Aladdin, one of the most well known tales of the Arabian nights and one of Disney's most iconic animated movies, so much so that they remade it in 2019, and did a fantastic job if I do say so myself. In honor of that movie I have decided to write my own version, with Star Wars Characters mind you. I hope you enjoy reading this story!

But before we begin our tale, I have a little song for you guys:

Oh, Imagine a land, it's a faraway place, where the caravan eopies roam. Where you wander among every culture and tongue. It's chaotic, but hey, it's home. When the wind's from the east, and the sun's from the west, and the sand in the glass is right. Come on down, stop on by, Hop a X-Wing and fly to another Tatooine night!

As you wind through the streets at the fabled bazaars, with the cardamom-cluttered stalls. You can smell every spice as you haggle the price of silks and satin shawls.

Oh the music that plays as you move through a maze in the haze of your pure delight! You are caught in a dance, you're lost in a trace of another Tatooine night!

Tatooine nights! Like Tatooine days! more often than not are hotter than hot in a lot of good ways!

Tatooine nights! Like Tatooine dreams, this mystical land of magic sand is more than it seems!

There's a road that may lead you to good or to greed through the power your wishing commands. Let the darkness unfold or find fortunes untold! Well, your destiny lies in your hands!

Tatooine nights! Like Tatooine days! They seem to excite , take off and take flight to shock and amaze!

Tatooine nights! 'Neath Tatooine's moons! A fool off his guard could fall and fall hard out there on the dunes!

Chapter 1: The chapter in which Finn and Abu meet princess Rey

"Another hot day Abu" Finn said to the mongmong on his shoulder as they walked the busy streets of Mos Eisley. Abu clamored as the pair entered the famed marketplace "Yeah, Yeah, I know" Finn said as they passed a stand selling various fruits. Finn would have loved to steal from the inattentive Duros manning the stand but then a pair of city guards entered the market which made Finn reconsider his plan of action. "Sorry buddy, another time" Finn said dejectedly to Abu who looked at him with upset eyes. Finn was dirt poor and the only way he could get food or anything was to steal it, and avoid being caught. He had no family other than Abu and no friends on the street but Finn didn't care, Abu was all the company he needed.

Rey could not believe how poor some of her subjects were Mother would be heartbroken by this she thought as she walked through the city. To the people she passed she looked like a noble woman with her light brown and olive Felucian spider silk robes, but she was a princess, more specifically their princess. She had never been allowed to leave the palace after her mother was killed during a night walk through the city, but today she had managed to sneak out. She then passed a bread stand and saw a pair of starved Togruta children begging nearby and stopped I can't take it anymore! She said to herself. When the Crolute shopkeeper turned his back Rey grabbed two loaves of bread and gave them to the children "Here, you have no right to go hungry" she said, causing the two children to smile. Suddenly the shopkeeper turned around and saw what she had done "Hey that's my bread!" the shopkeep yelled and grabbed Rey "Take your hands off me you pig!" Rey said with anger in her voice as passersby watched the scene unfold.

"Unkar, listen to the girl!" a voice said. Rey turned to see a young man who had a mongmong on his shoulder walk towards the stand "Oh really Finn, what do you know" Unkar said with a scowl "I know that you take pleasure in starving kids!" Rey said in a defiant voice "Silence woman!" Unkar snapped. Finn walked up to the stand "Let her pay for the bread okay?" Finn said "You have money on you right?" Finn whispered to her. Rey looked at him "No, do you?" Rey said to Finn who then saw the bracelet on her left arm "Give me that" Finn said and pointed to the bracelet "What? No!" Rey said. She was not about to give this random stranger her mother's bracelet at all. Suddenly Finn grabbed it and handed it to Unkar "Will this work?" Finn said "Yes!" Unkar said and let go of Rey who rubbed her hands and shot Finn an angry look "That was my mothers!" Rey said as Finn led her away "Do you know how-" she started but then saw that the mongmong had the bracelet in its hands and turned to give her a sly smile "Clever monkey" Rey said. "STOP THIEVES!" Unkar yelled "Come on!" Finn said and took Rey's hand and sprinted off as city guards took chase.

"Where are we going?" Rey asked Finn as he led her down the streets as fast as he could "Somewhere safe!" Finn said as they entered an alleyway that ended with a large unfinished space port tower. He then pressed a button on the wall of a building and a pair of wooden steps appeared that lead up to a door. "Come on, the guards are coming!" Finn said as he heard the shouts of the guards coming ever closer. Rey carefully climbed the steps and was ushered in by Finn who pressed another button causing the steps to vanish. He then closed the door as the guards reached the alley, they were home safe.

"Who are you?" Rey asked as Finn lead her to the top floor of the tower "I'm Finn" the man said as they reached the top floor and entered a large room that was full of various objects and a bed of pillows "And this" Finn said as the Mongmong jumped off his shoulders "Is Abu" he said as Abu gave a playful bow. Rey smiled at the Mongmong who then handed her back the bracelet "Thank you Abu" Rey said. "You know who I am but I don't know who you are" Finn said as he checked the streets below to see if any more guards were out looking for them, thankfully they were not "I can only guess that you are a member of the royal staff" Finn added. Rey smiled "What makes you assume that?" she asked "First off the robes you are wearing are of Felucian spider silk, brought in from the space port to the royal palace under heavy guard" Finn said as he climbed down from his perch "And that bracelet is very expensive looking, which means that you are a handmaiden to the princess" Finn said causing Rey to blush.

"You are very clever, my name is Rose" Rey said with a sly smile "So what is the princess like Rose? No one has seen her since the queen died" Finn asked "If you see her again, tell her that she needs to get out more, the citizens could use her help" he added. Rey sighed "They keep her locked up, prevent her from seeing the world and the people that she is told love her" Rey replied. Suddenly the sounds of drums and of armor moving through the streets below made both of them rush to the window to see a large ensemble of Mon Calamari marching towards the palace. "Who is that?" Rey asked "Just another prince here to try and court the princess though I doubt she will marry a fish" Finn said jokingly as Rey turned to leave "I have to go Finn, I have to help the princess get ready" she said "Alright, how about I visit you tonight at the palace?" Finn said "Why?" Rey asked "To return this" Finn said as he showed Rey her bracelet "You give that back right now!" Rey said "Tonight I will, I promise" Finn said. Rey sighed "Fine" she said and left the tower.