"So this is Vale, huh?" I mutter quietly, discreetly getting out of the boat.

I'll say, it looks very beautiful.

So apparently, you need identification to get on anything here, which I didn't know until two hours ago. When I first asked them about the fee, they didn't mention it so I just assumed that you don't need any.

Not only that, but the police were looking for me too, so that was fun. From what I've heard, they seem to be looking for me because I was selling my "Medicine" without a permit.

Should've thought about it more, I guess.

I had to hide inside the ship without getting caught... and it was really easy. Or is it because I'm just too good?

Yeah, I'm just amazing.

...At breaking the law it seems.

Oh well. You gotta do what you gotta do.

I should probably go to Junior about the whole faking ID/Permit shtick... But I doubt I have enough money or time for that matter.

Let's focus on helping Amber first, then I can worry about my money crisis.

And the first stop is outside the city that I just arrived in through the south gate.

"You! Stop right there!"

Ah shit.

"No can do!"

I cover my face with the black cloak I stole from a passenger and sprint to my destination.

"Stop, stowaway!"

I look behind me and spot a huntsman following me, catching up to me quickly. I grin in excitement and turn left and into a crowd, and seeing him scowl made me grin widely.

By the way, I noticed something cool the past few hours.

Three of my senses seem to be heightened at ridiculous levels. I can see very far very clearly, smell the weakest scents like it's filling the place, and hear whispers 20 meters away. I'll bet that it's my other half's doing, but what is it? A vampire? That's the only thing I can think of.

I don't have night vision though...

I duck under the huntsman's swing after we leave the crowded market, keeping my head low so he doesn't see my face. He yells and swings his axe again, and I narrowly evade it, my heart starting to beat faster.

I wanna fight him... Even though I'll most likely lose.

But I shouldn't.

So why don't I do something I've been dying to do instead?

With a glare, I use Conquerer's Haki to freeze him in place, then I activate armament and send him flying with a punch to the face. I smirk and keep on running to the gate.

As short as that was, it was really fun.

I wonder what an equal fight will feel like...

"That was fast..." I mutter, seeing police officers and huntsmen guarding the south gate. "So many of them too. Also, why the hell did they send huntsmen to catch a stowaway of all things?"

I check on my stats for a quick second and think.

Name: Reid Astera

Age: 16

Race: Human/? Hybrid

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Level: 20 (25%)

HP: 2500 [Regens 250 per minute]

MP: 1500 [Regens 150 per minute]

AP: 5000 [Regens 500 per minute]

STR: 50

VIT: 50

DEX: 30

INT: 30

WIS: 30

CHA: 70

LUK: 30

Points: 95

What's the best away of going past them? Another glance told me that they're keeping their guard up, so my options are few- Wait, Chaotic Good? When did that- No, that's not important right now.


...Now that I think about it, I do have a lot of points, don't I? And from what I've seen with that huntsman that followed me, a good burst from Conquerers managed to freeze him...

30 Points to charisma it is!

70 + 30 = 100 CHA

As anticipation fills me, I rush head-on at them. They brandish their weapons as they spot me, tensing as I approach them with an easy grin. Just as they attack, I fill the entire place with my Haki, freezing the huntsmen and knocking most police officers. I dash past them and laugh loudly, the feeling of victory making me almost skip-steps from the giddiness.

One gaze behind me told me that they stopped following me, opting to leave me alone instead. Good for me.

Of course, that doesn't mean I stopped running. I kept on doing that since I really don't have much time, and from what I read on the scroll the I, ah, "Temporarily borrowed", a walk between villages could get from twelve hours to a full day.

And I doubt less than four days is enough to walk the entirety of Vale.

I don't have any stamina in the game's system, and I managed to fight for 24 hours straight, so I wanted to experiment a bit.

When can I really "run out of breath"?

I asked The Game about it, and it said that my stamina was replaced by Aura. It didn't elaborate any more than that.

While I work on that, I should use my remaining points. Dexterity is a must since I want to use Observation Haki, but what should I do with the last 45?

20 to Intelligence and 20 to Wisdom of course and I think the last should go to Luck.

