Chapter 12

"What do you mean you didn't do anything invesile? Then who was the cause of the accident?"

"I have no idea, the car they were going to lend me did not arrive"

Katherine could not believe what she was hearing, it was true that Babcoock was in the hospital, but it was a lie that ColĂ­n caused the accident. Who was the person who made you happy?

"Well ... I'll call you later" and with that Katherine cut the call.

Waiting room*

God, I really saw her hinting at Niles. It seems I'm interested in him "Fran said taking Maxwell's hands" please believe me "

Maxwell watched her for a moment, it was true that he hadn't seen Katherine since Sarah fired her for no reason, but she didn't think she wanted to hurt Niles.

"Honey ... Niles is married to CC, we can see the love they have for each other, they are made to be together and now they are expecting a baby and it is something they both want. Do you think Niles or CC would give that up? "

"No dear, but the truth is, a woman can be very persuasive. We like to take what we think is ours no matter what."

"Honey, it is a topic that does not correspond to us. Let's put this problem aside and tell me what Gracie answered. "

Fran really didn't want to drop the subject, she knew Katherine was up to something and she was just waiting for someone to notice it so she could stop him in time.

consulting room*

"Please take a seat ... Well, Mr. Brightmore, your wife is fine now. Her fainting was due to fear and there is no blow, we checked her body and did some tests and she does not show any broken bone or blow to the head "

Niles felt he could breathe the moment the doctor explained all that to him. He feared that his wife had suffered something stronger. "I'm a little calmer with this doctor, I was very worried"

"She is fine, she is very strong. But now there is another topic that I want to talk about and it is in reference to your baby "

"Is something wrong with the baby?"

"Your baby is fine, however there is a problem. When his wife came and we did an emergency ultrasound, we could see that he had very low vital signs and that he was not moving at all, fortunately after giving him some medications the baby improved and now he is calm. We believe that what suffered the effects of your wife's instability, and while there is rarely an effect after these attacks, it is very important to stay in control. We thought that although both are well, the best thing would be for them to stay one more day to be able to monitor both of them. "

Niles did not have to think twice, he promised himself that he would do everything possible to make his family well under any circumstances. "Okay, do what it takes"

The doctor explained everything they would do with CC and with him baby, it was something they had to do to verify that neither of them happened to them, although the percentage of everything complicated was low they wanted to be sure.

The doctor got up, shook Niles's hand, and then accompanied him to the room where CC was. "I recommend that you speak in a moderate voice. We have provided pain relievers for your wife to reduce your headache, but it is still important to be calm." The doctor opened the door to the room and left.

Niles stood on the edge of the door waiting for CC to turn in her direction so she wouldn't be scared, but that moment didn't come because she was asleep. Slowly, Niles walked to the bed and could see that CC was fine and that she was really asleep, CC had an almost sitting position on the bed and kept his hands together on the upper part of his stomach, as if he wanted to protect his baby. Although it was not the right time for this, Niles, he really wanted to take a picture of him in this position.

Niles carefully pulled a chair closer to the edge of the bed and took his right hand, careful not to move his IV.

It took CC approximately 45 minutes to open his eyes and he directed his vision towards the person holding his hand.

"Niles?" CC asked as he directed his left hand towards his head.

"Love, I'm here" Niles answered rising from the chair and sitting in front of CC "How are you love? Do you need something?

CC opened his eyes wider and looked around. He remembered that he had come to the hospital with doctors running beside him and then he remembered nothing else.

"Niles ... I ..." CC tries to talk about what happened but couldn't say more because the tears started to come out of CC's eyes.

Niles immediately took CC's face and wiped away the tears "shhh, easy love, everything will be fine." For the moment don't worry about anything but rest "

Niles moved and sat on CC's right side and put his hand on her waist, while she rested her head on Niles's neck. They stayed like that for 10 minutes until Niles put his hand on CC's swollen belly

"How is our boy?" Niles asked

CC automatically looks at Niles and carefully straightens up; With CC she got comfortable under the blanket and Niles could see that she only had a top that covered her chest, exposing her belly that had more than 5 patches. CC could only see her belly sadly, this didn't seem right, but she would take care of her improvement.

Niles in a single movement lowered his mouth to CC's stomach and kissed him very carefully. Meanwhile, CC was combing Niles's hair with his hands.

"All of this will work, we'll be back in the house soon, love," Niles said, kissing the knuckles of CC's left hand.

