"Is she really all that great?," a blue haired fairy asked another fairy. "I don't think so," the other fairy replied, "did you see how clumsy she was? She isn't even that pretty. I don't understand how Bracken chose her, instead of us."

This is what Bracken heard that really set him off. "You really dare speak about Kendra that way! She is better than all of you! She actually cares about other people. All you guys do is sit and look in the mirror all day!," Because if Bracken knew anything, it was no one insults Kendra and gets away with it. Sweet, beautiful Kendra.

The other fairies just looked annoyed with, was that a little fear? Then they flew off. Serves them right, Bracken thought, fairies need to learn that other people matter. They can be so foolish. Maybe he shouldn't have yelled, but he just can't stand it when they do that. It's bad enough that they mock him for giving up his third horn, but Kendra never deserved any of those comments.

The next thing he knew was his mother was coming toward him, with surprise and anger written all over her face. Was it because of what he said to the fairies? "Did you really just yell at those fairies?!" she exclaimed.

"Yes, but they were insulting Kendra, I realize now that I was a little harsh, but I just lost my temper!" he countered.

"Well you need to learn to control it a little better. You do understand that you are a prince? I know it can be hard, but you have people that look up to you! You know this!" the Fairy Queen said, her voice raising.

Bracken hung his head. "Yes, I'm sorry mother, I should have known better. I'll try to be better next time,"

Her expression softened, "I don't want to punish you, I understand why you yelled at them. But as queen I have to do something about it. You are grounded, and cannot leave the fairy realm."

"But that means I can't see Kendra! It's bad enough that I'm always here helping with the rebuilding!" he said. He couldn't believe it! Bracken understands that she has to punish him in some way, but not being able to see Kendra!

The queen winced, "I know it's harsh, I really don't want to, but I must. At least I'm not forbidding the use of your first horn to contact her."

"Please, mother. You're not only punishing me, your punishing Kendra! Your handmaiden! She was being insulted by those fairies!"

"I recognize that, but I think you'll be happy to know they are being punished too. I don't want this on you, or Kendra. You know how much I like and respect her. I suggest that you accept this, end of discussion." and she gracefully walked away.

What would Kendra think of this? Would she be mad at him for yelling at the fairies? Or would she be mad at them for insulting her? Would she appreciate that he scolded them? Only one way to find out.

"Kendra?" He said, reaching out to his horn. "Yes?" she replied, sounding happy. And here I am to burst her bubble. "I'm sorry to burst your bubble but, I'll just tell you what happened. I heard some fairies talking bad about you, and I might have raised my voice at them. And then my mother might have grounded me, and I can't leave the fairy realm."

He felt Kendra's emotions, she was a little sad, but she was laughing, and also grateful. "You really scolded those fairies because of me?" she asked. "Well, yeah." Bracken replied.

"That's so sweet! I'm a little let down that you can't see me, but what if I came to the fairy realm, because you can't leave?" Bracken mentally facepalmed. His mother had made a loophole! She repeatedly said she didn't want to punish him, so she made a loophole!

Bracken laughed, "Why didn't I think of that?" "Because you're a silly unicorn" they both laughed. "Well, turns out I'm a grounded unicorn." They laughed again. "But you're my unicorn," Kendra said sweetly. This punishment wasn't so bad after all.

Prompt: Bracken gets grounded

Credit: candlemouse