30 + 20 = 50 DEX

30 + 20 = 50 INT

30 + 20 = 50 WIS

30 + 5 = 35 LUK

There ya go. That should make me fight against the more powerful Grimm and I should last long enough for Qrow to help out when confronting Cinder.

Still, that shouldn't be my goal here. Cinder or I should say, Salem could find a way around her minion's failure.

Even though I'm not joining Ozpin, I should probably help him through other things. Like telling him who the Spring Maiden is and that Lionheart is a traitor.

There are a lot of things I should do before starting my plan...

I bring up the quest from last night and smirk.

Whatever happens, I swear I'll complete it.

[King of the World]

Objective: Rule the world of Remnant as its king

Rewards: 10K to all stats, 10 Gacha Tokens, 1 Legendary Item of your choice, 1M Credits, [King of the World] Title, 100 or -100 Reputation with the entire world depending on the method.

Bonus Objective: Kill the Gods of Light and Darkness and claim their place as the God of Remnant.

Bonus Rewards: 30K to all stats, 30 Gacha Tokens, 5 Legendary Items of your choice, 3 Skill Orbs, 3M Credits, [Divine ?] Title, 100 Reputation with Salem and Ozpin.

When you see the quest, you'd think it suits some bad guy more than me. Honestly, it only appeared because of a fleeting thought.

But you know... I will achieve it. I will become king.

And then, I'll bring this world to its golden age.

(Hours later...)

And finally, the future king of the world arrives at the first village.

I immediately go to the inn, my hood still down and my hand grabbing my sword in its scabbard. I lean on the counter and the bartender comes over.

"Can I help you?"

"Have you seen a girl with a green cloak? Short brown hair, brown eyes, light brown complexion?"

"A lot of people go by that description."

I frown. "You're saying a lot of people with that same look have green as their favorite color?"

He stares me back. "That I do."

I hold in a sigh and slip 100 Lien in his hand. "You sure?"

-100 Lien

He grins slightly. "Now that I think about it, the woman did come here around two weeks ago. She never said anything about where she's going, but I believe she's headed to Tulip Town."

I nod. "I see. And where's Tulip Town?"

"Southeast of here." He answers. "Be careful, traveler, the Grimm are everywhere on the road."

I get out of the Inn and walk, er, run the road, noticing the sun going down.

Do Grimm like the night more? I mean, they are creatures of darkness, so wouldn't they be more active during it?

I should read about them some more...

(Three days later...)

The same thing happened in the past nine towns. Not here, give me money to tell you where. Except for Lime Village. Bless that old man's soul.

Once I arrive at the tenth town, I, once again, go to the Bar there.

I noticed that barely any humans were there, as it is filled with Faunus instead. I don't pay it any mind, however, heading straight to the counter.

The keep glares at me with wariness, his cat ears twitching.

"What do you want?"

"I'm looking for a-"

"Hey hey hey!" A patron shouts. "Why all the secrecy man? We wanna hear too!"

I glance at him and he smirks, his monkey tail around his waist like a belt. "What's gotcha so quiet? Cat got your tongue?"

I ignore him and look back at the keep. "As I was saying, have you seen a woman with-"

"Hey, you." the drunk's voice got quiet. "I'm talking to you asshole."

I sigh.

"What do you want?"

"Listen up jackass," He sneers. "When I talk to you, you talk to me, go it?"

My hand twitches and my eyes narrow.

"Why should I?"

"'Why should I?'" He mocks. "Cuz I think so, that's why."

"I don't give a shit what you think." I shoot back. "Now, why don't you be a good little drunkard and knock yourself out in that corner?"

Woah, me. What's got you so heated?

"The fuck you said to me you little shit?" He growls.

I smirk. "You deaf, old man? I said go get yourself piss drunk over there. The adults are speaking."

He snarls and shoves me, the hood flipping back and revealing my face.

The entire bar turns silent, and as I look at them, I see their shock turn to glares as some of them get up.

The monkey Faunus laughs. "Well, well, well, would you look at that! We got a Schnee over here!"

A Schnee? What-

Oh... Right.

"So what's got you here, prince?" He smirks darkly. "Came here to mock us 'animals'?"

I don't respond.

"That's why you're here, right? You fucking assholes." He sneers. "Looking down on us like we're some second-class citizens to you. What's got you in Vale anyway? Go back to the Frozen wasteland you call home."

