Be warned this story has the following themes: Infantile Trauma, Non-Canonical Pairings, OC family tree, OCs, Giant Evil Man Eating Spiders (Ey're jus' hig'lee misunderstood), Dragon breeding, domestication of dangerous creatures, wizarding politics, Arthurian History, Character bashing, characters being engaged to multiple characters, eventual graphic violence against Umbridge (pronounced "Um-bitch"), maiming of the Dursleys, possible redemption for a dark family, the high probability of eventual sexual content, mentions of the use of mass memory alteration, murder (because some people [every death eater] only seem to know one spell), Bellatrix, family secrets, oh and very vulgar swearing.

I also realize some of you won't like my characters or will think he is overpowered, or poorly explained, however it will be revealed eventually why he is so powerful. If you think you know who the character is please don't ruin the surprise for others. Bits and pieces of his family tree will be revealed.

Bryon's POV

To say I was nervous was an understatement, it wasn't the first time I would be going to a wizarding school however this will be the first time I have gone out in public besides Gringotts. "Trixie" I say. calling the most adorable servant ever part Goblin, part House-Elf, and part Veela she was currently an inch shy of three feet and the closest thing to family I had left. She much like myself was by no means yet an adult and she had a complexion that looked as though she had been chiseled from Marble, her hair looked as though it was composed of emerald, her dark green locks fell freely past her shoulders in the back with two braids in the front which reached never quite touch her shoulders the purpose of the braids other than framing her face adorably was to keep it out of her eyes. Her eyes were big and round with silver irises that shone as though they were made of quicksilver and would often tempt you to pick her up into a big hug, her nose was small and short and almost could be described as button-like expect for the small sharp tip that it ended with instead of rounding off like a human nose, her ears were her most peculiar feature, they were not wide like a house elf or goblins ears being more like pixie ears except going backwards instead of outwards from her head attaching to her head like normal human ears would. Her last set of distinguishing features were her teeth, small and cute they might appear but upon closer inspection they appear to be sharp with a dagger like shape. "Yes my Lord." Trixie responded immediately, her big silver eyes staring up at me adorably. We have a full day today Trixie, first we are going to Gringotts, then we must go shopping after which we must get to packing. "Packing my Lord?" Trixie asked, tilting her head cutely. "Yes we are going on a trip, we must journey to Hogwarts under the guise of a student lest Albus become suspicious as to why someone would not attend his school and with the size of the man's nose I would rather keep it out of my affairs. Unfortunately I fear we may be stuck playing the part for the long run as unlike our previous excursions to wizarding schools I highly doubt we can just vanish and manage to elude the old man." I explained to my diminutive companion. "Is there any benefit to going, my Lord?" Trixie asked again tilting her head as she tried to determine the purpose of such a lengthy excursion. "Connections Trixie, we need allies and connections, there is no way I can fulfill my responsibilities if I stand alone." I said. I believe we have wasted enough time, we will have to start at Gringotts before we…"Off we go!" Trixie exclaimed happily, interrupting my explanation and grabbing my hand before teleporting us directly into Gringotts.

(Scene Break)

Teleporting into Gringotts unannounced can be considered an unwise idea which is liable to cause most who attempt it harm, both physically and fiscally. As expected we were immediately almost subjected to the Goblin nation's very lethal imitation of acupuncture also known as a dozen spear wielding goblins who didn't seem very amused by our arrival. Another thing I would not advise is brandishing arms at a squadron of spear wielding goblins, for anyone other than Trixie it would probably be a death sentence, luckily for everyone involved one of the other goblins recognized the crest on the silver dagger Trixie held at the throat of one of my would be assailants. What happened next was akin to someone elbowing their buddy to get them to look at something as one by one they lowered their spears and amazingly enough gave quiet and embarrassed apologies. Striding up to the teller I present a ring the outline of which looks like an egg encased in fire inside which a dragon's head is shown with smoke from it's nostrils forming the letter D on either side. "Vault of the House of Drakecaller" I say to the teller whose eyes widen. "King Ragnok will see you now, please follow me."

Following the teller deep into Gringotts we arrive at two massive ornate doors brass, steel, gold, cobalt, titanium and bronze forming intricate patterns on the door. The teller knocks once on the door, "Heir Drakecaller to see you your highness." The teller says. "Drakecaller, that's a name I never thought I would hear again, very well, enter, Heir Drakecaller." Came a voice from the other side of the door. Pushing the door open I enter the room followed quickly by Trixie who scurried in after me. A muscular goblin with a gray mullet and a circlet sitting on a stone throne with veins of gold greets us as we enter the room "I am King Ragnok king of the goblins and account manage… last time I checked the last descendants of the first silver smith did not serve the house of Drakecaller you are lucky only the upper echelons of goblin society know that story young one else I fear your cover may have been blown." King Ragnok says. "Is not the best cover an incomplete truth, your highness." I said. "What can I help you with today young Drakecaller." King Ragnok said, refocusing to the business at hand. "I have unfortunately received a Hogwarts letter and it could cause an investigation into why a child of my age would not seek education especially so if someone were to find out about my lack of remaining family. Questions like where I learned magic or even an investigation into who I am." I said causing Ragnok to grimace before nodding. "I would recommend using your maternal grandfather's family name as while it would draw attention, anyone snooping into your affairs would be looking in the wrong places." King Ragnok grinned. "Thank you, your highness." I replied with a bow. "Anything I can do to help, especially after your mother's terrible murder." Ragnok said, his eyes growing viscous towards the end. "I am glad to know that you see that being killed with a blood curse no matter how long it took to kill is still murder." I said my face hardening as many unpleasant memories flooded my head. "May your gold flow as freely as the blood of your enemies King Ragnok." I said before getting up. "If you could have a goblin put ten million Galleons into one coin purse, and a second coin purse to be filled with one hundred million British Pounds that should conclude our business for the day." I said before leaving. Making my way back to the lobby the teller I was talking to earlier waved me over to him. "Your money sir" the goblin grinned, handing two small bags to me. Leaving the bank we headed to a magical pet store where I bought a custom oversize kneazle carrying cage with internal expansion charm and featherweight charms. We also had to head to Eeylops Owl Emporium and buy a bird cage as well. Heading next to a store called Tim's Tents I had to purchase a custom tent with privacy wards expansion charms and enough security wards to make the security most purebloods had on their homes seem half assed by comparison. It was to be twelve rooms consisting of a main room with a large open room on the left, the bedroom in the back, and the dining room off to the right side. There were two bathrooms one through the dining room and one through the bedroom. The large open room had a hidden trapdoor in the back and a door leading the bedroom off to one side. The main room also had a trapdoor leading down to a lower level. Upon entering the lower level you were greeted by an empty room with four doors and the ladder leading back up to the main room. The door in the back of the room led to the study, the one on the right to a room full of materials and reagents, a storage room through the door behind you and a workshop through the door to your left. Not a proper home but something that would supply me with proper privacy while I attended Hogwarts. With the custom orders the material costs for the aftermarket enchantments getting the flu in the tent set up, food for all seven of my magical pets and the cost of repairs on one of the Peverell properties I had spent approximately 178900 Galleons more than enough to bankrupt most wizards. With that, Trixie and I returned home to finish our packing.

Not sure how happy I am with this first chapter. I might rewrite it at some point but I needed this chapter finished so I could (cue monty python crowd) GET ON WITH It.