Hi everybody. Like I mentioned in the last chapter of Granny Morgaine, I need a bit more time to write enough material to return to a regular posting rhythm. But this story will hopefully tide you over until I am ready there. I have planned a good part of the action for Granny Morgaine already, so I hope I can put it into chapters soon. A few chapters are also done there, but I will post the next chapter when I am sure that I don't want to change a few things around. That happens from time to time when I work on a story.

This story was inspired in some parts by Pretty Quill and her story of how Harry and Ginny go to the past with the help of the Elder Wand, as their friends and family put stones into their way of a happy marriage. Sadly that story ended after a few chapters. My story also has the topic of time travel, but in a different way. You will have to read to find out more.

Some basic information, there will be some bashing but I don't think in too extreme ways. And Dumbledore is a good guy in this story :)

And now the obligatory permanent disclaimer. I don't own Harry Potter, I just love playing in the universe that JKR created and allows authors like myself to play in. Happy reading.

Getting Away

"Are you ready?" She asked.

"More than I will ever be," He answered.

"Do you think they will miss us?" She wanted to know.

"Probably a little. But after all they did, I honestly couldn't care less," He told her.

"You're right. I don't care anymore either. I thought we had won, but to then find out how our side ruined the victory," She sighed deeply.

"At least something good came out of reading all of the old man's secret library," He chuckled.

"True, I never would have thought he was trying to find a way. I was honestly really angry, what with all he did to you," She nodded.

"I was surprised as well. But it makes what we plan to do much easier, knowing that he truly was on my side all along," He agreed.

"And he gave us a way to correct things. It's as if he had known that it might happen," She commented.

"He had seen much in his life. He would know the dark sides of humanity better than most. Well, we should get started on this before they find us," He decided.

"Yes, we should. I want to get away and set things straight," She replied.

They separated from their embrace and looked into each other's eyes. Warm brown with golden flecks looked into emerald green. They drew their wands and crossed them, kneeling on top of a silvery cloak, a black stone showing the crest of a triangle with and circle that was halved by a straight line from top to bottom inside it, sitting on a golden plate in the middle between the two.

"I love you," He told her.

"I love you too. Let's correct the mistakes of the past," She replied.

They concentrated, never dropping the look from each other's eyes and started chanting in Gaelic. They repeated the chant seven times before a light started to glow in the stone. Then, another seven chants later, the cloak glowed in the same light and then, after the third seven chants, the two wands lit up, the wand in the hand of the young man being the first one, the woman's wand swiftly following. They could hear hurried steps and angry voices loudly rushing up the stairs, but they knew whoever would now try to stop them was too late. They had ensured that no magic could be used on the way through the house and the house had seven stories, including the basement and the attic. And they were on the very top of the house. Some mundane obstacles did the rest to buy them the time they needed. One last chant of a different incantation saw the two people vanish from the spot they had been, drawn into a swirl of light, taking everything that had been touched by the cloak with them.

The door was broken open after the swirl vanished and three men and one woman stood there, wands in hand, even if they hadn't helped them on the way up here.

"Damn it, we were too late!" The woman cursed. She had brown, curly hair and wore the robes of the unspeakables, employees of the Ministry of Magic that worked in the Department of Mysteries.

"How could they get all the knowledge? I thought you controlled very closely to which information they had access to?" One of the men asked the woman, he had short, slightly curly, red hair and wore glasses.

"I did what I was told. None of the books in the Department of Mysteries was ever up for them to access. And they are the only copies known in Great Britain. As far as I know, only our colleagues in other countries have those books, but they wouldn't have let them see them either. I have no idea how they managed to find this ritual. But this is really bad. They know what we did, and they have long since resented us for it," She complained.

"Can we follow them?" A tall, second redhead asked.

"No," The witch answered after performing some spells, which now worked again, probably because the attic hadn't been put under the anti-magic field like the rest of the house, "The rift is already closed again. And we don't have the power to send people back as far as they would have gone. Not without the Deathly Hallows. And he was the only one that could control them."

"If we had only found out earlier that he left a fake Elder Wand in Dumbledore's grave. We could have prevented this. But the copy he left in there was nearly perfect. The perfect visual match and the power output was close to what was said about the wand showing when not in the hands of his true master. Only when we had Ollivander examine its composition, it was found out to be a fake. Who knows what they will change?" The redhead with the glasses stated.

"How will we know?" The last man, this time with short, blond hair, asked.

"I don't know. Time travel is only researched for shorter periods. Our most powerful time-turners can only take us a week back," The woman informed the three men, "There are theories that more might be possible with a different kind of time sand, but that stuff is extremely rare and getting enough for just one time turner more expensive than any magical ministry in the world could afford. The ones going back for an hour per turn already cost one thousand galleons to make for one of them."

"Could we check against the history books?" The man with glasses asked.

"It wouldn't help. If they change anything, it will appear to us as if it had always been like that," She pointed out.

"What about their legal status? Would they count as dead now?" The blond asked.

"The only safe way would be asking Gringotts," The tall redhead answered, "But they dislike all wizards too much to ever give proper answers."

"Not to mention that, if they simply change the timeline, they could still be somewhere, just older," The witch commented.

"Well, let's bag up anything we can use to investigate this properly and then see what happens. We can't change it anyway, if they really are in our past," The blond said.

"What do you mean?" The tall redhead asked.

"Think about it, if they had succeeded, wouldn't we have already forgotten about them leaving? Or their plans to time-travel? Could it rather be that they went to the past and started a new parallel time strand?" The blond suggested.

"It could very well be possible. There are theories that if anybody ever managed to travel more than one week to the past, a new timeline would be started, letting the original one continue. They might at one point come back together, but there has been no way to prove it," The witch nodded.

They looked around the attic of the house where the two had done their ritual and after not finding much useable information, left to report the incident to their superiors.

This was just a short prologue to the story. The real plot starts from next chapter on. Cookies for those that can correctly guess who the four that stormed the attic were:) Until next time.