Kendra walked back to Bracken and the astrids, his horn in her hand. She was still pondering on what Jubaya had said. A new age of dragons, she wasn't ready for that. They had just defeated the demons, and now there were dragons.

"Are you okay? Did everything go alright?" asked Bracken when she reached him.

"Yes, everythings okay. You're free to take her to the demon prison." Kendra said, somewhat proud of herself. She gave Bracken his first horn.

"So, I'm guessing you had more to show me," she said, looking at the beautiful sight all around her.

"Yes, would you just like to walk around?"

"Sure!" she said, "Why don't we get to know each other better. I want to know more about you."

"Um, I don't know what we would talk about, what do you want to know?"

"Well, we could ask questions like, 'What's your favorite color?' and 'What do you like to do in your spare time?' things like that," Kendra explained to the unicorn prince.

"Ok, so what's your favorite color?" Bracken asked with a smile.

"Yellow, because it's bright and happy," she answered cheerfully, "What's yours?"

"I like light blue, because it reminds me of the sky. What is one of your hobbies?"

"Hmm, I like to read in my spare time. What questions are you going to come up with since the ones I suggested have run out?" Kendra asked jokingly.

"I'm guessing you would like to know that I also like to read, or I like just being outdoors. And I will ask you what your favorite book is."

They both laughed. "Keeping it simple, I see. Well, one of my favorites is Percy Jackson, but whatever you hear, there are no movies."

"Why are there supposedly no movies?"

"Now is not the time for questions, your highness."

"I thought that's what we were doing, asking questions," Bracken teased.

And the rest of Kendra's time in the fairy realm flew by, as they were getting to know each other. She felt like the two of them were a lot closer now. Kendra even forgot about her conversation with Jubaya!

"I really enjoyed getting to know you," said Bracken

"Yeah, I enjoyed it too, you're a really interesting person, unicorn, whatever," she said. They both laughed. That was what today was, a bunch of laughs.

"Well, sadly, you have to go back to fablehaven, and I have to stay here. I'll see you later?"

"Yeah, bye," and she waved to Bracken, as she appeared on the island at fablehaven, next to the fairy statue.

Yes, I know it's short, but I wanted to get this done for Bracken appreciation day. I'm in the process of moving so I haven't had much time to write. Hope you enjoyed :)