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Jeremy Heere stared at Christine who was looking through a pamplet. Micheal sighed and Elbowed Jeremy. "Dude pay attention." He whispered. "Sorry!" Jeremy said. Jeremy's whole grade went to a feild trip to the most famous lab companies in the city of Middleborough. The people in the lab study and do all sorts of things like study and create medicines, study animals, create technologies/inventions for the city, that generate the please supplies for the city, the lab even creates were builds weapons they sell to the U.S government and army.

"Now the most interesting part of the tour. The Nano Tech!" The woman giving the tour said. Jeremy squinted into the the box she brought them to. "I don't see anything..." Micheal said. "Well thats because its Nano Technology. It's really small." The woman said smiling. "Now before we go-" There was an explosion. And Jeremy found himself on the ground near the container where the nano tech was.

Smoke filled the air and Jeremy called out to Micheal to see if he was okay when he heard creaking above him. He looked up just in time to see a chunk of ceiling fall in his direction than everything went black...

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