Bubbles floated in Violet's mind as she felt herself regain some type of consciousness. She blinked a few times but found that her vision was all too blurry. She tried to remember what happened. The last thing she properly recalled was fighting Bomb Voyage and his minions in the art museum. Then she went to help Krushaeur when-

"I got tranquilized?!" she exclaimed out loud. She didn't care if anyone heard her, she couldn't care if anything between an anthropomorphic toad or a crazy old hobo answered her. Just so long as they would tell her where she was. That's when she realized something important. She couldn't move! She was tied to a chair.

"Seriously!? That has to be the oldest cliché in the book! If anything, I'm actually insulted!" she exclaimed, still hoping somebody would answer her. She considered herself lucky that she didn't have to wait long. She heard a door open; she could just barely turn her head and make out a faint light from just behind her. Unlike Screech, she couldn't turn her head a full 180 degrees, so she couldn't make out the silhouette properly.

The figure came towards her, its feet making clicking sounds against the floor that made her shudder. When the figure did come close enough, she recognized Bomb Voyage.

"Hey Frenchie, we all know where your hideout is, so you can't hope to keep me here-" she stopped in mid-sentence when she saw him draw out a cutlass. She watched what he was doing, ready for pain. But instead, he cut the ropes that had her tied up to the chair!

"You Americans honestly think I'm stupid enough to not realize that I didn't figure out you knew where I was!?" he exclaimed.

"You speak English?" exclaimed Violet.

"Oui, how else do you expect me to understand what the hell you're saying?" he asked, trying to insult her intelligence. Violet didn't like his tone and quickly sent a small force sphere at him. She was surprised to see him dodge it so flawlessly. That's when she realized he was wearing some type of goggles she had to assume allowed him to see it properly.

He grinned evilly as he approached her. She was transfixed by his grin to the point where she was unable to make herself invisible or put up a force field around herself to protect herself. He grabbed her by the shoulders, his smile never dimming.

"Do you know what I could do to you right now?" he asked, up close, his breath stank horribly of wine and tobacco.

"I shudder to even think about it," she replied, she really wished she had freedom to cover her face. He leaned over to her, gave her a kiss on the cheek, which she did not enjoy, and then looked her back in the eyes, she could see an evil gleam dancing in his eyes. Before anything else could happen, there was a knock on the door. She legitimately felt as though she was saved by the bell.

"Boss, we managed to get in contact with those supers!" his minion exclaimed, holding up a laptop. Violet could see a group of people on the screen, she quickly recognized her parents in the front!

"Ah ha! So now you see that I have your daughter! And as you can see, she has not been harmed!" exclaimed Bomb Voyage with a cackle as he grabbed his hostage right under the chin.

"He totally violated my bubble!" shouted Violet.

"Get your filthy hands off my daughter! If I see you've caused her any further harm and I'll pummel you so hard you'll wake up during the French Revolution!" her father shouted. Bomb Voyage immediately let go of Violet.

"Agreed. Now, I must ask that you meet my demands. I want 5 billion dollars! I promise then that I will let her go!" Bomb Voyage demanded. Then he saw something on the screen he didn't expect. Violet falling from the ceiling!

"Vhat!?" he screeched. He turned to the spot where she was sitting down just a moment ago to see a hole quickly closing.

"Sorry that you had to have a rough landing," said Voyd as she helped the teenager up.

"Hate to break it to you, but you've been outsmarted by Americans! You Frenchmen are so alike!" laughed a raspy voice behind Bomb Voyage. He turned around horrified to find Reflux and Frozone standing beside each other.

"How?!" he exclaimed!

"Voyd," they answered together. They quickly combined their two exceedingly opposite powers in order to trap Bomb Voyage and his nearby minion. Sounds echoed throughout the lair as more and more of Bomb Voyage's henchmen were brought down by super's who had successfully used Voyd's power to sneak in. Dash came into the dungeon and whopped the French arsonist in the face!

"That's for kidnapping my sister!" he shouted.

"Napoleon no triumphe," said a now-dazed Bomb Voyage before he became unconscious.

It wasn't long before the French government officials came to pick up Bomb Voyage and his defeated minions, Violet was given a shock blanket by a police officer after her parents explained how she had been kidnapped, and came dangerously close to being tortured most terribly. They had a female police officer talk to her, give her some brief counsel, her parents believed that when they got home, they could arrange further counseling for her if it was needed.

"Looks like you're going to a low-end hotel where you'll get three square meals a day and a job making license plates!" Mr. Incredible called out to Bomb Voyage as he was led into a police transport.

"Thank you supers, you have done France a great service, and we'll ensure that he doesn't get out of prison. Now, I recommend you take a breather, you've certainly earned it!" suggested one of the officers. This seemed like a great idea, granted all they wanted at that moment was to go back to home in America.

Back home in America, a retirement party was held for Gus Burns as Reflux was now going to be going by from now on. As he had told them, he just couldn't keep up with the "whippersnappers" anymore.

"It was an honor to serve with you Gus!" announced Screech. Everyone applauded. Rick shook his hand and gave him the key to a place where he could retire peacefully.

"I daresay you've earned this," Rick told him. Violet came up and gave him a hug.

"What was that for?" he asked joyfully.

"Just for practically saving my life," said Violet giving him a smile.

"Don't I get a hug too then?" asked Lucius with a raised eyebrow. Everyone laughed as Violet gave her godfather a hug.

Now I know some people will complain that I rushed the ending, and that I didn't give Jack-Jack a big enough part. But honestly, with Voyd's powers, I was faced with a major plot hole and I didn't know how else to save Violet and I just couldn't figure out how to give Jack-Jack a big role in the fight. Regardless, I hope you have enjoyed some of the story.