I know that you're hiding something from me,

That's been close to your heart,

And I felt it creeping up every day,

Baby, right from the start,

I know that look you give when we're fighting,

We're fighting because I used to be the one who was lying,

Oh, is there someone else or not?

Because I want to keep you close,

I don't want to lose my spot,

Because I need to know If you're hurting her, or you're hurting me,

If I'm not with you, I don't want to be,

Is there someone else or not?

Oh, or not, I don't deserve someone loyal to me,

Don't you think I see?

And I don't want to be a prisoner to who I used to be,

I swear I changed my ways for the better, the better,

Because I want to be with you forever.