dash and He-Lectrix were stationed at the jewelry store. Everyone else was going to be at the art museum.

"Remember how we used to listen in on police scanners, Bob?" asked Frozone.

"Now's not the time to reminisce," Mr. Incredible told his icy friend. Suddenly, a figure could clearly be seen lowering itself into the store.

"Now's our chance!" declared He-Lectrix. Voyd used her power to transport everybody inside and they all surrounded their burglar; Dash was the one who pummeled the guy. Once he had him nailed to floor, he smiled cockily at him.

"Looks like your burglary days are over!" Dash exclaimed as he pulled the guy's mask off. But what they found was a dummy face. Dash jumped back in startled fear. Frozone formed an ice blade on his left hand and very calmly used it to cut the dummy's shirt right down the middle. Inserted into a cavity on the dummy's chest was what appeared to be a large bomb with a piece of paper taped to it. The writing was in French so Voyd had to translate it.

"You fell for it?" she read, as if she were asking a question. Quickly, He-Lectrix zapped the bomb, in an attempt to dismantle it.

"You idiot! Now it's going to countdown even faster!" Reflux shouted at the young super. Quickly, Voyd opened a wormhole right beneath the dummy and closed it before it could go off!

"Where'd you send it?" asked Mr. Incredible.

"It'll land in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. The water should absorb the shock. Enough volcanic activity beneath the water and everything," she replied.

"Can we still see it?" asked Frozone. Voyd nodded in understanding. She reopened the wormhole and they could see the smoking debris in the water but fortunately, no ships were in the area, so they didn't have to worry about civilians.

"They must have known that we were setting them up!" exclaimed He-Lectrix.

"No shit Sherlock, we have to warn the other team what's happening," said Reflux. Mr. Incredible got out a two-way radio.

"Team B, our target was a red herring! Any word on your end?" he spoke into the radio. But there was no answer.

"That could be bad!" said Frozone matter-of-factly. Voyd quickly opened up another wormhole which they all filed through only to find the art museum in horrible shape! Sections of the wall had been blown apart! They could hear a variety of screams from inside and they knew in an instant they had to help their friends and family!

They rushed in, the first thing they found was young Jack-Jack in his demon form attacking a small group of minions. Honestly, seeing that little demon baby more than hold his own against men who had been well-trained to fight was actually a little funny! If it hadn't been for the fact that Screech lay nearby motionless. Reflux rushed up to his comrade and put his ear against his chest.

"He's still alive! Just incredibly weak! We gotta get him outta here!" he exclaimed before rushing to help the toddler, using his most unusual powers. Mr. Incredible very gently picked up the owl-based hero and turned to Dash.

"Go find your mother, sister, Brick and Krushaeur!" he told him. Dash didn't need to be told twice. He rushed quickly to find that his mom and Brick were busy fighting alongside together against more minions of Bomb Voyage. Brick was easily more than a match for these guys, but Elastigirl could easily hold up her own, working in a team or by herself. Dash didn't need an invitation to join in.

"Where are Violet and Krushaeur!?" he asked the two women after he punched more than a few bad guys right in the gut.

"They should be further up! My communicator got destroyed! Why aren't you at the jewelry store?" Elastigirl asked him.

"Turned out that was a false lead!" replied Dash before he hurried off into another part of the museum.

Meanwhile Krushaeur had taken a very bad hit with a tranquilizing dart. Violet was still able to hold up her shield to prevent herself from getting hit but unfortunately, she found that she could not move very well because the shield against being hit from just about every angle required a significant amount of concentration.

"Cease fire!" exclaimed a voice in French. Violet was grateful that the firing had ended, but she was no fool, she kept her shield up. A tall man in a mime outfit approached her, she looked at him, he looked at her. She knew who it was.

"You clearly have a good head on your shoulder and you seem to know what you're doing against my forces," he told her, still speaking in French.

"Bomb Voyage! I know who you are. My father is Mr. Incredible! He defeated you once and we can defeat you again!" exclaimed Violet as she scowled at him.

"Meisure Incredible has a daughter? Vell zen I zink-" unfortunately, he was stopped mid-sentence when a red blur hit him right in the face, causing him to fall.

"Never touch my sister!" exclaimed Dash when he stood still. Bomb Voyage's minions began to fire at him, but thanks to his super speed he was able to dodge them. Violet quickly turned invisible while the henchmen were distracted so she could see if Krushaeur was okay. Unfortunately for her, one of the henchmen had heat vision goggles, and was able to find her and hit her with a tranquilizing dart.

Naturally, being hit with something that would cause anyone (or anything) to lose consciousness made Violet stumble, and she could no longer retain her invisible appearance. She swooned and careened over unable to hold herself up any longer. Dash saw the whole thing and rushed to his sister's aid. Unfortunately, Frozone came in at that point on one of his ice slides. Both individuals were rushing so fast they weren't properly aware of their surroundings and literally bumped into each other!

Bomb Voyage was able to regain his footing, ordered one of his henchmen to grab "ze girl" and they all rushed out when Bomb Voyage created a new exit with one of his many grenades.

"They took my sister!" exclaimed Dash.