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Medical Exams

The next morning Harry got confirmation that the detention of Ron had taken three hours before all the brooms gleamed and were in perfect condition now. And Ron had paid attention to being taught the spells for broom maintenance and was quite easy to handle during the detention. Now Harry would have to think about the next one the next evening. Having them take place every second evening was meant to give Ron some time to get his homework done. It wouldn't do after all if he could rightfully complain that his detentions didn't leave him with any time to get it done on time. This way, if he didn't do them properly, he would get in trouble and couldn't claim it being unfair.

Harry watched Ron telling others at the Gryffindor table about the detention and his arms clearly ached from the work. Well, it wouldn't teach a lesson if he didn't feel it the day after. And Ron needed to learn thinking before doing something. He had asked that each teacher wrote a short summary about how a detention went and to have that report added to the student's file. It would make finding proper candidates for prefect positions in the future much easier. The first time around, Ron had been a bad prefect. Never doing his duty beyond doing the patrols around the school and leaving all the work to Hermione.

Not that she had been a good prefect. She wasn't very approachable for the younger students and only cared about upholding the rules. While that might be somewhat needed, it wasn't all what the prefect position should be about. The prefects' job shouldn't be keeping their house in line by controlling that they kept to all the rules, that was what teachers were for, they were to help out the younger students if they had a problem, moderate when arguments got out of hand and only call in a teacher when they couldn't help. They were there to help the students, not the teachers. And honestly, Harry thought that the prefects patrolling in the evenings wasn't really what they should do.

Discipline was the teachers' job. Harry had therefore suggested that the patrols in the evenings were cancelled for the prefects, who also had to do their homework, and were instead taken over by the castle's ghosts. They could be keyed into the wards to deduct points after all and they could easily get to all kinds of places. Not to mention that they had nothing better to do. The majority of the ghosts had all been in favour of the change. And they had made really sure that nothing Peeves said could influence the points. The prefect meeting had been about different things that the prefects would look out for this year.

Each house had two prefects that would see to it that any student that had trouble with a class was given a proper tutor to help out. Management of the tutor lists was up to the headboy and headgirl. And any student from fourth year upwards could sign up to be a tutor. It would be marked on the report cards as extra credit as well. Next to that the prefects had to make sure that the first-years found their way into life at school, by showing them around and introducing them to the clubs that were offered to all students. Otherwise they could be asked to help out in case the teachers were all busy with something, like getting all students of a house back to their common rooms. Nothing dangerous, mostly organisational in nature.

Prefects were to stop fights if they came across them, but then they had to take the ones involved to a teacher to solve things. They wouldn't take points, that was up to the teachers. The prefects would also hold one meeting per month, where they passed on the wishes and complaints from the students and could make suggestions how things could be done better at Hogwarts. Things that normal student representatives did at any other school.

Harry had already decided to keep a close eye on the Gryffindors. He knew that if he didn't, things wouldn't be pretty in the future. He didn't know if he could prevent that Ron and Hermione would again be turned against his younger self by Percy and the Ministry, but he would at least work towards that goal.

The previous day he had taken all the new first-years to the hospital wing and there were a few things found with five of the new firsties from all houses. As he had already known, Ginny had been influenced by the diary, but not enough to be a cause for worry. As Harry had included her in the activities of the younger group at the Burrow, she hadn't felt as alone and hadn't started writing a lot in the diary. She had written down a few things here and there, but nothing overly special that could give Tom an open door to manipulate her again. Then there was Luna, who needed some help with getting her talent of knowing things under control, so that she could concentrate better on normal things around her.

Most of her creatures were expressions of how she saw things, like nargles being bullies and wrackspurts being anything from control potions to confundus charms. It could also mean that somebody was deceived by others telling wrong things. There were many interpretations. Harry had learned how to read Luna well enough in the future, even if Ginny was the real expert on that. This way, with her talent being noticed early on and the teachers being informed, they could look out better for others bullying her over this.