The small Brightmore family was united and silent for what seemed like an eternity until the Sheffields entered the room with a bouquet of flowers. The Brightmores caught on and CC straightened to welcome them.

"Hi, come on in. An apology, I completely forgot to go out and tell you," said Niles sitting near CC

"Don't worry, old man, we asked if we could go see CC and they told us you guys were here. We thought it was a good idea to come," said Maxwell, standing behind the chair Fran had sat on.

Fran carefully placed the bouquet of flowers on the table next to CC's bed.

"CC, how are you?" Fran asked adjusting the edge of the sheet that covered CC.

she replied "I'm fine Fran, it was just a scare and that's it"

After CC's reply, Fran turned to Niles, "When will she get out of here?"

"Talk to the doctor and I explain that both CC and the baby are fine, but for us to have no doubts they will have to spend the night here to check that there is no problem"

CC hadn't heard that, so he really couldn't argue. She hated hospitals, but she knew Niles would not let her out of there unless a professional told her she was completely fine. It was only one night and she could handle that.

"Okay, so will you come home with us, Niles?" Fran asked getting up from the chair

"Actually, I was going to ask them to bring me a blanket, I don't plan on leaving CC for a second."

"Of course, old man, I'll bring you the blanket myself," Maxwell replied "as for you CC, unless the doctor says you can work, you will come back, in the meantime you can take your time to heal"

"Ok Maxwell" CC replied

After CC's response, the Sheffields started saying goodbye so they could do things for Niles.

After Maxwell left, the doctor came to do the last ultrasound of the day. All this was in the presence of Niles and the doctor did it because they wanted both parents to remain calm.

After all the review, the doctor took the opportunity to ask the reason for his accident.

"Well, Mrs. Brightmore, your baby is fine and so are you. I'm sure you can get out of here tomorrow," replied the doctor, cleaning CC's stomach.

The two Brigthmore looked at each other for a moment and then they both smiled

"Now that you are both calm, it is important to know what happened for Ms. Brightmore to get here. It is important that if anyone is involved in this, the authorities are notified."

CC considered him for a moment, since he had arrived at the clinic no one had asked him why he was there. And as the doctor had said, the police must be notified.

"According to the report, you were in a car accident. It appears that you hit a store wall, but according to some witnesses someone was involved in this accident, is it true?" The doctor continued after seeing that CC was not ready to respond, what he wanted was to help CC

"Well, there was actually someone involved in my accident. I really don't know who he was, nor for how long he was following me, but I do know that he is a man because of the reflection I saw in the mirror "

Niles couldn't believe what he was saying, someone had tried to kill CC and he was not there to protect her.

Niles after hearing all of that had to get up and walk around the room for a moment because if she didn't, he might explode with anger. CC looked carefully at everything Niles did and began to feel guilty, he promised Niles that he would be careful and that nothing would happen, but definitely what had happened was a sign of his total carelessness.

"Miss ... I really think this should be reported to the authorities. This could have been an attempted kidnapping or murder and it is important to report it."

Both the doctor and Niles decided that it was better to call the police as soon as possible so that they could prepare the registry as soon as possible and thus the investigations began, CC witnessed everything that the two men were doing and what was a concern nonsense but she didn't dare say it.

When they finished talking, the doctor left the room and Niles stood in front of the window with his arms crossed. CC had never seen him like this.

"Niles ..." said CC trying to move the sheets carefully

Niles didn't want her to see him angry, so he concentrated on seeing the street.

CC was beginning to feel more guilty, it was not his intention to put himself at risk. "Niles ... I ... I'm sorry" really what she felt, but she couldn't say more, her throat was full and full of emotions.

"I knew I had to accompany you, I insisted the whole time; but to be realistic, you would never have let me do it for you "Niles replied without looking back.

CC, who was still sitting on the bed, looked puzzled "What are you talking about, Niles?"

Niles is completely red with anger, "You didn't let me take care of you and my son when I knew what you needed." Niles knew it wasn't CC's fault, but he also wanted to show his annoyance by not letting him do anything.

"Your son! Since what time did you stop getting involved in this family?" CC also responded furiously.

"Since you put her life in danger!"

CC couldn't believe what she was hearing, Niles blamed her for wanting to harm her own son. "Ah! Now am I to blame for being here and for my son being wrong?

"You won't let me take care of you CC, did you know you are at the end of your second trimester and you don't care?"

