With a loud bellow, the Category 3 kaiju Knifehead emerged from the waves. Even though the breach was sealed, his last orders still were fixed in his brain. Destroy mankind. He waded to the land up ahead, kicking up a spray of water. But as he neared the beach, a deep bellow filled the air, and birds flocked away as something moved through the trees, bending and snapping them. Knifehead stopped and tilted his goblin shark-like head in confusion as the blade-headed Gurion waltzed out of the trees and bellowed a battle cry to Knifehead, who roared back and ran in.

Gurion surprised the invader by making a giant leap at him, blade aimed. Knifehead stepped to the side as quickly as he could, and Gurion splashed down where he once was. Knifehead lashed out with his claws, slicing a trio of cuts in his side, drawing purple blood. Gurion bellowed in pain before standing up on his hind legs and swinging his head, smacking Knifehead with the flat of his blade, knocking him off his feet. Gurion let himself fall, hoping to chop Knifehead in two. But the Category 3 kaiju rolled out of the way and the blade embedded itself into the ground. Guiron pulled his head out of the ground and jabbed at Knifehead, who had gotten up. The kaiju grabbed the blade, his claws cutting the thin layer of flesh covering it.

Guiron growled and swiped at Knifehead's leg, drawing blue blood. Knifehead growled and threw Guiron under the water and stomped on his head, holding him under the water in hopes of drowning him. But Gurion was a creature from the stars and didn't need to breathe. He lifted one of his front legs and stabbed his claws into Knifehead's ankle, clouding the water with blue blood. Knifehead bellowed in pain and stepped back, allowing Guiron to get up.

The blade-headed alien lifted his head up and brought it down, trying to slice Knifehead open. The Catagory 3 kaiju moved away and got his claw cut off instead, his radioactive blood filling the water. Knifehead howled in pain as Gurion tried to do it again, only for Knifehead to smack the blade aside and stab his claws into Gurion's shoulder, blood spurting from the wound. Gurion bellowed in agony and reared up, swiping his claws across Knifehead's face.

Knifehead retaliated by driving his head forward, slicing a deep gash in Gurion's shoulder, spilling purple blood. Gurion bellowed in agony and stepped back, falling to all fours. He groaned as he watched his foe's every movement. Knifehead grabbed Gurion's blade and hoisted him into the air, ignoring the pain of his palms being sliced open, then threw him. Gurion splashed down, kicking up a cloud of sand. He got back up, the saltwater stinging his wounds. He turned to Knifehead and stood up and bit down on his right forearm, drawing blue blood.

Knifehead howled in pain and stabbed his claws into Gurion's side, twisting them as he did so. Gurion bellowed in agony and let go, allowing Knifehead to kick him down on his back. The Catagory 3 stomped on his tail and flexed his claws, ready to gut Gurion like a fish. Gurion kicked out, striking Knifehead's leg off his tail. The blade-headed alien climbed to his feet and spun around, smacking Knifehead's side and staggering him. Gurion stood up and swiped his claws across Knifehead's face, leaving four bloody marks. Knifehead gave Gurion a taste of his own medicine by chomping down on his wrist, drawing blood, and cracking bone.

Gurion bellowed in pain before dropping his head, embedding his blade in Knifehead's right shoulder, earning him with a spurt of blood and a scream of pain from the Catagory 3, forcing him to let go of Gurion's wrist. Knifehead staggered back, holding his shoulder. Gurion dropped to all fours and stabbed his bladed head into Knifehead's lower leg, drawing more blood.

Knifehead retailated by slashing his claws across Gurion's back, spilling more purple blood. Gurion pulled back and growled at his foe, who snarled back. This battle could be anyone's game. Knifehead had the sharper and longer claws, unlike Gurion's smaller ones. Knifehead knew a head-on assault would result in him losing his own head, and Gurion knew this. But neither would back down til one was dead. The two bellowed at each other, and Gurion leaped at Knifehead, who dodged out of the what just in the nick of time and lashed out with his claws, slicing Gurion's tail.

Gurion splashed down and spun around, swinging his head downwards, slicing a gash in Knifehead's chest and embedding itself in the sea bed. Knowing what Knifehead was going to do, he yanked his blade out of the ground but got slashed across his side before he could do anything. Gurion stood up on his hind legs and turned around, and got back-handed in the jaw, knocking him into the waves, teeth flying. Knifehead swung his clawed hand down, ready to tear Gurion's throat out. The alien rolled out of the way, and Knifehead's claws embedded themselves in the sea bed. Gurion ran forward, blade aimed at the Catagory 3's wounded shoulder.

Knifehead pulled his claws free and moved out of the way and kicked Gurion in the gut, knocking him into the air before he fell. Gurion wheezed as he got up, hearing Knifehead approaching. He stood up on his hind legs and spun around, planning on slapping Knifehead with the flat of his blade. The Catagory 3 swung his own head, and their blades collided. The two kaiju struggled to shove the others aside. Knifehead's blade was shorter but closer to his neck muscles. He shoved Gurion's blade aside and slashed his upper arm, spilling more purple blood. He followed up by hooking his claws in the circular patches of skin on either side of Gurion's head and ripped them off before kicking him away.

Gurion emerged from the waves, chuckling. Knifehead tilted his head in confusion, why was his foe laughing his literal bleeding tail off? The answer came to him painfully when a silver blur shot out of the ports that were formally covered in flesh and sliced a deep laceration in his other shoulder, blood spraying into the air. Another silver blur shot out and embedded itself in his gut. Knifehead bellowed in agony and tore the shuriken out, blood spurting out. The two star-shaped weapons retreated back to their owner, who bellowed and leaped forward. Knifehead tried to dodge, but wasn't quick enough and had his lower right arm sliced off.

The Catagory 3 bellowed in pure agony and clasped his hand over the wound. Gurion splashed down and turned around before firing two shurikens, lacerating Knifehead's back. The Catagory 3 howled in pain before spinning around and charging at Gurion, who called back his shurikens and went on the attack. Knifehead sidestepped Gurion's blade and slashed three deep cuts in his side. Gurion bellowed in agony and spun around, smacking the stump where Knifehead's arm was, forcing a bellow of pain from the Catagory 3. Gurion fired all four shurikens, slicing Knifehead's chest over and over again. Knifehead bellowed and backed off, swatting at the shurikens that were zipping around him like flies. Anytime he managed to swat one away, it would halt its fall and zip back to slice and dice. Blue toxic blood ran down his body and clouded the water. Gurion charged and stabbed Kinfehead in the knee, splitting his kneecap.

The interdimensional invader howled in pain and kicked Gurion in the throat, knocking him back coughing from the pain more so than his lack of air. The shurikens returned back to their master and Knifehead moved in and knocked Gurion under the water, sinking his claws in his gut, clouding the water with his purple blood. Gurion fired one shuriken into the distance, where it shot out of the water and began to loop around. Knifehead wrapped one clawed hand around Gurion's throat and hoisted him out of the water, placing his other hand on Gurion's blade in preparation to sink his claws into his throat and rip it out. He never got the chance.

Knifehead jerked as the shuriken shot by and returned to its owner. A moment later, blood sprayed from his jugular, which had been sliced wide open. He let go of Gurion and stepped back, slapping a clawed hand over the wound to try to stop the bleeding, but to no avail. His fate was sealed. His legs buckled and he fell to the side, his life fading away. Gurion bellowed and moved in to ensure the kill. He raised his head up and swung his blade down. Knifehead's severed head rolled away. And Gurion nodded before groaning and walking into the forest to rest after his long battle.

Winner: Gurion