Then there were two exceedingly small girls, twins, which had been sorted into Hufflepuff and who were frightened that their parents would punish them for being sorted into that house. Their parents were extreme traditionalists and considered Hufflepuff the drop-out house and not the place where loyal and hard-working children were sorted. The girls had been put under immense pressure from both parents to not dare disappointing the family. They were put into the counselling program and put onto nutrient potions to help them get over the problems their eating disorder, caused by their parents' behaviour, had caused.

Last was a Slytherin boy, who was the youngest of three children of a family of a former Death Eater that got away with the imperius excuse. His older brothers were also in Slytherin and were much more ruthless than he was, and he had got the brunt of his father's anger on many occasions when the bastard had been drunk. He was kept at the hospital wing overnight to be given a thorough examination and it would have to be seen how to get him away from his family. The other heads of house were shocked to have such a large number of cases turning up and now worried what they would find in the older students.

Harry knew that this was needed to get a handle over a major problem in the wizarding world. While few wizarding families mistreated magical children, what some considered normal punishment for misbehaviour, was actually abuse. And as they couldn't directly attack the Death Eaters, at least this way, they could take away some influence of the worst ones. Compared to what Harry knew that the Carrow siblings did with Amycus daughters, Lucius Malfoy was an angel. Hesta and Flora Carrow would soon be out of their parents' home for good. They were in third year, just having been born after the deadline for the year the Weasley twins were in. The two had died in the last timeline, being found horribly tortured in the house of their father, with curses that were a trademark of their aunt. And nobody had cared about their suffering the last time around, as Snape never cared about the families of Death Eaters. He wouldn't have wanted to risk his spy position in Voldemort's ranks after all. It was a good thing that the new head, Septima Vector, wouldn't stand by and do nothing.

He wondered how many of the older students would be found out for abuse or other problems. Well, at least this time around they would spot it and be able to take countermeasures.

"How long do you expect this will take?" Hermione asked Harry and Ron while they followed their head of house to the hospital wing.

"I don't have any idea. But I think people like Ron will have to wait a while. He was second to last to be sorted in our year and we have about forty students in all four houses," Harry answered.

"Good that I brought a Quidditch magazine then. I'll be able to pass the time," Ron said.

"Wouldn't it have been better to bring some homework?" Hermione asked worried, "I mean, you couldn't do any yesterday evening, as you had detention."

"He probably wouldn't be able to concentrate on anything with all the second-years being here, Hermione. He can enjoy the magazine until it is his turn and then do the homework when he's back at the common room. And we only have one short essay for Herbology that is due tomorrow. Everything else is due at a later date. Though he should practice the spells we learned in DADA and Charms as well," Harry countered.

"Well, at least I can manage one essay. It's a good thing Professor Sprout only wanted eight inches on mandrakes this time," Ron nodded.

At least this way he wouldn't have to sacrifice all his time on the evenings that he didn't have detention during the first two weeks for homework. And he wondered what kind of detention the next ones would be. At least the one with Madam Hooch, while it still was hard work, was also interesting for a Quidditch enthusiast like him. He had learned a lot about different types of brooms and how to keep a broom in good condition, even if without a lot of money.

They then reached the entrance to the hospital wing, where the Ravenclaws were already waiting, with them hearing another group approaching as well.

"Alright, I want you all sorted by alphabet among the house," Older Harry told his house, seeing that the Ravenclaws were already in formation.

It only took seven more minutes until all four houses were present and sorted by surname. Malfoy was not happy about being ordered around, but with this many teachers around, he didn't dare mouthing off. Especially as his main protector among the staff wasn't there anymore. Then Madam Pomfrey appeared from the doors into the hospital wing.

"Good afternoon, everybody. I would like to explain to all of you how this will be done. We have three other healers from St. Mungo's present that are helping out this week for the examinations of all students, simply to not have you wait for too long. Each examination will take about fifteen minutes. Those that are done and get the all clear from the healer that examines them will be allowed to go back to their common rooms. Just for your information, even if you are allowed to go back, it might be that you are called in for some assistance in form of potions or other treatment later on. We will only keep those students where we would risk their health by not acting immediately.

