Chapter One: The Baby.

On a world in a large building, there was a hooded figure who was walking in, as he did he was met with two guards who aimed electric Spears at him.

"Hey who are you." One guard said.

"Yeah you're not welcome here." The other one said.

The hooded figure raises his hand then and waves it.

"You will let me pass." The jedi said using one of the tricks of the force.

Both looked stunned for a moment before lowering their weapons.

"We will let you pass." With that they got out of the Jedi master way. Not really knowing why they did so.

The Jedi smirked. "Jedi mind trick, it is always a useful ability." He says as he entered the large room filled with tech and other religious artifacts, as he did he saw the leader of them, and he had a stoic expression as he spoke his name.

"Former Jedi Knight Validar." He says getting his attention along with his minions who aimed their guns at him.

Validar was a Jedi knight of the jedi order he had the potential of being a master but left for unknown reasons and later the order heard of the deeds he done, so they sent one of their best to put a stop to him and his faction he made known as Grimleal.

Validar looks at the Jedi master. "So they sent you after me, well why am I not surprised." He said with a dark smile.

"Validar, I am here to bring you to justice after what has been reported on what you have done. You have a choice to come peacefully or I will have no choice but to bring you in by force." He said as he had no fear of being outnumbered.

He just chuckles darkly. "Fool, kill him."

The forces in the place aimed there blasters at him, reacting fast the jedi activated his lightsaber and deflated the blaster bolts that were fired at him with the elegance and grace of a duelist, he then uses the force and force pushes the Grimleal minions back sending any that did not die from their own blaster bolts sent back at them were knocked out when they were forced against the wall hard.

Lightsaber still ignited the Jedi master then looked at their leader and pointed his lightsaber at him.

"This is your last chance Validar surrender and face justice or I will have no choice but to slay you here and now." The jedi ordered as the man glared at him with hate.

The Jedi master would like to not kill again but will if necessary and he knows how dangerous this dark jedi is if he escapes and he did not want this to happen in fear of the threat he might cause.

Validar glared at the jedi still as he raised his hand as the jedi got into a defensive stance.

"I know better then to fight you in a duel so another time but for now take this!" With that he fired a strong wave of force lightning at the jedi master who blocks it quickly but some of the lightning hit parts of the inside of the building setting parts of it on fire.

When the lightning stopped Dooku saw that the leader of the Grimleal was gone he must have run off the jedi figure if he hurried he could catch him, but he saw the fire getting worse and...he heard crying, crying of a baby.

"A child?"

As he said that he decided to save the baby in the building, the capture of the corrupt leader will half to come another time, he used the force to sense where it is along hearing as well, when he found the room he kicked the door down and saw the baby and she was crying still, quickly and gently he picks her up.

The baby had white hair and beautiful eyes, but those eyes he can tell along with how the baby was feeling were filled with fear.

"Hello there little one." The jedi master said with a smile which seemed to calm the baby down but she was still crying a little, the jedi can sense that the force is strong with her.

But the fire was only getting worse. The jedi sees this so he needs to get out of here fast if he wants to get the baby out of here alive. Her young lungs could only take so much smoke.

As he ran some debris was falling down on him but the master being good with his telekinesis used the force to make the debris fall not fall on him or the baby he was holding and if any fell on the baby could lead to horrible injury, soon he along with the baby made it out, The jedi looked back and looks at the on fire building that will burn to the ground along with a explosion soon happened, when that happened the baby cried loudly again then the explosion scared her.

Seeing that there's no point in going after Validar and that he most likely escaped.

As the Jedi walked he looked at the baby that was crying loudly and tried to comfort her. The jedi put a finger to the baby cheek rubbing it a little to give the baby comfort and it seemed to start to make her cry less.

"I'm sorry little one." The Jedi master said feeling pity what the baby has been through

He then continued walking, still holding the baby who eventually fell asleep in the Jedi arm.

But as he was going from aftar a angry looking Validar was watching, watching as the jedi takes his tool away, but he doesn't do anything since he knows that if he tried it will end in failure so with that the the dark jedi left deciding to go into hiding is the best plan for now.

with the Jedi who made it to his ship he was still holding the baby as he contacted the jedi temple on his missions. Who appeared was Master Yoda one of the leading members of the jedi council and former master of most jedi masters.

"Master Dooku, your missions successful I feel it was not."

Jedi Master Dooku is a jedi who many jedi looked up to, along with he was the one who trained jedi master Qui Gon who now has his own padawan now who he looks forward to meeting eventually.

"I'm afraid you are right, Master Yoda, but I have found something there as well. Dooku explains as the baby makes a sound which gets Yoda attention.

"A baby? Is it?" Yoda asked, looking at the sleeping baby.

Dooku nodded. "Yes, and I sense that the force is with this young one."

Yoda rubbed his chin. "Wise you are, Master dooku, must ask though, father of child who is?" Yoda asked his former Padawan.

"I think the child father is Validar but with how he abandoned her in a burning building I think he has no care for her whatsoever." Dooku explained. "If I may suggest this my former master I think this child would be best suited to be trained at the Jedi temple."

Yoda thinks on this but nodded. "Very well, trained in the order, she will be who her master will be, will be decided later on when she's of age."

With that Dooku turned off the transmission and lifted off while looking at the baby with a smile before flying off.

"You have a bright future little one...little Robin." Dooku says givinh the baby a name, he sets a course into hyperspace and heads back to the core world of the Republic, the place where the Jedi temple.

Unknowing of what fate had in store for them all.. Or the dark times ahead.

Note: Well here's my attempt on a fire emblem awakening crossover with star wars, well I hope people like it along with that it goes well along the lines.

This fanfic will be worked on by me and my Co Author Alternet RedSkys