"He doesn't deserve to go back home!" Some other Faunus screams. "Not how after they ruined our families!"

That got the others to shout and yell profanities and shift the blame of their personal problems at me. I notice some of them taking out sharp objects and others throwing their food and drinks at me.

"Guys, guys!" The monkey Faunus calms them down. "I know I said that he should go back to Atlas..."

He grins sinisterly as he pulls out a knife. "But I never said in one piece."

The Faunus start to circle around me, taking bottles and breaking them while others take knives.

I never thought that the conflict between the two races was this strong...

It's sad.

I get in my stance as they charge at me.

The first guy, a crocodile Faunus, tries to stab with a knife. I easily step away and hit his extended arm, breaking it. My Haki warns me of an attack to the back of my head and I duck under it, elbowing his stomach and knocking him out.

None of them seems to have any Aura, which is... bad.

I want a challenge...

I grab someone's arm and knock the bottle off his hand, then strike his head, sending him flying away. I smirk as the monkey guy charges with his knife. I simply side-step and grab the guy behind me by his arm and slam him on his friend. I take the chair near me and throw it at the guy rushing towards me, hitting in the face.

Someone pulls out a gun and shoots, kick one of the tables up as a shield. It blocks two bullets and I rush to the Faunus with the gun, ducking under a shoot and uppercutting him.

I take the gun and discreetly put it in my inventory.


I grin at the remaining Faunus hesitant in approaching me.

"Next time, you shouldn't pick a fight you can't win."

With a wink, I use Conquerer's and knock them out. Why didn't I do that in the first place? Because it would've been boring if I did.

200 EXP

With all of them out, I walk towards the keep, making sure I don't step on anything or anyone.

"So..." I start. "Where were we?"

He gulps. "Y-you were looking for a woman?"

"Ah yes!" I exclaim. "Right so, brown hair, brown eyes, light brown complexion, and wearing a green cloak?"

"Sh-she was here a few hours ago." He nods. "You should catch up to her if you continue on the road."


I nod and leave the place immediately, running on the road as I bring my hood down again. Come on, you don't have much time!

I get a glimpse of a stall to my left, causing me to stop. I approach the place and point at a blue wooden mask with two holes for eyes.

"How much is this?" I ask the woman who's selling it.



"T-two hundred!" She yelps.

I give her the money and snatch the mask, getting back to the road.

-200 Lien

Just what I needed!

Wish Chaos Conversion didn't need to be in combat to work. I could've worked on my Fire Mastery while traveling. Too bad for me.

I only have a few fire spells. Fireball is already at level 10 but the other four, Fire Spear, Fire Wall, Fire bomb, and Fire burst are still at level 1. I thought that I get more spells if I leveled up my mastery, but it only powered my magic and made it easier to use. I had to come up with my own spells. Granted, it was easy for the most part... Except for Fire Burst. That took me an hour to make.

It's just blasting someone in the face with fire. Not really all that glamourous... But it deals a good amount of damage.

These are the skills I made currently.

[Fire Spear] (LV 1/10)

Throw a fire spear that deals 160 Fire Damage

Costs 15 MP

[Fire Wall] (LV 1/10)

Create a wall of fire that deals 100 Fire Damage per second for anyone inside it

Costs 20 MP

[Fire bomb] (LV 1/10)

Throw a fire bomb that deals 200 AoE Fire Damage

Costs 25 MP

[Fire Burst] (LV 1/10)

A close-ranged burst of flames that deals 500 Fire Damage

Costs 50 MP

These are magic skills. Sword skills...I only managed to make one. It's really hard making them though.

[Power Strike] (LV 1/5)

Deals current sword damage + 1.2 STR

Costs 20 AP

Maybe I should've experimented a bit more, but I didn't have much time. I mean, It's either that or letting Amber get her soul ripped in half.

I'm never gonna be able to look at myself in the mirror if I let it happen.

Besides, I'm seriously gonna be fighting people who are tens of levels above me, even if it'll be a short one... And that excites me. I guess I now know why Battle Maniac is a flaw.

After a while, maybe around an hour, my eyes spot three- No four figures in the distance. Is that-

A big influx of magic told me that yes, it is them.