"I will call four students at a time and you will then follow me inside. All others will wait outside to give the ones inside privacy. At least two Professors will be keeping an eye on things out here while the examinations take place and you may have your head of house there for the examination if you want some support. I want to remind you all to not cause any trouble, as then this whole procedure will take longer. It will also lead to two days of detention, and I asked Hagrid to set some large trees aside that need to be chipped and turned into firewood. Anybody making the work of the healers harder can look forward to this. Therefore, I warn all of you, I won't tolerate sniping and hexing because of house rivalries," Madam Pomfrey declared sternly, making some students groan and glare.

"Good, then I want Miss Abbot, Miss Bones, Miss Brown and Miss Bullstrode to follow me. Any of you want your head of house with you?" She asked and Millicent raised her hand and Professor Vector stepped forward.

"Okay, Madam Pomfrey, could you give us a copy of the list, so that we can make sure the students are ready when it's their turn?" Professor Sprout asked.

She nodded and handed over the list with the names for the year. Then the four girls moved inside, and the remaining three heads of houses made sure to have some things to do for their students to pass the time and to keep them from fighting. Malfoy wasn't happy that the teachers kept a close eye on him, but he had to deal. He went to a corner with his two gorillas and stayed there, glowering at the fact that he hadn't managed to get out of this by claiming that he would only be given a medical check-up by his family healer. He detested being treated like everybody else.

Older Harry knew that there would be some cases with health problems, be they mental or physical. Neville for sure, as the treatment he got from his family had left mental problems. Then one of the Ravenclaws that was always seen working herself to exhaustion in her studies. Hermione suffered from something similar but wasn't at that level yet. The following year was the one where she had totally overdone it. And he had already made it very clear that he was against letting students have time turners to take all classes. Especially the ones that would totally overdo it without a care for their health.

With how much homework each class generated, it was impossible to let any student do the full workload. Thus, all students would get informational meetings with their heads of house to give them an idea what the classes were for and which professions typically asked for OWLs or NEWTs in them. It would be an option for any student to do a subject in self-study, but there wouldn't be long homework essays for the students to hand them in. And he would make sure to point out to all muggleborns that the Muggle Studies course was more for wizard-raised students to get a basic idea about how muggles lived and to allow them to blend in.

It was time that things at Hogwarts changed, before things became as bad as they were in his future. The school should never again become a playground for politicians and idiots that didn't care about the children. And if the new generation didn't learn any better, they would think that bad behaviour didn't have consequences. And those children that were abused, but didn't get help, would start detesting everybody and be easy prey for those promising them revenge. It was how Voldemort got many of his followers. Except in those cases where his followers were the ones dishing out the abuse.

Harry went into the examination room not expecting anything bad. He had been treated for the abuse that the Dursleys had caused since the summer and Madam Pomfrey was up to date in concerns of his medical history. The ones having come in with him were Parvati and her twin sister Padma as well as a girl called Sally-Anne Perks, who looked a bit pale.

"Alright, Miss Perks, you're with me, Parvati Patil is with Healer Peasegood, Padma Patil with Healer Smethwick and Mr Potter with Healer Summers," Madam Pomfrey instructed the group.

They all nodded and went to the cabins that had been set up to give all students their privacy when they were examined. None of them had asked for their heads of houses to come with them, so it was just them and the healers. Harry waited until the curtain in front of his cabin was drawn closed again and looked at the healer in front of him.

"Hello, Mr Potter, I'm Estrella Summers, a healer from St. Mungo's," The man introduced himself. He had short, brown hair with blue eyes. He seemed to keep fit, as he was lean and muscular.

"Nice to meet you, sir," Harry greeted politely.

"I've been informed that you were treated for medical problems over the summer and Madam Pomfrey wanted me to perform the full check-up, simply to make sure that nobody can claim that we didn't do this job neutrally," Healer Summers explained.

