*This story takes place at the end of Basic Sandwich S5 E13. There are several more chapters to come, with this being the shortest. Please enjoy :)

Chapter 1 - Interpersonal Speaking 101

After the "Dave" dance party wound down, the cafeteria began to empty out. The smell of Subway was beginning to disperse. Shirley had left to check on the boys at home. Britta had snuck out to meet up with her dealer. Calling Starburns a "dealer" seemed way too official for his backpack storefront. Abed simply wandered home once he realized the storyline for this episode had ended.

This left Jeff walking Annie to her car. Not that he minded. It had been a weird a confusing day. It started with him thinking everything was over: The group, his family, the school. He grasped onto anything that resembled normalcy. Being married to Britta? What the hell would that have looked like?



"Thank you for today. I know you had your…plans. I appreciate your change of heart. For Greendale."

"Right, for Greendale. Anything to keep the group together." They arrived at Annie's car and she began fumbling with her keys to unlock the door. "You know, Annie, I want to thank you, too for what you said down there. It really put things into perspective for me. I mean, I was being crazy. I was going to marry Bri-"

"Yeah, no sweat. Needed to be said." She interjected without making eye contact. She couldn't look at him with all of the pain she felt. What was he thinking? Was she nothing to him? Had she been making all of this up?

Annie finally got that pesky lock opened and slid into her seat, feeling much like "home base" where she was now safe from the day. Safe from his annoyingly beautiful face. "Bye", she said half-heartedly as she grabbed the car door to close it.

"Annie, wait." Jeff grabbed her car door before it closed and her eyes met his. Finally, he thought. Why couldn't she look at me? "Do you really want to leave the semester like this? We just saved Greendale." Annie rolled her eyes and gave him a smirk as she got out of her car. He reached his arms out for a hug and she melted right into him. This shouldn't feel this good, this right. He had never felt this before. It turned his stomach upside down, but in a good way. His heart was racing. This has to mean something, right? If that computer wasn't proof, this certainly is. Annie began to let go of the embrace and he decided it was probably best if he did, too.

"See ya, Jeff" Annie said as she got back into her car, started it up and pulled away.

As she drove out of the parking lot, Jeff was finally able to say what he really wanted to say.

"I love you, Annie."