I smirk, even though I'm a little anxious that I'll be late. I cast a fireball in my hand, changing its color to dark blue.

Just a little while and I'll ruin everything Cinder ever worked for.

This is gonna be so fun!


She should've known. She really should've known.

It was so obvious. Why the hell would there be a lost child in the middle of the road crying? Any child, no matter the age, will know to follow the road back to civilization. It's not rocket science, Amber. What is wrong with you.

But... It looked so real though. The green-haired girl is really skilled with her semblances.

She's never gonna hear the end of it from Qrow, or even Glynda... If she even survives this.

They're skilled and she was ambushed. This makes it harder to even defend herself. Also, even if she was a maiden, three against one is still a disadvantage. She just needed to go back to her village after years of tuition under Ozpin.

She was being overpowered by the three... and she barely has any more stamina.

That was her weakness... A weakness that she was working on crushing completely. Too bad she just started on it.

"It's futile." The raven-haired woman chuckled. "The maiden's powers will be mine."

Amber didn't answer, panting from exhaustion.

Really should've taken Ozpin's offer of an escort. Wind and Ice filled her hands as she started to float. Welp, no point in regrets now, Amber. You can do this.

With a yell, she blasted her enemy with magic, but it turned out to be a mirage by the other girl. Amber gasped in pain as an arrow hit her shoulder. She fell down, grasping the plunged arrow, and with a scream, she pulled it out, blood pouring down from her wound.

The younger two, the boy and the green-haired girl grabbed her by the arms and forced her to stare at her assailant.

"See? I'm destined for this." The woman mocked.

Amber gaped at the small Grimm parasite that came out of the woman's sleeve, dread filling the Fall Maiden as it screeched.

"No..." Amber whispered. "Please..."

As the parasite lunged at her, she closed her eyes. Suddenly, she felt a wave of comfortable warmth wash over her as she heard the dying screech of the parasite, and also the pained scream of her assailant.

"Just in time..." an unfamiliar voice muttered. She opened her eyes to see two deep blue eyes stare back at her behind a wooden mask. "Are you okay?"

Amber nodded slightly. "Who.. are you?"

"What, no 'thank you'?" He responded. "So much for saving your life..."

Amber blushed. "T-thank you-"

"You..." The raven-haired woman growled. "You'll pay for that."

The man stands up and cracks his neck. "Make me."

The three then charge at him, and his hand engulfs in fire the same color as his eyes. She gasped when he made walls of fire around them.

What was shocking was the feeling they gave off.

That wasn't the use of dust nor a Semblance... That was pure magic.


"What are you doing?" He glanced at her. "Go! Get away from here! I'll hold them off for you."

"What?!" She yelled. "I'm not leaving you here! We can take care of them together."

"You seem to be misunderstanding something." He replied, then a sudden overwhelming presence fell on her. "I wasn't asking."

She shivered as she noticed how his pupils turned to slits as his eyes glowed. Even with his intimidating presence, she stood her ground.

"No." She got up on her feet. "I'm not going."

His eyes narrowed for a second then he scoffed. "Suit yourself. Just don't get in my way." He pulled something out of his cloak, two vials with blue liquid inside it, and he handed it to her. "Drink this. It'll give a bit more magic to use."

She eyed it warily before deciding to trust him, tasting blueberry as she gulped them both.

Huh... Wind formed in her hand as she thought. It's not much, but I do feel better.

Two arrows came from the walls which he tilted his head to avoid. She thought it was a little impressive, but what was impressive was how he used both hands to blast off the gusts of wind that came after. His fists then turned pitch black as he drew his sword, running through the fire.

She used her maiden powers to fly high and above the walls, supporting her alley as he rushed the raven-haired girl by shooting the other two.

She saw how he barely managed to dodge a blow, then he blasted her with fire. He ran back, narrowly evading the attacks from the other two. An arrow soared towards him, and Amber quickly summoned an ice wall to block it.

The man back-flipped after being struck by the smug guy in the stomach. She flew to his side and blocked bullets from the green-haired girl's weapon.

Another arrow made its way to her ally's face, but thankfully, Qrow got in time to block it.

She heard her ally sigh... In disappointment.