"Okay, I guess that makes sense," Harry nodded, "Do I need to put on the examination clothes again?"

"Yes. You may change behind that curtain in the back," Healer Summers nodded.

Harry didn't hear any sounds from the other cabins and realised that the healers had to have set up some charms to ensure the privacy of the students beyond visibility. That was honestly neat. Shortly after Harry was done and sat down on the chair in front of the healer. He let the diagnostic charms be done, by now being very used to this happening, and then got the all clear to put his normal clothes back on. Afterwards Healer Summers asked a few more questions, ones that Harry realised dealt with his emotional state, which were supported by some charm to make him feel more at ease about talking about issues, Healer Summers had explained it beforehand thankfully, and then the healer gave him a nod and a smile.

"Nothing we weren't already aware of and which is already being treated, Mr Potter," Healer Summers assured him.

"That's good to hear," Harry replied.

He left the room and found Ron, who was still sitting with his magazine.

"And?" Ron asked.

"Nothing they didn't already know," Harry answered, "I'll go back to the common room. See you later."

Ron just waved and returned to reading.

Harry walked to Gryffindor Tower with Parvati, as they had the same way, and she told him that the healer hadn't told her anything worrisome. But she got some information about what to eat and how to practice her magic to not even have problems with gaining too much weight.

"Had I known that regular practice of my magic, especially spells, works like a cleansing of my body, I would have invested a lot more time in practicing the spells we learned last year and less in beauty products. Well, I guess I will save a lot of money from now on that I can use for nice clothes and some sweets. It's great to know that I can eat chocolate and the like if I want to, if I just work with my magic," Parvati told him excitedly.

"While I don't understand the beauty products part well, I am fully on your side on the chocolate and sweets part," Harry answered.

Parvati grinned and a few minutes later they were back at the portrait of the Fat Lady. Harry went to his dorm to get one of his comics, as it wasn't long until dinner and it wouldn't make sense to get started on any homework for the thirty minutes he would have. He only had the Herbology essay and practice for the spells taught in classes to do and that could wait until after dinner. When he came back, he found a free armchair next to one where Ginny was reading as well. He went over, as he didn't have too much time talking to her so far, as yesterday her year had had their examinations.

"Hey Ginny," He greeted her and sat down.

"Hi Harry, already done with the examination?" She asked.

"Clearly, as I'm here. It wasn't in any way bad. Healer Summers only told me that everything he found was already known and being treated," Harry answered.

"Well, that was to be expected. I was told that I needed to make sure to eat more vegetables with my meals, Mum seems to have served too few of them, or it could be that my big brothers were too greedy while loading their plates and didn't leave enough left for me," She grinned, "Though it only concerns certain kinds. I just should make sure to take one large spoonful of them per week and I'll be good. I also seem to have briefly been in contact with something dark, might have happened in Diagon Alley when we went shopping for school things. I got a potion to get rid of the remains and that was it."

"It's good to hear you didn't have any problems. And that they could get rid of the remainder of that magic," Harry replied.

"And which series are you reading this time?" Ginny asked, which made Harry show her the cover of the comic book, "Spirou?"

"A comic originally from France. I got it at the shop in Espen Alley, so it has been charmed to have the pictures move. It's great," Harry explained.

"How much is one of those? I'm not really fond of the 'Martin the Mad Muggle' series that Ron likes so much, and sadly that's one of three really popular magical comics," Ginny asked.

"I paid one sickle and three knuts for the comic," Harry answered.

"That isn't too much," Ginny admitted, "What kind of series did they have there? I wish I could just go there, but for some reason, Mum insists on keeping shopping to Diagon Alley."

