The Duties of the Heir Chapter TwoIt is time for a magical ride, I had been trying to finish that first chapter for quite a while, but anyways let's get down and dirty I am debating whether or not to tell you my dear readers the pairings for this story now or as they happen. They are pretty set in stone, I just wish fanfiction allowed more than four characters. I also decided to cross post this on AO3 as later chapters may become too extreme for fanfiction.Warnings include but are not limited to Marriage Contracts, Politics, Hagrid's nightmarish pets, and anything else I can think of…Also in response to a review I received, Lily Potter nee Evans was a Muggle born witch born to two muggles and is in no way associated with the Peverells. Iolanthe Peverell, who was the granddaughter of Ignotius (the youngest brother), married Hardwin Potter, who was the son of Linfred of Stinchcombe, Linfred was known as "The Potterer" and his descendants became known as the Potters.Also we will begin to get pieces of Bryon's family tree.And always remember it is Bryon like Scion not Brian like Mayan.

Bryon's POV

Arriving at King's Cross my trunk packed with my supplies I search for the ridiculous platform 9. I see several people walk straight through a leg of a brick archway that stood between Platform 9 and Platform 10. "Seems more like platform 9 to me." I mumble to myself before following. A large locomotive with the words a sign reading:




Was seen on the front of the locomotive. Boarding the train I lumbered down the aisle passing compartment after compartment, I came upon a cabin with a greasy haired blonde and two large portly oaf-like boys on one side and three girls on the other side the first had matted brown curls and a face like a muggle bulldog complete with flattened nose and prominent jowls. The girl in the middle had dark brown hair and green eyes. The girl closest to the door had long beautiful platinum blonde hair and icy blue eyes. I entered the compartment. Bowing low I brought the blonde girls knuckled up to my lips, before parting my lips slightly and flicking the tip of my tongue across her knuckles. The Effect was almost instantaneous, the girl turned beet red and let out a high pitched "Eep!". "Bryon Peverell, at your service my lady." I said gesturing toward the space next to her asking for permission to sit. "D-daphne Gr-greengrass" she said, her cheeks still pink as she made room for me to sit next to her. Taking my place beside her "Beautiful and well raised, I believe we may have much to talk about Miss Greengrass." I whispered into her ear making her shudder as her face went from a fading pink back to bright red. "Tracey Davis" the girl next to Daphne offered. "Malfoy, Draco Malfoy, heir to the house of Malfoy" the greasy blonde boy declared. "Then we have Parkinson, Crabbe, and Goyle." Draco continued gesturing first to the jowled girl and then to the large oafs sitting next to him. Draco rattled on and on, with the Parkinson girl being the only one who seemed to be listening. After an hour or so of this I got up and excused myself. Exiting the compartment I walked past compartment after compartment until I found another that caught my eye. Six girls and a single boy with a toad were in the compartment. Introducing myself to the seven other children their names were: Padma and Pavarti Patil, Neville Longbottom, Susan Bones, Hannah Abbott, and Helena and Sally Smith. After a while talking with this second group I decided to find a new group to converse with. I eventually find a noisy compartment with two boys and three girls all dressed in red and gold. Introducing myself to the first girl I give her the same treatment I gave Daphne, and while she turned as red as her robes she didn't make a sound. Her reaction was not missed by the two boys who took great interest in the new shade her face had taken. "Little Firsty has some balls, flirting with Katie before the terms even started…" one twin started. "But look at her face, the unfazeable Katie Bell, is redder than our hair." the other twin finished. "You don't think Katie…" the first twin said, ending his part by letting out a dramatic gasp. "Has a thing for younger men." "...Oh the scandal…" "The Gryffindor spitfire, Katie Bell preying on poor innocent defenseless firsties..." The twins' back and forth dialog was interrupted (Smack) "Ouch… foul for unnecessary roughness" The twins called in unison after Katie smacked them both upside the head. The loud smacking noise had woke the other two girls in the car up.

Arriving some time later.

"Firs' years with me. No need to be shy. Let's 'urry up then." Came the booming voice of a giant hairy man.

"Now we have a lil bit of a problem." Hagrid said "To stop a boat from 'ipping over with those two in the front…" Hagrid said, gesturing to Crabbe and Goyle. "...we 'ill need at least six students in 'e back of 'e boat." Hagrid finished.

So in the back sat Draco, a boy who introduced himself as Blaise Zabini, and myself.

"Greengrass I saved you a spot right here" Draco said smugly patting his lap. Instead of responding Daphne placed herself atop my lap, keeping direct eye contact with Draco as she ground herself into my lap (which I will admit felt rather pleasant). Pansy Parkinson flung herself into Draco's lap causing the boy to release a pained groan. Pansy sat atop Draco with a proud grin as though preening herself on some great accomplishment. After which the second whale sized child joined the first in the front of the boat. Tracy then carefully positioned herself upon Blaise's lap. The boat was finally close to level although our boat sat significantly lower in the water with the lip only being about four inches from the surface of the water, something I suspect made Daphne very nervous. Daphne continued to twitch nervously atop my lap until Tracy whispered something which caused her to stand up suddenly which caused the boat to lean dangerously. Malfoy yelped as it appeared he got a little wet and I instinctively pulled Daphne down grabbing her around the waist. I did this just in time too as the boats entered a cave with a rather low ceiling. This time however felt different and looking down I saw why. The back of her robes had ridden up and her lap was directly against my robes. I did not dare comment and judging by the fact that Daphne was as still as a statue I gather she had also noticed the change. Arriving at the dock Daphne departed the boat and in a fluid motion pulled me out of the boat with her. The result was rather dramatic; the boat flipped over much to the dismay of Draco, Pansy, and Tracy. Blaise seemed nonplussed by the unexpected bath but was far more composed than the other three. Meanwhile Crab and Goyle seemed rather oblivious to their unexpected bath.

