"That's right, I am from the East." Reiko continued, her tail swishing back and forth.

She had been answering Kevin's questions for hours, while he took note on some sort of electronic pad. He had a dish of star candies and a root beer (which she found delightful!) for her.

"Why did you come to Bellwood?" Kevin asked.

Reiko bristled. "I! I did NOT come here! I was KIDNAPPED by some loathsome fool! He stole my hoshi and so, as is my creed, I was forsworn to his every whim! Oh! It was terrible!"

Kevin waited patiently; Reiko had tempers like this every so often, and soon enough she calmed, and he could tell as her ears, which had been flat, perked back up and tweaked ever so slightly. He made a note.

"Do you want to go home?" Kevin asked her.

"Ah? Well Nippon is so different now. So..." she paused, inflected the next word like a curse. "Civilized."

"What with the rise and fall of ninja and samurai...there are no priestesses to serve, and the yokai like me...have been driven to beyond the kekkai."

Kevin looked up at her. "What is the...ke-ka-i?"

"It is a barrier." Reiko said. "Once all the magical creatures in Nippon, or Japan, as you call it, lived with the humans. And then a powerful hierarchy established itself in the Japanese Otherworld—that's where you go when you die, at least there—and they decided that we were dangerous. If you were classified above C, then you were banished to a place called the Makai—Hell. Or Demon World. The kekkai is the border between worlds."

"Do you have friends there? In the Makai I mean?" Kevin asked. He didn't want to send her to a bad place, but if it was her home...

"The Makai is just as it sounds. A world of battle, torment, and bloodshed. Chaos." Reiko's ears flattened. "Some yokai love it there, and belong there. I like the humans, and I proved myself honorable, and was allowed to live among them, until I was betrayed. Um, Tony?"

Kevin put his pen down. "Yes?"

"Do you think you could find some Ambrosia? And Nectar, I'll be needing that as well." Reiko curled up. "If you want more answers you must get me those things."

Kevin had no idea where to look. "Can you describe those things? Or draw a picture?"

Reiko grinned and held out her hands. Light appeared in them, taking the form of pictures. When Tony saw what ambrosia and nectar looked like, he knew where to find it.

"I'll get it for you." Kevin grinned at her. "You can count on it."