"Are you two good?" Qrow asked, his eyes on the three.

The man nods and Amber answers. "Yeah. Just a little sore."

"I noticed," Qrow replied.

The three tried escaped, and just as Qrow went to go after them, the man stopped him.


"You want me to let them leave? Are you out of your mind?" Qrow growled.

"No, I want us to fall back. We can't let the Maiden be injured and defenseless, and I doubt you could take care of them easily." He reasoned. "We need to go somewhere safe."

Qrow stared at him for a minute, his hand still tightly grasping his weapon. He glanced at Amber and she nodded, making him sigh.

"You have a lot of explaining to do," Qrow said.

The man stayed silent.

...She had a feeling that they wouldn't get along.


Quest Complete

[In Shining Armor]

Objective: Save Amber from Cinder and her goons

Rewards: 1 Gacha Token, 1000 Credits, 5 Random Stat Crystals, Greatly Increase Reputation with Amber, Increase Reputation with Ozpin's Circle, Canon starts earlier.

I wanted to fight them. Oh, I wanted to fight them so badly! Even though I knew I would get my ass kicked, that didn't make it less exciting. I just wanted to punch them in the face so damn bad!

I only managed to hit them because I caught them off guard, and also because of Conquerer's Haki. It made them flinch and sometimes freeze for a split-second and I used the chance to land powerful blows.

"Now that we're here." Qrow starts as he sits on the chair and Amber sat on the bed. "Talk. Who are you?"

"That's irrelevant. Who am I is of no concern." I answer.

His eyes narrow. "Okay, then who do you work for?"

"I work for myself."

He clicks his tongue, frustration showing on his face. "How did you know where Amber was?"

"Q-Qrow, it could be just on cha-" Amber tried to speak but I cut her off.

"I was following her." She gasps. "I knew that Salem's agents were after the Fall Maiden, and I knew when they were gonna attack."

"So you know, huh? How much?"


Now you might be asking me, why are you acting like this? why am I not working with them? Simple, because I'm making a personality. I'm obviously gonna need to pose as two people. First, it's that outgoing guy who sells medicine, and this is the brooding lone wolf guy, who knows too much about the world.

"You're not making this easy for me." Qrow claims. "Last question, I need you to answer this... Or else."


"How can you use magic?"

The silence was tense, to the point where I could hear all of our heartbeats. I gaze at Amber who looks extremely uneasy. Qrow looks serious, his eyes narrowed.


Name: Qrow Branwen

Title: Bad Luck Charm

Age: 42

Race: Human

Level: 94

HP: 1230

MP: 100

AP: 23,500

STR: 179

VIT: 123

DEX: 177

INT: 94

WIS: 73

CHA: 56

LUK: 50

Yeah, I don't stand a chance, do I? That makes it even harder to comply...

"I was born with it," I answer... kinda truthfully?

"You think I'll just believe that?" He scoffs. "Please, I'm not dumb."

"Whether you believe it or not is your choice." I get up, walking towards him. I take out a neatly folded letter. "Give this to Ozpin, it will explain everything."

He takes it and I gaze at Amber for a second then back to Qrow. "My job here is done. If you'd like to contact me, let Ozpin on this first. I'll answer as much as I can when we meet again."

"Wait," I stop as Amber speaks. "Thank you. For saving me."

I nod slowly and be on my way, smirking as I see Qrow's wide eyes reading the letter.

Now that I'm done... I should look for dungeons. I really hope they give money...

If they don't... then maybe I should ask Oz for a salary.

I spent a few minutes running back to Vale since I saw a lot of forest on the way, and once I was far enough from them, I use the stat crystals.

100 + 10 = 110 CHA

50 + 10 = 60 INT

50 + 10 = 60 VIT

35 + 20 = 55 LUK

Good enough. Now my stats are all close to each other. Except for CHA.

Now let's see what the Gacha gives me...


Nahkriin, which translates to Vengence in the common tongue, is a powerful artifact made by the dragon overlords. Gifted to one of the priests, this powerful mask empowers the user's offensive and defensive magic, while also being more powerful than an Ebony helm.

Increases MP by 50%

Increases Magic effectiveness by 50%

Increases Defense by 100


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