CC was also furious, she wanted to scream and cry with rage, but she didn't want to please Niles. "I have never depended on anyone, and you know more than anyone, and if I never have, I will not start doing it now." . I find it incredible to see that the father of my son believes that I have thought about hurting ourselves; and guess what, I have news for you Niles, someone made me suffer the accident, he didn't hit me against a damn wall for pleasure, "replied CC, pressing his hand where he had his intravenous.

Niles and CC realized that blood was running down the hose. CC acted immediately and touched the button that would call his nurse, which appeared immediately.

"Mrs. Bightmore, we have to accommodate your IV again. I need you to stay still."

CC's head was starting to hurt a third time that day, he didn't want to feel bad for fear that his baby would also get sick, it was clear that he had to calm down.

"Get out of here, Niles," CC said as he leaned back and placed his hand on the side of his head.

Niles didn't want to leave her alone in this, what the hell had happened to her? Why did he act like this? "CC ... I ..."

"Get out of here! I don't need you here, I need to be alone," CC replied, sitting up in bed, fussing on the spot.

The nurse who was witnessing all this could only look at Niles and ask her to leave with her eyes. He had to do his job, and with an angry CC it wouldn't be possible.

Niles with all the weight in the world left the room, he also needed to relax. He knew that claiming the accident was completely absurd and that it was not CC's fault. She was so angry that she was almost screaming at CC when all he had to do was comfort her. He was a real idiot.

Niles had to calm down if he wanted to go see CC again, clearly CC was not quite right, it was obvious, who would be fine if they accused him of endangering the most important person in his life? Niles paced back and forth down the hall, waiting for his wife's nurse to leave the room to come in with her and hopefully let her apologize.

It was too long before the nurse left CC's room, in all that time Niles detected what he would say to CC once she let him stay and agreed to speak to him. The nurse stood in front of Niles and her gaze gave him the feeling that he was fine if he wanted to pass. Niles wasted no time and went directly to his wife's room.

When Niles reached the door, he could see CC directing his gaze towards him. I knew it was time to get close and apologize

"CC, love. Excuse me, please," Niles said, addressing the chair next to CC's bed. "I admit it's not your fault, it's just that ... I can't bear the thought that they wanted hurting you. It wasn't the best way to act and I apologize love "

"Never think again that it would harm my family" CC replied with eyes full of tears "Our son is the most important thing we have, and he would give my life for either of you two"

Niles watched her as his eyes filled with tears, it was the best thing he had heard in a long time. "I love you CC, can I kiss you?"

CC just nodded and Niles carefully approached her and kissed her lovingly. He would never again make such serious accusations as the ones he said that day, the two of them were fighting for their family, differently, but they were fighting.

When they finished kissing, CC grimaced, which Niles couldn't ignore.

"Is something wrong, love?" Niles asked as he placed his hand on CC's hand,

CC straightened up and placed his other hand on the side of his stomach. "He drinks, he's a little restless, I think it would be good to get some sleep. But Niles ... don't leave here "

"I'll stay here love, don't worry, you have to rest," Niles said as he adjusted the blanket for CC.

Time after CC fell asleep, Niles had a chance to get some rest. The night was very long, there were times when CC was awakened by pain, but still he settled down and went back to sleep.

At approximately 3:30 in the morning, CC had to wake up because he couldn't bear the pain in his belly anymore, he had to do something and immediately

"Niles ... lover ..."

Niles woke with a start "What is it, love?"

"Niles, talk to the nurse. Something's not right."

Niles was immediately informed and touched the button that called the nurses, he was lucky that the nurses were very fast, it took no more than 2 minutes. When the nurse arrived, they asked him what was going on and Niles quickly told him that CC had not felt well since the night before; The nurse went to check CC and when she lifted the blanket covering her, she could see blood there.

The nurse pressed another button, which seemed to be directly in the center where the doctors were "Code Red, in room 254 we have a patient with heavy bleeding"

It was not another 2 minutes when the doctors arrived at the room and they kindly asked Niles to leave the room just before the doctors left surrounding the CC bed.

Hello friends, this is a longer chapter because I thought it was important that all this be. I want to clarify that I do not know anything about medicine and that everything is the product of my imagination and how I think it is. I also want to apologize if there are many misspellings in this chapter, but I am working on that. I would like to know if there is someone who reads this story, sometimes it is important to know that one's work is satisfactory for others. I love them.