Chapter 8: The chapter in which Prince Ali attends the celebration and the events that ensue

"Okay just be yourself and everything will go great" Poe said as he and Finn walked towards the palace courtyard where the celebration was being held "Can I just tell you one thing Poe" Finn said "Sure" Poe replied "I've never been to-" Finn started "Ah, Prince Ali" a voice said, a voice that was all too familiar to Finn. Finn and Poe watched as Snoke walked towards them, holding his staff and having his Krios bird on his shoulder "Prince Ali, Prince Ali" the bird said "Yes Iago, that is Prince Ali. Sorry about that, Iago tends to repeat things" Snoke said jokingly "I am Snoke, King Luke's advisor" he added "It is an honor to meet you" Finn said "This is my servant Poe Dameron" Finn added "It is an honor to-" Poe started "I would like to talk to you alone, Prince Ali, this does not concern your servant" Snoke said. Finn gave Poe a nervous look "Very well, Poe I should not be long" Finn said "Hopefully" he whispered to himself. "Alright, I will see you on the dance floor" Poe said and walked off.

Finn looked nervously at Snoke and his bird, it was the first time since he brought Finn to the cave. "So what do you want to talk about?" Finn asked "I know who you are" Snoke said. Finn's heart stopped, had Snoke seen through Poe's magic? "You do?" Finn said nervously. Snoke smiled "Yes, you are a man of great ambition, like myself" Snoke said "I could be a great asset to you dear Prince" he added "Great ambition, great ambition" Iago squawked. Finn sighed, he was safe for now "I don't think I need-" Finn started but then Snoke turned his staff towards him and the red gem eyes of the snake head turned red. "I don't think you understand dear Prince" Snoke said "I could be a big-" he started "My prince!" a voice said. Snoke turned the staff away from Prince Ali as Poe returned. "What is it, servant?" Snoke asked with a hint of anger in his voice as Prince Ali was no longer under his control. "My prince, your presence is requested on the dance floor" Poe said "Well, it was nice meeting you, maybe we can continue this conversation later" Finn said. Snoke then gave him the most sinister looking grin, Finn had ever seen "I look forward to it, Prince Ali" Snoke replied.

"I'm guessing that was the guy" Poe said as he and Finn entered the courtyard. "Yeah, Snoke wants your lamp, he wants the kingdom I bet," Finn replied. Poe stopped in his tracks "Don't worry, I will keep you safe" Finn said "Good, because I have my eyes on that" Poe said as he saw Rose talking with Rey, she was wearing a red and silver dress and her hair was in a bun. "When this is all over, I promise you I will wish for your freedom, so you can marry her" Finn said with a sly smile "But first I have to impress Rey" he added.

Finn nervously walked up to Rey who turned to see him "You look amazing" Finn said "Thank you, you also look-" she started "Princess Rey! It is good to see you again!" a voice said. Finn turned to see a young Mon Calamari male walking towards them "Prince Lechar, I am surprised you stayed" Rey said nervously, she was not happy to see him again. Finn then walked away and sat at the edge of the fountain in the center of the courtyard. He felt defeated as he watched Lechar talk to Rey, Lechar was better than him in every way. "Why the long face?" Poe asked "I can't do this, that guy is better than me" Finn said. Poe gave Finn a reassuring look "You don't know that, you have so much to offer Rey" he said "Like what, teaching her how to jump across roof tops, how to steal bread?" Finn retorted. Poe sighed "I may have changed you into a prince on the outside, but I didn't change anything on the inside. Prince Ali got you to the door, now Finn has to open it" Poe said "Alright, I will-" Finn said "Prince Ali" a voice said. Finn turned to see Rey walking towards him "Sorry about that, Prince Lechar was supposed to have left" She said "Would you care to dance?" Finn said causing Poe to smile "I would be honored," Rey said as Finn took her hand and led her to the dance floor.

Poe watched as the many noblemen and women took their places on the floor. Then the Bith ban began to play and the dance began. With his fingers Poe made Finn dance to the rhythm alongside Rey. Finn turned to see what Poe was doing and gave him a smile. Suddenly the music began to speed up and so did Poe's fingers and then he moved Finn away from Rey and made him break out in his own dance style as the crowd watched and clapped along to the beat. Time for the grand Finale! Poe said and then made Finn do a backflip off the fountain and land in a split, much to the amazement of the crowd. Finn looked up at the Princess who somehow was not impressed and walked away as Finn watched her in shock.