"Which isn't really smart. There are many shops in other alleys where you can shop better for certain things," Harry shook his head, "Well, they have all kinds of series. The ones I know about from the muggle world are Asterix, a story about a Gaul and his village that takes place around the time of the Roman emperor Julius Caesar, who conquered large parts of Europe, but can't manage to conquer their village, thanks to their tribe's druid's magic potion. Then Lucky Luke, about an American cowboy and his adventures in Wild West. Marvel and DC comics about superheroes like Superman, Batman or Spiderman are also available. I don't know much about purely magical series, but there are some and the shop owner told me that they had some people creating new comic series with magical background under contract. They are planning to offer series that would interest both boys and girls and those meant for one gender specifically very soon."

"Sounds incredible. I hope I can get there one day to see it myself," Ginny sighed.

"In doubt, you can ask the twins to cause a distraction and sneak there. It's not as if Espen Alley was dangerous like Knockturn Alley after all," Harry mentioned, "And you can take the floo to get there. I saw a public fireplace inside the post office over there."

"That would make it possible," Ginny agreed, "And I would only need to wait for a day when Mum is out, like when she goes shopping. Then the distraction wouldn't be necessary, and she wouldn't find out if anybody slipped up."

"They also have owl order service, so, at least for now, you can order any series you think sounds interesting. I got some forms for myself and can give you one, as well as the catalogue I took," Harry offered.

"Great idea, thank you, Harry. While I don't have that much pocket money, I did save up a little from the chores we did for the villagers in Ottery St. Catchpole in August. I could get one or two comics to see if I like them," Ginny smiled.

Then Joyce, who had been running around the common room, decided that she wanted to play with her owner and Ginny and Harry let her chase a thread of wool that they had twitching from their fingers. The comic lay on a table next to Harry, as he had too much fun watching the kitten play.

The results of the full examination of Hogwarts' students surprised most teachers in the dimensions of the results. In each year and in every house there had been students that were diagnosed with either mental, physical, magical or combinations of multiple problems. The healers had already written out documents to take several children from their families, simply for their protection, and the teachers grieved for the pain their students had suffered, without them ever noticing. It caused a huge response from the people now being shown how deep these problems ran. Headmaster Dumbledore decided to actively manage the results and wrote out an article for the Daily Prophet, which would shock their nation.

He explained the official reasons why the examinations had been performed, in which way and the numbers of results, and how many children from so-called respected families were found out as abuse victims. He described, as he knew the consequences that abuse on young children could have only too well, from what had happened to his sister Ariana, the results that the behaviour of the children's families could have had and declared that he would use his full political power and influence to stop these things from happening once and for all. He had never believed that their community could be that cruel to helpless children, the future of their society.

Next to that he approached many of his friends, political allies and those that owed him favours to put their support behind a new set of laws to give children more rights against abuse, even and especially if the abusers were family. And they had found everything. From beating a child up, to unjust physical punishments, curses and sadly also sexual abuse. The depth of the problem couldn't be hushed up anymore and needed to be dealt with immediately and harshly and he would need to make sure that nobody was exempt from the law's repercussions, which purebloods often were by biased laws. This time, as many pureblood children were found among the victims, the issue had to be brought into the open with vigour. Nothing could be allowed to stay hidden. The abusers had to be shown as the despicable people they were. No child deserved this kind of treatment.

Next to the abuse, the health problems were addressed by the school, mainly in form of mandatory classes about correct diets, how useless dieting was for witches and wizards, as proper practice of their magic dealt with any excess calories easily, with the nice side effect that it also made their magic more refined. The house elves also got instructions by the healers what to look out for in creating the meals for the students. Instead of fat and greasy food all the times, there were now days when healthier food was set onto the plan. Not to mention that Harry and Ginny had taken the time to go over the regular expenses for food and the menus over the month to see if things could be optimised.

They had concluded that the school wasted money on unhealthy food. Nearly each day there was an abundance of meat, sausages and fried food, which didn't do the students any good. Ginny, having grown up poor and with limited means to buy things like that regularly, knew especially well what one needed to do to save money and still have delicious meals. Firstly, she decided that several stews would be put onto the menu. From different kinds of soup, mainly those that sated the students' hunger well, like pea and potato soup, to carrot stew and different kinds of cabbage. Next to that there would also be different kinds of salad, next to raw vegetables and dips.