All of the students went up a few flights of stairs where a stern looking woman was waiting. "First years welcome to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I am Minerva McGonagall the Deputy Headmistress of this fine magical Institution. In a moment you will walk through those doors and be sorted into one of the four Hogwarts houses. You will either be joining Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin. Your house will be like your family and you will rise to prestige and glory or face admonishment and reprimand together as a house. Through admirable behavior and commendable deeds you shall earn your house points while unscrupulous behavior such as rule breaking will cost your house points and may earn you detentions and other unpleasant punishments. I shall check in with the Headmaster and shall return when we are ready for you." Professor McGonagall finished before disappearing behind a large pair of double doors.

Draco strode to the front. "So it's true what they've been saying. Harry Potter has come to Hogwarts. This is Crabbe and Goyle. As for me I am Malfoy, Draco Malfoy." Draco started offering his hand to a bespectacled boy with shaggy brown hair not unlike my own.

"Please tell me that is not actually how he networks." I say to Daphne who winces at Draco's pitiful attempt to make himself seem important.

The sorting hat sang a tune, something about topping other hats. After a moment the hat turned to the Deputy Headmistress. "Let's Begin" the hat said before turning back to face the first year students.

"Seamus Finnigan" McGonagall read. An irish boy stumbled up to the stool and the hat was placed on his sitting there for maybe 30 seconds. "Gryffindor" the hat announced.

"Emma Vane" McGonagall read. A brunette walked up sitting on the stool only to be quickly sorted. "Gryffindor" the hat announced again.

"Michael Corner" McGonagall read. A young man with long dark hair that covered one of his eyes stood up before approaching the hat. "Ravenclaw" the hat declared loudly.

"Draco Malfoy" McGonnagall read with pursed lips. Draco strutted up to the hat, the large smirk never leaving his face. "Slytherin for you and hopefully a bath for me." the hat shuttered.

"Ronald... Weasley" McGonnagall read seeming nonplussed about something. A redheaded boy nervously approached the chair. The hat barely touched his head before… "Another Weasley! Another Weasley! (Sigh) I know just what to do with you…" The hat said, making Ron gulp audibly and begin to tremble nervously. "Off to… GRYFFINDOR!" the hat announced.

The next couple sortings passed by quickly.

"Lavender Brown" McGonnagall called. "Gryffindor" The hat responded shortly there after.

"Daphne Greengrass" McGonnagall called. "Slytherin" The hat said shortly after being placed on Daphne's head.

"Theodore Nott" McGonnagall called. "Slytherin" The hat announced as soon as it touched his head.

Neville Longbottom was put in Gryffindor after two minutes. Blaise Zabini was put into Slytherin after three and a half minutes. Susan Bones was sorted into Hufflepuff three minutes after the hat touched her head. Hannah Abbot and the Smith Twins followed Susan into Hufflepuff. Tracey and Pansy both joined Slytherin. Hermione Granger garnered a bit of attention as the first Hat Stall in three years being sorted into Gryffindor after six minutes and ten seconds. "Harry Potter" McGonnagall's announcement silenced the hall for a moment before it devolved into excited whispering. Of course it was understandable, this boy who as an infant defeated a dark lord and ended a long and bloody war. The murmuring got louder after the five minute mark and continued to grow until after eight minutes and twenty seconds the sorting Hat announced it had made a decision. The room exploded with cheers when Harry was sorted into Gryffindor. After a few minutes and a few sortings that were rather unnoteworthy the crowd had settled down.

"Bryon…" McGonnagall stopped turning white as a sheet. After a minute the whole hall went silent. "Peverell" I offered before approaching the hat.

"A remarkable mind with both cunning and a thirst for knowledge combined with a strong heart loyal to those you cherish and brave in the face of danger." The hat hummed. "You would do well anywhere I put you. I guess maybe we will look at your family. By my old frayed stitching… Godric and Salazar… although I believe Serpentina was cast out by Salazar so if you have no objections I will place you in Gryffindor." The hat asked. "Oh I see, well those are surely two very noble goals, and I see you are determined." The hat said. I opened my eyes to see every eye in the room on me. Surely the sorting hadn't taken that long. "In my thousand or so years of sorting students never has a sorting taken so long. Now after 28 Minutes and 40 seconds of thought, I am positive that you will do wonders in Slytherin." The hat announces. The Slytherin's were the first to recover, applauding loudly to the news of my addition to their ranks.

At the Slytherin table I once again greeted Daphne and made a gesture requesting a spot beside her. She gave me a playful look as she made room for me. Her cheshire grin grew after I sat down as she slid from beside me to atop my lap. "Daphne if I didn't know better I might say that you appear to be enjoying your time atop Mr. Peverell." Tracey quipped knowingly at Daphne. "Tracy if I didn't know better I would have said you seemed to have become rather wet from your time riding Mr. Zabini earlier." Daphne whispered back to Tracy. "But… that's not fair!" Tracey squeaked.

I know I skipped probably a third of the students in the sorting, I did this because I did not want the entire chapter to be the sorting ceremony.