Hagrid and Professor Sprout had also started a greenhouse for food, with some help in enlarging the space inside to allow the school to grow common food items in the amounts needed to feed around four hundred students at a time. The curly kale would be ready in a few weeks, as runes would allow it to grow faster than normally, with optimal environmental conditions. Other vegetables and fruits would take a little longer but would also enrich the diets of the students.

As all teachers knew that the students loved sausages and meat for meals, they went with different dishes, which simply didn't have as much meat. Like pea soup with cut sausages and pork in it, chicken fricassee or cheese and leek soup with minced meat pieces. As long as the things tasted good, the students wouldn't mind. The house elves were especially happy about getting new cookbooks from all kinds of countries. It had been decided that they would have one week each month for specialties from other countries and the other weeks would be normal British food. It would also expand the students' horizon, as there would also be flyers on all tables with some basic information about the country that was the theme of the respective week. It was a school after all. And, as the dishes were also explained on the flyers, most students would take some information about the countries in as well. Not to mention that there were small papers to give feedback on the dishes that were served.

Ron wasn't happy. The examination had brought up that he had some digestion problems that caused him to eat much more than usual for a boy his age, height and weight. He had to take a potion every morning for two weeks until another check would be done to see if it had worked. Next to that he was told that he would get specially prepared food during that time, and that he wasn't allowed to eat anything else until the potion treatment was done. It sucked. He wanted to eat like he was used to, but his new head of house had been strict and forbidden it. The worst part was that he was banned from eating any sweets for the next two weeks, as the potion didn't work with too much sugar.

Dessert for him would consist of fruit salad and things like that, if he got any at all. It was just so unfair. Nobody else he knew had to take as many potions. Well, Harry had had to take some in August, but he didn't get as many restrictions on what he was allowed to eat. The opposite was true, he had to eat more than normal. He again felt as if everybody was out to get him. Hermione was especially cold, telling him that two weeks without sweets wouldn't kill him and to suck it up. What did she understand? He needed his sweets. But to make sure that he followed the rules, he had got a bracelet from the healers that was keyed to the plates that would have his food on them. Any other food he tried to eat would vanish. He really wasn't looking forward to the next two weeks. The bracelet would stay on the whole time and only the healers could take it off again.

And trying to sneak sweets in at the tower wouldn't work either, as the house elves were keeping an eye out and his dorm mates had promised to not let him have any sweets during that period of time to help him get back to full health again. The only snacks he was allowed were certain kinds of fruits and vegetables. It really sucked.

Molly Weasley wasn't happy about the written results of the examinations of her children. Percy was diagnosed with a wrong prescription for his glasses, which was easily remedied, thanks to a simple spell on his glasses. Nothing to worry about and it simply could happen between two visits to a healer. The Weasleys had those examinations before the child went to Hogwarts with a friend that worked as a healer and as long as nothing appeared to be wrong, they didn't go for further examinations. It saved on money. The twins got the recommendation to eat more citrus fruits, as due to their experiments with potions, next to the normal classes, a higher level of vitamin C was recommended, but nothing was worrisome. Well, that she could do, as she had some lemons in her garden, simply because all her children loved lemon cake. And Xeno had offered her an orange tree from his garden as well, knowing she loved having all kinds of fruits for her family.

But Ron and Ginny's reports were not what she liked to read. To think that Ginny had got in contact with dark magic somewhere. Thank goodness it had only been a brief encounter and a simple cleansing potion took care of the issue. She really had no idea how that could have happened, but perhaps she needed to have a closer eye on the second-hand shop. Perhaps something sold there was of a shadier nature and Ginny had got too close while browsing through the shelves when she collected Ginny's school things.

And Ron's problem with eating too much, well, she had always thought that he was just a growing boy that needed to eat plenty to grow properly. He didn't appear to be sick after all. Never would she have considered that a problem. All her children ate a lot. But if the healers had found something, it had to have some base. As she truly wondered when that could have started, and how she didn't realise that something was wrong with one of her babies, she went to have a look over her book on money spent for the family. She kept meticulous notes on how much was spent on what kind of things. Simply to calculate the sparse money that her husband brought home the best way possible.

It took her two hours to go over all the expenses that had been created over the past five years. It was always the same positions after all. She could now pinpoint the time when Ron had to have started eating abnormally much. When Percy left for Hogwarts, meaning when Ron was seven years old, the money spent for the food of the family didn't go down, like it had done before, when Bill and Charlie started at Hogwarts. It hadn't really been noticed back then, as the younger children would naturally need more food when they got older. But at the age of seven, Ron suddenly started eating a lot more food than before.

And when the twins left, the amount only reduced a little, but it wasn't really noticed in the overall money needed by the family, as by then they had to pay tuition for four children and hadn't realised that on other parts of the calculation the amount should have reduced significantly. She also found that there was more meat being bought than before. She thought back and remembered that Ron had asked if they could have more sausages during mealtimes. She had allowed it and bought more, and over time it increased, not to mention that she, while teaching Ginny cooking and baking, had also made more cakes and sweets than normally. And they never lasted long. She had wanted to spoil her two youngest a little, thinking that it wouldn't really cause trouble, as they always had a little extra money during the time the majority of the children was at school, and by the time the twins started, Bill had already graduated and didn't need financial support by his parents anymore, as his job paid him enough. And Charlie graduated the year before Ron started, relieving the family finances again.

She calculated the amounts paid for each kind of food and was shocked how much had been eaten while only two or four children had been at home. How could that have escaped her for this long? Well, things would change. She wouldn't continue letting her son become sick by eating wrong. Some sweets were okay, but not in the amounts she had made before. And she would keep a closer eye on the household money from now on. While she didn't like hearing that one of her children was ill, at least it was caught before it could become a permanent problem. Well, from now on she would look out more to make sure Ron wouldn't fall back into his eating problems. Some more vegetables and less meat and sweets would work out well. And that didn't mean that she wouldn't serve dessert. Just more fruits than pudding and cakes. She would make sure her baby was healthy.

She would have to send a letter back to Professor Peverell. He seemed to really be a good addition to the Hogwarts staff so far. She needed to let him know that she supported any treatment that her children needed being given by the school and to please send her examples of meals that would go along with a healthier diet. She would then make sure that it still all tasted great.

The students noticed the changes in their normal menus fairly quickly, but nobody really said anything about it, except for people like Malfoy of course, that complained about the reduced quality. Well, they would have to be happy with the feasts being extravagant in what was served, next to the foreign specialties weeks. And honestly, this wasn't some luxury resort, where everybody could expect the best kind of food for all meals. This was a boarding school and the school had a budget that needed to work for them. And it wasn't as if they had cut out any kind of food from their menus. They had just reduced the amounts of meat and fat in the food.

For example, most students had no problem when for one lunchtime they got creamed spinach with either boiled or mashed potatoes and scrambled eggs. It was even quite popular with a lot of them. Or the next day when they got chicken soup with lots of inlay like royale, cauliflower, noodles and pieces of chicken plus fresh baked bread. Everybody got to eat their fill. Dessert was also changed around a little, to include more fruits, curd or yoghurt. Puddings and cakes were limited to the weekend. Still, they weren't banned from the menu, just saved for one or two days a week. Thanks to increased variety, most students didn't really notice. Next to that there were always bowls with fruits of the season on the house tables for the students to take if they wanted to have a snack between classes.

The teachers, especially the heads of houses, monitored the behaviour of their students to act early if any of them acted out over the change in dishes served at the school. But most simply took the new menu as it came and didn't say overly much, as long as the food still was good and enough for them to be sated. Some even praised the change in what the school served, as they had wanted to eat healthier, but hadn't really managed with the kind of food that was available.